BumpWatch: Natalie Portman’s Purple Passion

02/28/2011 at 08:00 AM ET
Jason Merritt/Getty

Pregnant Natalie Portman has turned to an old favorite to craft her maternity wear for awards season – she showed off her baby bump on the Oscars red carpet Sunday night with a purple gown by Rodarte, who also designed costumes for Black Swan.

The actress, who won Best Actress, was glowing in her off-the-shoulder gown with pleats falling down the middle of her growing belly. She wore matching Tiffany earrings and sported flushed cheeks as she worked the carpet.

But, she told ABC’s Robin Roberts, all that glamour isn’t her ultimate joy. “Staying at home with messy hair in sweats … is the biggest luxury of all,” she said.

Portman had a good omen going into Sunday’s awards show – she’d just won an Indie Spirit award the previous night. She told Ryan Seacrest it wasn’t all about winning, though.

“I’m excited,” she said. “I feel like it’s going to be a fun show to watch this year.”

— Sara Hammel

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Thu Nguyen on

She’s so beautiful as always ❤ ❤ ❤

Heather on

Is it just me or does it seem that her bump gets smaller everytime I see her?

martina on

I must be the only one who finds the “baby bump” expression crude and not so nice. What’s wrong with saying belly? In any case, Natalie looks lovely.

Nella on

Natalie looks beautiful, this is the best she has looked since the award season started! Love the whole look! 🙂

Eryn on

She looks lovely! I love the color of her dress! I don’t have a problem with the term “baby bump” because that is who is in there:o)

Indira on

Heather, they showed her on the red carpet with Ryan Seacrest and, she looks much bigger from the side. I’ve hated more of her red carpet looks but she looks nice tonight, I love the jewels.

jessicad on

She looks beautiful!

Jordan on

Natalie looked gorgeous except her hair was blah.

@ martina
You’re not the only one. If I were pregnant and someone said my baby was a bump, I’d pop them one.

Jen on

Beautiful! Stunning dress and I’m so glad she won. She deserved it with her performance.

SAR on

I’m more interested in explanatio­ns from Little Miss Portman as to why she frequently flings off her clothes for the viewing public despite piously, and repeatedly­, claiming she “won’t do nudity”; and

why she posed (nude, of course) for a Dior ad even though they sell fur and leather items, and she’s a very self-right­eous vegan who refuses to eat or even wear animal by-product­s; and

why she signed the petition to “free” Roman Polanski, who raped a child, even though she, in an article on The Huffington Post, equated eating meat to rape; and

why she couldn’t wait until after she married her “fiancé” to get knocked up despite putting herself out there as a “quintesse­ntial good girl” and a “role model.”

Not that anyone would DARE ask her any of those questions, because she’s so “sweet,” or something. Personally­, I don’t consider someone who takes up with a guy (her baby-daddy­) who has a live-in girlfriend to be that “sweet.”

SAR on

I don’t believe for a minute that she wants to stay home in sweats and messy hair. She loves publicity, and actively seeks it out. Her “humility” rings totally false to me, because she thinks very highly of herself, and has shown it repeatedly.

Natalie Portman, despite her pious pronouncement that she is “not a typical Hollywood prostitute” (whatever that means), is a phony, self-serving hypocrite who thinks nothing of going against her oft-stated “principles,” as long as it benefits her. The more I hear about her, the less I like her. Also, the less I respect her.

Tess on

She finally chose a flattering dress. She looks good.

micheley on

She looks beautiful!
And thats a fantastic color on her!!

Maybe its just me, but when I was pregnant if someone said I had a baby belly I would have been offended. I was not to fond of people refering to it as a belly. I much prefered bump to belly. But to each its own.

Melissa on

Well, SAR, if you would like the answers to those questions, maybe you should visit another website as none of those questions really have to do with her pregnancy, which is what this website is about. Obviously everyone is entitled to their opinion and while I personally think yours may be a bit harsh, I take more issue in the fact that it really has nothing to do with what this site (or this post) was about.

Erin on

SAR – in my next life I want to have as much free time as you!

