Bill Horn & Scout Masterson Finalize Simone’s Adoption

02/25/2011 at 05:00 PM ET

It’s official! Bill Horn and Scout Masterson are all smiles after finalizing the adoption of their 8-month-old daughter Simone Lynn in Los Angeles, Calif. on Friday.

Surrounded by close family and friends, including godparents Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott, Scout’s mom Jackie Bennett and the judge signing off on the adoption, the Guncles admit the paperwork may be complete, but their love as a family of three began long ago.

“While Scout and I legally became Simone’s dads today, the truth is she’s been our little girl since the moment she was born. We can’t imagine our lives without her,” Horn tells PEOPLE.

Courtesy Horn-Masterson Family



Continues Masterson, “It’s been such a long journey in our adoption process leading up to today’s finalization. We feel blessed to have Tori and Dean as Simone’s godparents and to have them join us today — one of the most special days of our lives.”

The new season of Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood airs early this summer.

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Shannyn on

Thats so awesome. Congrats to them, Simone is GORGEOUS!

Lacey on

Tori looks tired and may I say filling out, not so ill-thin.

acorr on

Very heartwarming story and Tori’s body is ROCKIN’!!!

Manal from Jordan Middle East! on

umm why are these here?… cute baby thou!

Catherine on

Maybe Tori’s expecting #3? She’s been talking about it!

Congrats to the Guncles! I LOVE them and am so happy for them!

Noelle on

Does anyone think Simone looks so much like Stella? It’s very ironic.

Indira on

Everyone but the baby looks a mess. Either way, congrats to all of them.

Anonymous on

Tori is pregnant. See how she’s hiding her belly behind Scout?

kaitlyn on

Awww…I think Simone looks like Stella!

Jasmynn on

Congrats to the Guncles! I love them, there will be awesome parents if they are anything like they are with Tori and DEans kids. I heard Tori might be preggers, she def is looking like it. Good Luck to all of them 🙂

Kathryn Baker on

I wonder if Tori is hiding a baby belly.

Illy on

I think that Tori is filling out because her eggo is preggo.

Sheri on

Tori looks pregnant to me here and looks like she is not feeling well. I think little Simone looks a lot like Tori and Dean’s Stella, too 🙂

Mari Mari Quite Contrary on

Love Simone’s little wave – cute!

m on

Is it just me or does that baby look like Tori’s kids? Either way she’s adorable!

Romy on

baby girl looks a lot like Stella and Tori looks pregnant or on fertility drugs. She NEVER looks that full.

Sam on

Absolutely precious. What a loved and lucky little girl! Everyone looks so happy, especially those daddies! 🙂

Anonymous on

Tori looks really healthy, I’m glad she put on weight. You look really good Tori. Now you look Peachy perfect!

Libby on

Congrats to them! so happy for them

I think Tori might be pregnant. It looks like a bump could be hidden behind Scout’s shoulder. just my opinion

elle on

I think Tori’s preggers. She tweeted recently that she was nauseated–just my guess. If she is, congrats to the family 🙂

Jessica on

I love The Guncles! I’m so happy for them. I hope to see more about them and their beautiful family.

molly on

Dont understand how 2 gay men can get adoption of a little baby girl, and there is so many normal married couples out there that face so many rules and regulations!!! sorry but i do feel sorry for that little girl in 10 years time when she needs a MUM and not two gay men!!

Janice Markham on

So happy for the Guncles!


Bill’s “W is for William” shirt is FAB! And, here’s where you can get one!

Rosy on

That little girl is so cute! Congrats to her daddies on becoming her parents officially.

Oh and on the subject of pregnancy suspicions – I did think that as soon as I saw this picture (along with one posted of her not long ago…), but have done some picture digging on her Twitter and found this, taken almost 2 weeks ago, she doesn’t look pregnant to me…

Sophia on

Haha, I thought Simone looked kind of like Tori and Dean’s kids too! She’s such a cutie! It’s so great that the adoption’s finalized, they’re a cute family.

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to Bill and Scout!

And yeah, I think Tori’s pregnant. My first thought was “I see you hiding behind others!” Wonder when she’ll announce.

Bancie1031 on

Congratulations to the Guncles! I just love the Guncles! Tori looks great as well …. looks like she’s put on a couple of pounds that she well needed to add.

Hannah on

It’s lovely to see so many positive comments and messages of congratulations on this story. It’s always cause for celebration when a child finds a healthy, loving, safe home. But I have to ask — WHERE was this support when Cynthia Nixon’s (“Sex & the City”) wife gave birth to their new son Max? That’s a same-sex couple welcoming a new addition to their family…yet almost ALL the comments on that story were offensive and truly hurtful — something new parents should never have to hear.

Shannon on

The baby looks related to Dean.

Tori looks pregnant.

Lacey on

Molly-Open your mind! Simone(and other adopted children, by same sex parents) will be just fine when you grow up. Simone will always have Tori or another female friend around.

lola on

i think this is a great story about love and family but why is this story on here? the friends of a C or D rated celebrity doesn’t constitute that they’re celebrities…and i thought the title of this section was CELEBRITY BABIES. i don’t care about the friends of celebrities…gay or straight.

mila on

I believe homosexuality is a sin but that’s between Scout, Bill, and God. I am happy they’ve gotten the child they’ve been hoping for and I pray they and their daughter have blessed lives.

meghan on

Hannah, None of the posts on this site were negative toward Cynthia or Christine. Are you refering to a different site? Here people were surpirsed, but as far as I recall, were plently supportive.

Molly, Scout and Bill faced all the same rules and regulations as straight couples. Gays don’t get special treatment in the adoption process. They jumped through hoops like everyone else and were deemed fit.

All that being said, I completely agree with Lola.

jessicad on

How exciting for them!! I’m so glad times are changing and they were able to do adopt her, amazing.

If Tori is pregnant and trying to hide it I wonder why she wore that dress, seems like it would show a bump more than anything. She looks great either way and that’s awesome if she is pregnant!

JM on

there is something very sad about people using phrases like this:

“and there is so many normal married couples out there that face so many rules and regulations!!! ”

“normal” married couple molly? yeah because there is a general idea of what’s normal is there? very sad.

this little girl will be loved and cherished and wanted, that’s what’s important.
and just for the record there is absolutely zero, and i mean zero, evidence that suggests that children raised by same sex couples end up any worse off than those raised by erm…. “normal” couples.
until anyone can show me any evidence i write off such comments and pure prejudice.

friendly on

I do Not think it is okay for two gay men to parent a baby 😦 it is sad to deny a baby a mom. I think it is fine for two lesbians to parent a baby. While of course a baby ideally needs two parents, a mom is essential and to take that away from a little girl is just mean and selfish 😦

Laura on

To those saying that Simone will lack a mother, you should know that it’s not about a child having a man and a woman as parents, but it’s the motherly and fatherly figures that matter. Those roles can definitely be covered by two men or two women, and I’m sure these two will manage to give their daughter what she needs in life to be perfectly fine.

