Céline Dion’s Twins Are Baptized in Las Vegas

03/07/2011 at 06:00 PM ET

Céline Dion‘s 4-month-old twins Eddy and Nelson were baptized in Las Vegas on Saturday, with 200 friends and family members in attendance, the singer’s spokesperson confirms.

“It was a beautiful, traditional family ceremony,” Dion’s rep tells PEOPLE of the Melkite Greek Catholic rite, which featured chanted prayers and songs and honored the heritage of Dion’s husband and manager, Réne Angélil.

Five godparents stood up for the twins, who wore gowns by Baby Dior during the ceremony at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church: the twins’ big brother Réne-Charles, 10; Dion’s sister Linda; and Angélil’s three oldest children, Patrick, Jean-Pierre and Anne-Marie.

Gerard Schachmes


Also on the guest list: the doctors who helped make Dion’s dream of becoming a mother again come true, as well as those who treated Angélil’s throat cancer more than a decade ago.

After the baptism, the twins napped while the family celebrated with a reception at Caesars Palace.

The following night, Dion, who launches her new Vegas show at Caesars on March 15, did her first practice run-through for a live audience.

Details of the baptism were first reported by the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

For more, exclusive photos of the baptism, pick up PEOPLE magazine, on newsstands Friday.

— Marisa Laudadio

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lisa on

A traditional christening.how nice to see that when we live in a modern world.I do wonder how they pulled that off since the catholic church is against all forms of assistive reproductive help.anyway,beautiful babies.congrads to all.

fuzibuni on

Aw beautiful! Look at those gowns! Celine looks so healthy and rested… which is surprising considering she recently had twins and has a big vegas show coming up.

And re, the catholic baptism for the twins… I think the church is becoming more accepting as membership dwindles. Plus I doubt they would turn celine dion down.

marina on

Lisa – That depend of the church and the priest actually. My godmother baptist her girls in a catholic church without been married (in a church), and one of the girls godfather has been expel of the church (he decided to stop been a priest to get marry) and one of the godmothers was divorced woman. They said that they accept anyone that wanted to be part of the church without judging. There was other than didn’t want to hear anything about it.

There is general guidance, yes, but in the end every priest do what he feels is best in his church, or at least it’s something like that in my country.

Manal from Jordan Middle East! on

its a shame that not many celebs baptize their children, but call themselves christian..
Congrats! beautiful babies!

Lexie on

I really like the fact that Rene’s eldest three children and Rene-Charles were the twins’ godparents. It is always nice to see a blended family doing fine. Especially considering the age gap between the younger three and the older three children of Rene.

Hi on

Oh, I get it now! The doctors cloned Rene, then they did a partial clone of Celine, and then impregnated her with the clones!

Seriously, the baby Rene is holding looks so much like him, and the baby Celine is holding looks so much like her, it’s possible.

Selena on

I’m Christian and I never baptised my kids. That is for them to choose when they are older.

MomOfMySon on

A wonderful pic! I am happy for everyone who desires for a child and finally gets one!

@catholic church: my husband and I deside NOW what we think is right …. when our child is old enough it will be up to him if he wants the confirmation or not …. whithout any pressure.


Hi – im gettimg from your posts you like to stir the pot a little hmmmmmmmmmm oh well i suppose if you have nothing better to do with your time your not really hurting any body

i think just because you follow a religion you should share it with your children, then allow them to follow their own path. thats what i plan to do with my children , jsut because i am catholic doesn’t mean they have to be, its up to them.

they are lovely proud mama and daddy pics xxxxx love it x

Bree on

Beautiful Picture!!

My husband and I have decided to have our any kids we have while my grandfather, who baptized me and married us, is alive baptized so that we have that, if they choose later on to be re-baptized or renounce religion or choose a different religion that is entirely their choice. I am a very religious and spiritual and my husband is not so much. Our kids will be raised knowing my faith and their father’s (I am Anglican and he is Catholic) but knowing they are free to explore their faith and choose their own path just as I was.

Choosing not to have your kids baptized is not a sign that you are not religious or raising them to know God and believe in him it just means that for whatever reason you dont belive in having them baptized or belive that they should be baptized of their own free will which is what they do in the Amish Church.

Tee on

Such a lovely picture!

Manal, I’m old order Mennonite and we don’t baptize as babies. It’s a decision to made by the person upon accepting salvation and a baby can’t do that.

Hi on

HAYLEY W- I wasn’t trying to “stir the pot” and I’m sorry if you felt offended. I was simply trying to convey my thoughts in a more creative way than “One looks a lot like Rene and the other looks a lot like Celine, and each is holding their look-alike!”. I won’t do it again in the future, since you find it so controversial.

Sydney on

Bree -if you are Anglican and your partner is Catholic, which will your kids be baptised as?

Rae on

The catholic church does not shut people who break any rule. They will baptize children born out of wedlock and marry people going on their 3rd marriage. It is not as strict as people may think…

Jillian on

It depends on the church. I just became a Godmother again in the Catholic church and had to provide a long list of documentation and proof of how I am a Catholic and sacraments made. The parents did as well. The Godfather has to make his sacraments in the Catholic church before he can be recognized as the Godfather. At the other church I became Godmother in, none of this was necessary.

Either way, I have never heard of any church being against fertility drugs when it comes to baptism. How would they know?

Bree on

@Sydney as my husband is not that religious our kids will be baptized in the Anglican Church by my grandfather who is a Minister in that faith. We were married in a religious ceremony in the Anglican Church and took marriage prep there are well.

