Tonya Harding Welcomes a Son

02/23/2011 at 10:25 PM ET
Donald Kravitz/Getty

Former figure skating champ Tonya Harding is a mom.

Harding, 40, delivered a boy via c-section on Saturday, Feb. 19 in a Washington State hospital, The Oregonian reports.

“Everybody’s healthy and happy,” her friend Don Horn tells the newspaper.

“She’s always wanted a baby,” Horn adds. “She was told she could never have a child … and guess what? It really is a miracle and she really is very happy.”

It’s the first child for Harding, who is married to Joseph Price, 42, and lives in Washington.

Harding gained prominence when she won the U.S. Figure Skating Championships in 1991, but became notorious after her ex-husband and bodyguard hired another man to injure her competitor Nancy Kerrigan‘s leg.

Harding pleaded guilty to hindering prosecution and was banned from amateur skating.

— Mike Fleeman


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Sky on

This woman doesn’t deserve happiness. She’s complete trash (look up her life on wikipedi, you’ll see why). Her not being able to get pregnant is KARMA! did the hospital check that she didn’t steal someone else’s baby?

meghan on

That’s a truly disgusting thing to say, Sky. Who made you judge and jury of who is worthy to have a child?

Congratulations to Tonya and her husband. Your son is a miracle and I’m sure he will be very well loved.

Tee on

Well, I’m no Tonya Harding fan. I know what happened with Nancy Kerrigan was quite some time ago but it’s hard to forget something of that magnitude. I do hope she’s straightened her life out. I’m sure she’s over the moon with her new son!

Like I said, I’m not a fan but Sky, your comment was a little rude. She obviously can get pregnant, so I’m not sure what the point of that statement was. I wouldn’t wish infertility on anybody!

Anonymous on

they should make sure she didn’t break some innocent woman’s knees to steal her baby LMAO!!!!!!!

Sky on

Well if Nancy Kerrigan was a family friend of yours you may agree with me. I’m not saying I wish infertility on good people AT ALL. I believe in karma and people getting what they’re asking for. I’m with you anonymous…. Who knows what she did to those doctors.

Right Meghan, I’m sure Karla homolka also deserved to be a mother, after drugging her little sister and watching while her boyfriend raped her. Yep, no judgment from me there either. I’m sure you’d be on karla’s side? Makes sense.

Indira on

I’m sorry when did Tonya Harding become a serial rapist/murderer?

stephaie on

She look so different don’t recognize her at all she had the baby fast happy for her.

Alexandra on

@Sky: It’s nonsense to compare Tonya Harding and Karla Homolka. The first one is simply stupid and acted extremely immature, the second one is a killer.
I don’t like Tonya Harding and I really hope she’s changed and grown up to be a better role-model for her kid, but your comment was simply rude and disgusting.
I don’t envy Homolka’s child, though!

Alexandra on

@Sky Oh, by the way, I’d probably not agree with you either if Kerrigan was a family friend of mine.

lifeasahouse on

hopefully she has changed her life and it going to make a good mother to her son. People make mistakes and we are not here to judge. She’ll get her moment of judgment, and so will we.

Nancy on

I know many people (including myself) who had infertility who would take much offense at your comment Sky. I see many mothers (who are fertile) who care more about their drugs and alcohol than their kids. Would you say to someone who just lost a loved one that it was because of KARMA?

Tonya, congratulations. You have a great opportunity to teach your son about your mistakes and how you have learned from them and grown.

Selena on

Congrats on your little boy, Tonya!

Hea on

Indira – Who says she is?

Tee – I would wish it on several people. Ruthless and angry people usually don’t make good role models for kids. Don’t know if Tonya is one of those people though but I hope someone is keeping a watchful eye on her and her baby.

And, I have to say this one more time. Why on earth does she looks so damn GREASY?

Nat on

Uggh, I just can’t be happy for her. Sorry

I sure feel sorry for the little baby.

martina on

Sky, I hate to break it to you – but wishing someone misery and infertility is not so good for karma either…

Tonya has had a rough life. A lot of it was her upbringing; but a lot her own doing. I hope she can be a better mother to her son then her mother was to her.

meghan on

The fact that you could even put Tonya in the same category as Karla Homolka is beyond comprehension! That freak helped rape and murder four young girls! That isn’t even on the same planet as Tonya’s situation! Seriously Sky, get help. You are not god and you don’t get to decide who has payed enough for their mistakes!

Dee on

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone…..the bible says something of that calibre.

Since I’m no saint and I do believe in the power of forgiveness, I am pretty sure Nancy has moved on and is living her life.

Tonya was meant to be a mom and maybe she needed to go through all that crap to get to this point. To give her time to grow up and heal old wounds etc. SO I am happy for her. A baby is a miracle and wishing infertility on anyone is really biting karma as you just may be wishing it on someone you know and love.

Babies are a blessing and her son will be loved, that’s all that matters at the end of the day!!!

jessicad on

I can see both sides here, what she was involved in was definitely wrong, but it was long time ago and maybe she paid her dues and changed since then. I believe in karma and everything happening for a reason also, so she got the child she always wanted, maybe he’ll have colic or something? 🙂 Kidding!! I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.