If this wasn’t the case, every single mother or father in the world would end up with messed up children, and that’s not always the case. What happens there is that the parent takes up both roles (mother and father) so if one person can do them at the same time, then two people, regardless of their gender, will have no problem as long as they have all their stuff together.

Soco on

So according to Molly and friendly, all babies must have a mother in their life. Does that mean I should have been taken away from my father because my mom died when I was a baby?

Bill and Scout clearly adore Simone and she will have plenty of love and support, even without a “mother”.

Ondine on

Too bad this little girl is doomed to life w/out a mother’s love. I can’t believe a better home couldn’t be found for this little girl. Did her mother know she would be adopted by two men? How sad.

shalay on

friendly, that is the most illogical, ignorant comment I’ve ever read on this site. And I’ve been reading Celebrity Babies for years.

How can you say that two women raising a baby is fine, but two men raising a baby is wrong? A mom is “essential”? Love is love. Mothers are not more important than fathers, or vice versa. It warms my heart to see a baby brought into a home full of love, regardless of the religion, race, or sexual orientation of the parents. Simone will be perfectly fine and much better off than some kids out there who have ignorant, selfish parents.

Allison J on

What a great photo! I love the little wave Simone is doing to the camera. I think Tori looks tired (and Dean, too) because they were probably crying with happiness over the finalization of the adoption. Both Tori and Dean look like they have been recently crying – but in a good way and for a good reason!

Mia on

How is ok for a child to have 2 moms–but yet it’s a double standard to have 2 dads?…

Yes-I do think it’s important for a child to ideally have a mom + have a dad–but as long as they have multiple positive males and females in their lives to protect them and have guidance–they’ll be Ok.

Did they use a surrogate or adopt her via an agency??-Is there any relation to the birth mom or parents?-j/w.

showbizmom on

Seeing how I might be the only one on here who was actually raised by two dad’s, I can say those stating the little girl will end up messed up or missing out are wrong!

My father and mother were married, they divorced and Dad finally came to terms that he was gay. So I have three dads; my dad, his husband and my mom’s husband.

When my step-dad’s job sent him overseas. I stayed and was raised by my dads and a great supportive community. I never went without. I went to a K-12 Christian private School that supported our family too! I never felt like I didn’t have a mom. I had like 20! My mom and I are very close and so am I to the “aunts” that I needed when mom couldn’t physically be there.

My fathers are wonderful and this little girl will have the normal ups and downs kids have with two opposite sex parents or a single parent. They’ll be embarrassed, at some point not for having two dad’s but just because we all go through that “God my parents are embarrassing” phase.

I respect what the poster who said, that she feels it’s a sin, but that it’s between Bill,Scout and God. I love that! I wish more people of any religion will take that view point. Because who are we to judge? If my very Korean In-laws can come to terms with my upbringing and learn to love and become friends with my two dads, and very extended complex family anyone can. Let’s not judge, lets be happy that these kids will be loved and supported.

PS. A funny thing is that my dad’s were better and more equipped to handle my ‘girl’ questions. When I got my period for the first time, my ‘aunts’ and mother just cried and annoyed me. My dads sat me down and very matter of factually just said what was going on and what to do. Me being me, I much preferred that then the mushy mushy girl crap the women in my life were telling me 🙂 And when the sex talk came, once again my dads were more straight forward and honest then my mom. God Lord, have stories! 🙂

Cecelia on

My mother voluntarily left her children because they weren’t conducive to a carefree, partying lifestyle. My father took over the responsibilities of both parents and raised my siblings and I. I haven’t seen or spoken to my mother since she left and I’m grateful. My father did a wonderful job and I was surrounded by grandmothers, aunts, and the like.

Having a mother present is not a recipe for success. A loving parent is what matters most. Simone’s even luckier, as she has two, loving fathers. It saddens me to see so many people belittle the role of a father. There is nothing a mother can offer that a father can’t.

friendly on

I know I spoke harshly and I am sorry. I am really not ignorant and I know I could have phrased that more gently. Let me say first off that I am not homophobic what so ever. I totally 100% support gay relationships, gay people, gay marriage. And in circumstances where a mother leaves for some reason, I am sure a man or two can raise a child up lovingly. I think my point is that I personally find it sad when a child is denied a mom right from the start- being a parent myself and knowing how connected I am to my kids- I guess adoption is slightly different but I especially find it sad when surrogacy is used and a baby never even HAS a mother! Sorry to offend, I was in a rush when I wrote that and feeling grumpy and I spoke harshly.

Madigan on

I too was raised by two men. I was adopted by my dads (aka Dad and Pop/Papi/P) when I was six weeks old. Yes, it was more difficult being raised by two men than what it probably is for children raised by heterosexuals. I had my fair share of trials but in the end I realized how blessed I was. I have two wonderful people who would give up anything for me. My fathers mean the world to me and I would not change my upbringing for the world. They loved and cherished me (and my brother) just like any other couple would. My brother and I are perfectly well-adjusted 28 and 25 year olds. We turned out fine, more than fine really.

We had one female role in our lives and that was our Aunt Liz. Though she was the only motherly figure in my life we never really got along. I much preferred boys. When I became pregnant and discovered that I was having a girl I was terrified. I didnt know if I would be able to be a mother to a daughter, it was very foreign to me. But, my fears were quite unfounded. I did not need a mother in my life to know how to be nurturing and caring. That’s how I know that my same-sex up bringing did not negatively effect me as a person, if anything it made me much more open and accepting.

friendly on

okay- now I am thinking about this a lot and feeling guilty for writing that first offensive statement! sorry to everyone I offended- I rally am not an ignorant close minded person and I spoke too harshly. maybe I can reconsider my thoughts on this matter. Like when I think of Ricky Martin and his babies I think it is fine. I don’t know what I think- just mostly trying to get used to this idea

Gabby Turner on

Just love Scout,Tori, Dean, and Bill…Simone Lynn is a very lucky girl. Oh and did I mention Simone Lynn is sweet as pie. Congratulations to you Scout and Bill!

jessicad on

That’s an awesome response showbizmom!

I still can’t believe people out there see it as a sin, crazy to me. I also don’t understand how if you’re religious and see it as a sin but view children as a blessing and a gift from God and still find it wrong. God obviously has no problem giving them a child, so why should you.

