Baby Girl On the Way for KISS’ Paul Stanley

02/25/2011 at 01:50 PM ET
Todd Williamson/WireImage

Paul Stanley‘s fan base is still growing: the KISS frontman and his wife Erin are expecting a baby!

The lead singer of the rock group and Erin, an attorney, will welcome their third child together — a baby girl — in August, the couple confirm to PEOPLE exclusively.

“There is nothing greater in life than family, and my accomplishments as a father rank at the top of my successes,” he says.

“Erin and I are blessed with our expectation of the addition of another princess to our family and a new member of the KISS army.”

The new baby will join Sarah Brianna, 2,ย Colin Michael, 4,ย and Evan Shane, 16, Stanley’s son from a previous relationship.

Fully enjoying fatherhood later in life, Stanley jokes his age doesn’t affect his dedication to daddy duty in the least.

“I may be 59,” he says, “but the only rocking chair this rocker is getting ready for is the one for my new baby.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Marisa Laudadio

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Jessica on

Big congratulations to the expectant crypt-keepers.

Ally on

Wow…that’s kind of harsh

Paula on

My god…can they pull their faces any tighter? Their faces are starting to pucker in the oddest spots…

Jeff on

Must have got a 2 for 1 deal on the hack job plastic surgery.

Samantha on

Whoa they are BOTH very OLD! Very gross!! and sad for the baby….

VannPnk on

Agreed, their faces are funky! Epp! But Congrats.

A on

Why is it the old stars keep having babies!!

sandy on

JESUS, he makes Mickey Rourke look like……Mickey Rourke in 1985

A on

They should be grandparents!

Lori on

Wow, you all are cruel. Congrats to the happy Family! KISS ARMY!

Ally on

Why is it anyone’s business if they wanna have kids at their age? As long as the kids are being taken care of and loved.

mochababe73 on

Okay, since no one else said it, I will. Her face looks like the Joker.
Anyway, congratulations to the happy couple. And, I love their kids’ names. At least that even though he is a rocker, they didn’t give them some horrible “rocker” type monikers.

Anonymous on

I was friends with her in high school. She is 38.

Spirit on

Oy! Enough with the plastic surgery, already! Their faces look horrible. Just ridiculous. It doesn’t make you look younger people, it just makes you look like old aliens!

Lila on

Wow. He doesn’t even look human anymore.

My parents are that age, and while they are active it’s still hard for them to keep up with my child. People in their 50’s or older should be thinking about grandchildren, not making babies!

JAR on

How old is his wife?

Shannon on

Yes, all of these old celebs are having babies! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH and people like myself who keep trying and trying after years with no prevail, sucks baals.

mary on

The fact that he wont be there to see his children grow up and become parents themselves is sad. Grandchildren will be out of the question for him. Everybody needs their parents around for support and advise and love for as long as possible. He probably wont be alive to see this new baby graduate high school. SAD but true.

Jessica on

It is almost unbelievable that this woman is only 38. I am 37 and look about 20 years younger than her. Women should really avoid pulling or puffing up their faces in their 30s. It puts you in that older woman gray zone of plastic surgery.

reree on

Easy money sue the plastic surgeon.Why do people do this to themselves Scary Yikes.

Michele on

Paul needs to quit sucking on those lemons!! So unattractive!!

debbie on

My sentiments BEFORE I read any comments, these people are old AND scary looking !

Becky on

Haha about the plastic surgery..I thought they got buy one get one free offer..Other than that congrats to them on the new baby…

Someone on

Since when is their an age limit when not to have children? Are you paying for all of the expenses for their child? My guess is No…… Congrats to Paul and Erin!!!

Erica on

:sigh: I just think having a baby at 59 is…kind of gross. You become a GRANDparent at that age, not a parent.

Myrna on

People are too harsh! He seems like a great dad and it’s not like his kids won’t be taken care of. I’m a little surprised that they are having another since he is 59 but she is not that old…I believe she is still in her 30s. In any case, congrats to them!

