Alyssa Milano Revels in the ‘Whole Different World’ of Pregnancy

02/24/2011 at 01:00 PM ET
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

Her first trimester is over — and so far, so good for Alyssa Milano.

“I feel really good,” the actress, 38, told PEOPLE on Wednesday at the premiere of Hall Pass in Los Angeles.

“I’m not sleeping great because of the many trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night. So, I don’t know. I feel good, but if there’s a time I feel like I need to slow down, I will.”

Milano says she and her husband, Dave Bugliari, 32, don’t know the sex of the baby yet, but they’ve been talking about names since “before we even got pregnant.”

They do have a few favorites picked out, but Milano says: “I don’t want to tell!”

The actress says she actually found dressing for the premiere to be easier than usual, because the pressure’s off.

“I’m not as body conscious or concerned with the way I look,” she says. “It’s more about what’s going to be comfortable versus what looks flattering. It’s a whole different world that I’m enjoying a lot.”

She adds with a smile: “A muumuu? Perfect!”

Otherwise, she hasn’t really started preparing for the new baby, but that’s going to change shortly.

“Everyone says don’t do anything the first trimester, because God forbid something happens,” Milano says. “So, I haven’t really done anything. I’m going to New York to do a part in New Year’s Eve, and I’ll be back home in three weeks, so I figure I’ll start then.”

— Vanessa Diaz

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Annie on

Okay, if her first trimester is over and she’s showing, she’s due late summer not early fall (most of Sept is still summer). Yes, I’m being nitpicky. LOL. πŸ™‚

Alison on

I’d assume she’s due in Sept since she said early fall. Plus she’s quite short, I believe she’s only 5’1 or 5’2 so she’s going to show quickly anyhow.

Simona on

I’m happy for her – what a suprise!!!! Congratulations!!!

g on

I am 5ft 2 in. and I didn’t show until about the end of May/June and my baby was born in mid-October and he was HUGE!

klutzy_girl on

I heard she was in her third month, and I have this theory it’s twins. She’s showing pretty fast! Either way, we’ll find out soon enough!

I think she’s due earlier than September, which is what I originally assumed. (I was thinking she was about two months along until I saw this picture last night and read she was out of the first trimester.)

Bridget on

I’m in my third month and I am showing! I think it’s normal to show that early for some people. She is normally really thin and famous, so I guess she’s not a “normal” weight person like I am. I’m due the first week of September.

Mandy on

I’m only 14 weeks and I’m showing. I’m about 5’2″ and last weight I was 114. She could be showing anyway cause it’s her time. Each woman is different. So assuming that she’s having twins because she’s showing early isn’t good, that’s like saying she’s too fat… She’s beautiful!

I’m nitpicky about seasons too. Until September 21 it is still summer. Fall starts September 21, since that’s the first day of Fall. I’m having a mid summer baby since I’m due at the end of August.

I agree with her that it’s all about the comfort. Bring on the muumuus! As long as it’s not cutting me in two and I can get in and out of it easily I’m fine.

Toya L. on

She looks so cute.

Brooklyn on

She looks great! I like that dress on her!

Marilyn on

If she’s done with her first trimester, wouldn’t she be due in August? (But that’s not early fall, so we’ll see.)

Marija on

I am a tall slim girl and with my little boy I was showing at 11 weeks. I looked five months along. I was like her too I enjoyed being pregnant all up until month 8 and 9. My boy was 9lbs and I had 40% more water when I went into the delivery they thought I was the woman with the triplets they’ve been waiting for. I had only put on 20lbs but my bump was huge!

Mary on

I am 5 months pregnant, due in July and just started to show. And I am not showing as much as her. I am guessing she is due in June or July.

Becky on

It’s all on how the Mother is carrying the baby. My sister is 5’5 and didn’t even have a hint of bump until she was in her 5th month. stature has nothing to do with it. Theses celebs most of them aren’t going to reveal the exact month just for privacy alone. who can blame them. something in the water in lala land with all the new babies this year. Congratulations to Alyssa and her Husband on their new gift.

Chrissy on

Yeah she is either having twins… or she is much further along than 3 months- I’d say at least 5 months along- I am 4.5 months right now and barely showing at all-

Jen on

My theory is celebs might say they are due later than they actually are so the paparazzo are not staking out the hospitals. Just a theory….

Pete on

Hopefully, she will still be able to film her role in New Year’s Eve. I heard that she is supposed to play a very important character. I hope that she will be able to do the film as well. I think that she knew about the pregnancy for sometime and surely before she got the role in New Year’s Eve, so I think it should be able to work out. I hope that she does not drop out of the film, it would be upsetting because we haven’t seen Alyssa in a movie for awhile and her role in Hall Pass is just a cameo.

Renee on

OMG People. Everyone shows differently and every pregnancy is different. Leave it alone already.

All the best to both of them and can’t wait to read boy or girl.

Anna on

I am 18 weeks pregnant now- due in the first week of august- I looks just like her! I agree with some of you, she is probably in her 4-5 month…but she is petit so who knows…?