Lisa on

Showbizmom… that was a touching story and in my opinion for those people who said that the they feel bad for Simone, they are very closed-minded. Your story is a perfect example of how every family is different and how every difference between us is a blessing. I am sure baby Simone has 2 supportive dads and if she ever needs to talk to a woman she will have family or Tori to talk to. It’s 2011 let’s be positive and not accept gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender’s etc. and this is coming from a straight woman. Listen to “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga all haters. It teaches you to love who you are regardless of your skin color, sexual orientation etc.

nicole on

this is to showbizmom, you rock! Thanks for opening the eyes of so many negative people out there. This little girl will showered with so much love, if only all children could get that.

Christine on

Congratulations to Bill and Scout they will make GREAT!!! parents
Im happy for them both

tjc on

Did you ever think that Tori looks “tired” because maybe she was crying? As emotional as Tori gets, I’m sure she was a basket case when the ceremony took place. It’s only natural, considering how long the Guncles wanted a child. Congrats to all of them…..Simone is an absolute angel… 🙂

Andrea on

Congrats! They will be great parents!

Pam on

That baby is sooooo freakin’ cute!!!! Congrats to the happy family!!!

B on

I may not know them personally, but they all seem like really great people. Creating a family is such a great experience- I’m so happy for them. Family is everything. This must be an exciting time for them. 🙂

libra on

whatever floats there boat…

Carla on

Yeah! So excited for the Guncles. Love them and Simone is perfect. CONGRATULATIONS…

Daysee on

Tori does look like she has gained some weight. But I hope that the two men are happy that they have a baby that they always wanted.

lulu on

Sooooo happy for them, yeah bill & scoutie! and to the naysayers… having straight parents is no guarantee of anything, a parent who wants and loves their child is a wonderful parent, or straight dosent matter. you know you have encountered endless amounts of screwed up hetero parents… if you dont know any personally ( although i know you do, we all do) just watch the news…. abuse cases, parents killing their kids… neglect… how many of those are gay parents? betcha its its either none or an extrordinarilly small amount. by the way, before you judge, im a straight mom. and tori looks great! the pic isnt the best, but have you ever been in a courtroom? the lighting ( which is everything in a picture) is awful.

Stan on

Congrats to two of the best people that will love and care for their little girl (nuget) Simone. Bill and Scout have posted pics of how a family shows their love for one another. Along with their friends and family Simone will grow to be a beautyful girl,teen,woman. This I am sure of.

martin on

I really hope that “Guncles” does not catch on

jd on

love is love- no matter where it comes from. Children need love, and being raised by anyone that loves is a positive thing.

mary on

Love your post showbizmom!

billy on

Gay people should not be allowed to have children. It is not natural and it is not what God intended for children. It’s just gross

The Lorax on

To those pitying the child because she has gay parents or she doesn’t have a female “mom”, I’d like to point something out.

It’s likely that you had opposite sex parents, and look at what a pathetic hateful mess YOU turned out to be.

I be Simone’s happy and loving and kind. So, if two opposite-sex parents make people turn out like YOU, perhaps it’s opposite-sex parents that is the problem, not same-sex parents.

Julie on

1) Everyone in that photo is a hot ugly mess except for Dean & the baby, lol.

2) Nothing wrong with being gay but selfishly wanting children when you can’t provide them with a mother and a father is WRONG. Children do need their mothers. They also need their fathers. Ask any stripper if she had a great father figure in her life and she will tell you NO. Children need both parents.

3) There is nothing to be celebrated about Tori & Dean. He was married and had a toddler and his wife was pregnant with their second baby when he left her for Tori. That’s disgusting. Marriage means so little to those two idiots that he was fine with leaving his PREGNANT WIFE and she was fine with him doing that, so long as she got to have him and have her own gaggle of ugly children with him (Tori is a toad and her kids are butt ugly too). They are repulsive human beings.

Kiki on

@Showbizmom – You are the best. Love your commentary, very non-judgemental, and it give some of us a great insight into unconventional families. I would so love to hear more of your stories LOL!!

Simone is adorable, I can feel the love. God bless them all.

Annborden on


Diana on

AWESOME for them! Congrats to the proud family! She’ll be loved!

Geraldine on

As long as this baby girl is loved and brought up in love….does it really matter, 2 dads, 2 moms…whatever? To Scout and Bill just bring up a healthy, happy and loving baby girl! Tori looks more healthy – which is good!

QueenB on

I agree that the baby looks like Tori and Deans baby Stella.
I also would agree that Tori is looking a bit fuller from the side. She looks very tired and overworked. She looks good though, having had 2 children.

Dinah on

Congrats Bill & Scout. Simone is one lucky girl to have two such wonderful fathers many many blessings to you all.

Just Me on

I have NO idea who these people are or what the story is. Help.

Anonymous on

YAAAY finallyy 🙂

max on

good lord some of the opinions of some people stun me.a child raised by two loving people is all a child can want.male or female.when did it become a sin for two people to love each other male or femaqle.I am a father and have four children three boys and a girl I love them very much and if one them wanted to live with the same sex I would support them all the way love is love.for some one to say that a child has to have both a mother and father is insane.what about the children that have lost a mother or father.can the mother or father not raise these children withy out a mate of the opposite sex..I call bull shit

Bridget on

Spiritually speaking they say on a soul level we choose our parents and they are our soul mates.
Simone has done a great job choosing two dads who will throw rose petals at her feet.
What a lucky girl.

Sammi on

Showbizmom-Amen. Your “fathers” did an amazing job! And to the Guncles Congratulations on your new family!

Becky on

CONGRATULATIONS GUNCLES. So heart warming, especially since they chose to have a baby and make them a family. It won’t surprise me if Tori announces a pregnacy, there is definately something in the water out there in La La land. She looks fab with the weight gain, it’s healthy on her.

Bea on

totally wrong!!!!!! There are way more important stories in the world than this one. One day she will need a Mommy- not 2 daddies!!!!!

Vicki on

That is so sweet! What a nice family they make!

Jessica on

I’m wondering how many of you posting the negative comments like watching the hit tv shows – “Modern Family”‘s Cam & Mitch and their daughter. Also, Rachel on “Glee” was adopted and raised by gay fathers.

Just curious….

Jessica on

Also, for those of you saying a baby needs a mother. I’m curious what happens if the mother is deceased and the father raises the child? Or is that not “right”?

PS – I’ve seen and experienced MANY not-so-great mother’s raising kids in my day.

Let’s focus on love and the love for the child.

