Laughing Baby Video Goes Viral – Meet Micah

03/04/2011 at 08:00 AM ET

It wasn’t the most comedic of moments: Marcus McArthur, a doctoral candidate in American history, had just received a rejection letter in the mail for a job he had applied to.

Baby Micah, then 8-months, laughed anyways.

It’s this little moment, captured in a YouTube video, that has made little Micah a big viral sensation to the tune of 5.5 million hits — and counting! — since it was posted five weeks ago.

“We don’t know that many people,” McArthur said, with a laugh, on Friday’s Today show. “What’s going on?”
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Alyssa Milano, who announced last month that she is expecting a little one of her own, might be able to answer that question. The Who’s the Boss and Charmed alum Tweeted a link to the clip last week.

“If this video doesn’t make you smile, check your pulse,” she said.

As for that rejection letter, looks like baby Micah’s belly laugh did the trick — even if his dad is still on the hunt for a job post-graduation. “It really lifted my spirits,” he said.

— Alison Schwartz

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Jessica on

That is my favorite sound in the whole world – a baby laughing. And Micah is precious!!!

Jgirl on

What a joy. I agree Jessica, the best sound in the world – a babies belly laugh!

Anonymous on

That baby is such a jerk.

Jamie on

This baby is cute but Ethan is the original laughing baby and he has 37 million views on YouTube!

Kylie on

This baby isn’t funny. He’s a psychotic and needs medication. His laugh sounds evil. Dad is a complete loser and will use him to get money. I feel no sympathy for this family.

Meghan on

CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE!!!! Loved that, how adorable.

JMO on

that baby is cute but I thought it was a little girl!

There is nothing sweeter then a babies laugh!

Maggie on

This is the cutest baby and that laugh is soo adorable! A def good remedy for bad news! To the person that said the baby is a jerk and to the one that said he is psychotic… yall have issues… JMO

Anonymous on

@Kylie – your an idiot.

Manal from Jordan Middle East! on

yes i thought it was a little girl too!!… I watched the vid when Alyssa Milano posted on her Twitter!! this baby is adorable as ever! so beautiful!.. and Kylie i either need serious help or u just want attention, either way i pity u!…

Edie on

Kylie and Anonymous need to find the joy in life…Hope they’re ok.

Jgirl on

Anonymous and Kylie, are you two serious?

LJL on

There is nothing more real than the laughter of children…years ago there was a commercial that had a toddler in the midist of puppies
his laugh was contagious, uplifting just as Micah is.

Thanks for the uplift.


Lacey on

I don’t see why this is even making news. Babies laugh and there are hundreds of baby-laughing video’s on Youtube. Just parents making a buck off their child.

LB on


Anonymous on


Jillian on

LB, yep….yep….that must be it! My goodness, people are such children on this site to say her children must be ugly and she must be jealous. HOW ABOUT YOU IGNORE THE NEGATIVE COMMENTS! And act like an ADULT!

The baby is cute… made me smile, but I can’t believe it is getting this much publicity. I guess I should tape my baby?

Lilianne on

Wow people. It is a baby laughing. Period. End of it. The parents aren’t trying to make a buck or exploit him. He is their first child. He belly laughed at some ordinary incident. It was cute so they taped it. Nothing sinister about it. And to call a child names is beyond ridiculous. Those people must be very young(I hope).

Tara on

Some people, I seriously hope they are not mothers, have major issues here. This is a precious baby. We lost our first child three years ago at the of three. My favorite memory of him is listening to his laugh with his younger brother. Seeing Micah brought back that joy for me.

Anyone who has an issue with this must either be extremely cold hearted or is jealous that others have such blessings in life.

Kay on

Kylie and anon are obviously mocking those always present commenters who love to post something simply to start the horrified responses that are so famous on this site. I’m surprised some of you took the bait.

Miche on

Tara, my heart goes out to you and your family. I have a three year old and an 11 month old. Nothing warms my soul like hearing my little one crack up laughing at his big sister. Your post reminds me to treasure every moment.
God bless you.

kendrajoi on

SO cute! I don’t blame them for wanting to share their adorable boy with us! Go Micah!

Tara on

Miche, that’s very kind, thank you. The vitriol on any of these boards between mothers is so disheartening. Time goes so fast, the judgmental attitude of so many has no place.

As far as this video- this baby is amazingly adorable, his family must want to gobble him up. You cannot help but smile. Those who think the dad did it for “profit” have no clue what parenthood is about.

I was blessed with two beautiful sons and I would not trade a minute of those three years with Max for anything. But life goes on, it has to for my sake and for Christian my other child.

Best wishes.

Crystal on

I put this on my facebook because it was so funny. Micah is super cute and that laugh is really infectious! I hope it leads to something more. Acting maybe????? 🙂
@Tara- I am very sorry for your loss. Listening to that just makes me really enjoy my life right now and the little people in it (my nieces 4&1). I am not going to take life for granted because it can so easily be taken away. Thank you for sharing your story and my God bless you and your family!

mommytoane on

How is this family trying to “make a buck” off their baby? They posted a video they thought was funny. Obviously, you’ve never done the same. Darn heartless, cold people.

I found little Micah here to be absolutely adorable! His giggle is contagious, and absolutely full of happiness.

mother of 2 on

He is soooooo adorable! You cant help but laugh along with him! To cute for words

crg on

I remember the baby Ethan clip and wonder why this new one got so much attention, there are a lot of “baby laughing” clips out there…this baby’s really cute, but still…?


kylie = troll and lets throw Anonymous in there too

they are the ones who need help, see what they do is troll websites posting offensive commenst and sit back and wait for the reaction, they get off on it , like poeple that start fires and watch the disruction its the same kind of thing so lets not waste time with them , they just want the attention because they have nothing else in their sad little lives.

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this video xxx if it doesn’t make you smile go check your still breatheing lol

Allison J on

Little Michah is so cute! I was having a rough day, and a friend posted this video (paper-ripping one) on FaceBook, and I laughed my head off. It’s so funny when babies find the smallest things hilarious.

Jo on

Such a precious baby! The laugh is contagious and so innocent and pure. Truly a gift.

To you idiots who, ironically, were once precious, innocent and pure yourselves, who think the parents are “just making a buck off their baby,” can you tell me how on earth you think putting a laughing baby on YouTube translates into money, because I’m not seeing the connection.

And to the moron who said he has “no sympathy” for the family – really, toad, who ASKED YOU for sympathy? I DO have sympathy for you and the people like you responding to this wonderful, joyful sound of a laughing baby with ugly, angry comments about the video. You people must live horrible lives inside your bodies – I can’t imagine how awful it must be to be you.