Spotted: Orlando Bloom’s On Paci Patrol

02/23/2011 at 03:00 PM ET

Daddy duty!

Orlando Bloom holds on tight to 7-week-old son Flynn — and his pacifier — after a visit to the pediatrician on Tuesday in Los Angeles, Calif.

Model mama Miranda Kerr followed close behind the actor, 34.

The couple welcomed their baby boy on Jan. 6th and have been busy enjoying their “little ray of sunshine.”

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Crystal on

Flynn looks SUPER CUTE!!

Georgina on

Aww so cute!

Orlando put Flynn in the car with Miranda, and then jumped on his motorbike. Shame theres not a pic of that on here!

ForeverMoore on

That looks like a Natursutten pacifier…my son has never taken one but he loves that one if he just needs something to suck on.

Lyssa on

He looks so big ๐Ÿ™‚

Tieraney on

Gross! Especially since he’s (allegedly) a smoker!

jordan on

wow that’s a big baby.

Jessica on

His baby looks really big for 7 weeks!!
Wish we could see a face pic of him, he looks like he’s a doll.

kittenbomb on

So sweet! Can’t wait to see more pics of Flynn.

elisa on

the side that is in his mouth isn’t the same the baby puts on its mouth… otherwise would be really bad since babies are born without bacteria and adults have many so it’s no good for the baby!!

Toya L. on

That is such a sweet picture.

Lisa on

that is such a mom/dad thing to do! very cute that Orlando has taken to his new role so well ๐Ÿ™‚ i don’t really see how it’s gross, i mean it’s not like the paci is in his mouth, i mean it’s facing the other way and when your hands are full, well……

Shannyn on

Gorgeous picture!

kim on

So cute!
@ Tieraney, I am almost positive that he gave up smoking a while ago. If he did then I see nothing gross about this.

Jodie on

“(allegedly) a smoker” – right there you admit that you have no proof of this claim. Then why say anything negative at all? Geez… :-/

Anyhoo, Orlando has always been a celeb crush of mine since LoTR, but fatherhood makes him even more appealing. Miranda is a very lucky girl! This picture is beautiful. Their little family is beautiful.

Colleen on

The paci is facing the other way. His mouth wasn’t on the nipple part. Cute photos of the baby. I love his chunky legs.

M on

I don’t see how it’s gross either. Smoker or not. The nipple isn’t in his mouth.

But then who am I to talk. Sometimes my son will have the paci in his mouth and I’ll grab the handle with mine. He laughs and I think it’s adorable.

Sarah on

Meh no biggie. I always popped the Nuk back in baby’s mouth even after it fell on the floor. He’s perfectly healthy and has yet to have a cold (13 months)

Germs are good people

Ryo on

He’s not sucking on the nipple, he’s sucking on the handle O_o

Flynn really is a big boy, such a cutie!

lifeasahouse on

he was almost 10 lbs when he was born, so no surprise that he is big.

Erin on

For anyone concerned about Orlando putting his mouth on the paci, or for letting germs in the LA air get on the paci….relax. Seriously, chill out. Don’t we all remember science classes? There’s a lot of stuff out there folks, and the seven billion of us on the planet are managing so far!

Mandy on

OMG that is so cool how he’s getting into his daddy role! He’s doing great at it. I laughed when I saw the pic and told my husband that will be us in August! That is so parent-y! Good job on getting into the role Orlando!

Mia on

He looks like such a sweet baby–and he was 10 LBS when he was born-so no surprise he is a pretty big baby now-so cute!

LisaS on

That is one sweet photo. Would’ve loved to see the baby’s face though. He’s so beautiful.

stephaie on

Cute pic hope he wash the pacifier

molly on

What a gorgeous phote!! Love Daddy Time

CelebBabyLover on

Such a cutie pie!

Lilianne on

It always amazes me how many “perfect” parents are out there making negative comments about practically everything someone else does. This Dad had his hands full..would you rather he stuck that pacifier in his pocket to pick up lint, etc? I honestly don’t get people. :/

Mandy on

I agree Lilianne. He was doing the best with what he had at the moment. He is doing a wonderful job. I think he’s doing great!

Lola on

it was really cold in Los Angeles yesterday. I can’t believe the baby is not wearing warmer clothes.

Angie on

@ForeverMoore – thats not Natursutten, its Hevea – a Danish company…I know cuz thats what my baby uses and we have tried both. Natursutten doesn’t have the cut out for baby’s nose, its round like a Soothie. We highly recommend Hevea!!

Laura on

Orlando looks like such a hands-on dad. Very cute!

@Lola he has pants, long sleeves, socks, and a blanket. I live in Los Angeles too and it wasn’t snowing or anything.

DanishMama on

@ForeverMoore That is Hevea! So cool to see them in the States. They are my bubs favorite. I like the shape and style much better than Natursutten.

I think Orlando looks like quite the doting Dad. Good for him1

Stacy on

I love the pic – it is wonderful to see, that he really is into the father role! Being parent for the first time I also want one of these cool pacifiers…is it a Hevea?

Jillian on

Really cold in LA Tuesday? Not the LA I was in…… Hmmmm….

MiB on

It doesn’t look really cold to me (but then, the idea of what’s really cold differs from person to person and depends on what you are used to), and even if it would be, the sun is still warm. In any case, they were probably not walking very far since they were only going from the ped’s office to the car. I wouldn’t bother to fully dress an infant either unless it was below freezing, just as I wouldn’t bother to fully dress myself either. If I was going to a really cold car I would, but not when going to a warm car or to another house. Just yesterday my neighbour popped in to see me, and her 3 month old wore just an extra hat, sweater and and blanket for the 45 second walk from her house to mine in about 10 F (she just put on a scarf).

Anyways, it’s an adorable picture!

Angela on

@ Erin : “Thereโ€™s a lot of stuff out there folks, and the seven billion of us on the planet are managing so far!”

Really, Erin? Last time I checked more than half of those seven billion were hardly managing or not managing at all !

Ann on

It certainly is a Hevea, but I don’t get all the awe about this pacifiers, since they were very trendy in the 60s, 70s and 80s, and Chicco have been producing them since, like, forever. Even the shape resembles a Hevea, and it’s much older. Check it out: (their new bottle also looks terrific –