Susan on

Pregnancy Look’s good On her !!
Congrats To them both !!

Crystal N on

She is beautiful! Having a baby is very excited and very scary all at the same time!! I wish her and her new family best of luck..

Nixole on

I am about the saze since as her and I don’t think my tummy looked that big until the 5th month. She looks great but I think she is due earlier than she is saying.

RG on

I’m 5’1 and my daughter was born in August….I didn’t show until June and she was 7lb4oz 21″… everyone is different.

Betty Finn on

I don’t understand where the “early fall” due date idea came from – did it say that anywhere? If she’s due in September, she wouldn’t be out of her first trimester yet. Second trimester starts on week 14 – the furthest she’d be along with a September 1 due date is 13 weeks (as of today). She’s likely due in August. I’m just over 17 weeks, due August 1st, and look WAY bigger than she does. Everyone shows differently.

julie on

Have had 4 kids. Every preg. was different. Carried high and low, one hardly showed at all. However, my forth child is the one that is going to become a family tale. She is the one that insisted on settling to the right side. I could do nothing to make her move. Yep you guessed it, nine months preg. and could not see my right foot but my left foot was in full view. Further, years later I still have more saggie/baggie skin on the right side.

Terri on

Wow, showing already! Didn’t realize she was so far along. She’s so beautiful. I hope she has an easy pregnancy.

Terri on

I don’t think it’s stature either. My co-worker is 4’11” and didn’t show until the 6th month.

Lauren on

Wow…I did not think she would show this early either.
Just for fun…I think she will have a boy.

beth on

I didn’t show with my daughter until I was seven months and only put on 12 lbs.

But my baby ened up coming early and only wieghted 4.3. I would have gladly gained twice that and would have gotten strech marks if she would have been full term, she is fine now but she had a tough time in the begining. So she is showing everybody is different

Romy on

did anyone read the article on Eonline about her? The guy must really not like her or something, he said something like she came out having packed on pregnancy pounds but claims to only have broccoli cravings…

FC on

To me, she’s not that big and she’s pretty short so I can’t say I’m surprised she’s showing like she is. But, no matter, because she’s a beautiful pregnant woman no matter how you weave the story. I love her dress right there, too. πŸ™‚

Trista on

You all that think she is so huge… Look at what she is wearing! My gosh it would make anyone that has a remote belly look bigger. Plus I am 5’1 and showed early as well so that is not helping her either.

Anonymous on

Whoooaaa she’s really pregnant!!! πŸ™‚

Caitlyn on

That’s insane to think her height has anything to do with her showing!! I’m 4’11 and with my first child didn’t start showing until I was 4.5 months along, and I weighed 110. When I got pregnant with my 2nd child (5 months later) I was showing at 2 months. EVERY WOMENS BODY is different!!!, who cares how far along she is, she’s pregnant and hopefully she’ll have a healthy baby whenever it arrives.

Big Fan on

She looks great!!

Viva Glam!! on

Ahhh muumuus, what would the world be like without them????

Congrats Alyssa!!!

Mia on

She’s probably like 4 months along?–5 months would be in March….so due around July?–I would say probably July/August.

jennifer on

I just started my 7th month and have just started showing. Every woman is different. I think she looks wonderful. Congrats to them

Hannah on

WOW i didnt know alyssa milano was pregnant, shes my favourite actress/role model of all time and she even replied to me on twitter once! lol. Im so happy for her and David, wishing her a safe, happy and healthy pregnancy and a wonderful future with her family.

Liz on

Maybe she had fertility treatments. You tend to show sooner with all the hormones.

methree on

who cares how far along she is…..theres no sneakiness here….they have been married for some time, so leave the poor girl alone! She looks great, whenever she is due!

Capri on

She looks beautiful as usual, love her!!

Holiday on

She looks about 25 weeks along to me.

Debra on

I think she looks great! I showed at three months and she’s probably about 4.5 months along. She must be carrying low if she’s already having to go to bathroom alot. I think she is going to have a baby girl but we’ll see. Alyssa is a vegetarian.

Ali on

I think she looks big too but it could just be the outfit. Also, her husband is pretty big so I assume she might have a larger baby because of that? I’m guessing a boy for her just based on the husband. I don’t know why. He looks like the kind of guy who would only have boys for some reason.

kimberly on

Not everyone is the same Im 5’3 and I started to show at 3 month’s

CelebBabyLover on

I’m with the people who are saying she’s either just carrying big or the outfit is making her look bigger than she is. πŸ™‚

Hea on

Most of what’s showing is probably swelling and gas. Unless there’s two in there.

I’ve always liked Alyssa. Congrats to her and her hubby!

ZaraB on

I’m 5’4″ and weigh 105 pounds, and already have a pretty huge belly at 9 weeks (I could easily pass for four or five months pregnant)! In fact, I started to notice my belly pop out at 4 weeks! Why can’t people accept that every woman is different – just because Alyssa is showing doesn’t mean she’s lied about her due date, and as someone else noted, that dress would make anyone look larger, as it’s high-waisted and made of a thick material. Anyway, whenever she’s due, she looks great!