Jen DC on

Actually, with US life expectancy in the late 70s, he will likely (just) make it to this child’s high school graduation.

And why are we fixated on the age of the father (or mother)? It’s as if age is the only factor in death, which it isn’t. Obviously we can all die at any time – being young isn’t going to save you from an untimely accident, like a fire or shooting or an unknown aneurysm or other bodily malfunction that kills young children’s parents all the time. If you were really afraid of the death of a parent, no one becoming a parent would be acceptable.

denise on

LMAO WAY to much PLASTIC surgery GUYS!! You will scare the baby!

geepee on

If she’s still in her 30s – she needs to get all her money back from whoever did her surgeries!!! WHEW!

Sherry on

Ok i just looked it up and she is only 38 yrs old so i don’t think she is to old to be having kids. As for Paul And him being 59 yrs old, it is his right to have kids at any age that he feels is fit. It is there life and not ours and also look up other pictures of them both and they don’t look like that. It was a bad photo for them…. Congrats on the bundle of joy on the way!!!!!!

Shawna on

I do agree that people over the age of 50 should not be having babies. 59?? When I’m 59 my kids will be 38, 36, and 33!

Rachel on

Congrats to them! I have to say that yes, as long as the children are being taken care of, but when is “old too old”. I just read today on that a woman in Spain who at 67 had a child and past away a few months after her baby’s birth and now in India, a woman who gave birth at age 70, is dying 18 months after her daughter’s birth. Dr’s are not saying it was because of her IVF pregnancy, but it could have had an indirect role. It’s a slap in the face for younger couples who are stuggling to have babies at a child bearing age. Then you have older celebrities who take out their check book and do as many IVF’s as they can and get pregnant. Although at 38, his wife is not too old.

jessicad on

Good lord what a bunch of catty and rude comments.

Congrats to them and I hope she has a happy and healthy pregnancy! How cute he called her a princess, funny coming from a KISS member. His comment about nothing greater than family was very sweet, sounds like a great Dad.

guest 1234 on

OMG Matching chin plants and facelifts??? Why do people purposely make themselves look grotesque??? Those people look downright scary

emily on

I donโ€™t know why everyone making a big fuss about him sure he 59. I think that old. at least he had 3 children with his current wife and one from a previous relationship. Unlike rod sweart who was 66-year-old hen his son was born. He had 8 children with 5 different women. I think he more disgusting then Paul.

Indira on


Gross? Really? Boogers are gross not two adults having a child.

Shorty's Mom on

Apparently growing old gracefully was not an option!

Elly on

@jessicad , I’ve come to realize its the “rocker” type that are the most mushy with their little girls! Even my fiancee, who is the mostly black wearing, heavy metal listening kind gets all mushy and adorable with our 4 year old niece. He’ll bake cookies and play tea and put her hair in pigtails if she as much as smiles at him. ๐Ÿ™‚ Makes me secretly want to have girls ourselves someday, because it’s ridiculously adorable!

Congrats to Paul and Erin. There is no doubt that little girl will be loved and cared for by her parents!

Kathi on

Whoa! It’s a good thing plastic surgery gone way wrong is not hereditary….whew.

elle on

It’s wonderful if kids are being taken care of and being loved, but is it really fair to the kids when their folks have practically one foot in the grave….?

Joe on

To every dope that made a negative comment – ANYONE can take a bad picture, shame on People for not using something more flattering. They sound like good parents! Congratulations Paul and Erin!

Patti on

I had my last child at 41. Congrats to Paul & Erin!! ๐Ÿ™‚ You negative people are way funny!!!

CDH on

Well I can say that my fiance is 57 & I will be 37. We plan to have kids. We are wonderful people and will give ANY child a wonderful life. Those that have a hang up with age should worry more about how the child is being raised, then on the age of the parents. So its better to have young parents that mistreat a child or older parents that will produce a child that is a benefit to society. Mind your own lives & dont worry about what someone else is doing. Congrats to the happy couple.

melissa on

Why do they give his age but not hers? Sorry but 59 is too old to be a new parent. He probably won’t even be alive when this baby graduates high school. I think parents like this are selfish. They both look too old to be having babies.

