Rachel Zoe Celebrates Her Baby Shower

02/23/2011 at 05:00 PM ET

On Saturday, Rachel Zoe celebrated the upcoming March arrival of her baby boy with a shower in her honor. The intimate affair was hosted by close friend Pamela Skaist-Levy and the stylist’s sister, Pamela Glassman.

Accompanied by husband Rodger Berman, Zoe, 39, wore a dress by The Row, paired with an Oscar de la Renta necklace.ย In lieu of gifts, guests were given the option of donating toย Los Angeles-based charity Baby2Baby, an organization that donates infant items to families in need.


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Anne on

Congrats to her, she look fabulous! How honorable to donate to charity instead of accepting gifts/ Pretty cool!

Jodie on

Pregnancy definitely suits her, and what a lovely thing to do with the baby shower. Good for them! ๐Ÿ™‚

Cyndi on

It’s so nice to see a celebrity who realizes that they have the means to purchase the things they need for their baby, and decides to help others who don’t have the means instead of getting gifts.

Emma on

She looks amazing! Congrats to Rachel and Roger!!!

Kristine on

Finally a celebrity that gets it…you are beautiful inside and out. I will look for Victoria Beckham to follow this trend!

Jody B on

What a great idea!! Love how healthy and beautiful Rachel looks. Can’t wait to see pics of the baby!! ๐Ÿ˜€

Melly on

ITA. Rachel looks amazing and she is doing a wonderful thing by asking for #Baby2Baby donations in lieu of gifts. All those celebs who have sponsored parties (B-Day, baby and bridal showers, ect.) and accept gifts at them should follow R&R’s example!

Kim on

Awesome! It’s so nice to hear that a celebrity is giving back in a true and unselfish way.. then again it is Rachel and I think she is a very caring and understanding person begin with. I love her show!!

Indira on

It’s really really really nice that they’re doing donations but, I don’t see how they “get it” anymore than another celebrity. Are rich people not allowed to get gifts from friends because they can afford to buy things themselves?

Louise on

Will echo what others have said- I think it is great that Rachel and her hubby are giving to charity- makes a nice change from so many celebrities.

Natalia on

That’s because she probably would not buy those things herself…they are to cheap for her taste…Her baby needs Signature Onesies

showbizmom on

I love her! She has the glow!! I also love when people that are blessed with wealth ask that friends and family to donate to charities rather then giving gifts. I’m proud to say, that for both my wedding and baby shower our friends and family donated to two charities close to our hearts.

Cecelia on

Natalia, way to take a nice article and bring it to your low level.

It was a lovely gesture but I agree with Indira. Just because a person may be wealthy doesn’t mean that relatives or close friends can’t or won’t buy items just like any other family awaiting the birth of a child.

Cyndi on

“Gets it” might have been the wrong wording. In reality, a baby needs far fewer material items than many celebrities/wealthy people receive at an average baby shower. However, there are many people in this country who struggle to provide the basics for their baby. So, I think it’s admirable when celebs shun the excess in favor of helping those who can’t get the basics.

JC on

What a great idea to donate to a charity!

Jill on

I wonder what they did at the shower then?

Carrie on

Congrats to the happy parents to be!!!! Much love and many blessings on your new journey into parenthood! Cant wait to see how well dressed your Little Man will be. May you have a healthy, wonderful delivery an a quick uneventful recovery.
Rachael everything else can wait just enjoy every second and remember how fleeting this special time is.

abbyc on

Rachel looks great and what a nice gesture. But I’m curious- is it safe to get botox throughout pregnancy? It certainly looks like she has maintained her smooth forehead. And before you jump on me just look at her several years ago. Her forehead was riddled with deep lines.

me on

Wow Rachel looks great for being 9 months pregnant. So excited for you both.

Brooke on

I am so happy with how healthy Rachel looks….I really hope she continues to keep her filled out figure after Baby Boy is born

P. C. on

Who is she???? :)))

Tee on

Natalia, why would you say that? Do you personally know this woman well enough to make such a harsh judgement on her?

Tiffanty on

Congrats!! I am also due in March,with my 3rd son!
I am sooo happy for you and your family!

Toya L. on

She looks stunning.

Hi on

Jill- They probably sat around and talked about the upcoming baby while the friends made their donations.

I know that this is a frontal view, and Rachel’s wearing a really flowy dress, but if I didn’t know, I wouldn’t think she was pregnant.

M on

“Guests were given the option of donating”

So I’m sure she still unwrapped some pricey($$$$) designer gifts while her friends donated $10-$20.

LisTx on

Abbyc – Her forehead is smoothed out from the weight she has gained. Weight does fill in the lines. ๐Ÿ™‚ She looks great. Nice they are giving to charity, I am sure they are still getting a few cute things from family & friends.

Off subject a bit it the celebrities getting the Grammy/Oscar bags that makes me sick.

Marie on

Wow! New-found respect for Rachel. Very compassionate!

Indira on

Cyndi-I get what you mean and I think the gesture is very nice and my comment wasn’t an attempt to take away from it at all. I just think that a receiving a gift is bigger than the material item. I look at it as an expression of fondness, you know?

