Jessica Alba: Pregnancy Is a Maternal Time, Not a Sexy One

03/07/2011 at 11:00 AM ET

Jessica Alba is expecting her second child later this year, and she’s feeling “good” — albeit not sexy.

“I just don’t associate being pregnant with being sexy,” the actress, 29, told PEOPLE Wednesday at the National Education Association’s Read Across America Day kickoff in Washington, D.C., where she brought along 2½-year-old daughter Honor Marie.

“I think being pregnant is grounding and you feel like part of the earth and connected with women. It’s not a sex thing to me. It’s a grounding, maternal thing.”

Pete Marovich/Zuma


Daughter Honor will be “a very attentive big sister,” says Alba of her toddler, who sat on her lap while First Lady Michelle Obama read from Green Eggs and Ham at the event, held at the Library of Congress.

Horton Hatches the Egg is her favorite,” Alba says, listing the Pinkalicious and Goldilicious book series as other popular picks. “We read that at least four times a week because she likes the same book over and over again. Usually, it’s more than that because we read throughout the day. And at night, we read at least two or three stories.”

When asked if she knows the sex of her baby, the actress demurred. “We’re going to find out, but we probably won’t announce it,” she explained. “We did the same with Honor.”

She was less coy when revealing her daughter’s latest milestone — Honor’s just started potty training.

“She has a Potty Time book with animals that she’s obsessed with. It teaches you manners like washing your hands and closing the door … basic little kid manners,” shares Alba.

And it seems Honor is coming into her own. She’s already memorizing stories that her parents often read to her and learning to identify important words — like her name!

“I try to identify small words for her to read. We’ve got it down to ‘bed’ — the one word if she sees it, she knows it. And ‘Honor.’ She can identify the letters in her name. So we play little games while we’re reading and I’ll say, ‘Can you find the ‘H’ on the page or the ‘O?’ Her name is the easiest thing for her to identify.”

Alba, who is married to a “supportive, most loving and caring” Cash Warren, admits the second time is “less overwhelming and less daunting, for sure.”

“You accept that you’re going to make mistakes, that you’re going to try your hardest and you’ll love them with your everything,” says Alba. “That’s all you can do.”

— Arnesa A. Howell

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Caleb's Mom on

She sounds like an amazing mother and I’m sure baby No.2 is going to be as blessed as Honor is.

Angela on

I must respectfully disagree with her, although I know everyone is different. I felt grounded, maternal and super sexy during all three of my pregnancies. I didn’t feel so sexy in the ninth month because my belly was so heavy and uncomfortable, but before then I was definitely a hot, sexy pregnant mama. 🙂

Alix on

Not trying to be crude, but there were topless cell phone photos -or alleged topless cell phone photos- of jessica alba during her pregnancy floating around on the gossip sites. so apparently at least one of them thinks pregnancy is sexy. (;

SAR on

As I recall, she didn’t formally announce that her baby-to-be was a girl when she was pregnant before, but she didn’t exactly keep it secret either. She basically said, “Yes, I’m having a girl” when someone asked.

Honor looks exactly like her dad. It’d be funny if the new baby is a boy that looks exactly like Jessica.

Sam on

What a lovely picture. You can see the concentration on Honor’s wee face and the proud look on Jessica’s face. My daughter used to like the same books over and over and OVER again, which I suppose is how little ones begin to recognize letters and words.

CelebBabyLover on

SAR- I was just thinking the same thing! She the gender slip at her baby shower, and then confirmed she was having a girl to US Weekly when they did an article on her nursery design. So why is she saying they didn’t confirm with Honor? I’m confused!

Also, how can she know Honor will be an attentive big sister? She won’t know how Honor’s going to react to that baby until s/he is here!

CelebBabyLover on

Also, in regards to Honor being in the process of being potty-trained….I’ve read that it’s not good to potty-train a toddler right before a new sibling comes. Most experts advise waiting until the toddler has had time to adjust to the baby. I’m afraid that with Jessica doing the potty training now, Honor will just regress when the baby is born.

Toya L. on

Honor is a pretty, female replica of her father. 🙂

Ashley on

I’m with you SAR—I don’t see ANY Jessica in her at all, funny

Ruthella on

CelebBabyLover; I toilet trained my kids as soon as they turned two, whether I was pregnant or not (and twice I was!). It didn’t hinder them at all and neither one regressed. I’m sure Honor will manage just fine.

Miche on

Every child is different. My daughter potty trained the week before my son came, then regressed when we came home. After a month she did great, then regressed when I went back to hospital for emergency surgery 8 weeks later. But another month later, she was fully potty trained and never looked back.