Someone on

Funny, how many negative comments are about Paul having a baby at 59 is too old and that it’s not fair to the child/children that he won’t be around long enough to see the child graduate or married. Ok, then is it fair to the child/children if their Father or Mother at 20+ yrs old dies from a car accident, killed while on military duty or serious illness is that fair??????

Mary on

Whoa….he needs to be in KISS makeup ALL THE TIME……Can he even MOVE his face?? Even Gene had a better plastic surgeon… if this is the after pic he needs to ask for a refund…..just sayin

Mary on

if that is after plastic surgery he needs to ask for his money back… Even Gene’s is better…hey Paul, time to start wearing the KISS make-up full time

Lisa on

Seems like they are trying to morph into each other.. their chins, cheeks, foreheads, eyebrows, eyes look exactly the same. I get a kick out of their foreheads, they are HUGE!! LOL

Gigohead on

Wow! Paul Stanley is only 59?? I was idolizing KISS when I was a little girl — 40 years ago!! Thought he was at least in his early 60’s! Either way, wish them the best!

nancy on

~Wow…. you are all rude and immature! Guess what people? – BEING YOUNG DOES NOT EQUAL BEING A ‘WORTHY’ PARENT!!! Im sure you all realize that the most important thing that a parent can give their child is love right?!! And love is ageless….Congrats Mr & Mrs Paul Stanley !!! And as far as how they ‘look’- how many of you ‘enhance’ your looks by wearing makeup, dieting etc to live up to to medias standard of beauty? Sadly, we live in a society where aging is discriminated against- funny how the people who are putting them down for having children at their age are also the ones who comment on their attempt to preserve their youth!!! Think about it people….!!!

Caitlin on

Congrats to the expectant parents! Babies are always a blessing.

@Jessica That was the funniest thing I have ever read on here… oh my goodness, harsh but brutally hilarious.

his dad on

While many ridicule them for becoming pregnant – making it about ‘age’ or ‘perceived rocker attitude not jiving with parenthood’ – the simple fact is that ‘the world’ would advocate for a different outcome – no baby.

Their pre-born is as alive as are you and I.

Regardless if planned or unplanned – Paul is quoted as saying “blessed” about their newest child – these parents chose LIFE! Praise God.

I grew up with Paul’s music in a different and darker season of my younger life yet this news story speaks of growth toward light and his life-affirming choice should encourage a like-response in his fans.

Anonymous on

Erin was born in 1972 so she’s not old. Stop all the judging!

Jen DC on

@ Rachel: I don’t understand how someone else’s ability to bear children is a slap in the face of someone else’s infertility. So every child walking around is a slap in the face of every infertile woman/couple? So in sympathy and empathy with those people, the rest of us should stop having kids? That’s dumb.

The age dispute – I say again – is just stupid. People, death comes for people of all ages. Young parents die all the time. See: Did their youthfulness save them? No. Just like this guy’s age doesn’t doom him or his kids.

NonJudger on

Judgemental much? Who cares how old they are? It’s their own business if they have a baby. Unless it affects you, people really need to keep their lame, meaningless opinions to themselves! Thankyouverymuch.

SAR on

He has not aged well at ALL.

Anyway, congratulations to him and his wife.

Parquet on

When is he going to come out of the closet?! Paul…c’mon already!

Lauren on

I’m sorry….but this is truly a horrible picture of the parents to be!!! Seriously….Erin is only 4 years older than me and in my opinion could pass for 50!!! Why oh WHY do people do this to themselves???? Can’t we all age gracefully? She looks so…um….FAKE.

Oh well…..congrats to them both. My hubby is a huge KISS fan. ๐Ÿ™‚

Janna on

Rachel…. No one having a baby is “a slap in the face for younger couples who are stuggling to have babies at a child bearing age”. How dare you.

frankee on

They both look old but Congrats anyway

Holiday on

She looks at least 50~There is no way she is 37!

