Willow Smith Debuts New Single: ’21st Century Girl’

02/28/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Jeff Schear/WireImage

She’s on a roll!

Following the huge success of her first single, Willow Smith is ready to debut another song — “21st Century Girl” — from her upcoming album.

And what better way than to premiere the catchy tune than during a live appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show Tuesday.

And that’s not all! The 10-year-old pop star is also gearing up for an international tour with her big brother Jaden‘s best bud — Justin Bieber.

Willow’s latest song will be available exclusively on iTunes starting March 1, but you can get a sneak peek here.

Tell Us: What do you think of “21st Century Girl”?

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Jessica on


Mina on

I cant believe she was only 9 when she sang that whip my hair song! She has an AMAZING voice and quite the talent for a 9 year old. Even if her parents weren’t famous, I think she deserves notice.

Anonymous on

and a collective groan can be heard all across the globe……

SHE NEEDS TO GO AWAY UGH. why can’t she be a regular kid?

Jessica on

I totally agree anonymous. My daugher will be 13 in two weeks and I’m doing everything I can to keep her from growing up (within reason) I’m not pushing at all for her to be into pop culture, boys, ect. Let them be children. Don’t they see what happens when kids are pushed to be grown to fast (Michael Jackson)??

lizzielui on

My sister begin ballet at the age of five. She was in her first traveling production at the age of nine and by the age of 13 spent her summer dancing in Europe. She Joined the Dance Theater of Harlem at the age of 14. Joined Alvin Ailey at 18 and is currently on tour with the Ailey dance group. My ten year old niece is in the Lion King on Broadway. Furthermore, Olympic Figure Skaters, gymnasts, swimmers begin their chosen careers at an early age. Hell even Dakota Fanning started her acting career before she turned 10. Funny how no one ever questioned why these gifted children couldn’t just be a “regular” kid. No one says that you have to like Willow or be a fan of her music. But being a “regular” kid is not the norm for everyone, nor should it be.

anya on

The song itself is not awful. However, the lyrics NOT appropriate for a 10 year old to be singing! But I guess it gives you some insight to how the Smith household is run as she sings about how she ‘does what she likes.’

mommytoane on

The way Willow sings reminds me way too much of Keisha, with her sing talk thing. Its annoying, its not cute and frankly, its not flattering to anyone of any age. Be 3 or 30. To the above poster, bravo to your sister. But keep in mind, Willow here…is famous because of her father. If Will wasn’t anything, she wouldnt be either. Dakota Flanning however, she EARNED her ability to be called a star. It wasn’t handed to her because of her ability to sing talk while daddy stands by.
Yes, there are some stars that start young. But really. Must we let our 9 yr old child dress like a stripper and sing songs that are obviously either way above or way below her maturity level.


I don’t like the song at all. But when someone keeps telling you how great you are…you start to believe it. Isn’t that what everyone said about Britney and Miley. YIKES.

Indira on

If a child has an exceptional talent plus, has the determination and the maturity to pursue it then they should. However, it’s fully possible to have a “regular” childhood on top of being a dancer,singer,actor or athlete.

I don’t think that this is the case with Willow. It’s nepotism–gone wrong. Or, well, even more wrong. This song is awful. She’s like the child version of T-payne.

Mia on

Let’s be honest-they get a huge opportunity because their parents are huge A-list stars and have the connections. I don’t think they are really selling impressive numbers to kids/any market–if they are really talented…they have time to craft it and develop it until they are a few years older–clearly their parents are their biggest fans, not just in a “supportive way”-

Tess on

lizzielui – I can’t even tell you Dakota Fanning’s parents’ names. That’s a good thing. Also, Dakota goes to school, she was in the girl scouts when she was little, she is a cheerleader, she went to homecoming. She seems quite normal, despite being a famous actress. I don’t know if there’s that balance re Willow.

Lexi on

Amazing voice? Seriously? It’s AUTO Tune.

Look up Jackie Evancho. THAT is an amazing voice for a child.


Willow is so much like Jaden. I believe just got in this industry to later support Will and Jada which is her mother and father. I hate the manipulative act against this harmful kid. She is being forced to do this and I personally think her parent do not deserve her. Yes, I completely agree that she is talented but it seems like even if this is her dream. It took her a long time to put out a new single and announce her album. Willow she take notes from her brother’s best bud Justin and girlfriend, they popped on the scene and the world has loved them since. Young Hollywood. This so much like a Nicki Minaj story its like a year for this new single then another four to five months for the album to drop. I think if she focused on music she would be like a younger Christina Aguilar or Beyonce maybe even a future Pop Princess. She is entirely way to young and should be trained her voice is patchy in places and she can’t sing that great. I think the record labels will hire any one who has A name.