April on

I love her. She always looks great, and she’s just a strong, wonderful role model for girls and women alike!

VerΓ³nica on

@Ali, I agree with you!

dsfg on

Ali, her size and the size of her husband has nothing to do with whether the baby is going to be big or not. And if it is a big baby, that does not indicate the baby will be large later in life.

In my family, everyone has been a big baby (10 lbs. +) but we are all small people as adults.

Amy Y. on

Ugh, everyone has thier two cents so here’s mine. If you take into account that the uterus doesn’t grow out of the pelvis until around 15 weeks and she is sporting a pretty high “top of her belly” I would assume her baby is coming sometime in early summer, june/july. Unless she is pregnant with multiples. It’s basic pregnancy knowledge here. I don’t get why everyones experiences with thier own pregnancies determine how far along she is. She is clearly a private person, as fas as celebs go so it wouldn’t surprise me for her to keep it close until it was necessary to announce it, which clearly it is since she is showing.

Cecelia on

Crystal, that’s sarcasm, right?

MiB on

Crystal, you need to get your facts straight. For most women flying is ok when pregnant, there are even flight attendants who work well into their second trimester (though most will go on land duty as they grow or if they are at risk for complications). You will be more uncomfortable and you will have a slightly elevated risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis and you will dehydrate more easily. The reason why most airlines impose restrictions towards the end of your pregnancy is that they do not want to you to go into labour during the flight. There is also some concern of miscarriage during the first trimester (which she is well out of), but there is no conclusive evidence that flying increses the risk of miscarriages. I think it’s generally recommended that you do not fly more than 200 hours during pregnancy, so if you keep hydrated, wear pressure hose, move around as much as you can during the flight and avoid flying for more than 200 hours, chances are, that both you and your baby will be fine.

Ali on

dsfg…that is not entirely true. I happen to know a woman who is 4’11 and her husband is 6’3 and her doctors have told her over and over that she might have a hard time with delivering her children because of her babies possibly being bigger due to her husband’s height. Maybe her doctors are just idiots? I don’t know. But, that is what I have heard.

CelebBabyLover on

ZaraB- Exactly! I don’t get why everyone always seems to think that a big belly means a celeb has lied about her due date. We’ve seen time and time again on this site that some women just look really big for their stage of pregnancy. For example, Naomi Watts was HUGE in both of her pregnancies, and almost everyone was convinced that she would deliver a month to two months before she actually did (and not only that, but Sasha was actually about a week early if I’m remembering correctly!).

A lot of people also thought Penelope Cruz would give birth long before she did (I remember that, when she announced her pregnancy, a few people thought she was already seven months along. Obviously that was incorrect as she announced the pregnancy in August and had her son in January).

On the flip side, people spent most of Nicole Kidman’s second trimester speculating about whether or not she was really pregnant, due to the fact that she was hardly showing (heck, even in her third trimester she didn’t show much. She only looked about 6 or 7 months pregnant by the time Sunday was born!)!

Bottomline: Every woman’s body is different, and every woman carries differently. When you add in the fact that what a pregnant woman is wearing can make the bump look larger or smaller than it really is, it’s pretty difficult to tell how far along a woman is in her pregnancy just by looking at her!

Jillian on

You are very wrong about flying while pregnant and look quite silly calling her an idiot!! My bf will be commuting to work and flying twice a week her entire second trimester. Her doctor approved it before she accepted the job and not to mention she has lost 3 babies first trimester, so the dr is cautious. So you she educate yourself before speaking. I won’t call you names.

Kathi on

Every woman shows differently in regards to their pregnancy. I’m 5’2 (on a good day) but have a short mid-section, so when I was 3 months pregnant I looked like I was 8 months…with twins. That baby had nowhere to go but out! πŸ™‚

Gotta love maternity wear! It’s great to be totally comfy and not worry about it. At times I looked like a walking table but I didn’t care; when everything is swelling and your body is doing things you aren’t used to, you learn very quickly to care less what other people think of your fashion sense! πŸ™‚

Beth on

I am due at the end of July and look about as big as her, though I am bigger (both in height and weight) so she might be farther along than me. Congratulations to her!

Angelina Cunningham on

CONGRATULATIONS! To Alyssa I am so happy for her that she is having a baby i have three and they are absoulute joys to have around….yes they may give you some stress now and then but hey we did it to our parents and of course our kids are going to do to us what we did as kids and then some depending on how they are raised….i think that Alyssa will make a very good mom and her child(ren) will grow up to be wonderful smart kids of course they will make their mistakes and people are going to talk about it and be nosey spreding stuff all over about them more then half of it not being true but thats this messed up world for you and i feel that those nosey people are going to get theirs in the end because as the saying goes whast goes around comes around!

Elaine on

It really doesn’t matter if she’s due tomorrow. Instead of trying to figure out a due date just say I hope she has a beautiful healthy baby.