Corrie on

Nicely put, Dee.

Congratulations on your new arrival, Tonya and Joseph!

Annie on

Congratulations to them. I trully hope that she has turned her life around and moved on from her past.

hj on

Congrats to Tonya and her husband! Can’t wait to see the pictures. I love her on Smoking Gun – her observations always have me going. To all the haters, she has done her time for her crime, let it go.

Mandy on

I can’t be happy for her either. I feel bad that one day her son will have to learn what she did to an innocent person. All for what? She gained nothing.

She was last seen on some show on Tru TV where comedians comment on funny videos of stupid criminals. How is she considered a comedian?


Anyways, I do hope this kid grows up without his mother’s ‘stupid’ gene and that he achieves greatness unlike her.

Annie on

Gee Sky, since you are a family friend of Nancy’s give us the scoop on her brother who allegedly killed their Father…..

Tonya was always the superior skater. I’m guessing she’ll be a superior Mother also!

Amy on

~Congratulations Tonya and Joseph on your little miracle!!~

God does forgive those who turn from their wicked ways and repent. Tonya wasn’t the one who hit Nancy, it was Tonya’s husband, she was just scared and covered it up. Have some of you never made a mistake you wish you could take back??

stacey on

Poor kid – I can only hope he doesn’t grow up in a white trash environment like his mother.

Just the Facts on

Ummmm, Sky if you look at Kerrigans wiki she was no angel either after the incident, that mouth of hers proved she wasn’t as sweet and innocent as they tried to portray her.

Julie on

Nicely put Dee…

B.J. on

The only reason this woman is remotely famous is because she tried to ruin someone else’s life. If it weren’t for the knee bashing incident, would anyone care at all about Tonya Harding?

I don’t think she’s a celebrity in any shape or form. Infamy is different than fame.

Terri on

Tonya Harding was known for being a National Champion and World medalist as well as the first American woman to land a triple axel in competition. You make not like her, but her crime was not the only thing that made her famous.

Congratulations to Tonya and her husband.

Momof3girls on

Congrats to her and her husband!! What she did to Nancy Kerrigan was 20 years ago!! She was young and stupid and as far as the other problems in her life, that’s her business and no one has the right to say she shouldn’t have had a baby, everyone deserves happiness.

As far as wikipedia, anyone can post on there, it’s not a reliable site.

Lisa on

Kerrigan might clean up better, but she’s just as trashy as Harding. I mean she slept with a married man, helped ruin his marriage, and look at her murdering brother? How trashy is it for one member of a family to kill another? That’s full on backwoods stuff.

Maybe I just dig underdogs, but I feel sorry for Tonya. Or maybe I just like people who look like what they are. With Tonya, you know you’re getting low class. With Kerrigan, it takes awhile to figure out what she really is.

I hope Tonya enjoys her baby boy. I also hope that Sky really does know Kerrigan because it just confirms what I already knew about that trashy chick. I mean Kerrigan got an ouchie and was competing months later. The last time I checked Karla’s victims were still dead and never did get to go to Disneyworld.

Sam on

@Sky, what is wrong with you to be able to mention that woman as casually as you did! That horrific incident happened very near my neighbourhood and it was absolute horror what those girls, their families and our community went though. How dare you compare that to anything!

CBB I may have opinions that people don’t agree with, I may carry things on too long, BUT never should anyone post what Sky posted. Please remove the posts that have ‘Karla Holmolka”s name on them. In Ontario her name is much as ‘Scott Peterson”s is to California. Thankyou.

Michelle on

Keep in mind that this woman put figure skating on the map and into prime time television.

Andrea on

I’m very happy for Tonya. She was given the ” Scarlett Letter ” in the media b/c of what happened to Nancy Kerrigan. For the record, Nancy Kerrigan is a bitch who complained about losing a gold medal. She openly took the medal off during a Disney World parade quoting ” this is the stupidest thing I’ve ever done.” She’s not the perfect princess she makes herself out to be.

Plus, if I was Tonya, and I grew up the way she did, I’d be tougher because of it too. Saying things like ” she doesn’t deserve to be happy…” are you God? Do you choose?

I’m truly happy for her.

sandy on


Linda on

Congrats to Tonya and her newest addition to her family!

And Sky, I believe in Karma, too. What happened was a long time ago and she was punished. So, apparently, she has now paid both her legal her karmic dues and has now been blessed with a beautiful baby.

Get. Over. It.

Elaine on

SOme of these comments about Poor Tonya are very nasty and vitriolic! This poor victimised girl deserves a bit of happiness now and I hope she will always be happy >>poor soul What a stone throwing cruel world this is. Shame on people who ridicule and demote others.He or SHe that is without sin among you, let him/her first cast a stone at her. @ SKY first comment>>What a nasty ,hateful thing to say!!!

tinyturtle on

and still i struggle to conceive….i hope i can have a miracle like her one day!