Christina Applegate Hits the Red Carpet – 4 Weeks After Baby!

02/24/2011 at 03:00 PM ET
Michael Caulfield/WireImage

She’s back – and better than ever!

Only one month after welcoming daughter Sadie Grace, Christina Applegate glowingly graced the red carpet in a beautiful black and white Temperley tunic and A Pea in the Pod Collection’s AG Secret-Fit Belly skinny jeans at the Los Angeles premiere of Hall Pass on Feb. 23.

“Leggings and big shirt, that’s what you’re going to see me in for a while!” joked the actress, who stars in the film, about her current style choices.

Maybe she even shared a few tips with mom-to-be Alyssa Milano, who debuted her own baby bump at the star-studded premiere.

“Huge congrats to my friend Alyssa Milano on her expecting a bundle of joy! What a gorgeous pregnant lady she is! Fantastic!” Applegate Tweeted later that evening.

Other than enjoying the comforts of stretchy pants and loose tops, how is the 39-year-old taking to being a new mom?

“She’s healed me in so many ways,” the actress shared recently. “She’s just made my life so much better. She’s opened my whole soul.”

Shanelle Rein-Olowokere with reporting by Vanessa Diaz

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ricki on

Wow, it’s great to see her out and about so soon (even though she’s probably contractually obliged to do so :))!! Alyssa doesn’t seem to be involved in the movie, wonder why she turned up.

Gabrielle on

I love her and always have! Congrats to her and her family. Beautiful baby and beautiful mommy!

Kat on

I was thinking to myself that if she got a girl she should name her Grace or at least have Grace as a middle name due to what she’s been through… and she did! So happy for her.

Holiday on

I cant imagine leaving my one month old! Not even for an hour. I dont even leave my 9.5 month old EVER.

Jen DC on

She looks awesome.

@ Holiday: mmm… Do the words “helicopter mom” mean anything to you? Seriously, not to be mean, but your baby – if left with trustworthy caregivers – probably wouldn’t suffer in your absence. 9.5 months is a long time to be with any one person everyday – even your own baby.

And this has been said before: She walked the red carpet. It’s not a guarantee she didn’t do a loop inside the theater and walk out some other door and go straight home.

Soco on

Holiday, we have already established that you have way attachment issues with your child. Christina’s job is acting and making appearances and entails having to do these types of events. My is guess is more than likely she walked the red carpet than left. And even if she didn’t, I bet Sadie was home spending some time with her daddy

Alison on

What’s the big deal? Christina is a major part of this movie, she’s promoting it, and we know she isn’t nursing because of her breast cancer and mastectomies so it’s not like she needs to be home in two hours to feed Sadie. I hope Christina enjoyed her night out! I know by a month in I was ready to get out of the house for a bit!

Kelly on

Jen..I have to agree. It isn’t healthy for moms to never get any “me” time if at all possible. I hated leaving my first born and didn’t til she was 2 weeks old. I cried and went home early. But it did get easier over the next few weeks and I was so thankful for a few hours to myself every couple weeks. It’s all about what is healthy for mom and baby…and you can’t forget your husband/partner…you need time together alone too!!

christina looks amazing!!! So very happy for her!!!

jessicad on

Never leaving your baby is probably what causes you to lash out at others. Take some time for yourself and relax.

Christina looks amazing!

Holiday on

I just cant leave her. I was the same way with my son until he got older. I love being with her all day and she nurses too…. but even if I wasnt so attached to her I still could never leave a 1 month old baby.

Jen DC on

To which we say: To each her own.

ecl on

Never fails. Every time a new mom goes out without her baby some nut comes on and attacks her. Congrats! We get it! You are perfect and your love for your child trumps the love of any other mother.

Nella on

Christina looks great and I think it’s healthy to have some time to yourself after you have a baby. I’m sure her daughter is taken care of and while I understand some parents being very attached and not wanting to leave a newborn, I also understand that people have jobs and other responsibilities they have to do that might require them to leave a baby for a few hours and that’s okay, it’s life.

CelebBabyLover on

She looks great!

ricki- From what I’ve read, Alyssa has a cameo in the movie.

steph on

Holiday, everyone should take time away from baby, it doesn’t make you a bad parent, if anything, taking time for yourself makes you a better parent. Not to mention, a confident child.

Lilianne on

I think each Mom has to decide for herself what is “normal” and acceptable. Having said that sometimes attachment issues are more about the parent than the child and parents who “never” leave their child’s side aren’t thinking about a time to come in the future when that child will HAVE to be away from them. A parent who spends all day every day with their child for months or even years is not doing that child any favors. The whole point of having and raising a child is to teach them how to be independent and productive human beings…to live in this world and navigate through it. They can’t do that easily if Mom is always there walking lockstep with them. They don’t learn how to problem solve, self soothe, or any of those things because they don’t have to…Mommy does it for them. I run a daycare in my home and I see this all the time. I sometimes have drop ins who never spend time away from their parents and those kids are not easy to care for. They do stop crying but never do fully engage with me or the other kids here…do not play or even speak to anyone…just cling to their blankie or their soothie. It is sad to see.

