Spotted: Katie Holmes and Suri Drink Up

03/01/2011 at 08:00 AM ET

Coffee run!

Katie Holmes and 4½-year-old daughter Suri, warm up with some hot drinks from Starbucks on Sunday while running errands in snowy Vancouver.

The two have been spending their days in Canada while dad Tom Cruise films the latest Mission: Impossible movie.

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Tracy on

This is an adorable picture, and Katie’s entire look here is gorgeous – love the boots and scarf in particular.

Aloha on

Does this picture look odd to you? Why doesn’t Suri have any pants on? Look at Katie. She’s covered from neck to toe. Look at the guy in the back ground. Even he’s dressed for the cold weather! Look at the snow on the ground!!! Suri may dress herself, but as a mom, you have to insist on certain things.

Tess on

At least she has a coat on. That’s a vast improvement.

Toya L. on

Katie looks cute and Suri is a beauty.

Manal from Jordan Middle East! on

Suri is such a beautiful child with strong personalty! but come on shes wearing her nightgown with no pants or even leggings!and her jacket is not even zipped!!and there is snow out there!
Is there a kind of disorder that makes people not feel cold?! or maybe shes allergic or something and wearing more clothes will put her life in danger! I am serious! because i mean Katie and Tom cant be that bad as parents and not be able to control their 4 year old! I mean kids are kids and they can be convinced with anything!!

Kaycee on

Katie looks wonderful! I think sometimes she dresses terribly, and then other times like this she looks like a million bucks.

Yes, Suri apparently doesn’t seem to feel the cold! She always goes for bare legs. I don’t think we can blame the parents for doing this to her – I think Suri herself chooses to dress light and have her coat open etc. If it were me, I would want her bundled up, but I am sure that if Suri felt the cold she would let them know about it!

And I think that it isn’t actually harmful? In Norway they say that it is very good for your immune system to get exposed to the cold!

Romy on

they are a funny looking pair in this pic. I like Suri’s coat, it’s cute

Sharon on

OMG Suri looks like she is still in her nightie!!

daria on

they look adorable. notice a lack of red cheeks on suri? she looks comfortable. people have variable heat/cold tolerances. i remember being bundled up as a child and sweating profusely because i ran hot. even so, kids don’t get sick from being a bit chilly.

amy on

I’m sorry I don’t usually make negative comments on here, but it has to be noted that this kid never has anything covering her legs, and strong personality or not, and they are in Vancouver. It’s WINTER in CANADA. Get some freakin tights on her, even nylon ones are better than nothing.

Jillian on

The very next day Kate was out and about in a hoodie (thin one) and sweat pants.

The weather in Vancover is the same in my state. Well, actually we have a TON more snow. I don’t think it is a big deal for her legs to not be covered. She has a coat on. I was out on Sunday in 30 degree weather/short sleeves and no coat because my coat got really dirty and I survived.

Also, my nephew wore shorts on Christmas Day and does quite often in the winter as he leaves almost all of his games. Actually two of them do. They are fine. If Suri is not cold….she is not cold. Some people get cold and some do not. I am one of them, where my husband is constanly freezing.

Jillian on

Oh and it was almost 50……

Elisa on

Suri doesn`t seem to feel cold at all! with all that snow her face does not resemble someone feeling cold… still as a parent you can`t just let your kid dress whatever he or she wants to… when I was around 4 I used to spill things on my clothes in order to force my mom to put the ones I wanted to wear, she didn`t change me but not to what I wanted to… I`m not worse for having received those no`s when I was little… kids need to learn that things in life ain`t always the way we would want them to be…

Dayna on

Yes – here in Vancouver it is f-f-f-freezing! It snowed over the weekend and they are expecting more snow, and 100 mile per hour winds tomorrow… hopefully they don’t get ‘caught’ out and about then! Suri IS wearing furry Ugg-type boots, a coat, and has a hot beverage so I get the impression that Katie has a normal four year old on her hands and this was the compromise. I feel that if she really let Suri wear absolutely whatever she wanted, she’d be in those red Mary-Jane’s and be without a coat.

alicejane on

“Winter in Canada” doesn’t necessarily mean much… now if Suri and Katie were in Alberta or Saskatchewan, where it’s been anywhere from -35 to -50 (and this is Celsius!) with the windchill, I can see people’s concern. But my sister lives in Vancouver and it’s really not that bad. Suri sure doesn’t look miserable and cold in this picture, or in any of the other ones where she’s not wearing pants or tights under her dress.

Mina on

My son sweats all the time! Sledding, I bundle him for MY sake and he gets so hot he has to take things off and complain. This whole winter he has sweated. I would hate to be judged. So glad I’m not famous..

Suri is soo cute!

Toya L. on

1. Either Katie is oblivious to how people feel she should raise her child or 2. She doesn’t give a flying *%#@.

@Mina I thought I had the only kids that sweat a whole lot. If they were in the coat and boats that Suri has on, they would be soaked from sweat. Just last night my house temperature was 68 degrees and my son didn’t even have a shirt on and his bed was so soaked from sweat, I thought he had wet the bed.

