Guy Ritchie to Be a Dad – Again

03/07/2011 at 01:30 PM ET

Lock, Stock … and a baby.

Director Guy Ritchie has a third child on the way, PEOPLE confirms. His girlfriend of a year, model Jacqui Ainsley, 29, is pregnant with their first child together.

Ritchie, 42, is already dad to sons Rocco, 10, and David, 5, with ex-wife Madonna. The couple married four months after welcoming their eldest son in Aug. 2000, then filed to adopt David from Malawi in 2006 before calling it quits in Oct. 2008.

A new baby isn’t Ritchie’s only project: he’s currently working on the sequel to Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law.

— Sarah Durham Wilson with reporting by Simon Perry

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Tess on

I always thought only Madonna adopted David.

Katie on

YAY! So happy for him!! I love Guy and think he’s a total hottie. I wish him and his pretty girlfriend the best!!!

nadya on

There are pictures of Guy with both boys.

LPW on

Interesting that he picked someone so much younger than Madonna.

Terri on

No, they adopted David together, though only Madonna actually went to Malawi. Mercy was adopted by Madonna only.

Hi on

Let’s add that to the year of the baby.
By the way, I can never understand why young, pretty woman like her agree to reproduce with these old, ugly celebrity men. Somebody’s probably going to say it’s for the money. No matter how much money I was getting, I wouldn’t do that.

Jessica on

Hi — 42 is not “old” and “ugly”. Guessing your a youngin’ to be saying 42 is old!!

Sydney on

Hi – he’s not ugly and 42 is not old!

Lena on

Hi: maybe because she loves him?

Vicki on

Wow, he’s old and ugly??? Seriously??? Interesting.

Toya L. on

I’m not even 42 yet but that’s old? To a teenager perhaps. Anyway congrats to them, he seems like a good father to his other children and I’m sure he’ll be one to this one too.

daniela on

When did 42 become old and ugly? I thought one could be ugly at any age.

angela on

@daniela- LOL, ugly is ageless…
@Hi- He got a LOT of money from Madonna Can you say kaching!

Hi on

Okay, let me rephrase. I personally find Guy Ritchie to be unattractive. Nobody else has to. And when I said “old” I was thinking of the thirteen year age difference. Also, I wasn’t referring to this case alone. Clint Eastwood, Kevin Costner, Tommy Mottola, Rene Angelil, etc. all have children with women who are much younger than they are. I was sorta generalizing. If that makes sense.

anon on

I have met them, his ex and the children several times. Jacqui seems like she might be nice, I don’t know her well enough to state otherwise. I had a better impression of Guy until I met and dealt with him. He’s somewhat of an unpleasant, prickly person but he can turn on the charm when he wants or if he has someone he wants to impress. There are other things about him that I found unappealing but I can’t go into detail. All four children are lovely and well behaved, which I found refreshing. Good luck and best wishes to Jacqui and the baby.

Alice on

Don’t pretend you didn’t understand. He’s old compared to her. And Hi must find him ugly, his age doesn’t make him ugly.

For them the difference isn’t so big, but so many celeb men do date women who are very much younger and it seems there isn’t much “attractiveness” to them. Maybe it isn’t the case for these two but it’s definitely some kind of trend and a baffling one at that. I too, sometimes wonder what they find in them when they could have anyone.

Emily on

Angela- Guy Ritchie is a film maker & screen writer- I dont think he needs Madonna’s money to be living well.

And come on, has no one heard of a beautiful woman dating an average looking famous older man? Gasp! what a new concept!

Toya L. on

13 years, is not that big of an age difference unless you are extremely young. Many people celebs or not but especially celebs, male and FEMALE date within a questionable age difference, that doesn’t mean that the cause is majority money!!

Amanda on

My mom is not a celebrity, nor is she rich and her fiance is 13 years younger than her. Same with my brother, his wife is 9 years older than him. And yes, that makes my future step-father closer in age to my sister-in-law than my mom

Victoria on

Yeah, I don’t find their age difference that bad mainly because of where they are in their lives. He is 42 and she is almost 30. It’s not like he is 42 and she is 19.

I do get grossed out @ seeing the guys who are like 60 or so with women who are 30 or younger though. I think there is a line that has to be drawn somewhere. I don’t understand how a woman my age (28) could have anything in common with a 60 year old man.

CelebBabyLover on

I didn’t even know he had a girlfriend! Congrats to them!

martha on

How much do you want to bet that he’s having another child because he feels that those adopted babies are really his flesh and blood and blood matters apparently. The rest of the brood are Madonna’s except for Rocco.

Gwendolyn on

Emily, maybe Guy did not need Madonna’s money, but he certainly took anywhere between $70-90 million of it by most accounts after claimed he supposedly did not want to take her money. That’s more money than his net worth at the time. She took none of his. Kanye might have been making some sense when he said something like- “Now I ain’t saying he a gold-digga but he ain’t messin’ with no broke…”

Jane on

I did not realize that a person has to be “good looking” to reproduce. Attractiveness is all relative anyway as many actors described as “hot” by others, do nothing for me, but they can still have children if they so desire.

Melissa on

Brad Pitt is 12 years older than Angelina Jolie.

Just saying.

M on

My boyfriend is 18 years older than I am. He’s not rich, I do find him dang good lookin though. He probably wouldn’t be your cup of tea.

Anyway…I hate when people say so and so is going to be a dad/mom…again. As if they stopped at some point.

Sydney on

Those ‘old men’ you were talking about are 20 plus years older than Guy Ritchie. Clint Eastwood is 40 years older!

No one mentions the age gap between Brad and Ange being odd.

Hi on

I didn’t know Brad was older than Angelina because he doesn’t LOOK older (or maybe, she doesn’t look younger). And for Sydney, you’re right. This is more of a Charlie Sheen-Brooke Mueller arrangement. And before anyone jumps on me, I’m not referring to the actual amount of love involved, just the age difference.

Georgina on

Madonna is ten years older than him so where does that leave your theory Hi.

Generally people fall in love and things such as age, jobs and exs are just second to that.

Sydney on

Hi – what do you mean by the Sheen – Mueller arrangement? Not bashing, just curious as I don’t get the reference.

Jen on

Holy double standards, batman! Where are all the complaints about the fact that they’re not married, but are having a child (not something I actually care about, but interesting to note when the man is the main name in the headline). And also, if the woman was his age, people would complain that she was “too old” to be having a child. I’m shocked that the complaints this time are about the age gap instead of the usual suspects. At least we’re branching out with our complaints! lol

Sat on

Lol Jen, amazing isnt it!

CelebBabyLover on

M- Well what are they supposed to say, then? Techincally, saying, “So and so is going to a mom/dad” when they’re expecting their second, third, etc. child isn’t right either, since they already are a mom/dad.

M on

CelebBabyLover – Why can’t they just say Guy Ritchie and girlfriend expecting/to have a child…I don’t think you read what I said correctly because my issue is when people say they’re going to be a mom and dad when they already are. Usually people say they’re going to be a mom or dad again. I think it’s whack.

dsfg on

Martha, what are you talking about? Rocco AND David are Guy’s children . . .

CelebBabyLover on

M- I sort of see what you mean. Maybe “________is going to be a mom/dad for the second/third/fourth/whatever time” would be better. 🙂