Mariel on

WoW SAR, you really need to get a life!!!! I mean, work it!! You looks like someone full of hate inside. Gross.
I bet Natalie cannot sleep tonight for those horrible things that u just wrote. LOL.

Hea on

SAR – What’s with your fixation with Natalie? It’s starting to become very strange.

So happy that she won the Oscar. She so totally deserved it!

Angel on

SAR, I am in total agreement with you.

k on

Wow, SAR. You are one seriously sick individual.

Mari Mari Quite Contrary on

Nice dress, I like the way the front of it drapes in soft folds. Very pretty.
On the main PEOPLE site, they currently note: “Please Note:Comments have been suspended temporarily as we explore better ways to serve you.”

I’m hoping that whatever solution they come up with for comments on the main PEOPLE site carries over to Celebrity Babies. The current disclaimer here of: “PEOPLE.com reserves the right to remove comments at their discretion” doesn’t seem to be working that well.

JM on

that is the nicest dress i have seen her in so far. she looks lovely. having said that i don’t think she should have won the oscar. don’t get me wrong, i like natalie portman as an actress i just don’t think hers was an outstanding performance… but then this year was a fairly weak year in the best actress category to be honest.
anyway, she looks beautiful.

Gianna on

What is up with this off-topic thesis, SAR? Did this girl kick your puppy? “Steal” your man? Slap your mama? Even if that was the case you STILL need to get over it, because while you’re here stewing in bile and vitriol, she’s going home with an Oscar. Shake it off, and for your own mental health, move on.

Dee on

@SAR: You must be bored so here’s a clue: Go to Journalism school, get a degree then schedule an interview w/ Miss Portman and ask her all your burning questions.

But make sure that you have no skeletons in your closets or we may all be damned to hell w/ your high morality standards.

In anycase, Natalie looks radiant and I liked the dress on her. I just love how she is in love with her fiance and her baby on the way. Thanking him for her most important role ever….that was sweet 🙂

tlc on

I watched the interview on the Red Carpet on ABC and Natalie never outright said she “prefers” sweats. Robin asked her if she was getting tired being out at all the reward shows since being pregnant and Natalie responded by saying “I love seeing everyone all dressed up and attending the events but I am looking forward to being at home for awhile and just having messy hair or wearing sweats.”

She looked STUNNING last night.

And SAR, most of us here are wondering when YOU are going to tire of bashing someone you don’t know so incessantly. I also want to know what Natalie did to you PERSONALLY that has you full of so much hatred for someone you don’t even KNOW. You are not even a blip on her radar, so it’s a moot point, but your crazy rants about her are so bizarre. AND you repeat yourself EVERY.SINGLE.POST.

Here’s an opinion….GET A LIFE and don’t read about her!

Molly on

Um SAR, you have so much hatred, why don’t you go away. My Mom told me, if you don’t have anything nice to say about someone, don’t. People get so upset about Natalie Portman for what she “did” and they always sound like she did something personal against them, but it’s none of their business what she does. And personally, she hasn’t done anything wrong. She’s pretty in the dress and I think her acceptance speech was sweet. Now she can get in those sweats and just take it easy. She deserves it. 🙂

Melisssa on

She looks beautiful!

WOW SAR, if you don’t like her don’t click on her pictures, you are really sad taking that much time to be upset about someone you don’t even know.

Kelly on

LOL Erin…I would too!!

natalie looked amazing and I was so glad she won!! She sincerely deserved the honor!!

Lady on

Dear SAR-

Please go find your life & stop being obsessed with Natalies.



mila on

If she was Tori Spelling, everyone would be like “homewrecker.” But like with Julia Roberts, Natalie can do no wrong. I know I have too much time on my hands and I’m a loser, but seriously hero worshipping is lame and you ladies are just sucking up all the lies told by her pr machine. No one commentd on SAR’s actual points, only that SAR is a loser to not love Natalie. I do not believe for a minute everyone kissing Natalie’s behind doesn’t complain about someone else on this site. You ladies remind me of the kind of women who call the women who steal their men sl@ts, but, if your friend is the sl@t, you say love just happens and no one can steal a person.

hayley on

I was reading about internet trolls on the daily mail website, these people will post hate filled rates with the intent are sitting back and watching the anger it causes , they get off on it.

