Spotted: Elle Macpherson and Cy See Sydney

02/24/2011 at 07:00 AM ET
Blue Wasp/Splash News Online

Pick me up!

Back in her native Australia, Elle Macpherson totes her own cling-on koala — son Aurelius Cy Andrea, 8 — as they spent the afternoon at Sydney Wildlife World and Sydney Aquarium.

The model, 47, is also mom to 13-year-old Arpad Flynn Alexander with ex-fiancé Arpad Busson.

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mypiecesandbits on

Cute photo. Its just like they’re looking in the mirror.

Eve on

Not too many boys that age would let their mom hold them like that, especially in public!

Annie on

Gorgeous. Both of them.

Sam on

This is a great picture. Not sure if they look alike but with that hair, the glasses and all the grey they sure do. It’s a lovely picture.
(as for being 8 and being carried by his mom, it tells me that this boy has confidence to do whatever he wants to do and not care what his peers (or anyone) thinks. I hold my 8 year old granddaughter whenever she wants me to and it only feels good!)

B.J. on

I think he looks just like her, gorgeous! My mom would have refused to carry me at age 8, lol.

Stella Bella on

This is one strange photo. Not sure if it’s because they are dressed like identical twins or because she’s carrying an eight year old. Or both?

Jgirl on

I personally think it is cute. My son is 3, and if he wants me to hold him, I will. I don’t care if he is 16! (I’m sure it won’t happen, but you know what I mean….as long as I am able and he is willing, he will be held:).

Ali on

Hmmmmmm…it’s weird to me to be carrying an 8 year old around. That’s just me.

Georgina on

Its not that weird, they went to the zoo, so there was a lot of walking that day, he probably just got a bit tired. Its sweet.

Jgirl maybe you could give your son a piggy back when hes 16! Lol!

Noelle on

Comments people make about a photo looking strange crack me up. Who knows what they were doing when that photo was shot. Who knows if she was carrying him around like that? Who knows, maybe she just happened to pick him up for a moment when the photo was shot. People assume and then judge…I’m sure there are plenty of times throughout everyone’s day (you all included!!!) where at any given moment, a photo could be shot and someone would think twice about what the heck was going on at that time.

amandamay on

i find it sad that women see holding your CHILD to be “weird” – my son is 8 also, and on occasion he will jump into my arms or give me a “monkey cuddle” (as we call the legs-wrapped-around-mom cuddle) i highly doubt she carried him around for any length of time – 8 year olds are heavy lol but i see nothing “weird” about loving and cuddling and HOLDING your children!

Tess on

I think he’s too old to be carried, and I think he needs a haircut. My opinions.

Amy on

I think those saying this pic is “weird” have issues and should look into professional help. I am serious. What is wrong with a MOM carrying HER child? Hahaha, ridiculous…

Lynn on

I agree Elle needs to put down her son. he’s way too old to be carried.

Elisabeth on

It looks like they’re just having a quick cuddle to me, and the photographer has yelled out something to them and they’ve both looked over at the same time. She doesn’t look like she’s walking around holding him.

Jen on

For anyone who thinks a child is “too old” to be carried, can you explain what the negative outcomes might be of carrying a child who is old enough to walk on their own? I’m just not clear what the big deal could be, so maybe I’m missing something. I think they look lovely.

Tee on

I think it’s wonderful that Elle is holding her child, even if he is eight! I seriously doubt that she was carrying him around. Odds are he just jumped in her arms for a few minutes! Nothing wrong with that. I’m curious for those that disagree to answer Jen’s question. What harm is in it? It’s not like this little boy never walks!

Jody on

They both need a good haircut. Get rid of your big hair Elle

Victoria on

Adorable photo! And boo to those who say he’s too old or he shouldn’t be carried. My skinny 10 year old boy still occasionally hops on my back or asks to be carried. Give me a break. It’s HIS MOM.

Holiday on

Wow Victoria most 10 year olds were be embarrassed about that…. is your son a little ummm slow?

amandamay on

@Holiday – what?? are you a little ummmm RUDE?

heaven forbid children actually (gasp) love their parents and aren’t (gasp) embarrassed to be in their presence or (gasp) give them a cuddle in public! i still cuddle my mom in public and i’m 34!

melissa on

Holiday.. rude much?? i think it’s pretty neat that he loves his mom that much.. looks like a pretty happy mom and son! My 6 year old allows me to pick him up and carry him.. i love being able to do so.. there is going to come a day when i cant.