Jillian on

Sigh……She doesn’t sing, look or act like she was 9 or now 10. That is the major problem I have. A child of this age should be singing and acting age appropriate. Example, wearing a shirt that says “Boys Need Training,” I deem VERY inappropriate.



JM on

i think the song sounds horrible and i agree that it is auto-tuned to death, surely that’s obvious.
however, i don’t mind the lyrics. nothing wrong with girls being stong-willed and driven. probably if justin bieber was singing this people would love it, and i can tell you his mother and what she stands for bother me A LOT more than than smiths, and his mum is from a so-called “normal” background.

anyway, i wouldn’t want my children in the spotlight at this age but that’s just me. i don’t tihnk the smiths are bad parents for letting her do this. sure it’s nepotism, again, that’s obvious but it’s not like that unusual in any industry.

Indira on


What does Justin Beiber’s mom stand for?

Manal from Jordan Middle East! on

yea iam not really a fan of Willow , okay shes cute and maybe she can sing! but its not like she has an amazing exceptional voice!! so i think she better stay a child and sing in her school talents and plays!
Maybe it would be nice if started singing songs about peace and tolerance something that would give good lessons to children her age, something meaningful..

ladonna on

OMG – what complete and total crap! It sounds like a little kid trying to sing grown up and doing a really poor job of it. Willow Smith wouldn’t even get her foot in the door at a record label if it were not for her parents names. Not really impressed with either of Smith kids. I used to really like Will Smith, but for the most part he has gotten to be pretty one-note himself. The funny, hip, sassy talking black guy. He doesn’t do as much to stretch himself anymore. I honestly wish the whole family would just go away. I know we shouldn’t criticize children, but when you put them out there like adults, pimp them out, you leave them open to criticism like this. Please understand that we are each entitled to our opinion and this is just mine.

Toya L. on

What do you think of “21st Century Girl”?
Umm I’m a grown woman, of course no child’s song would really make me want to listen nor critique it. There is not ONE child singer(Disney and Nick stars included) that I would support but if my kids want it I’d allow them to buy it with their allowance. On another note, with her parents being A-listers or not, parent’s making contacts to get her a record deal or not, her having very little talent or not, WILLOW IS DOING THE DAMN THING”!!! Congrats to her, she is going to ALWAYS have people who say negative things, that comes with the territory, if she continues to keep her tough skin, she’ll be alright!!!

Mina on

How is the song inappropriate? How is her dressing inappropriate?

Toddlers and Tiara’s are pushy parents who push thier kids to dress like sluts…not Willow’s parents. Willow dresses funky (funky fresh lol). Her style brings me back to the 80’s when little girls were NOT dressed like slutty Miley or Britney! She reminds me of Punky Brewster!

She IS acting like a 9/10 year old. She likes to sing and perform…so what. A LOTTT of kids do, including my own.

Its expected adults wouldnt like this kind of music…but I am sure a lot of little girls love her. My mom didnt exactly jam to New Kids On The Block when I liked THEM lol. And when her voice is not auto-tuned, it sounds more amazing than an AVERAGE 9 year olds voice. I still think she deserves a pat on the back.

Fay on

You know, this girl could be another Miley Cyrus. Famous parnets, a shot at being famous……

We can only wait and see what the future holds. She’s thinking that she is like 16, going to parties…….UGGGGHH!!!

Jillian on

I think her appearance is inappropriate for her age.

1. I feel her “Boys Need Training” tshirt for one is inappropriate.
2. I think the “heart” hairstyle, which was created using “many sticks of glue” in this photo is inappropriate.
3. She wears makeup.

And Miley and Britney were not dressy slutty when they were this age. At this age their mom’s were managing their careers just like Willow.

Krissa on

I really wish this little girl didn’t annoy me as much as she does.
Whenever I hear Whip My Hair (when my kids have Radio Disney on) I want to stick hot pokers in my ears.
“Obnoxious” is all I can think of. gah.
What’s she going to be doing at 14? 18?

And JM – I’m not a huge fan of Justin Bieber’s music, but I took my kids to the Never Say Never movie and have quite a bit of respect for how he got to where he is. The kid has genuine talent and fame found him. I think he’s going to be around for awhile. I see him almost as a Justin Timberlake type – who will be good at everything he does.

Sarah on

I don’t know .. I think she is adorable and funky and loves what she’s doing. Maybe it’s because I parent similar as in I want my son to do what he wants (within reason) we have house rules but hey – I want him to reach for whatever interests him and follow it.
I think that’s the case here, she wants to sing and they’re allowing it.

