Meet Zac Hanson’s Baby Girl, Junia Rosa Ruth!

03/03/2011 at 03:00 PM ET

World, meet Junia Rosa Ruth!

The 11-week-old daughter of Zac Hanson and his wife Kate arrived just before Christmas, and her proud parents say it’s been a smooth, happy ride ever since.

“Junia is such a sweet gift,” says the Hanson drummer, 25, who also has a son Shepherd, who turns 3 in May. “It has been so much fun to get to know her and to watch her along with her big brother grow and change so quickly.”

Jeremy Charles


These days, Zac is likely tops on his 5½-year-old niece Penelope‘s list — until now, Taylor Hanson‘s daughter, been holding her own as the lone lady among six little boys in the family (her three brothers and as many boy cousins).

“We are looking forward to bringing Junia along on all of our adventures,” adds the proud papa, “and showing her the world.”

Not to mention the family business. Junia’s brother and her six cousins (Taylor has four kids; Isaac Hanson has two) have gone on tour with their dads’ band, and there are opportunities for music video cameos, too.

Following Ezra, 8, (Taylor’s oldest son) and Penelope’s appearance in the band’s hit video for “Thinkin’ Bout Something“, a trio of other little Hansons pop up in their new one.

Just past the three-minute mark and elsewhere in the video for the band’s new single, “Give a Little,” fans can spot Isaac’s sons Everett, who turns 4 in April, and Monroe, 2½, in addition to Taylor’s son River, 4½. (His youngest son, Viggo, 2, sat this one out.)

Time to get a pair of dancin’ shoes, Junia!

— Rennie Dyball

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JMO on

so cute! But he looks more like the big brother then the dad!!! lol

c on

god, zac looks like he’s 12 years old!

Jaedyn on

Zac looks so young! He looks like 16 to me. Very, VERY cute baby girl and I totally love the name!!!

Rebecca on

Wow! I cannot believe how young Zac looks! He looks like he is 15 years old! Cute little family they have though! He is a handsome young man.

Mea on

I am so excited to get to see a picture of the newest Hanson! She is absolutely precious. And Kate looks so beautiful!

Noelle on

He does look really young but that hair of his is not helping matters AT ALL. If he’d get a haircut he’d probably age 10 years.

Erica on

Aw Zach looks like a proud big brother!

Alice on

At first glance I thought “who is that teenager with a baby!!”



Dani on

God bless yur family Zac. Your kids is very cuties!

LisaLisa on

Who is that child holding Zac’s baby?

Marlee on

A sweet-looking family. I love their children’s names.

Indira on

His wife looks like she’s in her 30s.

Megan on

Congrats to the happy and proud family!

Lyndsay on

Zac looks so young in this picture… it’s weird he normally looks his age ahah. His new baby girl is so cute i’m so happy for your family Zac.

Valery on

the wife looks like 30 en zac like 16!!!….Cuñada, presenta!!!! hahaha

Anny on

What a sweet picture of the family 🙂 Congrats again to Zac & Kate

Maddie on

What a cute family. Great picture!

Zac does look really young in this picture haha.

Miami on

OMGosh he looks like 12, and his wife looks like she could be his mother.

Jayme on

Omg that chubby little baby girl is so beautiful!

Cindy on

Wow… There must be a mockingbird in here. Is anyone else going to say anything but how young he looks? Man, you guys are so creative…

april fox on

aww!! how sweet and cute is she!!! i cant believe shephard has gotten so big!!!

Noel on

Adorable. I love how everyone is saying Zac looks so young, oh no, how devastating to look younger than what you are. Bitter?

All of the Hanson brothers have aged well and beautiful, I swear they get better looking every year.

Miami on

He looks exactly the same way he did when he was in Hanson band. His wife seems older.

Julianna on

I love the name Junia. It’s unique but not in a weird way. Very pretty.

Veda on

Awe, how convenient for them to put this article out the same time they release the “Give A Little” video. More attention for them. 😛

Niki on

Aw, Shepard is growing up so fast! What a beautiful picture.

Jess on

I had an inkling, he was having a little girl, when late last year he was elated to play with my little girl, after having run into them.

