Tia Mowry Obsessed with Son’s ‘Butterfly Flutters’

03/01/2011 at 03:00 PM ET
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Being pregnant may not always be the most comfortable time in a woman’s life, but for Tia Mowry the perks make the experience well worth the discomfort.

“You get special treatment, I’m not going to lie. Everyone is always making sure you’re okay,” The Game star, 32, told PEOPLE at the Essence Black Women in Television event Thursday.

“And feeling your baby kick for the first time is one of the most amazing, beautiful things I’ve ever felt.”

“The first time I felt him kick I was laying down in my bed watching A Baby Story and I felt [what I call a] ‘butterfly flutter,'” she adds. “I laugh with him when he kicks because he’ll tickle me.”

Mowry says she is now “obsessed” with the kicks and explains that if she hasn’t felt one in a while, her husband Cory Hardrict will try and motivate their future son.

“Sometimes my husband will just tap my belly like, ‘Hey! Are you in there?'” she said. “But he moves when I eat because he’s eating and loves it.”

Mowry and her husband have also been spending a lot of time researching baby names, and while she is not ready to reveal what’s on the short list, she has given some clues.

“We’re definitely looking at ‘C’ names because my husband’s name is Cory. And the meaning that we’re looking at is ‘warrior’ because my husband thinks he’s this warrior,” Mowry said, rolling her eyes in jest.

With a due date of July 3rd, Mowry is already feeling a profound connection with her son.

“I now know what the word ‘love’ means, but this goes even deeper than that,” she said. “It is just amazing.”

— Patrick Gomez

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missy on

This is so sweet. I love happy moms! Pregnancies can be such an emotional and physical rollercoaster. It’s little moments like these that remind you of how miraculous the childbirth process really is.

Lauren on

It’s so sweet that she’s thrilled over the “little things.” It makes for a much more fulfilling life (and maybe pregnancy too). I believe Casey means “warrior”. That could be a contender on their short list.

Mommy of 2 on

So sweet!! I am so happy for her!!! She looks absolutly amazing!! Pregnancy definitly suits her!!!

Tee on

Tia looks beautiful and it really sounds like she is enjoying her pregnancy!

Frost on

She looks gorgeous !!

So happy for her — I’ve been a fan since Sister, Sister.

Kay on

She looks gorgeous. She and her sister seem like the nicest people–so sweet and friendly.

Loraine on

I am so happy for her in her first time pregnancy! I was also so thrilled at the fluttering of my tummy and then I realized it was the baby kicking! That is one thing I will certainly miss when I was pregnant with my two daughters. I hope everything works out wonderfully for her and Congratulations!

Alli on

Babynames.com only lists three names starting with C that mean warrior: Chad, Chadwick, and Clovis.

Some non-C names that mean warrior are: Finley, Gideon, Liam, Louis, Sloan, and William

Capri on

Love her & she looks gorgeous!!

Na'eema on

How funny, when I was pregnant with my first child, I watched A Baby Story everyday!!!!!!!!! And also it tickles me too when my babies move inside of me. I didn’t know she was due July 3rd, that’s like a week after me! I am happy she is enjoying her pregnancy!

Yummy Mummy Maternity Clothes on

Love this! Great article, love your blog!

Minami86 on

July 3rd is my birthday~! It would be so awesome if she gave birth on that day!

I’m kinda mad about my birthday though. Almost everyone calls me on the 4th. I can literally say “I was born yesterday” when people call me, if they remember. It sucks to be a holiday baby sometimes. I sympathize with someone born in December. They either get all their gifts on Christmas or people assume because their birthday is in the same month, they should only get one present or have their party the month before or the month after.

Mysa on

Love the glow on her
Congrats Tia =]

chels on

she looks big for only being 5 months pregnant, but still beautiful

lennie on

awww she’s really glowing! But I agree with the previous poster that she is quite big for 5 months. I am due in mid June and I’m half her size. But then again each woman is different 🙂
I bet the baby will be gorgeous.

CelebBabyLover on

She sounds like she’s bonding with her son already! 🙂

Dee on

She looks great!!!! I am happy for her 🙂

While I was pregnant I watched “A Baby Story” religiously and “Bringing Home Baby” now that he is here…I dont watch at all..lol

Rashida on

That’s so cute pregnancy looks like it suits her, and I like Tia’s dress and purse 🙂

Katy on

I agree with chels & lennie, I’m due in May and much smaller. Maybe that’s why I’m still waiting for the special treatment! She looks great, though, and I’m happy she’s enjoying her pregnancy so much.

seila on

wow… she looks huge for 5 months pregnant.

Sarah on

Love her =) I hope she is also researching the History behind Circumcising since she’s having a Boy and leave her precious boy Intact!!!

His Body His Choice!!

Elizabeth on

She does look huge, but adorable, so I’m definitely not meaning it in a mean way. I’m due the same exact day with my first, a boy, too. We’re about the same height, too. I know we all carry differently, but no one even notices that I’m pregnant yet unless I mention it – even when I was in a swimsuit last week on a pre-baby vacay. People just assume I’m fatter. Wish I looked more pregnant and less “fat,” especially considering how little weight I’ve gained (my doctor is thrilled).

TV on

Sarah, is it really necessary for you to bring that up? Sometimes it’s due to religious beliefs that parents have their baby boys circumcized.

CelebBabyLover on

TV- Exactly! I also want to add that I don’t think “His Body His Choice” is a valid argument here. I mean, when you stop to think of it, as adults we make TONS of choices for our kids involving their bodies. For example, a lot of parents have things that they refuse to allow their kids to put into their bodies (with sugar being one of the top ones). A lot of parents also have guidelines as to what their kids are allowed to put ON their bodies (such as making a coat a must when it’s cold out, or not allowing little girls to wear clothes that look like they belong on teenagers or adults).