Mommy of 2 on

I think that she looks great!! I semi agree with @Holiday…my daughter is two and I have never left her. It not b/c I dont trust other people shes just a really good baby and I can take her anywhere. But I realize that is choice and I do not think that every mom should be that way!

Shannon on

She looks great! She looks a little tired but that’s to be expected.

Mommy of 2 on

@lilianne…even though i have not left my daughter for 2 1/2 years there have been serveral occasions when my sister has sat with her in a waiting room for me and she DOES NOT cling to a blankie or paci (she doesnt use either) or not engage with other people. she is actually very social. I also have a son that is 6 and i did not leave him until I had his sister when he was 4. he is now in kindergarden and is the class clown. he is EXTREMELY independent, always has been. so to say that just because a mother chooses not to leave her child does not mean that they are clingy and wont be social. every child is differnt and every parent is differnt, no way is better than the other.

relax on

uh attachment issues?A newborn is all about their mother in the early stages thats why they like to be swaddled.I wouldn’t leave a newborn either there’s a certain age a child needs to feel that bond with their parent once you have a child sorry its not about me me anymore yes it’s good to have other things in your life but your child is number 1 priority.Holiday didn’t say anything bad about Christina chill.

relax on

what are talking about a baby needing to be taught to be independent?lol are we kicking the child out of the door at 4 weeks? A child first has to know that there is someone there to love and care for them before they can run off and be independent.Everything is taught in stages at a newborn they need to be held and talked to and cared for.

relax on

It’s ok to feel”attached” to your BABY who feels unattached to their child?This isn’t a older child were talking about this is a baby smh

MiB on

I don’t really see why a father shouldn’t be able to take care of a newborn for a couple of hours as long as there is no feeding issue (i.e. the baby doesn’t take bottles). Besides, she has to go, and she would have gotten at least the same amount of flack for bringing her daughter to the red carpet as leaving her at home with daddy. At least Cate Blanchett did when she brought her newborn son to a theatre opening that both she and her husband had to attend (they were both creative directors at the theatre).

Kat on

A newborn can be left in another’s care for a short time, especially since at this point they are sleeping most of the time! Plus this child has a father who has the ability to care for her. It is good to be your own person outside of ‘mommy’, and she does have a job and obligations. Who said she wasn’t constantly on the phone checking in or cut out early once she gave face time? I went out for the evening with my husband when our daughter was six weeks old. She lapped up her grandparents attention and was smiling away when we returned!

I LOVE that she isn’t going for the perfect body right after birth!

Lilianne on

Oh, for goodness sake…nowhere did I say that a newborn should be taught to be independent or expected to be. Or that a parent being attached to their child is in any way a bad thing. Maybe you should READ what I said. I am talking about 2 or 3 year olds that have NEVER been away from their parents for even 5 minutes and the problems that could cause for a child in their FUTURE.

relax on

@ Lilliane -This isnt about 2 or 3 yr olds though this story is about a newborn so maybe you need to stick to the topic without going all over the place with the topic take your own advice and read

Kate on

@relax: please, relax, and stop with this nonsense. Thousands of women go back to work when babies are 6 weeks old due to lack of maternity leave in this country. To say that a woman shouldn’t leave a baby for few hours is laughable.

Holiday on

Relax you are the only one with common sense in here! Lilliane I never mentioned anything about a 3 year old! This baby is a month so I dont know what the heck you are talking about. And teaching a baby to be “independent” is stupid. A 1 month old needs her mama, just like my 9 month old needs hers! Mine is still a little baby and I will leave her for a bit when she is older.

Lilianne on

Well, I don’t want to get into a big huge debate about this topic. I realize this story is about a newborn as I have the intelligence to comprehend this. Other people in this thread were talking about never leaving their children and THEY are not newborns. So that is why I said what I did about parents who never leave their kids from birth to preschool age creating problems with independence, etc. I never said that babies dont need their Moms. Or that older kids dont need their Moms. Or teenagers or adults even. It isnt about needing them. It is about helping our children to be able to stand alone when it is appropriate for them to do that and if that teaching doesn’t start from an early age it can create problems for that person in their future. Period..end of my point. Take it for what you want. Or don’t..I dont personally care. I know what I meant. And I have been raising, dealing with and caring for children for a LONG time..since I was about 9. I am now 41. I know what I am talking about. Hope you all have a great day and I wish you well.

Lilianne on

I want to add, before someone can lambast me for it, that I want to make it clear that I do not think I am some kind of child expert or that I know everything. That is far from true. And I am sorry if I came off that way. I just have lots of experience with children and the issues that can come from dealing with them. I think sometimes parents do things to get in their own way and cause themselves more problems with their kids in the future and if that can be avoided it is a good thing. That’s all. 🙂

showbizmom on

What about fathers? Last time I checked husbands or partners are more then capable of watching kids too. My husband and I decided after our six week bonding and sheltered world period, that we needed to get back to ‘date night.’ It was important for our relationship, and it was great for the grandparent’s who were always saying ‘we don’t see the baby enough!’ we’ve never missed a date night and some time later, we are still in love and our kids (shocking) don’t have any attachment issues.