Kristie on

What is wrong with Tori’s face, especially her left eye? Anyone else notice that?

momof4 on

Good grief that is a cute baby!

gagirl on

Julie, while you’re going off about Dean leaving his pregnant wife, you are wrong. That little girl was adopted. If you’re going to go on a rant at least have your facts straight…dumbass. Anyway, I immediately thought Tori looked tired and thought it might have been from crying. But upon closer inspection, she looks more filled out and her dress is pulling across the front. She actually looks kinda sick. She’s talked about possibly having another one so we’ll see…

Lori on

to julie, read up on tori and dean before you make untrue statements. dean’s first wife was not pregnant when he left, she had decided to adopt a child after they had split. dean is a wonderful father to his son jack with his ex, and to his and tori’s kids. as far as having a mother in your life. i have a mother, she is a hateful, selfish and uncaring person. she had my brother and myself to try to hold on to my father and when that didn’t work she treated us like strangers. i was raised by my father and grandparents and i turned out great. i am a mother to 2 very smart and well adjusted boys and have a wonderful husband of 15yrs. i can say in all honesty my life growing up was better without my mother involved. also if god was so against them have this wonderful little girl, he could have made it not happen. i wish them the best of luck, and i know that little girl will have more love and suppost than alot of children being raised by a mother and father!!!!!

Sam on

Any of you haters watch the news these days? Of the many many recent stories of parents beating, starving, torturing and just outright killing their children which ones involved same sex parents? Oh yeah, none of them! The children in real trouble are in households of the unemployed, or poor, or drug addicted or mentally ill, not ones with two mommys or two daddys. Bottom line is that anyone adopting or using alternative methods of having children had some financial means to get through the process, and with that usually comes enough where with all to ensure that their child has positive role models of both sexes. These children grow up just fine. Looking at statistics its generally the two sex, two parent, white bread “normal” families that have nurtured the countries serial killers. Just because a child is being raised in a one sex parental situation (either single or coupled) does in no way mean that the opposite sex will be excluded from the child’s life. Just as a child being raised in a two sex household isn’t ensured a happy childhood. This world has a whole lot of REAL problems, how about we take a little time to focus on those?

Kimberly on

Sorry! Tori so looks preggers!

Kimberly on

Congrats to the guncles.

I am so happy for you and your new little girl! As a new parent myself, I am now so concerned that many children could live in loving homes and don’t because of the laws. It is really a shame. A happy child is a wanted child.

marione on

Tori looks like she is getting a belly. The baby is very cute, but I’ll disagree that it looks just like Stella. Stella looks like Dean, with those eyes very close to the nose.

jackie on

where are the thank yous to the birth mom who couragously gave this baby life rather than suck her out of her body with a vacume and flush her down the sink.

God Bless the new family!

Lynn on

I think if the baby has two loving parents who are going to raise her and provide her with a home and family that she can count on, it shouldn’t matter what the sex of her parents are. If they are willing to do the job of being her parents, I think that’s wonderful.

Carrie on

Tori’s eyes look really bad….maybe she was crying rt. Before the picture was taken…..but then again Dean doesn’t look too good either!
And I also agree that the baby looks a lot like Stella!!! I made a double take when I first saw her ……

Valerie on

Molly, Your comment came across as very harsh and judgmental towards gay people. Gay couples are just as deserving as heterosexual couples are to adopt. The most important thing is that child grows up in a loving and stable environment. In regards to being raised by a biological female and male, if you care to know, research actually suggests that children of gay couples tend to fare just as well, if not better, as children of heterosexual parents. They often have a greater understanding and acceptance of people’s differences It is up to each couple to decide whether or not to incorporate a matriarchal or patriarchal figure other than themselves in their children’s lives. Let’s not judge anyone’s desire and deservedness to have a child simply based on which reproductive organs they possess.

Valerie on

Additionally, gay people have to follow the same rules and guidelines for adoption that heterosexual couples do.

M Brull on

Tori Spelling has always reminded me of someone who is a cross between a man and a horse. She and Jessica Parker have all the features of men………U G L Y

Crystal on

I am STUNNED at some of the statements on here! Are people really that ignorant that they feel two gay male couples should not adopt due to the fact the baby won’t have a mother???? Do you people think about the words
you write before you submit them? Some of them are very negative and extremely hurtful. I have a question. Is Simone the biological daughter of one of the guncles or did they do a regular adoption? I know with the woman from Y&R even though her daughter was her biological daughter she still had to adopt her so I’m wondering if this is the same scenario.

Audrey on

I truly pity those who are so close minded, as they will never see the beauty of the world, like in the way of this story. Nobody has the right to tell anybody can who they can and cannot love or take care of. The only person missing out is YOU.

Congrats to these new parents and this beautiful baby girl! They make a wonderful family 🙂

sara on

SO SO SO Happy for them!!!

Callie on

Guncles, we are so happy for you both. We also adopted both of our children many years ago. Now with more grey hairs thanks to our daughter, we are still a family helping our little chicks to fly out into this world and spread their wings. They still seem to like the nest here but thats okay. So tell Dean and Tori to be great God parents as we know they will as their children look to be doing wonderful. Have a great life you guys.

dawn c ho on

I still say Tori’s husband is only in the marriage for the money.

JM on

it’s disgusting that there are still so many prejudiced people out there. truly i find that disgusting. some posters here saying that it is not right for two men to adopt a child should be utterly ashamed of themselves.

i guess you posters who have a problem with this will be remembered along side the sad and pathetic racists (some of whom are still around today). history will not look kindly on such bigotry and prejudice.

i often wonder about christians who call this sort of thing a sin or who say that they know that god disapproves of this. i am not a christian myself, but i wonder how they justify being so cruel and judgemental. or are some sins just more sinful than others? and for those who do believe in god (i don’t myself) isn’t it just slightly presumptuous (dare i say sinful?) to say that you know better than god who according to your rules created these people to be gay, gave them happiness and ensured that it was possible for them to adopt a child? or does god make mistakes?
all genuine questions because to me it always seems like one of the world’s greatest contradictions to be a christian and be homophobic.

Keith on

After reading some of these comments, I had to say something. Parenting is something that is quite challenging in the traditional household (mother and father). Many people these days are only getting one parent because of the divorce rates. So I say to those that disagree with these two men raising their daughter, would she really be better off in foster care than in a stable household (albeit homosexual)? As she grows, she will run into females that will give her that particular perspective on life and she is guaranteed to have a male perspective (something many children these days aren’t getting because of all the single mothers). My daughter is blessed to have a mother and a father and there should be something said about this girl having two parents. It is a good thing and God bless them for wanting to do it.

Anonymous on

Mila, there should be more people in the world like you. People who can have their own beliefs and also accept that not everyone believes in the same thing.

E on

so, I go on…and this is the first thing I see? Who cares..

Hillary on

believe me, I have straight parents and am still effed up as everyone..this kid will be just fine 🙂

Annie on

The only offensive thing I see in this picture is the truly horrendous jacket the man in front is wearing. Looks about three sizes too small and incredibly uncomfortable!! 🙂

tc on

So you have to have a mother huh? Hmm so being physically and mentally abused by a mother is so much better than having two fathers? Glad to know. Ill just forget all the times my mother locked me in my closet, punched and kicked me when I was laying on the floor in a fetal position, when she allowed her husband to put a shot gun in my face and threaten to blow my brains out simply because she was a mom and every little girl needs a mom.