Gweneviere on

Bravo for Rachel and Rodger! They did the right thing. They celebrated
the up and coming birth of their baby and they supported the babies
that really need the things babies need. I hope other celebs can
take a look at these two and purchase one less Escalade, Benz, or
Bentley and help the children that really need it.

robert hobaica on

great idea to gift the families in need…she’s a classy sassy gal

Heather on

I have never been a big fan of Rachel Zoe, but this might have changed my mind! I really admire her for donating to Baby2Baby rather than taking gifts for herself–what a class act!

Kim K on

Looks like Rachel finally ate a sandwich.

Tee on

I think that it’s wonderful that Rachel decided to ask her friends and family to donate baby supplies to a charity instead of giving her gifts. That is a wonderful show of compassion. On the other hand, I think that Indira makes a really good point. Should the amount of money she has dictate that her friends and family don’t shower her and her baby with gifts? My guess is that most people probably did both… donated to the charity and bought something for Rachel’s baby.

donnap. on

natalia you sound like an ass…..can’t you just leave it as a nice thing that she’s doing. someone always has to say something nasty.congats to them both.

Brooke on

There is a pic of Rachel on the Huffington Post and her bump is really prominent now….she looks amazing. All belly and still in super high heels…LOL

Rebecca on

Rachel looks so fabulous and healthy pregnant! Mazel Tov!

Tinisha Andrews on

I Can afford to get my own gifts but sometimes it’s nice to get a gift specifically for me from my friends. And last time I checked thatโ€™s what baby showers where about celebrating the birth of your baby, and giving you thing that will help you with your baby and you can appreciate because your friend got it for YOU…

I do know celebrities have a lot of money and can afford things themselves but a balance need to be reached so they can get gifts from friends with out a whole back lash of “bad you are getting something when people have nothing”.

what RZ did was great, but if Victoria chooses to keep her gifts it’s not our place to judge coz no one is judging us when we keep OUR baby shower gift…

CelebBabyLover on

Tinisha Andrews- I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Dana on

She looks fantastic! I’m so happy for them and I can’t wait to hear the name of their little boy.

Michelle on

I just cannot get over how pretty and happy she looks!

Lissette on

She looks as she would say “bananas!” lol. Very happy for them! Would love to see more pictures of the baby shower.

Kelly on

I have always thought Rachel Zoe had it together, and to find out she opted to have people donate rather then give her gifts, just makes me thing more highly of her.. How awesome is that!!! Just proves, that some celebrities still have a heart and are willing to wear it on their sleeves from time to time.. Congrats to Rachel and her husband on their new exciting venture at parents. Its the most rewarding job in the world…….

akri on

Good for her! I like her even more now..Does anyone know when her show’s coming back?

Leila on

that is true class instead of gifts for her …donate knew why I really liked her!

Samantha on

She looks great!!!! And so nice to donate to charity. Love it!

Susan on

Just saying Nicole Richie did the same for her baby showers – there are other celebreties out their with a social conscious and they should all be saluted – Good for you Rachel & Rodger.

Ellen Smith on

I believe Rachel is Jewish. Jewish people tend to not have baby showers (religious suspertitions), and they tend not to buy gifts for the baby or bring anything baby-related into the house until after the baby is born. This might be one of the reasons why she asked for the charitable donation. It’s a lovely gesture, whatever the reason.

Cate on

Note to women who think skinny is beautiful – she looks one million times better pregnant than she did when she wasn’t pregnant!

Becky on

I’m sure that her family and closest friends still got her gifts, but I think it’s great that she asked people to donate to the charity. I’m also guessing that once the baby arrives more presents will arrive.

When our youngest child turned one we asked people to bring something to donate to our local crisis pregnancy center instead of lots of stuff for her because she’s the youngest of 3, we had sooo many toys and she was too young to know how many gifts she was getting. Her grandparents and aunts and uncles still got her stuff and some people still gave her an outfit or something little but it kept the gifts under control and the pregnancy center benefited too.

Me on

I have yet to actually see a belly on this chick. She was super skinny before and she still looks super skinny. I hope her baby is nice and healthy. As for the donation, yes, that is nice. And yes baby showers are for the mother. There is nothing wrong with getting gifts even if you are wealthy, its part of the whole experience. And who is to say other “stars” don’t donate gifts after they recieved them?

linda on

she looks so good without all the bones! and sooooo much younger.

Garry on

They both look great, how-ever..THIS is how she should stay..a little weight on her LOOKS wonderful! For a change she looks healthy!!
And congrats on the baby boy!

kittenbomb on

Can you imagine the fantastic clothes this kid will have? So happy for Rachel and Rodger, they seem really happy together.

Allie on

She looks very healthy–I hope she decides to keep a few pregnancy pounds after the baby is born–it suits her. She is much more attractive and younger looking now. I always thought she was well over 40. Very surprised when internet posts said she was only 39.
Keep the weight on, Rachel, it looks good!

Sarah on

Way to go Rachel! Setting a really awesome example.

roto on

Finally Rachel looks healthy,congrats!