I think SAR clearly one of these so there for lets not give little miss anger pants any more time and effort , life is too short for people that negative.

I think she really has that glow pregnant women have xx you no after the forst 3 months when all we do is throw up and look ill lol x congrats on her big win xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Toya L. on

She looked really pretty.
I don’t believe for a minute that she wants to stay home in sweats and messy hair. She loves publicity, and actively seeks it out. Her “humility” rings totally false to me, because she thinks very highly of herself, and has shown it repeatedly.

Natalie Portman, despite her pious pronouncement that she is “not a typical Hollywood prostitute” (whatever that means), is a phony, self-serving hypocrite who thinks nothing of going against her oft-stated “principles,” as long as it benefits her. The more I hear about her, the less I like her. Also, the less I respect her

@Isabella, I mean SARS
Ummm if this is how you really feel, then why do you need Natalie to answer your questions, haven’t you already done so??

Alice on

She looks fabulous, I’m so glad she won!!

Alice on

mila, nobody answered SAR’s points because she’s repeating herself in every post about Natalie and we answered these exact same points time and time again in the other posts.

As you say, I probably do complain about other celebs but not for these reasons. You *cannot* steal a man, they’re people, not objects and they make their own choices.

stephaie on

She having a boy I here she looks beautiful and she is a good actress

Kristi on

I agree with hayley! I know it’s difficult but next time SAR goes on one of her rants lets try our best to ignore it and see if she will just go away!

Mira on

She looked great. Pregnancy definitely agrees with her. But I find her quite phony too. And I think the baby daddy will be history as soon as the Black Swan hits dvd stores.

Amy Y. on

Natalie looked nice last night, although I hated her hair. She is very pretty when she dresses up. As for SARS comments, look I get what she is saying but this isn’t the forum for that. Here we talk about fashion, babies, pregnancy ans whatnot. Let’s try to keep it there.
SARS if you want the answers to those questions write the editor of People or other publications. Yes, I have read that she has made those comments so they are not untrue, but this isn;t the place to debate them.

Kay on

She finally chose a gown that matches her beauty.

Jillian on

Natalie looked stunning last night. The color and the dress looked beautiful on her.

Nella on

SAR must be some ex-employee that Natalie fired or something like that. Who else has no life other than to actively hate someone online?

Toya L. on

Giving NP compliments about her looks is hero worshiping and butt kissing? Wow, go back and read the comments NOT ONE person who commented discussed anything other than her looks and/or SARS comment. There is not one comment that said NP’s a saint, can’t do anything wrong, the perfect role model etc….

Celebs shouldn’t be held to higher standards than a regular 9-5er, they are human so of course they aren’t perfect and have made/will continue to make poor choices the same way us 9-5er’s have/will. Just because some of us choose not to bash, hoop, holler and in EVERY SINGLE post throw in their face (well in these cases make comments) about what we feel are poor choices made by said celeb doesn’t mean we agree with their past or present actions either.

Jessica on

I figured SAR was the ex-girlfriend. LOL!!!!

SAR on

Thank you, Angel.

As for those who are accusing me of not having a life: you spend your time analyzing, judging, and condemning me when you know nothing about me. Apparently my perfectly reasonable questions about Little Miss Portman “offend” you, though why, I can’t fathom. She hasn’t cured cancer, found a solution for global warming or saved your child from drowning. She’s an overpaid, overrated movie actress.

I spend very little of my time commenting on Little Miss Portman. You people spend as much time or more on sniping at me for commenting on her.

liz on

SAR – Then why post comments about her ALL the time, if you despise her so much? We all get the point by now. And you call that spending very little of your time commenting on her? Give me a break.

Jen on

SAR you really do need to get over yourself and get a life. Your posts are predictable and ridiculous. We all know how you feel, so unless you want to share why you feel such a strong hatred toward someone you (presumably) haven’t met, perhaps it’s time to consider that your point has been heard by the readers here and you can move on!