I really wish people would open their minds. Sexuality is not a decision its something you’re born with and we shouldn’t punish people, judge people, deny them the right to marry or parent simply because they happen to like the same sex. We are all humans and we all deserve the same respect and rights.

Amy on

Homosexuality in the strictest sense of sex outside of marriage is a sin. Being gay is not. It is the ACT that is wrong in the eyes of God, not whom we love. But this family seems happy. They hopefully will be good parents and raise a happy, loving little girl. She will no doubt have female role models in her life. She does not necessarily need a mother to have all her needs met.

The negative comments need to stop. We need to show more respect for people’s private lives and not judge. That is God’s domain, not humanity’s.

Kay on

Congratulations to them and all the best of luck! What a beautiful little girl. I’m going to say this, and it’s not meant to be offensive at all ,but just out of curiosity, anyone else think the baby may have a slight touch of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome? Maybe it’s just me, but she’s gorgeous anyway!!

Sher on

Can some of you naysayers not see the complete joy and love radiating from Bill and Scout’s faces? And baby Simone is already smiling and waving with happiness…As for these not being ‘celebrities’ I am a huge fan of Tori and Dean’s reality show and the Guncles have a pretty major role in it. They are more deserving of the ‘celebrity’ moniker than some of these jerks from Jersey Shore, etc..

Wishing you all the joys that parenthood held for me, guys, and there is none greater than having a sweet little girl to love and cherish! BTW–I think Tori looks awesome..just a little emotional, and I love the way she shows emotion. Not one of the typical ‘plastic’ Hollywood types.

Sarah K. on

To those insisting that Simone will be missing out on having a mother, think about why that is. Why do you think she needs a female parent? Is it because when you think of your mom you think of the nurturing, comforting, sympathetic parent you turn to? We equate mothers with the ones who hold us when we’re upset and who feel everything we feel. But the fact is that dads are just as capable of doing that IF we give them that chance.

I don’t love my mom because she is a woman or because she taught me how to wear eyeliner (which she is awful at anyways :)) – I love her because she is always there for me whenever I need her. Simone has that too and that is all any child needs.

Manda on

I haven’t had coffee yet this morning so please excuse me….

What is a “Guncle”? Is it a gay uncle? If not, then what?

Congratulations to them all!

Sarah K. on

Also, I forgot to add that Simone’s birth mother chose Bill and Scout as her child’s parents. She obviously thinks that they can be everything Simone needs. You don’t have any reason to think otherwise – except for your own inability to see people for who they are, not what they are.

Manda on

I’m over the gay bashing! I’m sick of Christians picking and choosing which rules of the Bible they will follow. Just because you follow the writings in the black book, doesn’t mean that we all have to. I believe in GOD but I think that if he didn’t mean for something to be, then he wouldn’t have made people that way. If gay people aren’t supposed to have children because it’s “not right” as some idiot said earlier, then does that go for heterosexual couples with fertility problems? Should they be bashed for adopting? My Father and Aunt were adopted because it was God’s will, just like this couple adopting their little girl, it’s God’s will. GOD is an almighty being, if something weren’t supposed to happen, it wouldn’t! The end!

April on

This is such a sad story. I feel so terribly bad for this little girl who does not have the opportunity to speak for herself, and instead is forced to live in an unnatural environment without the presence of a mother to nurture her in her early years, and without the example before her of what a loving mother and father figure should be. This sickens me!

Monica on

I am so happy for the Guncles. You can tell (from watching the show) that they really have the love to share with their daughter.

The thing with adoption or surrogacy (especially with 2 men because it’s their only option) is that you really have to want the kid. That is not always the case for people that have kids the “natural” way. How many unwanted children are born because some girl accidentally got pregnant? Does that make it better for the baby? Just because you are physically able to have a baby does not make you a mother! I know plenty of people that were raised with a mother/father or just mother who have all sorts of issues.

I think the key to raising a happy well adjusted child is love- regardless of what form that comes in- mom/dad, mom/mom, dad/dad, grandparents, aunts/uncles, etc.

Enigma on

Beyond disgusting, any hopes for a normal life for this kid are now gone.

tj on

Mother’s aren’t always a positive influence or a loving figure. Mine is a monster who was both physically and mentally abusive. I would have traded her off in a second for a chance to live in a loving home.

Jennifer on

Plenty of us were raised by women who should not have been mothers. How many parents you have and what gender they are means nothing.

And I agree that Tori looks like she may be hiding a little something in that shot, I’m wondering if she knew the photo would go public since she didn’t put nay makeup on.

Cindy on

Okay, really what is a Guncle? And do we really give a crap about these 2 guys? We don’t even know who the heck they are? This by all means is not news worthy material here people! Two guys adopting a little baby is ridiculous! Leave it the way it should be with a MOM and a DAD! That is just not right! That poor baby will be made fun of when she attends a school and the children ask her who her Daddy and Mommy are.

Alison on

Congrats!!!! So awesome to see such a loving family. I watch Tori and Dean on Oxygen and it’s glaringly obvious that Scout and Bill were meant to be parents!!!!

Sara on

How adorable is that little girl!!! At first I thought it was a flashback picture of Stella when she was a baby! It’s crazy how much they look alike!

Tori looks great! I doubt she is pregnant and if she is it’s not too far along. Plus if she was trying to hide it she would have stood in the back behind Scout instead of trying to hide behind his shoulder.

Congrats adorable little family!!

JMO on

My first thought when I saw this picture was that it was an old shot of the family with baby Stella!! That child looks remarkably like Tori and Dean’s kids!!

My second thought was wow Tori looks like a hot mess…maybe she’s pregnant!!

But the last thing on my mind ever was omg these two men should not be raising a baby!! Wow I can’t believe some of the comments and just when you think we’ve come so far comments like this make you realize we haven’t gotten anywhere whatsoever!!

I have two gay cousins who were in the process of adopting a little boy (it was my cousin’s brothers son who was incapable of taking care of him). They fought and fought for this baby but in the end bc the child was born in another state that does not recognize gay marriages in the end they lost the baby! They were devastated beyond words! I never felt so sad for a couple bc they truly wanted this child to be their own.

Their sexual status shouldn’t be an issue. Many kids grow up without moms for many reasons (death, they leave ,etc) but doesn’t mean these children don’t have aunts, cousins, friends that are good role models for them.

One actress in particular Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls, Parenthood) was raised by her father bc her mother left when she was a tot. She talks openely about being raised by a dad and not really having a mom in her life until much later in her life. She’s well adjusted, talented, and seems to have come through it just fine with no mom!