Bottomline: Adults make choices for their kids involving their bodies all the time!

Dee on

Mara….your parents made choices for you until you were old enough to make them on your own. Let her do the same for her child.

Wether or not she circumsizes is HER choice!!!

Mandy on

Sarah, whatever! There’s no need to bring that up. Both my boys were circ’d because Daddy is and you know what, their perfectly fine and healthy and have no problems down there. It’s no different then a mother getting a little girls ears pierced. That can get infected just as easy. Congrats Tia!

Amy on

She looks so beautiful. You can tell she is really going to enjoy motherhood. Best of luck to her and her husband.

Kat on

I loved the flutters. The first time you feel the baby roll too just melts your heart. She is glowing!

jen on

Pick Chase – the names means “warrior” – it’s my son’s name!

Tara on

I love seeing that she is doing well for herself! I loved Sister, Sister growing up. I loved almost anything I saw them in! I’ve also always thought they were beautiful and looked up to them! LOVE THIS STORY!

SweetDiva on

Tia looks so happy! I wish Tia and Cory the best 🙂

Tomorrow on

Tia is so beautiful and cute and giddy! I’m so happy for her and her great success! Keep being amazing Tia, you are truly a black girl that ROCKS!Oh and your husband is very cute. I think he kind of favors Pooch! :0)

Mom Of Twins on

Pregnacy is a beatuiful thing, at least mines was for me. I hope she documents everything with pictures, videos and personal notes. It’sbe something she’ll be glad that she did down the road.

Best wishes to her & husband

Terri on

I’ve never been pregnant and I love all those shows.

Stephanie on

that was one of my favorite things when i was pregnant with my son.. the kicks.. and the movements and all. when you feel the baby kick the first time you are shocked then so happy and elated.. i cryed when i felt him. i kno her feeling. and when you ceen see them move and feel them with your hand it makes it even more real. congrats to you tia and hubby! you have a wonderful journey awaiting you! its the best in the world!

heather on

Sarah…Please, seriously! It kills me when I hear people say things like that. I assure you my two boys are not walking around with a limp and “disfigured” for the rest of their lives because they are circumcised. They are healthy, beautiful, happy children and *gasp* it has not a darn thing to do with the fact that they are circumcised or not.

Honey on

For real ladies! We all know how sensitive we can get when we are Pregnant. So why would you even say she looks big and what she really look is just Beautiful. Every woman is different when they get Pregnant, some don’t show till almost at delivery and some show well before. It doesn’t matter as long as she is Happy and Baby and Honey is well that’s all we shoudl comment about. Get it Girl cause you are still a Dime Piece or better yet a Silver Dolla (Holla)!!!

Teresa on

Tia looks beautiful, people kill me talking about she looks big for 5 months, I think she looks just fine. Congrats Tia & Cory!

coco on

I love the joy she feels over her pregnancy. I know pregnancy can be rough but it saddens me when I hear women complain throughout the entire pregnancy. Babies are a blessing. I remember feeling my daughters first flutters and kicks. It was amazing because it made her existence very real for me. When I got further along everyone got a kick out of seeing her press her hands and feet against my stomach. They loved to see her little imprint on my belly. Such a sweet moment.

Andrea on

The only C warrior name I found that makes sense is Chad or Clovis.

Hi on

She’s a very pretty woman. I think this is such a sweet article.

Now this is just me, nobody get mad, but I REALLY hope she doesn’t name her son Clovis.

Jenny on

haha Sarah, that is a silly comment! My son is circ’d b/c of our beliefs but I would have had it done anyway b/c both my pedi and my ob/gyn told me that they have less chance for infection throughout life if they are circ’d. And I totally agree with the other posters who said that we make choices for our kids all the time….its called parenting lol 🙂 She does look amazing, I agree that she is big for 5 months but once again I agree with above posters who said everyone carries different 🙂 I have always thought she and her sister where beautiful!

Alana on

Tia looks so great in her black dress. I am happy for her and Cory on their gift,btw they make such a cute couple. I wish them the best!!

Alana on

She looks so good! I wish her and Cory the best..

Amanda on

She looks great! I was in maternity clothes in the first week of my second trimester. My friend didn’t look preggers until month 8 and this woman I worked w/ looked maybe 4 months along full term! Women are different and she looks gorgeous.

Erica on

Go Tia, I’m pregnant too, 8mo’s to be exact, and it’s true every women and pregnancy is different cause I don’t get real big til the end of my pregnancy everybody say you aint that for along but its cool my due date is 5/01/11 (add it up haters) Tia u lookin good lil’mama keep doin u.

Marky on

Sarah, I have to put my 2 cents in here. As a mother of 2 sons, one who was circumcised at birth, and one who was not, let me tell you for sure; you may think infant circumcision is some brutal, terrible thing, but I (as a nurse who worked in the nursery and L&D) saw very few babies even cry while being circumcised. However, my son being circumcised at 21 (his choice!) was so much more painful and he had a long recovery, too. He was so upset from 6 or 7 on, because he wasn’t circumcised at birth. (He was adopted at 3 yrs, so I had no say either way, and I will say also he never had any infections). I haven’t known a single person whose son was angry about being circumcised, but I’ve known plenty who had difficulty with infections and ticked off boys who weren’t.

Marky on

Tia looks so beautiful pregnant and I have to say, she and her sister have grown up so well and must make their parents very proud. I have been a huge fan since Sister, Sister, and think they are both really amazing young people.

I love the idea of naming your child something with real meaning, but not going over the top with some name no one has ever heard before. I vote for Chad William Hardrict! Can’t wait to see this little boy, (and to see Tamara’s wedding pictures)!