Family Photo: Kobe Bryant’s Lovely Ladies

02/26/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Arnold Turner/WireImage

Dressed to impress!

Kobe Bryant and his personal fanbase — wife Vanessa, and daughters Natalia Diamante, 8, and Gianna Marie-Onore, 4½ — stopped to pose for a few pictures as they made their way into Grauman’s Chinese Theater on Saturday, Feb. 19 in Hollywood, Calif.

The Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard, 32, was on hand to celebrate the traditional casting ceremony of his hand and footprints.

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Alma on

What a cuties and his wife is beautiful !

Allison J on

Kobe and Vanessa’s girls are really cute! For some reason, the girls remind me a bit of Kimora Lee Simmons’ daughters – Ming and Aoki.

Amber on

Not a fan of his, but he has a beautiful family!

Sarah on

Isn’t it funny that people pretty much stay positive on his posts even after what he did and yet the one on Tanya Harding is ripped to shreds when she did nothing as serious???

kelsey on

nice of him to dress up for the occasion….but his ladies look lovely!

jj on

Nice looking family photo.

Cortney on

He is an actor? I thought only actors/actresses of golden standard got cemented not athletes. hmmm

sky on

not a role model on any level. he does not deserve a ceremony, but hey money can buy you anything right?

rena on

He never “did” anything…he cheated on his wife, but that seems to be cleared up now and in the past. Additionally, athletes and actors should NEVER be role models anyway…

KC on

That guy should be in prison, not getting honored…ridiculous.

Indira on

The accuser refused to speak at trial so the case was dropped. The case didn’t to have much weight anyway.

CelebBabyLover on

Cute girls!

Janna on

I don’t know how she stays with this man. That money must be really powerful.

rena… I suppose that OJ Simpson never “did” anything either?

hanna on

They are a beautiful family, but in terms of getting dressed Vanessa never had a great sense for what looks good and what doesn’t…

Carli on

Beautiful family, but why on earth is he getting his hand and footprints cemented???

Luna on

Indira, of course everything was dropped. When you swarmed the victim with money and give the wife a big rock who’s gonna complain? Case dropped. Simple. I have no respect for this couple and i could care less what everyone thinks. Athletes, specially MALE, get away with murder most of the time cause they have the money for it.

Indira on

Janna aside from them being two black men I don’t see the comparison. Get a grip, seriously. What is the point of having a judicial system if the court of opinion is going to keep yappin’ their mouths like THEY KNOW BETTER? Unless you’re Ms.Faber or Kobe you don’t know anything.

Hanna on

Carli, because he is the most amazing basketball player ever. He has been in the NBA for almost 15 years and is still the best player. He will go down in history as the best basketball player that ever lived.

cris on

I agree with hanna…the older girl looks like she went through her closet on laundry day and picked out whatever was clean. The younger girl looks cute (not really feeling the bow though-takes away from her cute face) And Vanessa has always had that ‘new money’ look to me (think real housewives of NJ)

For whatever reason they chose Kobe to be the first athlete to have his hands/feet at Grauman’s Chinese Theater. Why? I believe that is the million $$$ question. Why not Micheal Jordan or any of the other sports figures?

Nella on

Not a big fan of his either, but their daughters are cute and Allison J. I agree with you,they do remind me a bit of Kimora’s daughters!

Terri on

I agree, they do look like Kimora’s girls!

The Wozzy on

Don’t feel too bad for wifey being cheated on. She is known by many around these parts to be a legendary b****, and demanded a huge rock to make up for the infidelity. So all is well!

Reaally? on

While I’m not defending his actions, please let us not forget that his accuser showed up at the police station for the official rape exam with another man’s biological fluids in and on her. Can we say opportunist, looking for a pay day, like so many other women who throw themselves at the knowingly married, rich and famous? People like her who cry rape hurt all women who have been through the trauma of being raped.

Indira on

Luna, so therefore he is guilty in your eyes just because he’s a rich athlete. Ignoring the fact that the girl was diagnosed with schizophrenia(which DOES effect the reliability of her statement), had more than one mans semen in her undergarments and changed her story drastically over the course of the investigation?

I am NO fan of Kobe Bryant but, I hate how men are ALWAYS guilty until proved innocent in sexual assault cases. It is so easy for women to make claims like this and even if found to be untrue the mans life is never the same.

sinclair on

Is Kobe contractually obligated to wear Nike everywhere? I mean, da&n man, put on a suit or something! The ladies look sharp and he looks like he is going to practice or shoot some hoops in the backyard…

Jamie on

Not a role model in the least. Disgraceful. It’s just more proof that money can buy you out of any kind of trouble.

Riann on

Very nice looking Family: I’m a NBA fan my team is the LAKERS and Kobe is my all time favortie player.

So let me break it down to you jealous haters who are in denial of the fact that Kobe did not rape anyone and it was it was proven in court. Unfortunately he cheated on his wife when a “NASTY TRICK” knocked on his hotel room door and offered her filty body when she already had semen and pubic hairs present on her body and underwear from just having had sex proir “eeeeewwwww” thats just NASTY…it was a whamm-bamm thank you Mam, so the slut cried rape and she did not have a chance of winning because she did not want to face the truth. All she wanted was money, she was so guilty for lying she wateded this all to go away just as bad as Kobe did, he was so embarrassed NOT GUILTY of rape ..gilty of cheating on his wife.. So get the hell out of here with the rape nonsense and check the facts… top hatin because you people are so jealous freakin and filled with hate.