Sat on

Congrats, this is officially the most disgusting comment I’ve read on CBB in the years I’ve followed this site. Hope you are proud, little lady!

kate on

@ Holiday
I am assuming you are the same poster who criticised Christina Applegate for going to a premiere and said you could never ever leave your baby. Now you are saying that if a parent is openly demonstrative and loving with their 10 year old that makes the child retarded?!??!

Sarah on

Thanks, amandamay.
Besides, he does not look like a boy who’s been carried all the time.
It’s really sad that people find such a close moment weird.

Sarah on

@ Holiday
It’s because people like you why boys at this age would be embarrassed to actually show their love physically…

CelebBabyLover on

Okay, we have no idea if she was actually carrying him, or if she was simply holding him for a few minutes. Given how heavy most eight-year-olds are, I seriously doubt she was actually carrying him around for that long, if at all.

MiB on

How on earth could it harm anyone that an 8 year old gets picked up for a cuddle? At that age, it’s usually initiated by them anyways. That picture could just as easily have been of me and my 7 year old niece last weekend, when she came running to me, jumped up and gave me a hug with her legs wrapped around my waist, and then she showed me that she had lost a tooth. The whole thing lasted a minute, and I am quite sure that none of us came to any harm, neither did any of her parents, siblings or any other innocent bystanders. Actually, they all seemed to think it was pretty cute 🙂

kittenbomb on

My son is 9 and has hair that length. I think it’s adorable. I hug him a lot, but I couldn’t lift him if I tried!

Jacqueline on

I think this picture is precious. I have a little brother who is also eight and because of the big age gap between he and I, I don’t see him too often since we live 3 hours away. When we do see each other the first thing he does is jump and “monkey hug” me. It really melts my heart and I can imagine Elle feels the same. 🙂

JM on

kittenbomb good for you. it really annoys me when people complain about kid’s hair length (shiloh jolie-pitt’s hair is too short, this boy’s hair is too long etc). who cares? who says there is a correct hair length for any child? i think that kids should be allowed to wear their hair as they like. my oldest son has fairly long hair for a boy and i think he looks adorable.
as for the carrying, it’s another debate i just don’t understand. people often complain that some kids are too old to be carried, i just don’t get it. why would it matter to anyone if a mother or father is carrying their own child. i am not as strong as some other people so i can’t really carry my two oldest kids anymore, but i don’t care if other people are carrying their kids why should i? what’s it to me? surely love and affection can never be a bad thing.

Marla on

I will hold my sons as long as they let me. Do tell me, though, all of you experts, what is the age when I should stop this? Is there some kind of formula you use to determine the right age for all children to stop being held? Just curious.

@Holiday, step away from your computer, where you spew nastiness from the safety and anonymity of your own home, typing your garbage and nonsense. GO look in the mirror and see if you truly like what you see(because I don’t).

Holiday on

Hugging and cuddling a 10 year old is one thing, but carrying him about? That is odd! And it is odd a 10 year old boy would want to be held. My son is 5 and snuggles with me and sits on my lap but would never want me to carry him.

CelebBabyLover on

JM- I agree! For most of my childhood, I had almost the exact same hairstyle as Shiloh. I also enjoyed wearing my brother’s hand-me-downs (although I had plenty of “girly” clothes, too!), so there were times when I could have easily been mistaken for a boy (and was on a few occasions….sometimes in quite humerous ways!). But I didn’t care a bit, and neither did my parents. After all, WE knew that I was a girl and that was all that mattered to us!

I have long hair now (after getting fed up with still getting mistaken for a guy as an adult, despite the fact that I now dress like the female I am and my chest more than gives away my gender! Plus, I was just plain tired of having short hair!), but I don’t regret having had short hair as a child. In my opinion, as long as s/he is happy with it, the length of a child’s hair doesn’t matter!

As for Holiday, I really think we need to just start ignoring her. By responding to her negative comments, we are just giving her what she wants!

Hea on

Holiday – Perhaps your son isn’t quite as playful and loving and Cy?

