Spotted: Mariska Hargitay’s Premiere Pal

02/28/2011 at 03:00 PM ET
Amanda Schwab/Startraks

What a precious pick me up!

Mariska Hargitay gives son August Miklos Friedrich a lift as they arrive at a screening of Rango on Sunday in New York City.

August, 4½, is the only child for the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit star and her husband Peter Hermann.

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suzyq on

Mariska is a gorgeous, natural beauty (hard combination to come by these days!) and from what I hear, she is a wonderful, generous person too. I can’t believe she’s in her mid-forties!!!!

Jillian on

She is so beautiful and her son is so gorgous!! I think she is a great actress and have loved reading about her over the years. I am actually watching last week’s episode right now 🙂

Indira on

Wow he got big! I used to think her son looked like Tom Welling. He’s so handsome!!

KikiOttawa on

I love August’s dreamy eyes! Ever since he was a baby his eyes have been striking!

Wonder if they call him “Augie”?

Vicki on

Does anyone happen to know why Mariska never acknowledged Nelson Sardelli as her biological father? I was reading some biographical information on her and noticed that there was controversy during her birth over whether Mickey Hargitay was really her father or not because Jane Mansfield had been seeing Nelson Sardelli at the same time of her conception…well, Has anyone ever SEEN this guy? He looks JUST like Mariska! She even has his dimples! Wonder what the story was behind this.

Here is Nelson:

Vicki on

Oh and August is gorgeous! I can’t believe how big he has gotten! Look at those eyes!!! Stunning!

Tee on

Wow! When did August get so big?

giiii on

oh he’s cute! just curious are one of his eyes a lazy eye? because my niece has one & it looks like her’s but maybe its just me. he’s so beautiful & so is my niece! ( she got surgery btw.) 😉

Indira on

Vicki, i’m pretty sure she was raised by Mickey. Maybe she doesn’t feel the need to acknowledge him. Or maybe she doesn’t even know and doesn’t want to.

CelebBabyLover on

Gorgeous boy!

Lilianne on

Giii–I don’t know if he has a lazy eye or not but I can tell you that my eyes do the same thing in photographs. One of them always looks a little more “closed” than the other. And I don’t have a lazy eye. 🙂

Lilianne on

I should add that Mariska is GORGEOUS and I love SVU! It is and always has been one of my favorite shows and she is great in it. And August is so striking and handsome.

Lady on

She is so stunning!! SVU is my all time favorite show, her son is gorgeous too…in a handomse way!

Sam on

Wow, did August ever get big. What a cutie, he’s a doll! Mariksa is beautiful and I enjoy her show – Benson and Stabler just work!

olivia on

i love mariska!!!! SVU is my absloute favourite show!!!! i agree with all of you on that. I also think she is incredibly beautiful. August is also very handsome. From what i have read micky is her father and she was raised by him when her mother passed at age 3

Winter01 on

Whether or not some other guy is her biological father, Mickey is her dad and the only one she’s ever had.

sosideirish on

Wow! She is definitely one of my favorites, and it’s great to see her happy and relaxed with her handsome son. She is, of course, pretty gorgeous herself!!

Anon on

Wow! Mariska is just beautiful. What a beautiful face she has. Her eyes and her smile is beautiful. August is very beautiful too, but he has a very clear eye (blue) and not noticeable in this photograph. I love these two.

Andrea on

I think Mariska and her boy August are both so beautiful.

Julie on

If you look at pictures of Jayne Mansfield, you can see that Mariska is the spitting image of her mother (dimples included.) It’s impossible to solely use pictures to judge who her father “might” be. Mickey raised her, that’s what matters.

As for *this* picture, what lovely mother and son…

FC on

August looks like he’s going to be a tall boy. I love this boy, and Mariska and that hot husband of hers, Peter. I still want to take off with Peter and August, haha.

Amy on

Love Mariska, beautiful inside and out. Her son is stunning as well.

Nelly on

I love this woman like it’s my job. I love SVU but I absolutely fell head over heals when I saw her in more casual interviews and red carpet events. She’s so down to earth and funny. Brilliant.

Maddie on

Nelly i could not agree with you more! Mariska is just so stunning and super sweet – and so is August! I adore her. SVU has always been a fave show of mine, I love the team of Benson and Stabler 🙂

BubbleT on

August has grown so much! Mariska is gorgeous! Vicki, you said there was controversy, not that DNA had proven Nelson is Mariska’s father. Have you ever seen Mickey Hargitay? I think Mariska looks like a blend of Jayne Mansfield and Mickey…and he has dimples, too.
Take a look: