Spotted: Joel Madden and Harlow Get Groceries

02/27/2011 at 05:00 PM ET

We see you! Surrounded by bags of food, Harlow Winter Kate, 3, hitches a ride back to the car — and steals a glance at the paps! — courtesy of dad Joel Madden after a grocery run at Whole Foods in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Wednesday. The singer and his wife Nicole Richie are also parents to Sparrow James Midnight, 17 months.



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Michelle on

Wow! She sure looks like Nicole1

Anonymous on


Megan on

She is just the cutest little girl ever

Jennifer on

She is so cute….I think she looks just like her daddy!

Amber on

Perfect mix of both parents… Gosh, i want a little girl just like her 🙂

Emily on

She is so sweet, looks exactly like Nicole in my opinion. Especially if you have ever seen a picture of her as a baby/child. But when people say that it makes thier ovaries hurt, it makes me feel ill! LOL- I get the sentiment and that it’s a figure of speech..but still. I mean think of a man seeing a cute baby and saying “awww, she makes my testicles hurt!!” XD

Lisa on

This is probably my favorite celebrity family. I just love how Nicole left behind her party days and grew up and is now married with 2 beautiful children. Harlow is just too cute as his her brother. I know Nicole has mentioned she wants 5 kids but so far these 2 are gorgeous.

Valerie on

I love how successfully she has turned her life around. She seems to have really matured.

Jessica on

I always thought Harlow had an exotic look to her. She’s so beautiful and Iove the curly hair.

Kristen on

That little girl is the cutest! Totally makes my ovaries ache too…Emily don’t become the word police there is enough in the world that needs to be done first.

Pauline on

What a DOLL!!!!!!

Emily on

Kristen, don’t be a comment police, there is enough in the world that needs to be done first 🙂

I’m allowed to not like a saying. And even to comment on it! And I’m not going to work on world peace on a celebrity baby board.

abby’s mom on

yeah she cute, but the comment my ovaries hurt is STUPID! No one is being the police, there just stating the obvious.

Lissa on

She is absolutely one of the most beautiful little girl’s i’ve seen second to my own 😉 But I agree that it’s so nice to see Nicole becoming a loving, devoted mom!

Indira on

lol! Emily, you’re right. My testicles hurt would get very different responses.

Holiday on

I have to agree with Emily! I also hate hearing that statement about ovaries aching.

CelebBabyLover on

She looks just like Nicole! 🙂

Kresta on

I don’t like women saying their ovaries ache when they see a cute child either. LOL @ Emily…I can’t even imagine a guy saying his testicles ache when he sees a cute child. He sure would get some weird looks. Putting that aside though, Harlow is the spitting image of Nicole and Sparrow looks like Joel.

Nella on

Harlow is beyond adorable!! Love this picture!! One of my fave celeb babies!!

clair on

i love her hair

Lady on

How freakin adorable is this little girl!? Ahh, the curls are too cute!!!!

Amanda on

What a gorgeous little girl!

Toya L. on

She is an absolute doll and looks like Joel to me. When I dislike comments/phrases “which I do”, I just don’t use them.

Annie on

She has always been one of my favorite celeb babies. So cute!

And, in the spirit of what Toya said, you will never hear me saying my ovaries ache. (But I’m glad to know I’m not the only one that finds that expression out there – sorry, it’s just when I hear it, I actually picture my ovaries aching and then I think how unpleasant!).

Anonymous on

it’s more unpleasant not being able to get pregnant after almost 2 years of trying. so i can say my ovaries hurt and idc what all of you mean women say.

Jillian on

I also think this family is adorable! Both kids are so cute. I just love seeing pictures of them. I am so happy to see Nicole as a mom and to have changed her life so much. Anyone remember her show with Paris Hilton? She has changed sooo much!

I too, can’t stand the comment about the ovaries. Emily, LOVE your comment. LOVE IT!!

soph on

Hahaha, love all this calling out of the stupid ovaries comment. That expression was never funny.

Shannon on

Love the curls. She looks like her aunt Sophia. I know they’re not biologically related but still.

lilly on

oh shes my fave celeb kid i think and her bro, there so cute its crazy, she looks just like her momma though, and sparrow is like his dad. These kids are gonna be gorgeous when they get older

Terri on

Oh don’t be such downers. Let your ovaries ache away ladies! lol

BubbleT on

That little girl is gorgeous, is Nicole made over and I LOVE it when she really smiles because she smiles with her whole face. In her really smiley pix there is a mischievious twinkle in her eyes that may be a little hint at Nicole’s former personality! LOL!