Jennifer Lopez’s Twins Turn Three with Cartoon-Themed Bash

02/28/2011 at 09:00 AM ET
Frazer Harrison/Getty

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony celebrated their twins Max and Emme‘s third birthday with a party at their Hidden Hills home on Saturday.

The cartoon-themed afternoon party took place in the backyard, which had to be tented after a rainstorm threatened to dampen the celebration.

Among the 50 guests were Gwen Stefani accompanied by husband Gavin Rossdale and sons Kingston, 4½, and Zuma, 2½, as well as Leah Remini with her daughter Sofia, 6½.

The party featured moon bouncers, cotton candy machines and a huge cake. Festive cartoon character balloons decorated the backyard and guests received gift bags upon leaving the party.

“Jennifer was very excited to celebrate her babies’ birthday,” a source tells PEOPLE. “She went all out and everyone had a great time at the party.”

On Max and Emme’s actual birthday on Feb. 22, Lopez Tweeted, “It’s my coconuts bday 2day!!! HAPPY BDAY my beautiful babies … you’re 3 2day and Mama’s SO proud! There are no words 4 how much I love u!!”

— Pernilla Cedenheim

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Ann on

What is so amazing about this party? I don’t get it. The kids just had a backyard party with some balloons and cotton candy. What is the big deal?

Nella on

Bring on the jealous women commenting on how there’s no need for the elaborate party. Look if they want to do it let them, they have the means and they’re free to do whatever they want with it.

Toya L. on

Happy belated Birthday Max and Emme, sounds like a very low key party to me!!

Shaye on

I think that sounds like a really fun party! Sounds a bit like what we did for our daughters third birthday party, we live on 5 acres so we hosted it at our house and made it kind of like carnival. We had a huge bounce house, pinata, face painting, music etc. We had about 30 or so people and served food, it was a blast! I was really expecting to read this article and hear about a really lavish party, I’m pretty impressed. Sounds like a great time and totally age appropriate. 🙂

JulieA on

It is obvious that Jennifer’s heart has grown immensely since becoming a mother. It shows in her job as a judge on Idol. happily married, and she and her husband appear to be very good parents who make their kids the priority of their lives. I applaud them….as it must not be easy to raise kids with such international celebrity.

Lisa on

My husband is from Puerto Rico and I lived there for two years…EVERY parent goes all out for their kids bday parties, you wouldnt believe what i have seen at 1 yr old b day party…..alot of Latinos celebrate BIG for their kids bdays….food for days, DJ’s, bands… It doenst really have anything to do with the fact they have money even if they werent rich it would still be a HUGE deal….its nobodys business how one celebrate ones child/ren bdays

ashley on

Um…hello it’s J-Lo that’s the big deal.

Rebecca Thuillez on

Cool beans!

Monkeys Mommy on

What is amazing is….this party was actually NORMAL for Hollywood types. Good for them!!! About time that someone in Hollywood recognized it is not how much you spend (plus is the birthday kid even going to remember)…it is about the LOVE and the FAMILY and FRIENDS gathering together to honor and celebrate the blessed event!!!

Julia A on

Kingston must be the most popular kid on the (Hollywood) block. He gets play dates with Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and Ruby McGuire. He hangs out with the Federline boys and the Beckham boys. He attends parties with the Samuels kids, and apparently is friends with Max and Emme as well, not to mention all the No Doubt kids. Anyways, happy birthday to Max and Emme!

Anonymous on

happy birth day max and emme!!!! =).i hope you feel lucky =) im your fan i waych your show and watch your movies.

kamir on

happy birth day max/emme!! =) and you now i watch american idol and i hope you have fun sorry that im texting you from any where!

Lijia on

You know what I don’t like about this couple? They never ever mention Mark Anthony’s children from his previous marriage. Never mentioned never included in family photos.

sharons on

why no pics of the kids–we always see pics of j-lo and husband

Jane on

I know the name of this blog is Moms and Babies (which I don’t like at all), but don’t these children have a loving father whose name should also be included in the title? I really hate having a child’s male parent virtually made invisible.

Kathy on

sounds like it was a nice age appropriate party geared toward the kids as it should be not about impressing the adults. Way to go!!!!!

MissZ on

“Jennifer was very excited to celebrate her babies’ birthday,” a source tells PEOPLE. “She went all out and everyone had a great time at the party.” – OK, what mother hasn’t shared that exact same sentiment. I know it’s only celebrity news but this is hardly worth reporting.

Lynn on

Sounds like a normal BD party thrown by the childrens parents, not some super expensive celeb party. How refreshing!

angel on

Good for them! the reason why marc’s other children aren’t mentioned is out of respect for his first whife im sure they were there too. (kids not the first whife) lol!

Lori on

Cotton Candy machine?? I want to have a party with one! Yummy…

Ralph on

Yay for J Lo and Marc! What a great milestone. Kids love moon bouncers. Mmmm cotton candy – heavenly!

aj on

Geez, the twins are already 3!? Time goes so fast. I really hope they have another one soon.

Leisa on

OMG we all know if we had her money, we would have the same party…:) And besides, its none of our business what they do when it comes to the twins. Its our business when it comes to JLO and MA professional life. Not there family, and private affairs~!!

The Truth on

Jennifer Lopez is the most beautiful, Sexy, desirable, stunning and gorgeous woman alive, more so now than`than 10 years ago. She is getting better with age.

Her twins are adorable and deserve mention.

I hope that one of these days I will be able to tell her in person.

Georgina on

Does not sound that elaborate or excessive to me. It was 50 people, but thats for two children, and it seems as though theyre including the adults in that count!

Ballons and a cake are what your supposed to have on your birthday!

