BumpWatch: Antonio Sabàto, Jr. Shows Off Girlfriend’s Belly

02/28/2011 at 01:00 PM ET
Ben Dome/Pacific Coast News

Baby bump debut!

Antonio Sabàto Jr. gets a grip on pregnant girlfriend Cheryl Moana Marie at Jayneoni Moore’s Pre-Oscar Studio, held Saturday in Los Angeles, Calif.

The couple, who expect their baby boy in the spring, plan to name him Antonio Sabàto III.

Sabàto also has a son Jack, 16, whose mother is actress Virginia Madsen, and a daughter, Mina, 7, whose mother is Kristin Rossetti.

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Kellie on

Bum Boosa!

KikiOttawa on

Wow! I have been watching Earth 2 (a 1995 tV series Antonio was in) and man does he look old in this picture! Still a handsome man though!

Vicki on

isn’t it kind of weird to have an older son NOT named after his father and a younger one named after him??? Kind of disrespectful to the elder son if you ask me.

Stella Bella on

Maybe he couldn’t get the mother of the older boy on board with naming their child after him?

stephaie on

Dam he spreading is seed all over the place.

Mia on

3 kids-with 3 women + no marriages to any of them?

molly on

Wow – 3 kids to three different women, usually its the other way round!! (in my family anyway) How old is this guy, that young girl looks well young enough to be his daughter, if he has a 16yr old son.

Mia on

I think he’s like 38? or like early 40’s-@ the most.

Tink on

3 children over a 16 year period doesn’t seem that crazy. And not everyone feels that marriage necessarily goes with babies. And its not disrespectful to his older child, its just a name and I’m sure he will have explained the reasoning behind the choices he and the mothers of his children made.

CelebBabyLover on

Vicki- I was just thinking that myself! I’m always confused when it’s the second, third, etc. son rather than the first that is named after the father. Anyway, she looks tiny for being due in the Spring (even if she’s not due until May, that’s only two months away!). And as for having three children with three different women, at least he’s not just going out and making babies left and right without stopping to think about what he’s doing.

What I mean is, his oldest son is 16 and his soon-to-be middle child is 7. So there’s quite an age gap between each of the kids, which seems to imply that he thinks long and hard before having kids!

Hea on

3 kids with 3 women each about 7 years apart. Nothing strange about that. Relationships end. New ones begin. People feel hope.

Lacey on

@Vicki, I thought the same.

Christina on

@Molly, he is 38. Her age is not public knowledge, I guess, because neither IMDB nor Wikipedia give her year of birth.

Toya L. on

@Vickie my brother has a 13 year old son with his ex-girlfriend and she would not name the baby after him, they have the same middle name though. He and his wife have a 7 year old and she did name their son the IV after my brother.

Alyssa on

Antonio’s looking a little creepy in his older age. Not aging well at all. Such a shame.

Tess on

His outfit is a fashion don’t.

I thought traditionally the first son was named after the paternal grandfather, the second after the maternal grandfather, the third after the father. Something along those lines. Also, maybe the first baby mama didn’t want to have her kid be a junior.

Jillian on

I don’t think it is a big deal that the first son isn’t named after him. I am not big into naming children jr’s, so I wouldn’t do it myself. Jack’s mom obviously felt the same way. It would be weird if the mom was the same.

pastabatman on

I’m pretty sure he and Virginia Madsen were married. I personally don’t think it matters in the least, but I just had to make that point. And I agree that 3 babies with 3 women isn’t as disgraceful as some of you seem to think it is. Hea said it best, and I completely agree 🙂

Gosha on

I think it’s disrespectful to his first son naming his new son after himself. Wouldn’t be that big of a deal if they had the same mother but they don’t. Doesn’t matter if his first wife didn’t want a junior, that ship has sailed. Seems like an ego trip.

Amanda on

It’s their kid. They can name him whatever they want.

Hea on

Gosha – I doubt his first son cares. If he did, they could have changed his name when he realized that this name tradition existed in the first place. If he is angry about it, he should take it up with mom too.

jessicad on

You guys think maybe Virginia got a say in naming her own son? Maybe she wanted Jack!

BubbleT on

I totally agree about the naming of a later son after the father and NOT the firstborn son…that honor should go to the FIRST son. I know guys whose little brothers got the “honor” and they wondered why THEY didn’t get the moniker as the oldest child…it made them feel like they weren’t special enough as oldest to get their father’s name, but the fourth son did??? But, I think it’s more of a function (in this particular case) of this girlfriend staking her claim by naming the child after his father.