Mina on

Toya that is what we go thru too! The other night it was 25 degrees and I didnt put the heat on in his room and he woke up in a puddle. I thought he had a fever and that he wet the bed. Nope. Even during the day its bad. There are times he gets cold, but where I shiver, he is just like hmmm its kinda cold out here. I always thought it was a kids tolerance, but he def sweats more than an average kid!

Tee on

While I don’t necessarily agree with the way Tom and Katie choose to raise their daughter, I am very glad to see that little Suri has a coat on in this picture. She looks happy to be out and about with Momma!

I do have a question. Does it look like Suri is wearing a nightshirt? I can’t tell if her top is a nightshirt or just an unusual looking dress.

Capri on

Well….at least she has a coat on.

E on

Haha, I’m guessing Suri has a really weird body temperature or something 🙂 Well, I’m sure she’s not cold and that there is a good reason why she never wears warm clothes.

Gaia and labans mom on

There seems to be a double standard here. Ive seen pictures of suri in filmsy dresses and no coat in the middle of winter for years at this point. I’m going to go on a limb and say that if most of us saw child walking around with bare legs, open coat and no covering for their hands or head while the mom was in a wool coat and scarf, we’d be tsk tsking to ourselves.

In my opinion it doesnt matter how my child feels about coats when its anything below 50 degrees out(you can become hypothermic even at 40f). The body wasnt built to withstand low temperatures or really high ones. I’m the type of person who never feels hot, I can wear north face sweaters in the middle of summer. That didn’t stop me from getting mild heat illness. My point is dressing appropriately for the weather goes beyond of you feel, its protecting your body.

Georgina on

It does say they were “running errands.” That could possibly mean going in and out of numerous shops, all of which have their heating on to keep their staff warm, and so whilst your in there in your outside wear, you get hot. Maybe thats why she wearing what she is, enough to keep her warm, but not too much she shes uncomfortable whilst theyre out. Theres nothing worse than “mum! Im boiling” every 2 mins. And Im sure the car isnt too far away that Suri has to tread the streets freezing. (Maybe her blanket is in one of those bags!)

Its a really good pic of them both, they look quite chic!

Sus on

“Snowy” Vancouver and bare legs? The temp has been around 30-40 degrees lately in Vancouver. Hardly bare leg weather. Get a clue, Katie. Dress your child appropriately!!!

Devon on

I live downtown Vancouver, very close to where Katie and Suri were in these pictures. Not exactly sure where this particular photo was taken but on this day they were at Cupcakes & Starbucks on the corner of Burrard & Robson which is approx 6 blocks from my condo. It was NOT that cold. Yes, Saturday sucked with the snow when it literally snowed all day long. It rained on Sunday and the temperature warmed up a lot compared to where it’s been. If Suri was cold, she would have said something. Obviously the kid can talk and again it wasn’t that cold.

Toya L. on

Exactly Mina!! Yawn at everything else. I’m glad I’m not a celeb, I pay for MY kid’s clothes and doctor bills and WISH no I PRAY someone would tell me how to raise my kid, especially a stranger that doesn’t help me pay or take care of a damn thing in my house!!

yo on

She looks like Chris Klein.

noneedtoknow on

Who cares if Suri always wears dresses with no leggings…it doesn’t matter what she wears… she’s only 4 years old

Lucie on

To me, Suri already looks like she’s thinking “Haha, I have Starbucks and you don’t.” with that expression. I’m sure she’s a fine girl, but that expression makes her look like a brat.

Lauren on

Maybe Suri has super Scientology powers that keep her warm in winter, did we ever consider this? She’s not a mere mortal, this child.

Indira on

Mina your child slept in a 25degree room?

zonc on

Well, maybe this is a scientology technique to increase resistance otherwise I can’t explain this phenomenon…

Hea on

Lucie – Yes, one expression on one picture, probably a not so wanted picture, makes her look like a brat. Gee.

Suri doesn’t strike me as a person who gets cold easily. I’m the same. I know a lot of kids who are sensitive to heat.

Mina on

No we have automatic heat that takes the room to the 60’s and if we want additional heat to bring it up to the 70’s (74 is my comfort zone) then I have to manually turn it on. I did not turn on his heat that night. So the room was around 60. Thats cold in the winter when its 25 outside. There are times I get cold when its 74 in the house.

Jenny on

Oh for godssake, put some clothes on the poor child! They obviously can afford them, so what’s the catch?!

It should’nt matter if the kid is stubborn or doesn’t feel the cold. The fact is that it’s snow outside, it’s winter and parents are suppose to protect their children.

Im from Sweden, and it gets pretty cold up here during the winters, and if a child was dressed like that during a simple coffe run in the city, child protective services would seriously question their parental fitness. So for godssake, put som tights on, it’s not that hard.

MiB on

Indira, I think she meant to say, that it was 25 degrees outside and she didn’t put the heating on in her sons room. I do that all the time, in fact, when it’s 25 degrees outside, I still sleep with my bedroom window slightly open. It’s cold where I come from, and you can really see how differently people handle cold; you can see people all bundled up in down coats, or just wearing an open wind breaker over a wool or fleece sweater. It’s all about what you are doing, what you are used to and if you are prone to getting cold or not. Besides, she’s got warm shoes on, which is the most important thing in keeping warm.