And Lijia, it doesnt say that Marcs other children werent there, why do you assume they wouldnt be included.

Helen on

I am a proud Puerto Rican lady and have a son. Boy, when he turned 1 yrs old I was so proud, excited and had the biggest party ever with clowns and balloons. I agree with Lisa. We Latins do go all out. I myself am not well to do, I just work and make a living, but you plan and do the best you can for your children to have a nice party. Congrat to the twin, Jennifer and Marc. Love u guys.

Melissa Rivera on

Hello Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony congrats on your baby’s 4 yrs old I hope they have a fun day.

Lucianna on

I guess her tweet was teaching them to count!

Mia on

Time flies-congrats to them!–I think her + Marc make a cute couple–but all relationships are different + it seems to work out-they’ve been married for 6 or 7 years now…..something must be right.

Eileen Cruz on

Happy birthday babies! I hope you had loads of fun at your party! It’s great that your Mom and Dad have made a big deal about your 3rd bday and the haters can just stop hating!

Ann on


You totally missed my point: the party seems so normal to me that I don’t understand the fuss over it. And you are right. There is nothing wrong with throwing your child an elaborate birthday party. I did just that last month. But my daughter’s party was not a backyard bash with balloons. It was a bash at the Ritz-Carlton Central Park. This kind of kills your jealous mother theory, doesn’t it?

J-LO'S FAN! on


P. C. on

Hope they have more babies soon! They sure made little cuties! Happy Birthday babies!!!



aria on

Happy Bday! Sounds like lots of fun!

Margaret on

This sounds like a lovely normal party for a pair of 3 year olds!! If you want to see a celeb parent go all ADD with the extravagant children’s party…watch Tori Spelling and the parties she throws for her little ones…lovely events for sure but not sure u really need to throw a 2 year old a $20,000 party lol

She Stinks! on

Did the kids even recognize JHO? She is hardly raising them, the nannies do it all. She’s too busy being shallow, superficial and self absorbed, and at parties getting her picture taken. She is a rotten mother.

Hi on

You know, normally when I read an article I can sort of guess what the comments are going to be, and this time I was totally surprised! Jumpy Castles? 50 people? A cotton candy machine? TOTAL OVERKILL!!!!! And nobody said anything about the “Happy Birthday my coconuts” comment, which, if thought about, sounds really riske.

La diva Diamond Santiago on

First of all CONGRATS to Emme & Max, I thought the party was fantastic and JLo and Marc are the best. I wish them all continued great health, happiness & success. Secondly, for all of you mf haters, especially Hollylujah, you need to visit church and remember NOT to talk sh*% about your fellow neighbor. I’m originally from the Bronx and that doesn’t equal ghetto. Its just where you’re from. The Bronx has its lavish and beautiful areas but all of you ignorant mf’rs that don’t know any better always want to hate on it and assume that what is portray on tv is the reality – get a life and stop showing just how ignorant you are. My daughter Aaliyah 9 and son Alejandro 8 month are funtastic and we all had a great time with my husband celebrating at the party. Too bad you couldn’t be a part of the festivities.

jessicad on

A friend of mine had a similar party for her son when he turned two, and she has money but not even close to millions. I personally think it’s a little much but it’s not my money! I’m sure if I had the kind of money Jennifer and Marc have I’d have parties like that too, I guess people expect them to donate every penny and never splurge?? Who cares. Happy birthday to the twins!

Vicki on

I think J-Lo does seem sweet on Idol…I just don’t get why she was chosen to judge vocals??? She has a HORRIBLE voice! Her singing is well-known for always being off-key! I hate hearing her judge other people’s vocals when her voice is awful! Sure, she is a performer. She can dance, she is beautiful and she has a slew of talented musical engineers producing amazing beats for her…but, the girl CAN’T sing.

I stand by that!!!

Julie on

What a proud mommy, as she should be!!! I hope everything turned out perfect!!!

Stephanie on

What Jennifer Gardner and her daughters were not invited???? ugh!

Candy on

They’re so artificial!
I can’t withstand a man having different children from different women.
Besides, he has no personality at all. Yikessssss!!

lilly on

Hollylujah your crazy, just cause JLO gotten older dont mean she has to settle for mark, i mean look at her she still looks 25, shes beautiful. I think that ever since she had kids and settled down, shes more lovely. I didnt think much of her before but ever since watching her on american idol i think shes genuinely a nice person, who seems so down to earth. Her kids are beautiful and she seems to loving towards them and mark, i hope she only does better with her life, and become more successful

cyndy on

There were no cartoon character balloons at the party,
there was however, a 16 foot long pink and blue balloon tunnel at the party.

Everything was fabulous!

CelebBabyLover on

Melissa Rivera- The twins just turned three, not four. 🙂 Anyway, it sounds like they had a great party! 🙂

Kat_momof3 on

that sounds like a regular kid party, just done with a bigger budget. I love it!

Terri on

Sounds like a fun party. I remembered their birthday as it’s as easy date to remember 2-22, but thought that they were turning two not three! How time flies.

Mari on

Let them throw whatever expensive party they want for the little ones because it supports the people who supplies the stuff and keeps them employed.

cyndy on

There were no cartoon character balloons, but there was a 16 foot long balloon tunnel…

My company decorated the event.

rose on

everyone who dont like her dont say anything it’s her life, her kids, and her money. I would the same for my kids because they onley turn tree once. stop talking bad about her and get a life.

rose on

happy birthday and 100 kisses to both you babies

Rose on

People that dont get why she would through that big of a party for two year olds turning three. Get this if you had that kind of money you would the same. You people are trash talking her beause you want to be her

Linda on

I agree with Nella. What is the problem with having a huge birthday bash for you kids. If you have the money, why not?

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