Holiday- I hope you make time for yourself, because Mom’s are no fun that have no lives or happiness outside of their homes. I won’t knock you though, if it’s working for you, great just make time for you at some point 🙂

Stephanie on

While I do agree that newborns are at that age where they need their mother, I also believe that fathers can help out too. She was probably out for a few hours in which the baby was probably home sleep like alot of newborns do. I don’t see what the big deal is with Christina Applegate going to a movie premiere. I’m pretty sure she gave her husband or whoever is taking care of the baby a list of what the baby needs and whatnot. And I’m pretty sure the baby is not going to grow up and look back and think “oh my gosh I’m so upset my mother left me at home with my dad when I was one month old for a movie premiere.”

Stephanie on

I think she looks wonderful! She definitley has the “new mom glow”. And all this nonsense about leaving her one month old at home is so silly! I am sure her baby was all she could think about the whole time, and leaving her was REALLY hard. I am three kids, one of which is 10 months old…and I can say it is hard to leave, but some times you have to and need to.

Noelle on

Some of these comments are ridiculous. I left my 2 month old overnight to go to an out of town wedding for my husbands best friend (he was in the wedding). I left my son with my mom, I wasn’t breast feeding and I was perfectly comfortable with it. I even enjoyed a full nights sleep since I hadn’t had it since before I was pregnant (alot of issues during pregnancy that caused me to sleep really poorly).

Shame on me, someone should’ve called CPS.

Cecelia on

It was one evening. Despite what some of you think, I highly doubt Sadie will be traumitized for the rest of her life or that Christina’s only priority is her career. Get a grip.

Indira on

Its so amusing to me that some women feel that every waking moment of ones life must be spent with their newborn. When in a lot of societies the child is birthed and from that moment on life continues as USUAL and, the birth of a child isn’t some life altering event. In other words for some the baby fits into the mothers life not the mother fitting into the baby’s.

CelebBabyLover on

Kat- Good point! Sadie was probably sleeping most, if not all, of the time Christina was gone!

relax on

some are you are really thick I never said that you shouldn’t go to work or have a few hours to yourself wow I said why worry about a baby being independent and getting to attached this is a baby we are talking about and you guys went all over the place with it nobody said anything about a child being traumatized people are replying like they have a guilty conscious or something defending something that was never said geez I went to work when my daughter was 5 months old that wasn’t the issue

mila on

Notice how relax and holiday keep calling everyone stupid and thick? Anger issues abound and maybe with Holiday we understand why?

The moms who were flexible in their stances (and who should name themselves relax) explained their views calmly and without name calling. Huh? What is bugging relax and holiday that they hate so deeply people they don’t know?

I like Christina and am happy she has a nice life with a decent career, a good marriage, and a healthy baby. Good for her.

Holiday on

I didnt call anyone stupid Mila. Do you have problems reading and comprehending?

jessicad on

Indira I see your point there. I spend 99% of my time with my daughter but even soon after she was born I craved time with my friends and time doing my own hobbies without her. I went to dinner when she was 2 weeks old, I knew she would sleep during most of it and my boobs almost exploding didn’t let me stay out long anyway:) I think an hour or two away every week makes me a better mother. I still have my own life outside of her, I enjoy having dinner with my girls, working out or swimming and definitely need that time to myself or I get anxious. We’re all different and parent differently so I guess if being with your child 24/7 makes you happy go for it, it’s just that attitude and snapping at other women for occasionally leaving their children that I can’t stand. That’s great if you choose that lifestyle, but it doesn’t make you a better parent than those who don’t.

relax on

I said nothing hateful towards anyone smh if so what did I say? All I said was that “I” wouldn’t leave a newborn and that there’s no such things as getting too attached to a newborn if you view that as hateful then I don’t know what to say to you and I’m not angry at anyone lol this is just a topic to comment on

relax on

@mila I didn’t say I hated anyone lol but because I disagree with you it makes me angry.Who am I angry at? I don’t know any of you so what I’m angry at some words on a screen? I said thick meaning dense because after saying I have no problem with working mothers because I’m one I have people commenting saying I hate her or people who work, doesn’t that sound a little dense?Especially after I just said I’m a working mom so why would I hate her if I do the same thing? Okkkk?? lol

SH on

if this was the father of the baby out 4 weeks after birth it would NOOOOT be an issue.

the baby is probably at home with it’s FATHER.

NEWSFLASH: FATHERS can care for their baby too! WITHOUT the MOTHER! Can you believe it???

people need to get a GRIP!

Ed on

SH is right on… too often its all about the mom and the baby, but the father provide half of the love and care for a newborn until they grow up to be adults. This could be even more than half it is a boy, so no one should be complaining about Christina as she clearly loves her baby and not being with her every second is fine. I’m sure the baby will grow up beautiful.