PHOTO: Ali Larter Debuts Post-Baby Body

02/25/2011 at 03:00 PM ET

Someone’s glowing!

Looking as amazing as ever, Ali Larter made her sexy post-baby debut at the Hollywood Domino 4th Annual Gala in Los Angeles on Feb. 24.

The new mom, who welcomed son Theodore Hayes on Dec. 20, rocked a black ruffle-trim wrap dress with a plunging neckline paired with sheer striped tights.

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kendrajoi on

Hot mama alert!

Indira on

Wow, she looks GREAT. I felt that she looked so frail before but, the extra weight really makes her look sensational.

matthew’s mom on

a women with curves beless her and it shows like most amrecian women have..we all dont have money for trainers and weight loss program spkesman… i am a mom of a two yr old and weigh one 145 i love me more today because i know my son was made with what is real love and never can be replaced… bless her and her family

matthew's mom on

she looks great with curves as most woman do…I dlslike how they make it seem all women need to have pressure of being thin as we dont all have fitness plans sponsors or a personal chef..

Cyn on

You are very right, Indira. She looks great.

Ashandra on

She looks good. It’s not like there’s any need to have more than a few pounds left after two months of giving birth. Mine was gone after a month. This look is attainable, it just takes work.

martina on

I think she looks better now. A total bombshell.

Nella on

She looks amazing, I think she looks better now than she did before she was pregnant, don’t get me wrong she was always pretty, but now she’s just glowing.

friendly on

I just don’t see what the big deal is about praising women for losing baby weight so fast! For those of us who breastfeed, the extra weight is helpful and keeps you from feeling depleted.

Asha on

It annoys me when people say “I don’t have a personal trainer, chef ect” – all it takes to be in shape is making time for regular exercise and making healthy food choices. Its not rocket science, just self discipline and caring enough about your health to make the effort.

martina on

Ashandra – a lot of women tend to keep extra 5lb on while they are nursing. So yes, there is a reason.

Allisa Rogers on


Cheers, Allisa


martina on

There is a difference between exercising, eating right, etc. – and getting back to a size 0 within a month. When getting the uber-flat stomach back is more of a priority then nursing the baby and taking good care of yourself, it’s not a good thing. And don’t make any mistake about it – having a personal trainer and a nutritionist does help. But it’s all doable (just a bit harder) for women that can’t afford such luxuries. Ali seems to be doing everything the right away, and looks happy and glowing.

Marianne on

She looks great!

kazumi on


Rachael Bouley on

happy to hear!

MiB on

You all sound as if you can only get back to your normal size within a month of giving birth if you starve yourself and negelct the baby, but that is just not true. Many women do just that without doing anything out of the ordinary. Take my cousin, who lost a lot of weight due to nausea during her first trimester and then gained the recommended amount, eating healthy meals (which she always does anyways), once her uterus had shrunk back to normal, she was back in her old clothes without doing anything more active than nursing and babywearing. And I remember a former neighbour who actually left the hospital weighting 25 lbs less than she had before she got pregnant, but she had been overweight and had to change her diet due to gestational diabetes (the whole family benefitted from that, her husband and children, who were also “a wee bit too chubby for their own good” also lost weight).

Anyways, I do agree with one thing, Ali does look really good and glowing!

martina on

To MiB: I think we are talking about different things here. Not about losing extra 15-20lb. There is no need to gain more then 25-30lb during pregnancy; the ‘weight’ should be within 5 lb of pre-pregnancy after a couple of weeks.

However, breastfeeding keeps a couple of extra-pounds in the stomach area for a lot of women. It’s the way we are designed: to protect milk production if the food supply diminishes. Also without an exercise regiment the abs do not recover pre-preg muscle tone for a while. So sure, most go back to their normal clothes within a month. But the toned, sleek body takes work.