So stop and think before you post. If it’s your beliefs that it’s a “sin” well that’s on you and nobody else! If you want to put religion into it I believe God loves ALL good people. Worry about people who don’t take care of their kids and all these children in foster care bc they’re parents disposed of them! Having 2 dads or 2 moms is the least of anyone’s problems!

DP on

I suppose Grandma is hiding her baby belly too?!?!

C’mon she may be pregnant – or not.

She’s not wearing any make-up (eye or lip, mascara is a must for blondes), that’s why she looks like she’s not feeling well.

RebelYell on

There are many avenues gay couples can explore to have children, so even if someone opposes gay couples adopting it doesn’t mean they still can not be parents.

But truthfully, I know if I was placing my child up for adoption I would want a traditional family of a mother and father. I’m sure there are plenty of same sex couples who can be great parents, there are also just as many straight couples. I would also want my child to be brought up in the same religion as me.

But if this precious child’s bio mother and/or parents didn’t have a problem with it or oppose it then who am I to complain?

It seems like it was a private adoption though because they have only been in the process for a few years.

I wish all concerned happiness and joy.

RebelYell on

Sam, there actually have been same sex couples or single gay parents who have been charged with all kinds of wrong doings in relation to either their bio, foster or adopted children. Granted, the incidents aren’t as frequent as straight couples or individuals but it does in fact happen.

Implying that same sex couples are inherently ‘baby killers’ and ‘child molesters’ is every bit as offensive as saying gay couples are ‘sinners’.

Leah on

I’m so happy for the Guncles! I just love those 2. I think the baby looks like Scout, not Stella. But who cares? She’s an adorable baby and she’s got 2 loving parents, that’s twice what I had when I was growing up. Congrats to all!

preemiemommy07 on

Congrats to them! Wish all adoptions were that easy :0>

By the way does anyone else notice Tori is pregnant?

ST on

What a sweet little girl. Congrats to all.

Lynne on

Tori’s face is awfully swollen which indicates she is expecting. Her arms aren’t as stick like as usual, and she is hiding her tummy. Looks KNOCKED UP TO ME!

Lynne on

I really think that the term “guncles” is stupid and annyoing and beneath these two gentlemen. they are two gay men – why can’t we just use their give names in the headline? Tori is an idiot.

Kailey St. Pierre on

Congrats Bill, Scout & baby Simone!

marione on

You know, it’s much better to have two loving dads that some single mom bringing a baby up. Or not loving parents. C’mon, kids need love and money to be brought up, so this baby Simone will have that! And she will have friends like Tori’s kids too. Watch “Teen Mom” on MTV, they show so many situations not suitable for babies.

Fx2 on

Tori = body = HOT!

Monica on

Simone is a very lucky little girl to be surrounded with so much love. I am sad that other little angels miss out on so much love just because the adoption process denies same sex couples to be parents. What a blessing Simone and her daddies are to each other. NO ONE should be denied to be a parent if they have the capacity to LOVE. We need more love in this country of ours.

Korrie on

Some of the comments here disgust me. I certainly hope that the world I am bringing my children up in can be more tolerant than the example of people commenting on this post. Open your minds and stop being so bigoted. Shameful, utterly shameful.

Leslie on

CONGRATS to them!! I am sure they will be FANTASTIC parents to that adorable baby girl! I am so glad that there are so many supportive comments on this instead of spewing hatred!! That is wonderful! EVERYONE that wants to be a parent SHOULD be able to be a parent whether it is by adoption or using surrogates!

Anne on

Congrads,to all your baby is beautiful and will be so spoiled, as for Tori she is looking healthy again, I don’t think she would hide a baby bump she would be telling the world they are very proud of thier children.I would like to add dean is looking good too. Best Wishes!!!!

Kiki on

@FRIENDLY – Go easy on yourself, we all live and learn. I too will tell you some things take getting used to, but we can’t judge. I have actually learnt from you today, it takes a big person to apologize to people you don’t even know, or see!! Blessings.

showbizmom on

I should really be spending my vacation in other ways, so this is the last I’ll post.

To those feeling sorry for this little girl, I was that little girl many many years ago. My fathers never pushed anything on me, they never molested me nor any of my male friends,they never pushed the ‘gay agenda’ on me or my friends and their families. What they did do is provide me with a loving home, k-12 private Christian school education, a senior graduation party that is still talked about today 🙂 a top notch college education that includes a Masters degree. That made it possible for me to be where I’m at today which is a successful Producer of films. My annual income without my husband’s is in the six figure range, my kids go to one of the best schools in LA, I have an assistant, nice cars, health insurance, beautiful house, beautiful husband, beautiful kids, and I could go on and on, but then I’m barging and my FATHERS raised me better:)

The point is, to the haters. My life is WONDERFUL, hasn’t always been but I’m sure yours hasn’t either. While you sit in your double wide trailer, hiding behind your computer judging and miss quoting the bible. I’ll be at home getting ready to go to a Oscar party, then come home to my husband and jet off on our vacation tomorrow. So please keep feeling sorry for people like me….

PS, I’m sorry for the double wide comment. I don’t even follow this family, I just look at that little girl and I see myself. I can take a lot in this world, but not GAY bashing and miss quoting the bible, I’ve said it before on this site, you want to talk the bible, I SAY BRING IT!
And to those that are supportive, I really have to say it brings a tear to my eye. This country has come a long way and I’m so happy that you guys are raising the next generation of little people that are accepting and free of judgment.

tori fan on

I think it is wonderful scout and bill are finally simones legal parents! and simone will be blessed with such wonderful godparents with tori and dean and her cousins liam and stella!

to molly, friendly and co on

you people really have problems: studies have shown (repeatedly) that children growing up with gay (male or female) parents are just fine. “A baby needs their mothers love” ? BS! A baby needs their parents love, no matter what sex the parent has. A mother is not better than a father. (it’s 2011, how about we catch up with emancipation?) “10 years from now” the child will have a chat with either father or with the aunt.

I doubt god has a problem with either of this here. people on earth have because they forget to “love your neighbor” and “don’t judge because god will judge”

Rachel on

I have to point out that all those saying a Male and a female should be raising a child. Do we then take children off single mothers??? If there is no father in the picture? If you’re drawing a line then draw it, don’t just be homophobic in the ‘kids best interests’ as thats just bull. Surely 2 loving parents are better than 1, or an abusive situation. Children thrive in loving, caring homes regardless of who provides it. Grow up.

Indira on

“The point is, to the haters. My life is WONDERFUL, hasn’t always been but I’m sure yours hasn’t either. While you sit in your double wide trailer, hiding behind your computer judging and miss quoting the bible. I’ll be at home getting ready to go to a Oscar party, then come home to my husband and jet off on our vacation tomorrow. So please keep feeling sorry for people like me…. ”

Look who’s judging now? I don’t even agree with the anti-gay sentiments but, I wonder how your father’s feel about raising a materialistic elitist braggart. Geez….

