Gretchen Mol Welcomes Daughter Winter Morgan

02/28/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
Amanda Schwab/Startraks

Gretchen Mol is a new mom — again.

The Boardwalk Empire star, 38, delivered her second child, daughter Winter Morgan Williams, on Thursday, Feb. 17 in New York, her rep tells PEOPLE exclusively.

Mol and her husband, Paranormal Activity 2 director Tod ‘Kip’ Williams, are also parents to son Ptolemy John, 3½.

“Everyone is happy and healthy and resting at home,” says the rep. “The whole family is overjoyed.”

The actress, who announced her pregnancy in November, said the baby fit in perfectly with the show’s shooting schedule.

“I’m just enjoying this time. We’re not shooting now so I’m having a baby and then we’ll start shooting again, which is great,” Mol said. “It’s really lovely to know I have a job coming and there’s this little time and I can really enjoy it instead of feeling [stressed].”

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Blaine Zuckerman

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Mallory on

Not a big of fan of names where the first and last initial repeat, but I think Winter Morgan is very pretty! Congrats to the family!!

Anonymous on

i might me the only one, but i absolutely love her name!!! i really love the name winter

Linda on

I’ve loved the name Winter for so long! I’m glad some celebrity finally uses it as a first name.

Indira on

Not a fan of the name Winter Williams but,if the baby is as towheaded as Ptolemy it will probably work really well. Congrats to them.

KJC on

I love the name Winter as well! If my baby, due in April, is a girl – her middle name will be Winter.

Brooke on

Oh…what a lovely name. I absolutely love it!

Tess on

Doesn’t Montel Williams have a daughter named Winter Williams?

Not a fan of the name, and I don’t think it goes with Ptolemy at all. Still, it’s not the worst name out there.

Taylor on

Congratulations to Gretchen, Kip, and Ptolemy! I love the name Winter Morgan!

Laura on

Interesting, I love both of the names, Winter and Morgan, but it seems that I do not like how they go together… Anyway, congrats to them!

Jillian on

What a beautiful name!!

JM on

i don’t like either of her kids’ names at all. but to each their own. congrats to them.

Drea on

congrats to Gretchen and Kid!
The name made me (as a German) laugh because “Morgen” which is pronounced like Morgan, means morning in german and winter is the same, so this little girl is named winter morning which is not a bad thing, just funny.
Is Tod really written with just one d? That would be death in German.

Stella Bella on

Awesome name. 🙂

SarahSed on

I love the name Winter Williams. Alliterative names are supposed to be good luck.

soph on

Tess, I looked it up and apparently it’s Wyntergrace.

The names just sound like they’re trying desperately to be edgy…Winter and Ptolemy. Alright. I do like alliterative names though.

Ella on

Cute name and congrats to them.

How is her son’s name pronounced?

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them! Winter is interesting. Better than Ptolomy, I guess.

Can’t wait for Boardwalk Empire to come back!

Catherine on

Ella, it’s pronounced “Tall – a – mee.”

JMO on

Oddly Winter isn’t so bad. But my old neighbor used to have a white rabbit named Winter so that’s all I can think about now!

Erika on

I’m so glad it’s a girl- they are the perfect family with one of each! Congrats to them and I do like the name Willow!

Candy on

I really love the baby’s name. I’ll bet she is a little blonde stunner!

mary on

Love the name. Love her on Boardwalk! Congrats

SAR on

That’s a pretty name. Congratulations to the family!

Tracy on

Horrible name as is Ptolemy!

Sarah M. on

Harold Perrineau also has a daughter named Wynter Aria.

I used to sit for a little girl named Winter. I like it!

Sophia on

I was thinking baby Williams would be a little girl this time, how lovely! Winter is such a pretty, serene name. And I absolutely LOVE Ptolemy! Congratulations to Gretchen, Kip and Ptolemy, and welcome to the world little Winter!

B.J. on

Winter is a lovely name! I love it.

itstartedwithafish on

Winter Morgan, – how witty is that? It sounds totally like the Germany word for winter morning :^))

CelebBabyLover on

I love the name, and congrats to them! Also, I just realized that she waited quite awhile before confirming the pregnancy. The post says she confirmed in November, so she would have already been six months along at the time. 🙂

JM on

itstartedwithafish i thought that too 🙂 part of the reason why i don’t like it. it just sounds too much like a sentence fragment or a statement.

Jaedyn on

Drea and itstartedwithafish – I was going to say the same 🙂 Wintermorgen means Winter morning in German 🙂

Still, I think Winter (although I would prefer Wynter) is a quite nice name. Not sure about the W.W. though.


Dana on

I love the name Winter! I don’t know what it is but i think it has something very beautiful and elegant.

Holiday on

I dont love the name but its alright. Its kind of pretty in a way. Her boobs look huge in that pic.

FC on

I like the name. And I’m happy for Gretchen, Tod and new big brother. Ptolemy. 🙂

Corrie on

Beautiful name and a beautiful baby, I’m sure! Congratulations to them all. 🙂

MiB on

Drea, I thoght the same too! And when you see it like that, it’s wonderful! I actually once met three siblings (2 boys and 1 girl) who’s middle names formed the sentence “Gray Winter Dawn”, which was really funny since they were all born around 5 o’clock in the morning within 10 days in February (though different years). Their mother claimed that it wasn’t intentional, and I believe her, because they were all named after people who were close to their parents, but it was still funny.

Does anyone know if Gretchen has any German heritage? (After all, her name is German.)

Terri on

Wynter? Don’t like that at all. I like the name Winter Morgan. I also liked Harlow Winter Kate.

Ashley on

Morgan and Williams are both very Welsh names. Wonder if the father had something to do with that. I love the name Winter! Very pretty.