SP on

SAR: I believe you have made our point for us. Natalie hasn’t cured cancer, found a solution for global warming, or saved my child from drowning. (And neither have you.) She is an actress….period. She isn’t pretending to be anything she isn’t…just an actress. She doesn’t have a book out entitled, “How Ho Be Perfect Like Me.” So, why all the hate? You get angry at us because we are “condemning (you) when (we) know nothing about (you).” And yet we’ve heard you speak in an unsensored fashion on numerous occasions, something none of us (including you) have had the opportunity to experience with Natalie. Given this, I can surmise that we know you better than you know Natalie. Yet, in your mind it’s okay for YOU to “condemn” HER. Sounds like quite the double standard you have going on there.

Tee on

Natalie looks beautiful! She chose a perfect dress for the night and looks lovely in it!

Mia on

It’s been reported that her fiance broke up with his-then girlfriend in the middle of production and they got together after the movie wrapped (Dec 2009)-things happen.

They’re engaged to be married-so I wonder if they are going to be married before the baby comes?–I’m sure things are busy with the awards season, but hope to see them actually get married soon + really take marriage/commitment seriously-vs-just getting engaged to get engaged..and not actually married–she seems very excited about the upcoming marriage/baby-so I’m sure it’ll work.

shalay on

“She hasn’t cured cancer, found a solution for global warming or saved your child from drowning. She’s an overpaid, overrated movie actress.”

Bravo SAR, you just described nearly every celebrity female on this website. Please don’t flatter yourself by saying other posters are as lame as you are. WE don’t get hung up on total strangers to the point of obsession. And yes, you are obsessed. I’m honestly worried about you, SAR. This can’t be healthy. This is the type of thing you hear about from people that start stalking the celebrities that they either hate or love so intensely. I hope you can find peace.

soph on

SAR, say “Little Miss Portman” all you want, but it makes you look ridiculous.

Sadie on

SAR, no one would have said anything if it were your first time making these comments, but it’s every single post, the same exact thing, over and over again. We get it, you don’t like Natalie Portman. You can’t honestly be surprised that people are getting irritated at this point.

tlc on

SAR…you say that WE don’t know you but are posting negatively toward you. You call Natalie a “hypocrite”…that’s laughable. The very thing you claim Natalie is, YOU ARE – a hypocrite. Do you “know” Natalie personally? NO..yet you bash her CONSTANTLY on this site (and I suspect other sites as well). You say you don’t comment about her much…well I don’t read here much but every single time I read about Natalie..THERE YOU ARE..bashing and posting negative slams. Like I said, you are not even a blip on Natalie’s radar so it’s really not an issue for HER, but we that have to read your crap day after day are tired of it. You can spew all you like about what you “know” about Natalie..but truthfully, you’ve only READ it about her and we all know how edited and misrepresented the tabloids and magazines are.

Maybe you should find some other hobby….you certainly could use one.

As for her and her fiance. How come it’s okay for ANGELINA to hook up with Brad while he was still MARRIED to Jen Aniston, and people hold her so highly on a pedastel? How come nobody thinks that was wrong….Natalie met Benjamin on her movie set and as far I as know, he was NOT MARRIED. In fact, I think he was recently single.

Why is it okay for certain celebs to do this and not others? It’s a double standard….or as SAR likes to throw around…hypocrisy.

Shannon on

She looks great. The extra weight makes her looks better IMO.

acorr on

For some reason I see Natalie as so juvenile and am finding it hard to imagine her as a mother. I think it’s because I last saw her in that movie…hmmmm…the imaginarium something, something. My kids love that movie but I still find it hard to take her seriously as a grown woman…very bizarre of me, I know

acorr on

Oh and I got the feeling from her interviews that she would have rather been home, relaxing. She has said she is ready to take time off and I think she exuded that last night. Reguardless, I love seein g people/celebrities pregnant and wish her the best.