Bancie1031 on

Holiday – is your son ummm a little ummmm slow?

Seriously sorry that comment got under my skin – Holiday I can’t even say that to you because I feel bad already ……

I personally think this is a cute and loving picture.

Jillian on

Holiday, what is odd is NEVER leaving your child for one hour…..even with your husband. That is odd. To infer a 10 yr old is slow bc he wants to be held?! I would worry about your sheltered children. Keeping your 5 yr old with you until he was 5!!!!! Wow! Take a look at your life…..that is why your child doesn’t want you to carry him. He wants some freedom. I have never met a 5 yr old who didn’t want to be held.

Holiday on

My 5 year old is is school Jillian so I dont know what you are talking about!! I have a young baby who I dont leave yet as I am nursing! My 5 year old spends time with his grandma and grandpa and is not with me all the time. Get your facts straight lady.

Jen on

Holiday, what makes a child being held by his mother odd? This photo captures 1 second of their life. What if the picture was of him getting a piggyback rid instead? What that still make it “odd”? If he was with his father instead of his mother, wold that still make it odd? I don’t know why I’m trying, but it would be interesting to understand what your judgemental attitude is based on. In the Christina Applegate post you’re judging people for not spending all their time with their child and then in this one you’re judging people for holding their child. You seem to have a lot of “rules”.

Chloe on

Holiday – Have you ever heard of the saying if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all?

Giving your 10 year old son a piggyback or quick carry when he’s tired doesn’t mean he’s slow, it means he loves and cherishes his mum, and knows he can rely on when he needs to. My 5 year old gets shattered sometimes when we have daytrips and his dad and I take it in turns to piggyback him for a bit, he certainly isn’t slow and I think it’s insulting you would stoop to insulting a CHILD on this website. What kind of mother would speak about a child that way? You clearly need to step away from the computer and think about how your comments hurt the feelings of others.

Mia on

Am I the only one with that finds the term ex-fiance weird? They have kids together-we’re together for at least a good amount of time…..yet never actually got married (hence the term “engaged”–as is in “engaged to be married”)? The term ex-boyfriend I can see…ex-husband. Ex-fiance just seems strange.

Jillian on

But you said you didn’t leave him til he was 5, Holiday! Your words!! Get your stories straight lady! Remember what you say. If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember it lady!

Holiday on

I dont have a lot of “rules” I think people on this site are weird (some of them not all) thinking you should leave a 1 month old because otherwise you are a helicopter mom and that they need their independence from you. But carrying a 10 year old boy is perfectly normal according to some of you. So wanting to be with a newborn all the time is bad. Carrying a 10 year old in public is good.

darluc1 on

correction – elle and arpad were never engaged – only ever bf and gf.

Holiday on

Jillian quote me where I said that. I never said I didnt leave him until he was 5. Find where I said that and post it please. YOU are the one mixed up. I am talking about my BABY who I dont leave. Not my 5 year old!!

CelebBabyLover on

Okay, I went back and looked at Holiday’s comments, and this is what she said about leaving her son, “I was the same way with my son until he got older.” All she said is that she didn’t leave her son until he was older. She didn’t say what age he was when she started leaving him!

Jillian on

I don’t save your posts, but you said it. You said you will leave your daughter alone at 5 since that is when you first left your son. A bunch of people commented

JM on

Holiday regardless of how old your child is, i think the thing that people mainly took offense to was your original post. asking if someone’s kid is “slow” because he likes to be carried sometimes… if you don’t see something wrong with that post then i think you do have a problem.

Holiday on

Jillian read what Celebbabylover wrote. You are wrong, I never said at 5. I said OLDER. OLDER could mean 12 months or 18 months. You have no idea.

Jillian on

She did celebrity baby lover on a MUCH older post!! So unless you went back MONTHS ago….. I am not going to go looking for it, but I remember it clearly because I thought it was soo odd, sheeven said in the same post that she never goes on dateswith her hubs because she never left herson and know daughter. The reason I remember this was bc she was insulting someone for leaving the children alone.

Jm, agree. I took great offense to that post.

kazumi on

cool picture, they look like a hip mom and son and i would still carry my son when he’s 8 if he wants me too….