Miranda Kerr Hits the Catwalk Two Months After Baby

03/03/2011 at 01:00 PM ET
Ben Dome/Pacific Coast News

Hot mama alert!

Miranda Kerr surprised the audience at Thursday’s Balenciaga show at Paris Fashion Week, walking the runway just two months after giving birth.

The 27-year-old Aussie, who welcomed son Flynn with Orlando Bloom on Jan. 6, modeled in Balenciaga’s Paris show for the fourth year in a row, presenting to a crowd that included her proud husband, his mom Sonia and Vogue editor Anna Wintour (baby Flynn arrived in Paris with the family the day before).

Kerr posted some backstage shots on her blog Thursday, sharing pictures of her look — a black draped dress with leather details — and a last-minute makeup touch-up.

TELL US: What do you think of Kerr’s return to the runway?

— Kate Hogan

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Jgirl on

Way to go Miranda. In my opinion, you look the most beautiful in snapshots! You look too serious here. I enjoy the smile. However, major congratulations to you to get back out there so soon after birth. I still didn’t want to leave my house at 2 months!

martina on

It’s perfectly normal to leave a 2 months old at home for a few hours. Miranda looks very lovely; she’s always had a fantastic body.

Ashandra on

Miranda Kerr is such an inspiration for us yummy mommies. She shows that it’s easy to get back into shape within a few months. I wish more people would take inspiration instead of getting so heavy!

suzyq on

Way to go trying to stir up controversy Kate Hogan “What do you think of Kerr’s return to the runway”..

Nice to see that so far people have refrained from taking the bait and
that no debate has resulted concerning Ms. Kerr’s decision to
appear on the catwalk or her slim physique. Kudos to her!!

lola on

it looks like the lack of sleep has gotten to her…she looks deathly pale!

Brooke on

Im so glad to see so many positive comments. The other page of comments re this story are a bunch of mothers fighting over whether it is OK to still have baby weight or not, many of them stating that she much be a bad Mom since she looks great. I wish everyone had such a great attitude. Kudos to those of you who posted. Seriously.

Emily on

I hope people aren’t surprised by her return to the runway. She’s a model! And was thin before giving birth. But I think she looks more lovely in candid shots.

Amanda on

She was thin before she got pregnant, she didn’t gain an excessive amount of weight while pregnant and she, at least was but maybe still is, breastfeeding. No surprise she’s lost her baby weight. I agree she looks better in snapshots and not so serious but good for her for doing what she wants and taking care of her family.

mary on

She is pretty. Nice to see she gets support from her husband and his mom.

Amber on

My first thought would be to get jealous that she looks so great so soon… but she isn’t wearing skin tight clothes and being a model, I’m sure she didn’t go overboard gaining weight during her pregnancy. So refreshing though, that she’s not prancing around in a bikini on the runway. She looks fabulous!

molly on

Wow, I dont think she looks like a Yummy Mummy in this photo, she looks very withdrawn – but i suppose thats the go for mummy with a two month old!!

CelebBabyLover on

Poor girl looks exhausted!

Dee on

Ashandra sweetie….while it is sooooo easy for you to lose weight after baby, please PLEASE din’t assume that other mothers sit on their asses getting fat!!!!

Every woman is different and as such you wont know how baby affects you until after. I have seem the slimest women give birth and struggle like mad to lose weight afterwards. Hormones play a big part of it and you are just being plain rude insinuating that some women just let themselves go.

I lost almost 30 lbs while pregnant and my pre-pregnancy clothes were falling off me. Seven months later I gained it all back and no matter how much I excercise or the fact that I do Weight Watchers and have a great healthy lifestyle, the weight isn’t falling off as easy as it did before……..does that make me lazy or less YUMMY?????????

I think not, I am still a hot, sexy plus sized mama who gets compliments on herself and her son wherever she goes, so please scratch that theory that only skinny moms are yummy!!!!!!

Thank you!

As for Miranda, she looks GREAT 🙂

Anonymous on

Ashandra, that is so hurtful. between the exhaustion from lack of sleep and only seeing my son a few hours a day after work, its so hard to find the time to work out more than three times a week. I was practically starving myself, but it was causing me to lose my breastmilk. Believe me, I dont have time to sit on my fat ass and enjoy myself. I barley have time to shower, let alone worry about whether my ass looks good! My baby is my priority, no me…for now.

Tess on

I never knew she was a model. I thought she was just married to Orlando Bloom.

Samantha on

Anonymous it’s amazing you have NO time to shower, work out, etc, BUT you are commenting on celebrity baby blog….go figure…..

Hea on

Anonymous – Why starve yourself?

Orchid on

She’s a model so most likely she’s on the tall side. If she followed her doctors advice and only gained the 20-25 pounds, I’m sure it was spread out over her frame. From what I remember her son was a really good sized baby. 2 months is perfectly fine to go back to her line of work. A few hours of walking up and down the catwalk for what most people make in a month/few months… You can’t beat that! Awesome!!