Carole on

Zac’s daughter is beautiful and Sheperd looks like him too! I’m happy for them, congratulations, it’s really a beautiful little girl and Junia is an adorable name

Jill K on

I doubt they were saying he looked young to be mean, just sayin’. I was obsessed with the Hanson bros. when I was in middle school and it is a little weird to see the youngest with kiddos! I didn’t realize that he was only a year younger than I am. Funny how times flies!

Daffykins on

He’s the cutest of the brothers. Sweet little girl.

rachel on

So cute! How do you pronounce Junia??

Shannon on

Zac is 25 and Kate is 27. They look extremely happy! Good for Penny to finally have a little girl around!

niman on

your sure he is 25??!! he looks about 12!! omg!!

lola on

Sharon, LOL i was going to say the same thing! Looks like they’re wearing the same lipstick!

Falon on

I wonder who has an earlier bedtime, him or the kids? LOL!

Junia on

My name is Junia, and in Brazil we pronounce JOO-nia, with the J like the French pronounce it, as in “je t’aime”. 🙂

Even in Brazil it’s not a common name, people always look at me funny, confuse it for Julia and/or then say it’s unique. Really weird to see it here with people saying it many times.

Kristi on

Congratulations on the beautiful little girl to match the adorable Shep. Kate is as beautiful as ever and Zac looks like a proud father! In response to Linda, shame on you. They are a beautiful family outside and in.

Kara on

Im thinking he should lose the 1998 “Hanson band” hair. Please?

Denia on

What is in the little boys mouth? WHatever it is, it is damgerous. Cute family and kids

LeahH on

That little boy is precious! Such a beautiful family.

Herb Sewell on

He won’t look young forever with two young kids. He’ll age 20 years in the next five. Give him this, though, the guy pulls like a champ!

Erica on

@Noel you’re the one who sounds bitter, no one’s insinuating that looking young for your age is a bad thing. I’m 25 and am constantly pegged as a high schooler.

Jessica B. on

Beautiful Family 😉
I like you so much!!!

Shari on

What a beautiful family! They all look their age and very happy together. I hope People Mag. will also put this in the magazine so more people can see Zac’s family.

Miami on

Is that the mom and her 3 kids?

Jenner on

Zac definitely looks young for his age! I would guess college age if I didn’t know. Kate is the prettiest wife of all the Hanson bros. She looks great!

Sandra Chaikovsky on

Shepherd is the spitting image of his daddy!

Lily on

Veda, the video was released a week ago…
Beautiful family, congrats Zac, Kate, and Shepherd!

Maura on

What an adorable family! Shepherd kinda looks like he’s doing Eensy Weensy Spider moves, hee hee.

Mina on

All the brothers turned into very good looking men. They were at an akward stage in their band. But when you see them today they are very handsome.

snake eyes on

Dude do they ever stop popping out kids. good lord

lollyboop on

Adorable!!! Shepherd looks so much like a Hanson! Congratulations to Zac and Kate. Enjoy! It goes fast. My baby is now 17 and graduating! He was only 4 when we went to one of your first concerts!

Jax on

I think Shepherd looks like Kate, hard to say who Junia looks like… Such a cute family!! Love them!!

Jax on

Shepherd has Zac’s body build, chunky hands lol sooo cute!!! Junia looks like she has Zac’s nose.

Erin on

I love how Ezra looks like a mini Zac and Shepherd looks like a Mini Taylor… needless to say biology is quite amazing.

Holiday on

I liked Hanson a lot when I was young. Its neat to see the boys all grown up with families. I was young like Zac when I started my family and I love being a young parent.

Sheri on

Not crazy about the name, but they are a sweet, cute family. How is Junia pronounced? Is it “June-ya” or “June-e-ah” or the French “J” sound like the other poster here suggested? Just curious …

Ashaley on

I love Zac. I love all the Hansons!!! I love Kate! so so pretty! best band EVER!

M on

Denia…looks like a lollipop to me.

Vicky on

I can’t believe i was listening to him sing MMM Bop now they singing about mmmm babies… wow how time flies!!

lol@people on

“He looks exactly the same way he did when he was in Hanson band. His wife seems older.”

Was in Hanson, he is Hanson. And they are still around. I don’t think it matters that he looks young, good for him. And his wife looks beautiful. Zac looks amazing at any age, with ANY hair cut. And FYI she is older.