CelebBabyLover on

Lexie- I like that, too!

JM on

Selena, good for you! admirable!
the babies look very cute and a little confused 🙂

Mia on

I think in the pic each parent is holding the twin that looks like the opposite-it seems like Rene is holding the twin that looks like Celina + visa versa–it’s hard to tell in that pic-but I know 1 twin looks exactly like him + the other boy like her–cute!

Sarah S. on

Those are really long baptismal gowns (I know they’re boys, but the word gowns is used). Anyway, I’ve always wondered why baptismal gowns are soo long in the 1st place? Is it just a tradition or what? Thanks.

Terri on

Just to add to the discussion, since it’s so interesting to me. My church believes that you can dedicate your child to the church, as in committing to raise them to know God, but baptism is what they decide for themselves. Makes sense to me, but everyone gets to make their own choices.

MiB on

Sarah S. They look like quite ordinary baptismal gowns to me, they are traditionally quite long, and you didn’t really put infant girls and boys in different clothing (except hats) until between the world wars. You can see it in older pictures, from, say the turn of last century.

M on

The church that I used to attend wont even baptize anyone until they’re 16 years of age.

Joanna on

Lisa, While the Church may be opposed to assisted reproduction (in particular IVF) it will never stand in the way of innocent children receiving the sacrament of Baptism. It wouldn’t make a difference whether the parents have money or not. Can’t Christians just be happy that Rene and Celine are taking their children to church? You rarely hear of celebrities recognizing God in their lives, and we never see these types of images in magazines anymore.

Congratulations Rene and Celine!

Anonymous on

Tee, if you are an old order mennonite, why are you reading People

Brynn on

Joanna is correct. The Catholic Church would never deny an innocent baby the the sacrament of Baptism no matter what walk of life they came from. As far as the Baptismal gowns traditionally long gowns for both boys and girls but now a days they make little white suits for boys – it is up to the parents to choose what to dress their child in. We had one baby in our church who was adopted from China and her parents had her Baptised in the most beautiful white kimono which I know is Japanese but I don’t know what it is called in Chinese but it was so beautiful they must have spent a small fortune on it and she looked adorable in it and it was nice to see that her parents honor her heritage. Then we had afamily who had their son Baptised in a suit and his white shoes had green shamrocks embriodered on them because they were of Irish decent.

Amelie on

The Catholic Church is generally not as strict as it once was. There are a lot of stereotypes out there. While the Vatican holds official positions, people are not usually penallized for “breaking rules”. Although in some cases it will depend on the priest. I was not married in the Roman Catholic Church as my husband was divorced however our 3 children are bapitized. My brother is gay and attends mass regularly and is involved in parish council.

sjames on

it is extremely wonderful those babies baptized. But is it really important for mom to go back to work….of course she can afford the nannies…but she can afford to stay home and raise her children. Especially when she claims alot of heartache and deeply wanting to have a brother or sister for her oter son. Their babies are beautiful.

Something to think about... on

I sort of thought that baptism was for someone who could choose to do it once they chose to become a follower of Christ and his gospel. Doesn’t seem that such a young infant even knows what they are doing – doesn’t seem to consistent does it…?

Something-to-think-about on

I sort of thought that baptism was for someone who could choose to do it once they chose to become a follower of Christ and his gospel. Doesn’t seem that such a young infant even knows what they are doing – doesn’t seem to consistent does it…?

Get Informed on

@ something to think about- What you described takes place in the Confirmation Sacrament. For Catholics, the baptism is the first sacrament where the child is presented and “welcomed” if you will to the Church. The other two sacraments follow (actually there are 7 total) but the better known ones are first communion (where you take the Eucharist- “body of Christ”) and Confirmation, where you are confirming and accepting your faith, etc.

Get Informed on

*I also forgot to add: Baptism also symbolizes the taking away of the “original sin” (ie parents had sex to procreate)- this is what is meant by “presenting” the child to the Church and “welcomed”. In essence, the child is “reborn”, free of sin.

Emily on

“baptized in Las Vegas.” That phrase mad me laugh!

donna on


Just for fyi 23 years ago I tried to get my son baptized in the Catholic church and they would not do it until I formally started annulment proceedings on my former marriage and signed a paper that guarnteed i would pay them a certain amount for the annulment. The Lutheran church gladly baptized him as long as I assured them he would be raised a christian.

Lisa on

I agree that a lot depends on the parish and priest but I find it difficult to believe that a Church would turn away parents wanting to batpize their children, no matter how they were conceived.

That said, I can see the views about wanting your child to choose religion for themselves but in the Catholic religion that is what Confirmation is for.

winnie on

Some forms of IVF are allowed in the Catholic Church.

Brynn on

Donna, I am sorry to hear that happened to you and I am sorry for your son. I honestly don’t think that would happen in today’s Catholic Church. I do know the Church is adament about annulments though. My best friend’s sister was marrying a guy who wasn’t Catholic but was taking the classes to become Catholic before their wedding and he had to get an annulment since he was married before. It was required before they were allowed to get married. It had a lot of us confused because we didn’t know that an annulment was required for previous marriages outside the Church. There must be a reason why that is so important to them. I do however think it is wrong if they refused to Baptize your son if you couldn’t afford the annulment and would hope that they would do everything they could to assist you if that was the case. Once again I am truly sorry that happened to you and your son.