The Balenciaga look here is really nice.

Sophie on

I just wanted to point out that models (except for Victoria’s Secret shows) often look rather pale on purpose, because the designer prefers it that way. It’s not necessarily due to a lack of sleep ;-). Most models don’t really look good on the catwalk, because the main part of their job is to get people to look at the clothes, and not the model’s face.
Btw, I think Miranda looks beautiful at 2 months postpartum. And as already mentioned above, I also prefer candid shots of her. She usually looks really nice and pretty in them.

Moore on

I used to be surprised when new moms were out and about so soon looking smaller after having a baby but since I had my son its not really that big a deal that she’s out at two months and back to size. I barely wanted to stay in after a week and losing weight while not a focus, it does happen.

CelebBabyLover on

Samantha- Perhaps she grabbed a few seconds to comment while at work?

CelebBabyLover on

Also, Samantha, she said she BARELY has time to shower, not that she has NO time to shower!

Hea- I do have to agree with your comment about anon. I don’t understand how anyone can even THINK of practically starving themselves when they have a baby to feed!

Samantha on

Celebbaby lover, so one CAN grab time to read GOSSIP sites, while supposed to be working, but not to do some squats or lunges?? Sounds like lame excuses to me.

Why do people make staying healthy sound so HARD? Oh you need a nanny, a chef, etc. WALKING is the best exercise and it costs nothing. Walk on your lunch break, walk the stairs instead of the elevator. If you have time to go onto gossip sites, you have time to walk. No one is that busy seriously.

Breastfeeding also burns 500 calories a day on average, yes your body will hold onto 5-10 pounds of fat, but that will NOT make you look big.
Just more excuses.

Besides it’s mostly about food anyway. Eat food in moderation, lots of fruits, vegetables, no processed junk and I assure you, you will not stay big. All that weight watcher food is such processed crap.

Oh and I have TWO babies 2 and under. So yes I DO know what I am talking about. I hate to see people look at me shocked that I look so good after having a baby “What did she do to herself?” When I eat lots of healthy food, so far since my baby is a newborn I only walk, and I make a ton of milk for him. I just don’t eat Mcdonalds, for TWO people, Dairy queen. So yes if you eat healthy for baby, salads with chicken, apples, avocados, salmon you will get full and not fat.

CelebBabyLover on

You’ll notice that the orginal poster DID say she works out three times a week, and that she finds it HARD to find time to work out, not that she CAN’T and DOESN’T find time to work out. Also, sometimes there are other reasons the weight doesn’t come right off. I think Dee explained that pretty well. 🙂 And in addition to what she said, sometimes people have medical conditions that make it very hard to lose weight. One of the most common is hypothyrodisim, otherwise known as an underactive thyroid.

Generally, hyopthyrodism causes a person’s metabolism to be very slow, meaning losing weight is extremely difficult. Hormone-replacement therapy can allievate or even reverse the symptoms of hypothrodisim in some cases, though (take a friend of mine, for example. She has hypothyroidism, but you certainly wouldn’t know it by her weight! Of course, it helps that she’s a naturally skinny person to begin with!).

Bottomline: It’s hurtful to assume that someone who hasn’t lost the baby weight (or who is overweight and not seeming to lose the weight, for that matter) is simply being lazy.

Sometimes that IS the case, of course, but a lot of times the reason why weight isn’t just coming off is a lot more complicated than that.

suzyq on

Celebritybabylover, why do you feel the need to comment multiple times on the same post and spend most of your commentary trying to speak for others? This particular topic is so trivial, give it a rest.

Jillian on

Suzy, amen!

Jillian on

I won’t even address all the issues with things she has said about hypothyroidism.

Coral on

I have hypothyroidism and actually lost 12 pounds once I started taking the proper meds. I exercise and don’t eat like a pig. You don’t actually need much more food during pregnancy. My doctor and Canadian food guide say an extra glass of milk a day will do the trick. Doing pre natal yoga is a great idea too and helps for an easier more focused labour. Nothing against overweight people but they are known to have much more problems during childbirth and on average you’re only supposed to gain 20-25 pounds.

cheri on

I so agree with alot of you that if you really eat nutritious food and stay away from the white flour products, sugary foods and work those muscles, get the heart rate up with some form of exercise you will lose the extra weight. It may take some time but if you just stick with it you’ll be successful.

I think alot of us get discouraged when it doesn’t come off fast enough and that is disheartening but in order to change that slow metabolism you must just keep going and don’t give up.

Some of my friends had a c-section and it does take longer to get the pounds off to start with, but the good news is that once you get your body going into that healthy mode you heal faster and then can it will all come together sooner.

Remember girls that if you do some form of a workout exercise your metabolism keeps burning those calories even during sleep.
Miranda is a good role model for all of us women post baby so I’m glad her picture has brought up this important subject.

This country really needs to wake up and make healthy bodies an important priority like it used to be. We are losing ground like no other country in the world and there is really no good excuse for this.