Devon on

I just reread the comments and the “winter in Canada” comment sort of bothered me. Do people realize that Canada is not the Arctic? In BC, especially in Southern BC where Vancouver is, it gets hot. Like really hot. In the summers it isn’t unusual that the temperature is in the mid 30s celsius. The winters here are really good. It rarely snows (maybe once or twice a year) and the temperature rarely gets below 5C. We have deserts, mountains & beaches here. Also Vancouver is in a rainforest. I wish people would be a little more aware of Canada and realize that we don’t all live in igloos or have dog sled teams instead of cars. Sure, they do have those up north but most of the major cities are very close to border.

suzyq on

I totally get where you’re coming from (literally, since I am in Canada too!).

I recently made a comment similar to yours on another site in response to a generalization about Canada and got my head chewed off by some ignoramus who insisted that it’s winter up there and the weather is the same coast to coast.

Thanks for speaking out on this.

Melania on

Bacteria and viruses cause illness, not cold weather. She is fine. Don’t worry about her. She is adorable and I love her gorgeous hair.

Tina on

@ Kaycee

I’m from Norway, and I think you’ve misunderstood. Yes, it’s widely accepted that the cold is not bad for you. However, that applies to certain situations: Temperature in the bedroom (fresh cold air (not below 15 degrees celcius) is better for the lungs, ice bathing in the wintertime (quick baths) etc. But we still dress properly in relations to the weather, and kids are always dressed properly! Child services would get called if a kids here was dressed like that. And it’s not that damn cold here, where I live it’s now around 4 degrees celcius. We don’t have polarbears either 😉 I froze more in Canada that I did here 🙂

Terri on

Suri in head to toe pink…lol, such a little diva in the making that one is.

ss on

look at how katie and other people behind them are dressed. like it’s freakin’ winter. unlike suri. i know it’s of our business but i came to a conclusion that it must be some scientology rule about exposing kids to low temp. so that their immune system gets stronger, or sth like that. no one can be that bad of a parent and no child can be that stubborn.

Miss Ann on

$5 that is some type of an Expresso drink and NOT hot chocolate !!

Rhi on

Agreed with other posters.

It doesn’t matter how the child feels. I live on Van Isle and it is COLD here. And if it’s cold on the island, Vancouver is always 5x worse. We’re usually at 0 or just slightly below the last few weeks and have had snow several times. If it’s cold enough for Katie to be in several layers and a heavy coat, it’s more than enough for Suri to have some pants.

There is NO excuse for ANY child to be running around without pants when it’s under 10 degrees (celsius). I don’t break out shorts for my kids until it’s AT LEAST 15. I see other parents at my children’s school with their little girls in paper-thin spandex or skirts and it’s just as stupid and they’re always trembling waiting for the bell to go off. She has millions of dollars, buy some damn pants for her for ONCE. Not every. single. picture needs to be of her in a cutesy wootsy dress. I’m guessing there’s some stupid Scientology thing against girls/women in pants.

BubbleT on

I’m asking a serious question, not being snarky. Are there ANY photos of Suri playing with other children or doing ANYTHING remotely child-like, like having fun, laughing, playing, etc? I’ve tried to think back and recall a photo where she’s being a child, not walking around with Katie in the latest designer accessories and I can’t recall a single photo. If the photos are out there, I just want to know where to see them. I really can’t stand Tom or Katie and I feel sorry for Suri. Her life just seems to be so controlled by the CO$ rules.

Kirsten on

A very pretty picture.

Sat on

I love her little ‘tude

n/a on

it takes maybe a minute to zip up a coat just zip it

n/a on

i live in virginia and the winters can get very bitter. i ride a bicycle all year trust me i know it can be cold. i see kids all the time in the fall and winter that dont have a coat on or its not zipped up. it drives me nuts.i know i cant do squat about it butt it still gets me. how long can it take to zip a childs coat up im gueesing a few seconds. i dont have kids butt i have zipped a childs coat severl times. i find it unaccetible to let a child out in the cold with there coat unzipped. zip it halfway at least.

n/a on

i am sure i will see lots of kids this winter that dont have thier coats zipped really drives me nuts. there are so many times i want to scream at somebody to zip their childs coat butt you know what i can do i can do ^**(&*%&*^*(&*_.about it. if the child was in my care and i was taking them outside when it was cold their coats would be zipped up no exceptions.first them then myself. i have played with friends kids in the cold and i zipped their coats. i dont know what gives it only takes a couple seconds to do it.

anoymis on

oh please
there is flat out no reason her jacket cant be zipped. If nothing else zip it halfway i know ppl handle cold differently but small kids really do need coats zipped i dont have kids but i have zipped coats for kids many times it drives me batty when i see kids that dont have coats zipped i have offered to zip coats for kids offered it to the parent they thought about it but said thanks for my offer but kids were ok i disageee but ok. I dont want to get chewed out by a parent when i see kids that arent zipped in the cold or snow so i dont say something i should say something id zip their coats if were up 2 me . Would you?