Cecelia on

SAR, you are certainly entitled to your opinion and if you dislike Natalie, so be it. People find fault with you because instead of scrolling past her posts, you insist on commenting on every single update about her and, in some cases, discuss her in articles completely unrelated to her or her unborn child. You come across as unstable and are clearly obsessed with someone you’ve never met. It’s incredibly unhealthy. If you crave attention, there are more productive ways to garner it. Regardless, Natalie will never care about your opinion so your daily judge of her character doesn’t matter to anyone.

anonymous on

while i agree with posters that SAR keeps posting the same exact comments over and over again and seems to be obsessed. i also agree with the recommendation that she skips over the posts on natalie if she doesn’t like natalie, but my feeling is that all the posters should also listen to their own advice. skip over SAR’s comments, since the first sentence usually tips you off anyway since she states the same thing over and over again.

mary on

SAR you are a liar and I can prove it. I have resonded to other posts that you have written about Natalie. To name a few The New York Post, Just Jared, x17. So yes Sar you have spent a lot of time bashing and writing about her!

Hea on

SAR – Why Natalie Portman of all people? She is hardly alone in what you bash her for. She’s hardly worse than any other moneymaking person. And for your information, nobody has cured cancer for real. Doctors have been lucky with a lot but some of us will die. Maybe you and I for all we know. If so, it will be of no fault of Natalie Portman, I assure you.

CeCe on

SAR and Angel HAVE to be the same same person … she had to have one person agree with her, no?

My money’s on SAR being the scorned woman. The one that her fiance left. She’s just bitter that he is now happily in love and expecting a baby with Natalie and didn’t feel those things with her…. no one else would bother trying to conjure up such hatred and comment on every. single. post that has any mention of Natalie in it. And if they did – well….pathetic.

Seriously, get a life – and go get your head checked out – your infatuation isn’t healthy and is borderline psychotic.

Jillian on

Why do you waste your time responding to SAR? You are giving her exactly what she wants. How about ignoring her…….

Tess on

I think SAR makes a good point that people spend as much time commenting on her posts as she does commenting on Natalie.

For all of those telling SAR to just skip the Natalie posts if she doesn’t like them, why don’t all of you skip SAR’s posts (ie, don’t comment) if you don’t like them? Seems reasonable to me.

Amanda on

Natalie looks amazing but I don’t think she deserved the best actress award.

Hea on

acorr – That is a bit weird considering the Imaginarium yada yada is a strange movie and Natalie is an actress. She’s probably nothing like the parts she play for us. I saw her in Goya’s Ghosts and I’m pretty sure she is nothing like that character.

She’s not Anne Boleyn, Padmé or Novalee Nation either. But I liked her as Novalee.

annachestnut on

She is really beautiful, talented and smart. She does not keep her light under a bushel.

BubbleT on

SAR, I couldn’t have said it better. I will give her credit for her stellar performances and she does look lovely, but I find her hypocrasies no know bounds. I will add to that list…she announced that she wanted to learn more about her Jewish heritage (having been born in Jerusalem as Natalie Hershlag), so was studying Hasidic Judaism to worship like her religion states. She directed and starred in the movie “New York, I Love You,” playing a young Hasidic Jewish woman about to be married. She talked a real Hasidic Jew into a part as her husband in the movie. There are strict rules regarding how you are dressed, covered, touched or are alone with a man. This man who was cast was married to a Hasidic Jew in real life. He had to drop out of the part because the rabbis had convened and were going to ostracize him and his entire family from their synagogue because he was committing sins in this movie, acting like Natalie’s husband when he was already married. If she had been on this prilgrimage that she played up in interviews, she would have known that she ran the risk of having this young man and his family banished from their religious group. She would also have been aware that her own choices violated the principles of the religion she proclaimed to be studying in order to observe its rules. I now think much of what she says is just a bunch of hype to sell herself. And it’s hypocritical. I lost a lot of respect for her, after all of her proclamations, when she knowingly slept with another woman’s live-in, getting pregnant by him.

Franny on

pretty pretty pretty pretty! ahh!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤ her dress!!!!!!!!!! how can u not love that dress! love you natalie! ❤