In Stores Now: Stella McCartney Kids Spring/Summer Collection

03/02/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Courtesy Stella McCartney Kids

She’s back!

Stella McCartney has just released her latest kids collection — and it’s beyond cute!

This time, the busy mom-of-four (Miller Alasdhair James, 6, Bailey Linda Olwyn, 4, Beckett Robert Lee, 3, and Reiley Dilys Stella, 3 months) tapped into her playful side to create a line of whimsical, yet easy-to-wear tops, jackets, dresses and pants in bright hues.

Standouts include the floral-print Polly rainjacket ($113), the Ingrid bird-motif dress ($101), the Horrace organic striped sweater ($63) and the Billy organic cotton sweatshirt ($50), which supports dad Paul McCartney‘s charity — Meat Free Monday.

Everything is so adorable, we almost wish some pieces were available in grown-up sizes. Want to see more? Check out the full collection at And while you’re there, make sure to spend some mommy and me time in the fun, interactive playground.

Courtesy Stella McCartney Kids

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not impressed on

Ugly over priced clothing. Overrated. Just like her dad’s music. Bleh.

Laura on

I can see knocking the clothes (it’s not everybody taste), but her father’s music? Are you crazy? In case you weren’t aware, he was in The Beatles…

JM on

ha people who knock the beatles music just make me laugh. it usually means they are just trying to be deliberately non-mainstream and a little radical 😉

to me it’s like saying mozart’s music is rubbish, fine to say it’s not your thing and that you don’t listen to it – no problem, but you can’t deny it when someone is incredibly gifted and changes the face of music forever. otherwise you just sound bitter and jealous.

anyway, i like some of stella mccartney’s clothes, i think they’re cute.

marina on

I love stella mccatney clothe, is cute, and while expensive the quality is great! I bought a shirt a couple years ago and still is good as new.

Cammy on

Given, these clothes are NOT for parents on a budget. Many parents rely on hand-me-downs these days. But for goodness sakes, does the first commenter know who her father is?

MiB on

I would have loved that rain coat as a kid!

Val on

Seriously, it looks like these clothes were picked off the rack from Goodwill. Most boys would rather eat worms than wear pink on their shoes.

brannon on

My sons favorite color is pink. Love her clothes and the quality is great. Beats those cheap, tacky children’s places every day. Nothing bugs me more than a place with the same shirt in ten colors. Ugh.

JM on

good for you brannon, it annoys me when people tihnk that kids can’t wear a certain colour because of their sex… it’s really stupid.

i also tihnk that they haven’t selected the best clothes for this advertisement. if you look on the website they have some really really lovely stuff. i loved some of the dresses and the coats for little girls. and the boys sweaters.

Gaia and labans mom on

I’m definitely picking up some of these pieces for my daughter.i especially love that beige dress with the embroidery

Terri on

Her hair is beautiful.

3squirrels on

Yeah, I’m good with my Kohl’s clearance rack. I can’t see spending $50+ on a baby outfit that they might only wear for 3 months. On a budget or not, that is a waste of money.

K on

I bought clothes for my daughter from Stella McCartney before (sale price) and I have to say it was nicer in person than on the internet. The quality and the details are very good. It’s a little expensive, but she uses good materials and also organic cotton. I agree that for a baby that uses the clothes for 3 months, maybe this is not what some Moms want to spend, but for older kids, you can sometimes strech the outfit for two years. You know between 4-5 or 5-6 they don’t grow so much, and certain pieces can still be used. Since I have two girls, whatever I invest on my first kid is good for the second. I try to buy things that will be still good when the second one fits on that clothes. I also wash the clothes as indicated, with baby soap, and don’t use the dryer. My kids old clothes are as good as new.
In addition, my Mom was a fan of the Beatles, and I love the music.

Becky P. on

I like some of the clothes, some not..Isn’t it always like that with clothes? I would like to think that they are good quality, but still don’t know if I could justify spending that much money on clothes..Also, don’t think my 8 yr. old boy would wear any of her clothing for boys..

Sadie on

Is it just me, or in that second picture does it look like the kid in the back only has one leg? Photoshop fail maybe?

mila on

Most of those clothes look like stuff my grandma made for me when I was kid because we were poor and couldn’t buy stuff from the store (no walmart back then). I always think it’s cute when rich people want to dress like the poor. It’s quaint, I guess.