FeFe on

Congrats to the them! A blessing is a blessing is a blessing ๐Ÿ™‚

Melissa on

Some of you are nasty. Who are you to judge. So what they are older and expecting, big deal. Congrats to them both….!!

Melissa on

Congrats to them both. Negative people are jealous. You know it.

Sue on

I know Erin and, while this is not an attractive photo of her, she has had no plastic surgery. She is 38 and very natural.


Dear, paul Stanley, my brother and i grow up with you guys listing too your music we absulutely love you guys !covering the room with KISS posters !! Paul you and your wife are soo cool , your wife is beauful!!!! please forgive my spelling ! it sucks !! hey i give you guys too tumbs up for having more kids !!! even your guys age !! me and my husben steve, we are old i feel and still trying to have a baby are self,s even though we alreadly have kids from previous! he has one and i have 2 but , we do not have a baby from each ether ! you know !!!

ali on

I don’t think its wrong for a older couple to have kids but what happened to their faces. Horrible surgery

MiB on

Well, I have to say, that the ugliest thing in this post are the comments! Although I’m not a KISS fan, but I live close (as in within hearing distance) to a venue where they had a concert this summer, and judging from the sound and lenght of the show, it seems to me that he is in pretty good health. Also, a neighbour went, and said that it was an awsome show.

I wish them all the best with their new blessing.

Hea on

I don’t get why some of you are bitching about her OLD AGE when she’s 38? Look at all the aging new moms of Hollywood and compare, would you?

A on

How wonderful for them! I love, love, love Paul Stanley!!

Georgina on

Being 59 and having your 4th child and being 70 and having a baby is a little bit different. Also the complications the mothers suffered were a result of being pregnant and the stresses that puts on their body. This guys wont suffer that! Additionally as its baby number four, hes not blindly jumping into something he knows nothing about.

Each 59 year old also ages differently, I dont really know who he is, but he could be active and as healthy as a 30 year old (Although he is a rocker so maybe not!)

And surely their are benefits to being “older” just like their are drawbacks. I didnt think there was an “ideal” age to have a baby.

Wes Rogers on

Good for you Paul and Erin !!!! I’m pretty positive that you are a great father and are raising your children to fully succeed in this world of today !!!! Look what you have done with yours and given to the world !!!! You Go Daddy !!!!

Anonymous on

I never comment here, but after all the haters chimed in I wanted to add something positive. Congratulations to the happy family!! Wishing Erin a joyous pregnancy (just had my third at 39 yrs of age) and an easy delivery.

Rae on


Lisa on

If Erin is an attorney she should sue their plastic surgeon, that’s the biggest botch job Ive seen yet! How can anyone look in the mirror each day and think that looks good???? n.a.s.t.y

Jennifer on

CONGRATULATIONS! I’m not a member of the KISS Army but a baby on the way is a blessing. If it wasn’t meant to be she wouldn’t be pregnant. Stop being so judgmental people. It’s their life & their baby.

mila on

Shannon, maybe if you put out less hate, your body would be willing to breed? Right now, it’s just filled with vile feelings so there’s no space for a baby. Infertility has many causes but, in your case, it’s karma. Good luck with that.

The fact is that his kids will have an easier life than any of our kids will whether Paul lives a few years or a few decades. Money affords good education, good health care, more career options, better partners. My dad died when I was kid (in the military) and, while it was sad, I’m surely glad he didn’t choose not to have me because he might die. No kids for police officers, fire fighters, soilders, etc. Life is hard for so many reasons. Young parents, old parents, money, poor, sick, healthy. Give it a rest and stop worrying about his kids or his face. Sure you might not want to hit that, but his wife likes it and she (unlike Shannon) can carry a baby to term. Good for them on their blessing.

Lisa on

WOW Mila, your just full of peaceful zen now aren’t you. For someone that is so into karma, you may as well just shoot yourself in the foot now.

