Spotted: Bethenny Frankel and Bryn Beach It

02/25/2011 at 09:00 AM ET

Fun in the sun!

Life’s a beach for Bethenny Frankel and 9-month-old daughter Bryn Casey on Wednesday, as they took to the sand in sunny Miami, Florida.

The Real Housewife returns to TV on Feb. 28 with the second season of her Bravo show, Bethenny Ever After.

Bryn is Frankel’s baby girl with husband Jason Hoppy.

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Anonymous on


mypiecesandbits on

Bryn looks super cute, I wish we could see more of her face. They both look like they’re beat after a long day of fun in the sun.

Ateya on

I love her and the show..cant wait to see how big Bryn is now…

Elena on

Oh my daughter has the exact same top and shorts it’s from children’s place! ๐Ÿ™‚ Cute girl!

Betsy on

I think she’s preggo. Don’t get me wrong, she is absolutely TINY all over, but I swear I see a bump hiding.

Lady on

Cuuute, can’t wait for her show to come back Monday!!

Kathi on

Betsy, I thought the same thing when I saw this picture. I Hope so she is a great mom! I would love to see her doing a baby blog!

Alison on

She already did a baby blog last year and it was terrible. There were a lot of negative comments and she stopped quickly. She’s better on TV than online. Bryn is a cutie.

Terri on

I thought her blog was pretty good and the comments here were positive.

lola on

i thought she was pregnant too when i saw this photo as there seems to be bump that baby is hiding….time will tell. but i say she is! she’s great!

abbyc on

Yes I think she’s pregnant. She recently said she wanted to give her a daughter a sibling sooner than later.

acorr on

I really like Bethenny and I too think I see a low baby bump.

Milania on

You women are really something else. Bethenny, at most, looks like she’s 110 pounds. There is absolutely no “baby bump” in this picture. She’s made it clear that she’s suffered an eating disorder in the past and clearly she’s conscious of her weight. Nothing better for someone with that mindset to have a bunch of cows scream “baby bump!” at the sight of her FLAT stomach.

Cecelia on

It’s not her fault if her blog didn’t go over well. She was discussing her experience with motherhood. As, apparently, normal fashion on this website, many women assumed they knew better than her and debate was started. That’s not Bethenny’s fault.

soph on

Right on Milania. And she’s carrying Bryn — of course her stomach is going to jut out a bit.

Ashley on

I was a really big Bethenny fan but I’m really put off by her negative comments about breastfeeding in public. Please, posing naked on top of a building in NYC is fine, but BREASTFEEDING your hungry baby is indecent… c’mon. Every major health organization in the world recommends breastfeeding, but there are still a lot of ignorant people out there who continue to make it difficult on new moms who are struggling to make it work. There is no reason they should be made to feel ashamed or “go to a corner” to nurse, like it’s something illicit. I wish she had used her public status to do something positive for young moms rather than add to the burden.

JM on

thank you miliana. as you have pointed out this woman has suffered from an eating disorder but regardless of who the woman in question is, i always am extremely bothered by the “baby bump” comments on this site. i really can’t see how people can make such off the cuff remarks and then wonder why so many young girls are worried about their body image.

i always feel with these things: if she IS pregnant, great let her tell everyone in her own time (many couples like to wait until they are past the 3 month mark), if she is NOT pregnant then how the hell would all you women feel to know that loads of people out there think you look pregnant (aka you have a bit of belly on you)?

it just seems so rude. i have said it time and time again, if you saw a friend of yours was sporting a little bit of a belly you wouldn’t screech “Oh you must be pregnant!” because if she ISN’T then that will undoubtedly make her feel fat.

i think we should just leave all this speculation and let celebrities tell people in their own time if and when they are pregnant.

Hmmm on

Milania and JM, well said!
I am a huge fan! I bumped into her, Jason and the baby while she was in town on tour. So friendly!!

Mira on

I really dislike this woman. She’s famous for nothing (inventing a drink!), she pimps some kind of product every time she opens her mouth and she has a whole list of ill-informed, dumb opinions (like the bfeeding in public stand).

jessicad on

I really enjoyed her blog! It seems like they talk often about having another baby, so maybe she is or will be soon. I don’t really see a bump though, my tummy would do that when I held my daughter that way too. For some reason I see her with another girl! Can’t wait to see her new show.

Krista on

She is famous for A LOT more than a drink. I am so glad my parents raised me well and raised me that no opinion is dumb. While, I may not entirely agree with her opinion, I wouldn’t call it dumb!!

Holiday on

After what I read about her views on breast feeding in public I do not like or respect her.

soph on

I’m sure she really cares, Holiday.

CelebBabyLover on

JM- Exactly! I can understand the baby bump talk when it’s completely obvious (ala J-Lo, Christina Aguleira, Isla Fischer, etc.). But when a celeb is simply sporting a “maybe baby bump”? I don’t agree with the baby bump commentary then. I mean, I certainly wouldn’t like people to be screaming, “pregnant!” at me just because I’d eaten a big lunch or the way I was standing was making my belly stick out or something, so I can’t imagine celebs like it, either!

I realize that most people who make the “is she or isn’t she?” comments have good intentions. I just think it’s disrespectful to be screaming “pregnant!” every time a celeb has belly that’s not 100 percent flat!

I also don’t understand why people are jumping all her for her bfing in public comment. She’s not the first person to be against bfing in public, nor will she be the last. I personally don’t agree with her view on bfing in public, but I don’t get why she was attacked for it as if she’s the first person to ever have that view.

allison on

I for one am so glad that I am not a celebrity. People would think I was pregnant all year every year! Her stomach looks totally normal, actually, It looks like she probably just ate. The only way a womans stomach is completely flat is if they have not eaten for a while.

Diana on

I totally don’t see a baby bump either. Like someone said with her holding Bryn your belly is going to stick out a little bit. I agree it is really rude to say you see a baby bump when you don’t have any reason to believe someone is pregnant.

Holiday on

Its just that she is so into health and eating right, but she doesnt agree with a mom nursing her child in public?? What does she expect us to do if our babies get hungry and we are out? Go sit in a bathroom stall?

Sus on

I love that she shops for her daughter at The Children’s Place. So awesome to see a celeb shopping a regular store. ๐Ÿ™‚

Mari on

I agree with Bethenny about breast feeding. I did not breast feed my son in public and would head to the ladies room. Seeing a woman pull out her boob in public without covering herself-well, I will leave it at that. We all have our own opinions and to fault one because others feel it is ok to do it in public is rude. You don’t dislike someone because of their belief-smarten up.

Holiday on

Mari so do you sit on the toilet to feed your son? Thats just nasty!

jess on

Mira, all people, breastfeeding or not, should be respectful of others when in public. Nobody certainly want to see someone flashing their boobs regardless of reason why. Your opinion is dumb, and you should gather some common sense. If you want respect, you have to show respect first!

Treva on

Please, I breastfed 3 children. 1967, 1976, 1979. Yes there are benefits. It’s personal choice. Lighten up. It’s hard enough. To raise kids. Love u Bethany. Your real. That’s why your so loved. Don’t ever lose that. Love Texas treva