Dee on

She said she is very superstitious and refuses gifts as she believes it to be bad luck. I’m very happy for her. Is she really pregnant though? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Annie on

Pregnancy REALLY becomes her!

deborah on

She looks soo beautiful!I agree with most,a little meat on her bones does her WELL!

Angi on

Yes, Rachel is Jewish and many Jews wait until after the baby is born and healthy to buy gifts.

april on

i still find it hard to belive shes pregnant. on her show she didnt want to have kids .glad she had a change of heart i think her and rodger will be great parents they are already setting a good example. i hope she calms down some and enjoys her new little man. and keeps some weight on she looks so GOOD.

Nikki on

I don’t really like Rachel Zoe… she really annoys me. But, I think it’s really cool of her and her hubby to ask guests to donate to charity instead. If you have the money to easily afford everything you need, why not give back?! Kudos Rachel and congratulations! You just made me like you a LITTLE bit… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Tara on

She must feel awful that she’s had to eat due to the pregnancy ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
And think, she might even have to reach reach a normal weight.

Belinda on

I think she looks spectacular!! Congratulations to Rachel and Roger! This is exciting for her as I remember seeing on her TV show how scared she was about getting pregnant. I love Rachel’s style & sass! It’s a happy time!

CaffeineJunky6 on

I’m a fan and have to say that she looks so good with a little meat on her bones. She has that pregnancy glow and just looks amazing. Good for her for wanting people to donate instead of give gifts, but I had to laugh a little at this because we all know how she is…she probably didn’t want anyone giving her baby clothes that would cause her to, you know…just die. ; )

Anonymous on

I have never seen Rachel look more beautiful, i almost didn’t recognize her! I hope she keeps some of the weight on her after the baby is born. Congrats to both Rachel and Rodger!!!

Someone You Know on

It’s nice to see Ms. Zoe with some meat on her bones…IT’S OK TO EAT!!

Overit on

Congrats! I think it’s nice that they are donating to charity with their baby shower, but if it was really a selfless act, we would not know about it. True charity is anonymous. There are lots of celebrities who choose to go the anonymous route and I applaud them. Is what they are doing nice, of course but I wouldn’t pin any medals on them because they are definitely getting something out of it.

Brooke on

I love that she chose a charity and I like what she I wearing but I really wish I could see a decent pic of her bump! She never shows it off it’s always loose black clothing….I totally get being comfortable I remember it all too well but I just wish she would show it off more

sara on

Rachel looks amazing!!! Congrats to the soon to be parents and good God that kid is gonna have quite the wardrobe! hahaha So great of them to donate to charity.

Beth on

If you read most of the articles about baby showers for celebrities a big portion of them are collecting gifts to be given to a pregnancy crisis center or a hospital or some other place that could use the gifts. I applaud Rachel, but this is not the first time this has been done. Just because someone prints that Rachel has requested the donations doesn’t mean she has broadcast it and is looking for recognition. Donating to a cause has become quite popular at weddings and showers in lieu of favors for guests that would have most likely ended up in the trash anyway.

Justathought on

I have enjoyed watching the “Rachel Zoe” Reality Show. A real slice of life. Rachel also now has a successful clothing line on QVC. LOVE her Scarves! I am happy for her and Roger, regarding the baby news. Rachel was ambivalent about getting pregnant and Roger made it increasingly clear that time was running out for her and for them. I am glad the baby is a boy since Roger will be the hands on parent while Rachel flits around the world making sure her celebrity clients are the “best dressed”. There is nothing wrong with having a high profile career, but if Rachel does not learn to delegate better and take better care of health and her man, she risks losing both.

Pailseygirl on

I tried to watch the her show a few times but I got so frustrated trying to understand why I found myself interested. Zoe was a bit controlling and looked so thin I almost found it discusting. I don’t think Tv ought to glamorize such ill looking people even if it is in the name of fashion.
This picture of Zoe looks great. You can tell she is taking better care of herself. I’m glad to see that for her and her babies sake.

Kellyanne on

@abbye i know what you mwan about R’s forehead, but, i would bet her forehead looks smoother because of the weight she has put on. Congrats to both of them they look great!

BD on


terri on

I just wanted to say you look great and congrats!!….hope to see you on BRAVO. When you are on…I watch all of your shows. Best of luck with your baby.

Tee on

When I learned of your expecting months ago, I cried b/c I was so happy and thrilled for you and Rodger. You two are wonderful and loving, Skyler is truly blessed to have you as parents. I love your style Rachel and wish you and the fam many wonderful happy years. I cannot wait to see Baby Skyler step out, with crazy style of course. You have a big heart donating in this way. Its always great to hear about the charitable works of anyone.

Faith on

Rodger’s face is so funny. That’s the typical husband face at a bridal shower – “This is nice….Now when is it over?”

Linda on

It is so wonderful finally decided to make her life complete with her new baby boy. What a blessing. They will make great parents and surely will be well styled. Hope to see Rachel soon again on her show. She is the best and i enjoy the show so much.
God has blessed you with a healthy baby and that is his greatest gift.

Linda on

All the best to you Roger and Baby Skyler. God has given you the best blessing of all. A healthy baby. Love you Rachel. Hope to see you again soon on your show.