JM on

notice how all the christians posting homophobic comments here neatly side-step any questions that are difficult for them to answer?

like how it is christian to be filled with such hate? and why – if they believe in god – did he create gay people? or do they just know better than god and think that being gay is a bigger sin than any other sin? (how are those 10 commandments working out in today’s society, or do we just cherry pick?)

it’s pathetic, some people here have disgusting opinions and no brains to even try and explain them. i guess it shows up the weakness in their arguments….

(i bet all the questions in this post will be neatly side stepped as well)

Indira on

Religious views aside, what does ones sexual orientation have to do with their ability to love and reason? For those raised with hetero parents, do you think what your parents did in the privacy of their bedroom impacted their parenting skills???

As long as a person can love and make rational decisions then they can parent. I look at some of my gay friends and even though we’re young many of them will choose to be parents someday. I wouldn’t feel sorry for any their kids. Feel sorry for the millions of kids who are left to raise themselves.

warrior two on

Why do so many people have some weird fantasy that there is the “ideal” family? Is everyone who is wholesome and normal raised by one mom and one dad? There are SO many kinds of family situations, from grandparents raising kids, to aunts or uncles taking over, single moms or single dads…it’s only us white Europeans that think that’s the norm. In many, many parts of the world, children are raised by a whole PACK of family members.

There has never been any such thing as a “traditional” family. Don’t forget how many children grow up in so-called traditional families with a parent/parents who are abusive, are never home because they work long hours, drug-addicted, irresponsible, or mentally ill. I know a lot of people whose lives would have been BETTER without their mother- or father-figure. Open your eyes. There are many types of loving homes that kids can be brought up in.

I’m much more sorry for the children whose parents teach them to hate and condemn people who are different from themselves.

Adel on

Yikes – Tori looks awful.

Lynne on

Molly, and to everyone who thinks two men adopting a child is wrong, you need to think again…There is nothing wrong with two same sex wanting to love, cherish and adore a baby who’s mother really does not have a say, obviously she did not want her!!!! These two men will raise this child probably better than most of the negativity in these comments….There are many of children who are raised by their father..And She’s lucky, she has two dads who love her!!!!!! Good Luck Scout and many happy years with your Daddys’

Gaia and labans mom on

All the abrahamic religions frown upon homosexuality. Why focus or assume that those who disagree with same-sex parenting are all christians?

Everyone feels that there upbringing, their “ideology” is best. I was raised primarily by my mom. Growing up I had so many pity-looks thrown my way because the term single mom has a connotation to it; none of which were true in my case. I know a lot of gay men who struggle with the thought of parenting because they too were raised with the traditional roles.

People need to seperate what we’ve learned from what is reality. As another person said the two-mom and dadparent household may have always been the standard for some but not everyone. Families come in all forms but one mom and one dad, to just grandma and child or older sibling raising younger ones!

Suz on

Aww. Happy for them. Love the wave she’s giving! And I did think she looked like Stella.

I also thought Tori didn’t look too good/happy. Hopefully, it’s just that she really is pregnent. Was just at a party myself the other day and everyone kept asking me if I was all right. I feel just awful and knew I looked bad but am not ready to announce yet.

JM on

gaia-labans mom – not sure if you were referring to my post but i was speaking specifically to the posters who call themselves christian but behave in a way that i am sure is considered “un-christian”.

however, i totally agree with you that many religions condemn homosexuality and i think that that is equally wrong. it’s something i have failed to understand for a long time why people choose to be part of a belief system that spreads hate and bigotry (of any kind).

i know plently of religious people who are not homophobic and i applaud them for thinking for themselves and evolving with the times.

it just surprises me that there are still so many who subscribe to outdated and ignorant ways of thinking. and some people who have commented on this post are evidence for that.

Becky P. on

Like someone else posted, I didn’t really know what a Guncle way, congrats to the new family..As for the baby needing a Mom, I would think that (within reason) Tori might fill that role?? I grew up with a Mom and Dad if thats what you could call him..I always thought of him as just my Mom’s husband that got her pregnant..He wasn’t a Dad by any means, so if I had of had 2 men that loved me and took care of me, I think I could of been just as happy..

Jamie on

Why should some of these homophobic comments suprise anyone? The majority of this country is uneducated and full of religious persecution. But I guess its ok for these ignorant biggots to peruse celebrity websites and chirp in with their sheepish two cents. Mainly because they are fat medical assistants who hang out at TGI Fridays. Losers.

brannon on

Wow. I truly hope some of you are not parents who may be passing your ignorance on to your own children.

Beautiful family. Beautiful baby. So sad that she has to grow up in the same world as some of these posters. May she never encounter those of you who hide behind religion in order to discriminate.

trish on

CONGRATS !!!!!!!!!! ONE LUCKY BEAUTIFUL BABY AND TWO LUCKY PARENTS!!!!!!!!!!!! I KNOW YOU WILL TAKE CARE OF HER AND HER HAPPINESS AND HEALTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THts beauitful congrats scout and bill!!! i wish I was her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fondly Trish

FC on

Wow. A lot of veering off-topic in here.

Anyway, I am glad for Bill and Scout on the adoption being finalized, even though, as they said, they’ve been parents since she was born. And they have been. Now, they just have it on paper.

I love how Simone seems to be waving at the camera. So cute.

Lisa on

I am so surprised on how many people have no clue who Bill and Scout are, do not support gay relationships and yet they felt it was necessary to open the thread, read it and comment on it.

Congratualtions to Bill and Scout…may your extended family be forever happy and in love.

And for those of you who have nothing nice to say…then don’t say it.

Jessica on

I’ll bite to JM’s questions:
(sorry for any errors that may be in this post…working while typing)

***like how it is christian to be filled with such hate?

Calling an action a Sin does not mean you hate the sinner. I sin daily. I HATE HATE HATE that I am so weak I can’t stop myself from sinning. I’m not perfect. I do not claim to be perfect. As Christians we can hate the sin and NOT hate the sinner. Unless you believe what we believe don’t bother to JUDGE us and post lies!!

***and why – if they believe in god – did he create gay people?

God created people with free will. He did not create homosexuality. Homosexuality is a sin and God is perfect. He makes no mistakes. Sins creep into our lives in many forms, overeating (which I do daily) homosexuality, judging. We can choose to fight these sins or to give into them. I choose to fight mine and I fight EVERYDAY and fail most days, but God still LOVES me just as he loves anyone who commits any other sin.