Sue on

Are you all idiots? She has not had any plastic surgery! I know her. Get a life and find something better to do with your time.

Allison J on

Congrats to this couple! As for the comments on how they look – how their faces appear is no one’s business except theirs. If they like the way they look, then that is all that matters. It is not a look I would personally go for, but I am not them.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy pregnancy and delivery.

HazeFace on

Anyone that has seen Paul Stanley in concert will know or tell you how insanely active,fit and powerful this guys is as a singer/ guitarist and overall entertainer. The guy way out performs most thirty year olds! RIGHT NOW at 59 Really! As for the comment earlier about him “being in a Rock band” the guy is not a druggie. It’s been widely known for all of his career and widely publicized.Congrads to Paul and Erin…man people take a look in the mirror before you start to critize people and how they look too.

Giorgio on

Congrats to Paul & Erin, don’t listen to this negative comments, enjoy the arrival of the little girl

LisaS on

What is with all the judgmental comments about this couple’s looks and age on a pregnancy announcement?

Sheesh. This place gets more ridiculous all the time.

Congrats, Paul, Erin, and family! Your little girl is lucky to be coming into a family that sounds loving and happy and excited about her arrival.

kate on

Another case of bad plastic surgery, for the both of them…gross!
Whats up with his eye brow lift and odd looking chin implant…double gross!!!!

Bo on

Better rich smart people have kids than stupid poor people! Congratulations Paul & Erin

Terri on

Congratulations to them. I hope she has an easy, healthy pregnancy.

Lisa on

All of you people should be ashamed of yourselves. I’ve met Paul quite a few times and he is a wonderful man. He absolutely loves his wife and his three beautiful children. Who cares how old he is. Atleast he and Erin want children, not like some of the idiots out there who have kids and then get up and split, with no desire to see the child, let alone raise him or her. I applaud Paul and Erin. I hope the new baby brings you both all the joy and love imaginable. And another thing, anyone can take a bad picture. He is Paul Stanley for gods sake.

Angela G. on

Congratulations to the Stanley clan. If they have the energy and means to support these children then they have every right to have another one if they wish. I have three children that I couldn’t live without. I knew when it was time to stop and so will they. Age is really not a factor in this situation and I am sure being a business man and an attorney they have made arrangements for their children should something (God Forbid) happen to them. I am a big fan of Gene Simmon’s Family Jewels and if Paul is as a good a father as Gene is and if Erin loves and supports their children like Shannon does then these children with grow up happy and healthy and with lots of love and support. Much Happiness and may they be blessed with a healthy beautiful baby.

jillian on

too much plastic surgery!

Angelina Cunningham on

wow people are so rude and disrespectful i can not believe it but i know for a fact the people who talk the most crap and say the most hurtful and rude childish and immature things will get theirs in the end cause what goes around comes around! Anyway God bless you and your family Paul they are blessed to have you and you are a wonderful entertainer thank you and keep up the good work

Angelina Cunningham on

i am sorry but evreyone on here who is being mean and childish you all need to grow up…my 5, 3, and 2 year old daughters dont even act lie this i swear this is a sad world where people are so worried about looks i mean hell if everyone look picture fricken perfect to me this world would suck i hate that people judge based on apperance screw the fact that the children will be raised well and have what thye need plus lots of love who cares about that right? i mean we should all be worried about looks so maybe a law should be passed saying if your not rich and famous and hot as hell dont have kids cause ugly people should have kids….GROW UP! it dont matter who you are what you look like how much you have or dont have or where you come from if you are blessed to bring a child into this world or even adopt one then God bless you because honestly all children need is food a warm home clothes and lots of love if you can give that then you are awesome!

j555 on

I think his wife forgot to put her teeth in for this picture.