Cool with me.

JM on

Indira i am aware this is a quote from wikipedia but i have read similar things in numerous articles:
“While searching for videos of a different singer, Scooter Braun, a former marketing executive of So So Def, clicked on one of Bieber’s 2007 videos by accident. Impressed, Braun tracked down the theater Bieber was performing in, located Bieber’s school, and finally contacted Mallette. Mallette was reluctant because of Braun’s Jewish religion; she remembered praying, “God, I gave him to you. You could send me a Christian man, a Christian label! … you don’t want this Jewish kid to be Justin’s man, do you?”

she just comes across as having very prejudiced opinions. also i don’t agree with his families views on abortion especially in case of rape.

Krissa, i think that Justin Bieber is a good singer but i don’t like his music at all. i only made the comparison to willow smith because i think people wouldn’t have such a problem with the lyrics of this song if a boy was singing it…

Toya L. on

@Jillian since we are on the topic of miley & britney, saying they weren’t dressing like Willow & their moms were their managers is a moot point, considering how they both turned out even with wearing clothes that some would call age appropriate for an 11 year old at the age of 11. Now I could see if you had said somebody like Raven Simone or Jessica Simpson “who were both singing & performing (and acting for Raven) at this age. If anyone has a problem with how she looks, acts, dresses, sings etc… There is a very simple solution” don’t support her!

anonoymous on

Yuck, Yuck, Yuck!!!

wow on

People always have concerns for other children. Just take care of your own. If you don’t like her then you shouldn’t care to comment. She’s doing this because she likes to.

GoodMama3 on

There are lots of children that are discovered because they have a native talent: Reese Witherspoon, Jodie Foster, Dakota Fanning, etc. They did not become famous because they had famous parents, but because they were talented. The won rolls at open auditions where you had to have talent to get the part. What Will and Jada Smith are doing to their children is beyond absurd. If you have accomplished all of this by the age of 15 what is left?

Dee on

Oh Willow honey….sticks and stones may break your bones but the hateraters wont!!!!!

If they had the opportunity to have their kids live out there dreams, money being no option…half these people bashing you would have their kids out there with you!!!

You guys want kids and parents to pick on….tune into the wonderful world of kiddie pagents….where 3 yr olds are faked baked w/ wigs, caked on makeup, fake nails, fake teeth and enough hairspray to cause a smog out…..dont forget the dancing, provocative and suggestive dancing and poses all to win money!!!

You want acting too old for their age, go after them. Leave Willow alone, its so pathetic everyone down on this child….for what???? If you dont like her music…dont listen. If you dont like what she is wearing…skip to the next story. It really is that simple!!!!

People needs to stop posting this child here or close the comment section…seriously!!!

Lilianne on

I don’t personally like this kind of music but that is likely because I am 41! I don’t think it is bad though..just a little “young” for me. I think Willow is ADORABLE and does not dress inappropriately at all. Also, every time people start talking about how she is only famous because of her parents they need to remember this: maybe famous parents can open a door for their children to get into the business but they can’t keep them there if they are not talented. If a child has no ability in their chosen field then there will be no success or longevity. We don’t know yet what Willow’s future will be like so maybe people can reserve judgement until that time?

Mina on


1.I am sure just a year ago she was saying boys have cooties. O no! So if she had on a shirt that said Boys Are Great, everyone would think she is having sex and MUCH too young to be into boys. Its a lose lose situation.

2. Have you SEEN boys’ haircuts? I think its called a fauxhawk, (which Maddox Jolie Pitt had) that is the new thing. I’ve seen them on toddlers, the boys in my sons class (2nd grade), etc…since when is it not ok to do what you want to you hair?

3. She wears makeup? She is a girl you know?

She is wearing appropriate clothing…non provacative. Her outfits, hair, and songs are silly. She is a good example of a little girl and what they should be.

Tess on

Her parents ought to be ashamed of themselves. She’s a brat. And
Notice Will’s older son, from the previous marriage, is not in show business. I bet his mother demanded that he be kept out of that crap until he’s an adult. And @lizzielui, I totally agree with you, but had to stop reading at “Dakota Fanning”. There is a huge difference between encouraging your child to reach for the stars, and pimping them out.

Angela on

Amen Dee!

Anonymous on

She is 10…10…10…but appears to be much older with her “style.” Children should look like children, not like they are much older. Let them grow up slowly.

