Thalía Expecting Second Child

03/03/2011 at 09:00 AM ET
Kevin Mazur/WireImage

There’s another baby on the way for Thalía and Tommy Mottola!

The couple will welcome their second child together later this year, their rep confirms to PEOPLE.

They are already parents to daughter Sabrina Sakaë, 3, as well as Michael and Sarah, Mottola’s adult children from a previous relationship.

Thalía, 39, hosts Conexión Thalía and her latest song, “Primera Fila,” remains a hit on the Latin charts. Former CEO of Sony Music Entertainment Mottola, 61, currently acts as a consultant and advisor to private equity.

— Sarah Michaud

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dsfg on

I thought the baby’s name was Sabina.

Christina on

Aww congrats to them both. whoa he’s 61! I wonder if this pregnancy accured naturally or if they needed some assistance.Either way they are blessed and I’m sure over joyed. Last time I saw of picture of Sabrina she looked JUST like him.

daniela on

He looks darn good for 61! Congrats to them!

Rae on

wow, he looks great for his age, good for them!

angela on

He should look good for all the money it cost…

Brooklyn on

His two adult children from a “previous relationship”?? Don’t you mean from his first marriage of nearly 20 years?

Jillian on

Brooklyn, I was about to say the same thing!! Tommy was married to Lisa for 20 years! Bad job Sarah Michaud.

Lacey on

Men in the 60’s, should not be having children!

CelebBabyLover on

Lacey- How do you know this wasn’t an “oops” pregnancy? Given Thalia’s age, it’s possible that they were under the assumption she couldn’t get pregnant any more (maybe even thought she had gone through/was going through menopause) so didn’t use protection….and boom, pregnant!

Or perhaps they WERE using protection but it failed. Point being, we don’t know that he planned to father children in his 60s!

As for Tommy’s “previous relationship”, doesn’t a marriage qualify as a previous relationship? Anyway, congrats to them….and I’d love to see a recent picture of Sabrina!

dwet on

Yes, men in the 60′s, should not be having children! Grandparents!!!

J.E. on

maybe, just maybe they WANTED to have another child. Its only natural to want to give their daughter a sibling. And being that he was 58 when Sabrina was born, 61 isn’t that much of a difference. Besides he looks great for his age!! Congrats to the family, I love Thalia ever since I was a little girl!

Jillian on

Celebrity, a marriage is a marriage. And to not recognize it as such is an error or ignorant. This is the only site to do so, that I have seen. I have never seen this done before.

CelebBabyLover on

Jillian- But the thing is, marriage IS techincally a type of relationship. So saying “previous relationship” is techincally true. 🙂 Maybe Tommy prefers not to discuss his previous marriage that much, so they’re just respecting his wishes by saying as little about it as possible?

Jillian on

Thanks for the clarification. I am married…..and smart 🙂
Why is it so hard for you to think the editor screwed up. It wouldn’t be the first time an honest mistake was made. Seems far more likely to me, then your”theory.” people has covered many marriages people would rather not talk about.

Patricia on

please, people, why you guys always want to include the exes??? didn’t work out for them, so why to be so pathetic about it??? If I were a celebrity and had a husband, for sure I wouldn’t keep his surname which is ridiculous, and needless to say to comment about him or bring him up in everything I would do…please, lets respect ourselves…past is past, move on…make different… and remember intelligent people, ex is ex, no matter how long the marriage last…is over.

Marky on

CBL, what a laugh I had over your initial post about maybe it was an “oops” pregnancy, she probably was going through menopause at 39 and no one thought she could get pregnant… are you kidding me? Many women don’t go through menopause until they are 50+! Wow! Didn’t hear this stuff when John T and Kelly P. got pregnant with Benjamin. No one should assume a woman can’t get pregnant unless she has stopped having periods for a year, and it would be very rare to have that happen at 39. It might be better to just say “Congratulations!”

J on

Gotta love smiley faces to hide snide remarks and sarcasm…

J on

I love how the writer is picked at for saying previous relationship rather than previous marriage. Good Lord, what don’t people nitpick here?

cheryl W. on

Wonder how old his older children are? Is he a grandpa yet? Anyway, Congrats and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s twins. The celebs newest trend is twins these days.