Angelina Cunningham on

haze face i agree with you i can guarentee that most of people making these rude comments are not all that and because they make these rude nasty comments they are hideous on the inside and for whatever reason it is they need to let it go because although hurting someone or saying mean things gives you a momentary laugh to temorarily forget your pain and hurt remember it is only temporary your pain and hurt is not going to disappear becasue you hurt someone else as a matter of fact when your done laughing its right where it was so think before you speak remember how mucj it hurts to be hurt and stop you dont like it so why would someone else like it God i have so much to say i should find a publisist or mag that would like my stuff i could do a ask angel!

Sassy on

TOTAL MONSTAHS!!! People get outta Hollywood and remember what REAL people look like!!! Stop degrading your faces with plug-ins and clip-ons!! It’s OUTRAGEOUS!!!!

Other than that, Yay and Congrats! Happy couples having babies is always a good thing. But GODDAMN leave your faces alone!!!

Shea on

There are some sad sad people in this world. Paul does not and has not lived the drug lifestyle. Lydia Criss (Peter Criss’ first wife) recounts the story of offering Paul cocaine, which he turned down. When she told him it was free, he said “It’s free now, but it will cost me later.” He’s in better shape, in many ways, than a man 30 years younger.

Remember this, when you point fingers at someone else, there’s three pointed right back at you.

J.J. on

Congrats to Paul and Lisa on baby #3!!! Wish them the best with the new addition. In addition to that, if they are happy to have matter how old Paul is..then let it be. Honestly, I myself would not want to be a parent at 59 (preferably a grandparent) and would like to a few late 20’s early 30’s and maybe another around 40-42..but if he’s happy and over the moon..then that is all that matters. I’m thrilled for them and am sure they’ll make great parents to their soon to be daughter ๐Ÿ™‚

Christina on

She’s 38 and having her 3rd child, which is in the average range of celebrity moms here on CBB. She had her 1st child at 34. That’s common all over the U.S.

chelsea on

I personally wouldn’t want to have kids that late in life, but it is their choice and from reading this article it appears that they are very happy to be doing it at this stage in their lives. For a rock star it is better to do it now when you are not constantly on tour. Now he has the time and money to give his kids a great childhood.

There are many young parents who can’t afford to properly take care of their kids or who have to work two jobs just to get by and spend barely any time with their kids. Do you guys think that is a better option?

Chris on

Why do people want to look like transvestites?

Brian on

If their plastic surgeries ever pop loose, RUN!!! You’ll be killed by the sudden slap of skin travelling at 100 mph!

Anonymous on

she is only 38 so just shut up

mary on

congrats on your new baby. Babies are a blessing from god I HAD 4 kids and 5 grandkids I’M 44. I love all of them. good luck with your growing family.

Kara on

::::whimpers:::: mommy! :.O

Heather on

Can’t they afford a decent plastic surgeon? They both have to much botox, cheek implants and wow their lips are FREAKY they look old and pulled tight with a bit of POUFY!

Tara on

I agree with Bo ๐Ÿ™‚

heather on

there is NO way that chick is 38. she couldn’t even pass for 58!

alm on

I mean really, do they think they look good. What the hell is wrong with their faces??

stephaie on

38 she is she look older….. Anyway congrats to them wish them luck

CJL on

OMG!! He is freakin’ scary!!!!

mary on

Donโ€™t care what he looks like but I will say this, my husband and myself took my mom to a kiss concert 10 years ago and boy can they put on a show! My mom who is now deceased was in her middle 50โ€™s and was a kiss fan. You would never know it; she was very โ€œproperโ€ lol. They were awesome. Congrats to them on a new bundle of joy!


I am glad for them but no offense to Paul but man he looks rough!

Robin on

OK, first of all, this is a horrible pic – they both look terrific (& it wouldn’t matter if they didn’t) – check it out – there are a zillion vids of them on youtube. Second, while you’re there, check out all the benefits, charity work, & causes Paul has been involved with (e.g. KISS gave $500,000 to Wounded Warriors, & Paul works with kids with deformities). Then check out some of the interviews with him – he’s an incredibly devoted (& faithful!) family man who adores his wife & kids, hates drugs, & takes fanatically great care of himself. These kids couldn’t have a more terrific dad.