Mina on

Actually I’ve seen 9/10 year olds look wayyy older. One of my sons friends is 8 and has a cell phone already! Dancing around in silly outfits is what little girls SHOULD do. Yes, she happens to have it video taped because of her famous parents…but that doesnt mean she is growing up too quickly! With both parents as entertainers, it isnt uncommon for the kids to want to follow in their parents footsteps. If a boy wanted to join the military cuz his dad was in the military, nobody would care. Willow isnt trying to use sex to sell her stuff. She is singing about being who you are and being happy with it while still dressing like a child. That should be encouraged and embraced. If little girls take ballet, dance, tap, cheerleading…nobody cares. Why is it so wrong for her to want to show HER talent and SING? Dancing and singing in front of the mirror…ever do it? Probably about 99 percent of females (adult and/or child) do it. Willow gets to have it taped cuz of her parents but that doesnt mean she is any less of a LITTLE girl.

Jillian on

Toya, I didn’t bring up Miley or Britney…..
Mina, in response.
1. I don’t think she should have a shirt on talking about boys at all….my opinion.
2. The issue I have with the heart hairdo is….the heart hair do and the fact that glue sticks were used to put it together. I have never heard of or seen any child with this hairstyle. A fauxhawk….no problem with that, I suppose, but putting glue in a child’s hair….got a problem with that one!
3. She is a girl? No kidding…LOL. She is 9. And 9 year olds IN MY OPINION should not be wearing makeup….which is why I think it is inappropriate. People have the rest of their lives to wear makeup.

I have issues with the way she appears, as I do not think she appears like she was 9, now 10. When I first saw her, I thought she was MUCH older.

Terri on

Sigh…I’ve got my own opinions on her singing career, but I’ll just say that’s a cute picture of Willow.

juicydee on

I think that this little young lady is just so adorable and so talented… hey she came from great parents, do your thing sweetie and ill be watching

juicydee on

Please all of the haters if you dont have nothing nice to say about this little girl, dont say nothing at all.

laura on

she needs to go to school and be a normal child, not touring and walking red carpets, there is plenty of time for that when she is older
i don’t agree with this at all

Julia A on

I have nothing against child performers, and I really don’t care whether Willow has talents or not. What I have problem with is the way she acts and talks. She just comes across as arrogant, entitled, and trying too hard to sound like an adult. I would support my kids if they want to perform, but I certainly would not let them show this kind of attitude.

erin on

She’s not your child. Period.

Mina on

Maybe you are mistaking her attitude for confidence.

I like girls with a thick skin…she wont be the girl who caves under peer pressure to smoke or have sex in a couple years. She has a mind of her own. She will be the girl who goes places and does things with herself, her life, and her talent.

nettrice on

Let the hate begin. She’s HAPPY, talented, original and a young lady of color! If anything about that bothers you then so be it. She’s here and I think she’s AMAZING.

Amanda on

She is adorable, I have to say. Song is annoying to me, but I can see how kids would like it. That being said though, there are many children with far more talent who don’t need auto tune that will not get the opportunities she had handed to her because of who her parents are. Not trying to hate, just stating the truth.

crg on

I’d like to hear her voice without Auto-Tune. It’s hard for me to judge somebody’s voice when it’s been so overly processed. She could be a good singer, she could be barely passable and you wouldn’t know.

MC on

did not like the song i feel she is not a good singer maybe with some practice. But as of right now she cannot really carry a tune and i am sure there is a lot of technology being used to make her sound almost OK soundboards and whatnot. But when you can hear her voice its not very good. Very disappointed.

Valerie on

wow, wow! You say
“People always have concerns for other children. Just take care of your own. If you don’t like her then you shouldn’t care to comment. She’s doing this because she likes to.”

Oh, sure, we should all just ignore what is happening to any child other than our own. This doesn’t make sense in extreme cases, such as child abuse. Comments on this blog are about less extreme cases but it is a blog after all- made for discussion!

BubbleT on

Yes, I can hear the collective groan. I’m sick of these celebs pimping their kids out. It’s utterly ridiculous how that child looks and acts in the video of Whip My Hair. No child needs to have rhinestones on her lashes, nails a mile long and doing a seductive pout with fingertip on lower lip…it’s tacky and disturbing. But, these CO$ cult celebs put their kids on parade and push them into the biz. The Pinkett-Smiths (check), the Preston/Travoltas (check) and how long before Suri…oh, wait, Suri is too busy being a fashionista. Seriously. Look at the casualties of child stardom! The list is too long to name! Kris Jenner would sell the flesh of any one of her daughters for the right price, Lindsay Lohan (needs no explanation), Britney Spears and Christiana Aguilera (need no explanation) and Miley Cyrus…pick up a mag or rag and see where the whole family has imploded!