Laura on

Well, seems like what I came here to say has been said enough times!
Zac looks 12, indeed.

Also, I love the name Junia!

CelebBabyLover on

Zac DOES look he’s about 12! That’s interesting for me because when my parents got married, my dad, who was about Zac’s age at the time, also looked about 12! I’m sure that to some people, my dad looked more like my mom’s younger brother than her husband (the ironic thing is, my mother is actually a few years YOUNGER than my father!). 🙂

Anyway, Junia is adorable!

marta on

Looove them!!

Au-Roar-A on

Denia – “whatever it is, it is dangerous”???? LOL talk about an overreaction… did you know that life is a dangerous STD that is 100% fatal? 🙂

JM on

i quite like the name. i agree that he looks really really young. but i’m not saying that as a bad thing, it’s just a fact…

anonymous on

Did you follow all of those kids names and to whom they belong to? Jeez . . . .

marta on

Yes I agree, Sheperd does look like his uncle Taylor! How funny 🙂 But I do not think Ezra resembles Zac at all!

Tiff on

He needs to get a haircut so he looks like a father and not a big brother, lol

Shannon on

It would appear that Sheperd has a sucker or lollipop in his mouth…

Clara on

Can you all please learn to spell Shepherd’s name correctly? How hard is it to spell a name that’s on the same exact page you’re typing on?

Anyway, I think his wife is absolutely beautiful, as are his kids.

Congratulations Zac!

RG on

Awww I love it, He has a beautiful family and God bless all of the Hansons. Such a faithful family!!! And for those who have nothing good to say, prayers comin your way : )

Holiday on

My husband was 22 (and so was I) when our son was born. He looked even younger then Zach! People always thought he was the big brother when he was in fact the daddy of our little guy.

Paige on

They are all beautiful! congrats to Zac and Kate, and good luck!!!

Anonymous on

sooo cuttee!!!

Megan B on

Cute kids, never heard of him though. Give the man a break about looking like he’s 12/15, some people just age well. Although I agree, that the hair is certainly a contributing factor.

However my 22 year old brother (who has a buzz cut) answered the door to his home and some door to door salesperson asked if his parents were home. He’s also been pulled over twice because he didn’t look old enough to be driving.

Dawn on

The Hanson boys must have had great parents and a great childhood for them all to be so eager to start families so young, and they all seem to really love it. So happy for them all. And yes, Zac looks super young and I agree with those who said his hair cut does make him look like a kid, my 15 year son has the same cut and same shirt too! But hold on to the youthful looks as long as you can Zac!!!!!

H on

OMG Junia looks so cute! Such a lovely little family they are. Precious! And I absolutely adore the name they gave to their baby girl.

Btw, I wish people would quit with the mean comments. Seriously.

Christina on

What a beautiful family! Zac and Kate are converts to Orthodox Christianity, and St. Junia is a particularly revered saint in that tradition. She travelled with Andronicus as a missionary.

Ana Lídia on

Awesome! They’re just a beautifil family, always wishing Hanson’s families luck.
Zac is wearing a Luke Danes shirt! *-*

Becky P. on

Don’t know that much about him as I”m to old..haha..They are a cute family and I like the names of both of their children…Enjoy that looking young for as long as you can..

Michelle on

ADORABLE!!! Congrats Zac!!!!

sarah w. on

dang, he looks like he is 15. hahah.

Annie on

I cannot believe they are Orthodox! That is so awesome! Such a cute Saint’s Name… I wish them many years.

Ray on

They both look good and have super cute babies!

Linda on

My Goodness….With all these kids, Hanson needs to change their record label from “3 Car Garage” (3CG)to 14 bedroom house…Gorgeous kids, gorgeous guys. you can’t go wrong. Love ’em all!!

Angela on

Of course she is gorgeous, just look at her Momma and Daddy 🙂 Congrads Zac, Kate, and Sheperd 🙂

Tamia on

That baby is so cute zac and kate congrats.

Tamia on

That baby is so cute congrats kate and zac also shepherd

vee on

He still looks like that 10 year old I remember 🙂 adorable. Congrats to all the Hanson guys, at this point I can’t keep up with whos kids are who .. I’ll admit I got a little lost reading this article lol.