Sam Trammell, Missy Yager Expecting Twins

03/07/2011 at 09:00 AM ET
Jesse Grant/WireImage

True Blood babies on the way!

Sam Trammell, 40, and longtime girlfriend Missy Yager are expecting twins, his rep tells PEOPLE exclusively.

“The couple is thrilled and excited,” says a rep for Trammell.

After meeting in New York doing theater, the pair has been together for eight years. Yager has appeared on Mad Men and Boston Public, while Trammell resumes his role as Sam Merlotte in the HBO vampire series upon its return this summer.

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Blaine Zuckerman

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Melissa at Little Diva Tutus on

Congrats to the beautiful couple!

Carie on

Congratulations to them. That is so exciting!!!

Dee on

Congrats the Sam and Missy. It seems most girls and some guys are all about Bill and especially Eric but it was always Team Sam for me! lol

Indira on

I love me some Sam! Congrats to them!

Hea on

I’m a bigger fan of TB than I thought. My brain went “aww puppies!” LOL. I wish them all the best.

Mia on

I LOVE True Blood–congrats to them! They’ve been together for 8 years-wonder if they’ll be getting married soon/before the babies come?-Hope for a happy + healthy pregnancy-maybe one of each! I doubt they’ll be naming any of the babies after True Blood characters-no Bill’s or Sookie’s or Eric/a’s.

Drea on

yay, congratulations sam and missy!
i love him on true blood, i think sam merlotte would make a great father, too.

Terri on

No age for her? Congratulations to the happy couple.

Zoey on

Oh Yay! i love True Blood and Sam! lol i wish them both happiness and luck on their baby journey.

soph on

Why would they need to get married before the baby comes?

Mia on

Because I think it’s the most committed/stable thing to do-obviously they’ve been together for 8 years + counting-so it’s the same thing as being married…..might as well make it official–plus it seems similar to Roger Federer (sp?)-him + his wife (girlfriend at the time) had been together for 16 years-and once they were going to have their kids they decided to finally get married.

Ashley on

Hea- HAHA!!!

Congrats to them!!! I love True Blood!!!!

CelebBabyLover on

Mia- Marriage isn’t for every one. Maybe the feel they don’t need to make it offical.

Anyway, congrats to them….and I wonder when she’s due? What’s with the recent trend of celebs not saying when they’re due?

CelebBabyLover on

Also, anyone know how old Missy is?

lia on

Mia – When there’s a post about a couple that’s been together for a long time but not married you always point out that you “hope” they finally get married or “wonder” when they’re going to. I think that’s disrespectful, besides a couple can have a perfectly stable, loving and commited relationship without getting married. More so, sometimes, than actually married couples. It’s time to stop being medieval and accept that some things have changed, and that’s not bad.

Mia on

I’m not saying it’s wrong-whatever works is fine-but I just don’t personally get how being married (going that extra step) is any different to being together for a long time + being committed-if you’re going to be together anyway….why not just go the extra step and make it official?–it just seems more stable to me. I know for me personally I couldn’t have a child with somebody that I wasn’t married to.

CelebBabyLover on

Mia- How does it seem more stable to you? Unmarried couples can split up, too. Not to mention the fact that marriage hardly seems to be much of a stable thing in Hollywood these days. Also, some people feel that getting married will change things between them (and not neccesarily in a good way). It may seem silly, but that’s just the way some people feel.

And people may have very good reasons for not wanting to get married, such as having parents who went through a divorce.

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and one other thing, like I said last night, some couples simply don’t feel they need a piece of paper to make things offical. Johnny Depp, for example, has said that although he and Vanessa aren’t legally married, they consider themselves married and don’t see why they need a piece of paper telling them that!

Mia on

It seems like it’s a trend in general-Hollywood or not–it’s likr nobody takes commitment/or the idea of marriage seriously anymore-it’s more stable because it’s legal-you’re legally bound to that person. There is something very monumental about that-it seems like a lot of people just get together + maybe stay together for a while and think-“let’s have some kids”-and see what happens. If you’re not married-you can leave whenever you want–but when you’re married that is a huge commitment-it’s the real deal.

I don’t see how being married can change things for the worse-it seems to me being together for a long time, committed..etc. is the same thing as being married-without the extra part of being married…so how would it change anything? It’s just making it a little more official.

Irritated! on

Mia…Not any of your business honey! MYOB! If they don’t want to get married then so be it. Your thoughts/feelings are not shared by everyone. I enjoy reading the articles and at times not always agree in the decisions people make but at the end of the day who am I to judge. So irritated reading stupid comments!!!

Dee on


Becky P. on

Congrats to them..It’s not just a trend in Hollywood, it’s just that we don’t hear about “normaL” people not being married..I don’ thave a peice of paper either, but I’ve been with my “husband” for 17 yrs..When I had a peice of paper, I was with my husband for 4 yrs..

Mia on

@ Becky P. -Just simply out of curiosity…what makes it any different?–do you think if you and your “husband” were legally married-it would actually change anything? You’re together + have been together this long. How is it any different than being legally married?
*And in some states if you’re together for I think….7+ years you’re considered married under “common-law” marriage.

Xelda on

Congrats! He is so cute on True Blood!

MW on

People who think being married doesn’t matter have never been in a situation where it does. Do you realize if you’re not married and something happens to your significant other, you aren’t legally able to make medical decisions for them? Also, widows can receive Social Security survivors’ benefits but girlfriends can’t. And many companies won’t pay out a pension or group life insurance policy to a “partner.”

My father was with his girlfriend for 12 years. After 2 failed marriages, he had no intention of getting married. Then he received a cancer diagnosis. He realized his girlfriend wouldnt be taken care of if he died and, despite his previous bad experiences, he loved her enough to want to make sure she was secure and provided for. They were married 4 months after his diagnosis.

I think that’s what a relationship should be about. I think if you love someone and are committed to them and ESPECIALLY if you want to start a family with them, you should want to make sure they are protected in the even that something happens to you.

Yes, it’s all progressive and modern to say that a piece of paper doesn’t matter and maybe for celebrities with money to spare it doesn’t, but in the real world it quite often DOES.