***or do they just know better than god and think that being gay is a bigger sin than any other sin?

No one knows better than God. I myself think a gay couple raising a child who needs a family is WONDERFUL. Do I think they should be using a surrogate to have a baby..NO. Would I ever condemn them..NO, but in a forum like this I will voice my opinion. I live my life the way I believe it should be lived. Do I force my beliefs on others…NO. If I’m asked I will voice my opinion and even if it comes down to voting I will follow my beliefs because that is why we are a FREE society. We can vote/live as we see fit!!!!

Amy on

So happy for Scout and Bill. And who cares that the baby has two dads. As long as she is raised in a loving family, that is all that matters.

Grace on

@Lori: You’re only half right. Dean and his first wife started the adoption of their daughter together – then he left her mid-way through the adoption process, which almost caused her to lose the chance to adopt the baby. Then she finished the adoption process on her own because Dean decided not to be a part of the process.

JM on

Jessica thanks for being the ONLY one brave enough to approach my questions. i really respect that. if i may answer some of your statements:

“Calling an action a Sin does not mean you hate the sinner…”
but it does mean that you are judging someone, isn’t that a sin as well? also, when i indicated that people were spreading hate, i didn’t just mean calling something a sin, i meant people who were saying it was wrong or disgusting etc (this may not apply to you, i understand).

“God created people with free will. He did not create homosexuality.”
ah, common misconception, homosexuality has nothing to do with free will. people are born gay, in the same way they are born with a certain skin colour, or eye colour. this is why i compare homophobia to racism, you are hating someone for something they have absolutely no control over.

also, i have always wondered this, god is all powerful, all knowing and all loving right? well why didn’t he create us in such a way that we have free will but are inclined to choose (freely) the “right” thing. not logically possible you say? well surely god isn’t bound by the rules of logic? he is all powerful afterall.

for your last point, i thank you and respect you. perhaps you could guide some of your fellow christians to the same conclusions as it is them who are spreading hate.

i would also honestly really appreciate an answer to my questions seeing as you are the only one with any guts to answer them.

Jessica on

***“Calling an action a Sin does not mean you hate the sinner…”
but it does mean that you are judging someone, isn’t that a sin as well? also, when i indicated that people were spreading hate, i didn’t just mean calling something a sin, i meant people who were saying it was wrong or disgusting etc (this may not apply to you, i understand).

~~~In a way we are juding, but we are judging the sin. Believing something is wrong in itself is not a sin. Pushing your beliefs is wrong. Let’s say you watch rated R movies and I believe watching movies with the content of most R rated movies is wrong. If I come into your home and you are watching one I will not dare to say a single word. In my home they will not be watched though. I can keep believing they are wrong, but I cross the line of acting Christ like when I get all up in your business about what you do. Am I making sense. If we didn’t hate sins why would we believe there is sin and strive to not commit sin? I sin daily. I hate my sins, but do I hate myself NO. I am human. We all sin. It is very easy to seperate sin hate / people hate. And it’s also very hard to explain to those who don’t believe in sin how we do it. I think it’s always gonna be one of those misteries.

***“God created people with free will. He did not create homosexuality.”
ah, common misconception, homosexuality has nothing to do with free will. people are born gay, in the same way they are born with a certain skin colour, or eye colour. this is why i compare homophobia to racism, you are hating someone for something they have absolutely no control over.

~~~But see this is where we differ. I do not believe people are born gay. Homosexuality is a sin just like any other. It is a sinful influence that the devil temps people into believe they are. I believe we can choose to fight that sinful temptation just like I choose to try and fight my sinful temptation to overeat and destroy my body. Again, unless you believe this way you won’t understand it (no snark intended)

***also, i have always wondered this, god is all powerful, all knowing and all loving right? well why didn’t he create us in such a way that we have free will but are inclined to choose (freely) the “right” thing. not logically possible you say? well surely god isn’t bound by the rules of logic? he is all powerful afterall.

~~~Because God is not a forceful God. He will never force anyone to LOVE him. He sent his Son to die so we are forgiven and we can choose to believe and accept him. He longs for each and everyone to love him and realized Jesus was sent to save us from our sins. It breaks his heart that some do not. The thoughts of unbelievers dyeing and going to hell breaks my heart.

JM on

Jessica thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, it is interesting to have a constructive conversation about this.

i think i can tie your first two points together as a response:
there is no evidence to suggest that being gay is a choice. people ARE born that way and it is not something they choose. in the same way you didn’t wake up one day and CHOOSE to be attracted to men. i won’t go into it too much but i have a very good friend who has done research in this field and he says there is overwhelming scientific evidence to suggest that people are born gay, or straight, or bi-sexual. again, it is not a choice. so by judging someone for being gay you are expecting them to live a life of lies, isn’t lying a sin too?

wouldn’t an all loving god love people no matter how they are born? if not, then i’m sorry he just isn’t all loving.

“Because God is not a forceful God. He will never force anyone to LOVE him.”
but it doesn’t have to be forceful. it only seems forceful because to us it is not logically possible. but if you’re the creator of the universe you can make 1+1=3. for example, if god created humans he chose what how to make our bodies. well why not get rid of the part of my brain that gave me the ability to reason through all the evidence and conclude that it is irrational to believe in god? afterall he is all powerful and if he had made us that way then we would still have free will. not giving me that ability would not have me less free, it’s like saying he took away a cat’s ability to fly. or, according to christian belief, he just made them that way.

do you see the contradiction? i have yet to meet a single person who can convince me that it is possible for god to be all knowing, all loving and all powerful.

another example, if god is all knowing he should be able to create an action that he himself doesn’t know about – he’s all powerful after all, is he can’t do that then he is not all powerful, all powerful means all powerful, no two ways about it. but if he was able to do that then he couldn’t be all knowing. again, all knowing means all knowing. that is an inherent contradiction.

anyway, i look forward to reading your answers. thank you for taking the time.


As adoptive parents .. my husband and I are so touched and (in touch) with all the excitement the Guncles are feeling. Their statement is such a true one … although the ‘legal’ piece of their adoption is now complete … they were a “complete” family from the moment they brought their daughter home. Many Blessings to Bill and Scout their daughter, wishing you all nothing but the best!! And I’d like to share a quote with you (and all the readers of this blog) from the very beautiful Sheryl Crow about her 1st son … “Wyatt {my adopted son} is definitely all mine. Little so souls find their way to you whether they’re from your womb or someone else’s” … So TRUE, so TRUE!

Rob on

That is so awesome watching them with Liam and Stella on Tori and Dean’s show they are wonderful dads and little Simone is a very lucky and loved little girl I know. Congratulations on the adoption finalization guys

Kim Pennell on

Bill and Scott, congrats. People this is there baby, leave T&D out of now. They may be Godparents. But this is for Bill & Scottie.

Kim Pennell on

Bill and Scott, congrats. Well I have a very good name for T&d’s baby if it is a boy (MARTIN DEAN MCDERMOT) hope you and they like it.

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