Potty training is one those things that you just have to roll with the child on. They’ll do it when they are ready.

Miche on

PS. The sexiest part of pregnancy for me was not having to suck my stomach in!!

h on

look at jessica’s facebook page, there’s a picture of her when she was little and Honor looks just like her!/photo.php?fbid=298336868652&set=pu.298334973652&theater

i’m a nanny and a potty trained a little boy when he was almost 2 1.2, it was a nightmare for 2 weeks but after that it was heaven for his parents

Terri on

I love those last two lines of the article.

I think if Honor’s ready to potty train then it’s fine. The baby won’t come for months and if she does regress then, is that so bad? She’ll get over it and get back on track.

Kelly on

I never felt “sexy” when I can understand Jessica’s comment. I did feel much more grounded though..and connected with mothers and mothering. It changed me profoundly in that way. I totally get what she is trying to say. We started potty training our daughter when our son was about 3 months old..she had shown “interest” while I was pregnant with him around the time she was 18 months old…but I felt it was too early. So..we waited and it took us about 8 or 9 months to get her completely potty trained so she was by the time she was 3. I think every child is different with potty training, adjusting to a sibling, etc…

martina on

Every woman is different. There is nothing to agree or disagree about. I didn’t feel sexy while pregnant, but I felt very happy and content overall. And it’s not about how much weight you gain, or body image or anything like that. I don’t know what it is. But I definitely felt much sexier as a woman after having a child.

JMO on

I think every child is different. I know many kids that potty trained before a sibling bc the mothers didn’t want 2 in diapers and most did great.

Also Honor’s name was also leaked before she was born. I remember an US weekly thing where they said Jessica had purchased a pendent with the name Honor on it and suggested this would be her daughters name (about 1 month prior to her having her daughter). So she may think it was all a secret but truly non of it was!!

Mina on

Men and women should feel they look sexy all the time. Whether you are 80 lbs or 300 lbs, I say work it! Work it even with a baby in your belly. There is nothing that says a big pregnant belly isnt sexy, or the baby weight afterward. Too much focus on looks and weight…and we wonder why everyone is so messed up. Its actually GOOD to feel sexy (which leads to lots of sex) during pregnancy because orgasms release endorphines that are wonderful for you body (natural pain reliever) and very stress relieving.

Mia on

I see some resemblance around the face shape comparing Alba’s pic to her daughter right now–but the face is all daddy’s–she has always looked like her father.

Sarah S. on

I felt like that also with both of my pregnancies.

Amanda on

My first kid was fully potty trained at 18 months and never regressed when her brother came along. She was overjoyed to have a little brother. You just have to be careful to give the other child some time for just them when possible.

CelebBabyLover on

JMO- I actually don’t think Jessica thought Honor’s gender at least was a secret. As I said last night, there was an article in US Weekly while she was pregnant with Honor in which she shared Honor’s nursery….which was clearly a girl’s nursery. If she hadn’t wanted the gender known, she wouldn’t have shared the nursery.

Anyone have any idea, then, why she said ““We’re going to find out, but we probably won’t announce it. We did the same with Honor.”, when in fact they DIDN’T do that with Honor?

Brookie on

With my first one, I was young, energetic- and I did feel sexy. I loved everything about pregnancy, and felt great! I waited 6 years to have another one, and with this one- I feel everything BUT sexy. I feel tired and irritable, and swollen. Every pregnancy is different, and it’s all worth it in the end. 🙂

samantha renee on

I’d be hella angry if I looked like Honor and my mom looked like Jessica! She looks like her dad and is not cute! Should have been a boy…

Dee on

I did not feel sexy at all…my skin was blotchy, I fely bloated, missed sushi, couldn’t fit in my regular clothes or maternity for that matter….tired, cranky an dby the second trimester just RAVENOUS!!!!

Third trimester between the lack of sleep and constant peeing I didn’t want my hubby even breathing near me…

So I can relate to not feeling sexy….but I would do it all over just to have another joy like my son who is 8 months 🙂

Jenny on

I dont think that potty training Honor now is a bad thing. Every child is different and kids are going to progress and then regress anyway at some point towards the beginning, I potty trained my daughter at 2 when I was pregnant with my son and she did regress for about a week to 2 weeks after he came but then it was back to normal 🙂 I say go for it, 2 kids in diapers at the same time is the pits!

Linda on

I disagree with her. I felt very sexy until about the 8th month when my stomach was so huge I had to wear a belt so it wouldnt fall off… not to mention my peekachu has never looked the same 😦