Owen Wilson Calls Son Ford ‘A Little Scene Stealer’

02/23/2011 at 09:00 AM ET
John P Iblis/JPI

He’s yet to have a speaking role, but Owen Wilson‘s newborn son is already displaying great stage presence.

“He’s not, I wouldn’t say, a wonderful conversationalist at this point, but he kind of doesn’t have to be, he’s so cute,” Wilson, 42, said of 6-week-old Robert Ford Wilson on Tuesday’s Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

The boy, who is going by his middle name Ford, likes to make grand entrances, too. “He becomes sort of a little scene stealer when he comes in the room,” the actor says.

In fact, in terms of his aura, Wilson is already comparing Ford to a quietly powerful screen legend.

“[He’s like] Steve McQueen in The Magnificent Seven, where he didn’t have a lot of dialogue — you just kind of gave him the camera and he was able to hold the screen,” Wilson says with a smile. “I feel like Ford is heading in that direction.”

Wilson says it’s been an exciting time, but also a tiring one. “What they say about newborns, about [the parents] not getting a lot of sleep? That’s true,” he says. “You look at every place now as a potential nap place … You’ve got to look for your chances to catch up.”

Asked whether Ford looks more like Wilson or his girlfriend, Jade Duell, the actor jokes: “Who he really looks like at this point is other babies.”

— Tim Nudd

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Marilyn on

I don’t understand why the name isn’t Ford Robert Wilson if he’s going to call him Ford instead of Robert Ford Wilson. I never could understand that about people using their middle names.

AA on

so happy for him 🙂 — but a little early to jump the gun on his son being a legendary actor/director.

Sindy on

He wasn’t meaning that AA geesh. He meant his personality was like that, you should read it again..Congrats OWEN! I wish you much joy and love!

alexa on

agree w AA. really? scene stealer at six weeks? good grief!

AA on

thank you!

125BST on

Marilyn, I agree with you. I like the name they are using, though.

Jennifer on

What does it matter if they call him by his middle name? It’s quite common actually. The first name John is passed down in my father’s family. My Great Grandfather was John David, my Grandfather is John Edward, my father is John Michael and my brother is John Nathan. AKA Jack,Ed,John and Nate…doesn’t seem to offend any one we know…

Jes on

Love how he said he looks like other babies, rarly have I been able to tell a new born looks more like mom or dad. Congrats to the new parents. I think its great that little Ford steals the atten when he enteres a room as he should at that age all attn should be on the new little cutie.

Lynda on

Dang, babies are always scene stealers!! Ppl love to put all eyes on babies, no matter who they belong to. Stop being so cynical guys. It’s Owen’s first child, he’s a naturally awesome actor, and I agree with him!! Nothing wrong with how he see’s his son’s future! I saw my daughters future as a singer, a parent can picture anything for their kids future. That doesn’t mean it’s going to happen, but I hope he does grow up to be the Scene Stealer that his proud daddy sees!!

Lighten up folks!!

GiGi on

I saw the interview and it funny, he’s just a wonderful man and had a beautiful little boy. Congrats Owen.

Devon on

It usually depends on how the name sounds and which way sounds better. Robert Ford rolls off the tongue better than Ford Robert. Both my uncles are called by their middle names, William CRAIG & John REID. The ordering sounded better with their used names in the 2nd spot. And really, does it matter?

Marilyn on

It doesn’t matter, & it doesn’t offend anyone, just wondering why that is.

showbizmom on

His name could be a family tradition, all the men on my biological fathers side all go by our last name. it’s confusing but it’s just the way it is. Maybe on either side the boys go by their middle name. Who knows who cares, he’s under that baby spell 🙂

Cheryl on

I saw the interview too!. It was really funny. Owen is a wonderful man from a wonderful family…it shows when he speaks of them. He is SO-O-O happy and it radiates from within him.
Congrats Owen…you deserve it.

Minnie on

It’s a pretty strong Irish tradition to use the middle name as the first. Both of my grandmothers and my own mother use their middle names.

What they choose to call their child is entirely their perogative and to be honest, this baby’s name is a lot better than some of the other celebrity baby names out there.

Good for Owen and Jade…congratulations to them; may they enjoy every day of their lives with the little man.

Shannon on

So true about the sleep thing! I was SOOOO tired after my firstborn. Once I went back to work it was even worse. I used to fantasize about sneaking off to the supply room and napping on the floor, lol!

diamondlil on

Best part is seeing Owen happy.
Very best part is still to come with fatherhood.
Simply thrilled for him, and love the name and love the interview and
all those posters with negative energy: go home. shut up.

Jenny on

I dont see what the big idea is if his son goes by his middle name…my son goes by his middle name, he is named after my husband’s grandfather who passed away but we loved the name we picked for the middle name so he goes by that…you dont know why they did it so why judge?

Ldp on

I agree about the name thing. WHY do that??!! What is the point?? Put the name you want to call him as the FIRST name…..the middle name has always been more about decoration than a name anyway. It’s irritating as he11 how little sense people make.

And while it doesn’t concern THIS specific couple, I absolutely DESPISE people who give their kid a name of the opposite sex. Kelly, Leslie, Erin, those are GIRL’S NAMES for crying out loud. JMO That’s all.

Cyn on

Some of you need to calm down and stop taking things so literally. He is joking for crying out loud and just a proud new dad! Although,I’m sure MOST people would agree that ALL babies are “Scene Stealers.” There is just something wonderful about babies! Am I correct?

Cyn on

How bout this…YOU don’t have to agree or like the whole name thing b/c guess what, it’s not YOUR baby.
The end.

fuzibuni on

LDP… just fyi, Leslie, Kelly, and Erin are all traditional Gaelic BOYS names. They have been boy names for centuries… however during the 70s and 80s in the United States many people began co-opting these names for girls. Much like what is happening today with names like MacKenzie, Avery, Charlie etc.

Erin on

I am so happy for him, and as a mother of two, totally understand what he’s saying. When you walk into the room with a baby, you disappear!

Also, Ldp, I don’t know that I’ve ever heard of a male “Erin”, though “Aaron” is a male name and unrelated to the female version. And Kelly and Leslie are both actually MALE names that were appropriated for females, not vice versa.

sojourner on

Babies are always “scene stealers”. BUT – the world is WAY overpopulated. I don’t know why PEOPLE is so preoccupied with babies. It leads teenaged girls to believe that getting pregnant is the “in” thing to do. Let’s shift the focus to being responsible to our planet by refraining from having babies.

A.J. on

Cheryl – That’s the booze radiating from him.

And he’s so happy because he has all you saps totally snowed with his “Father-of-the-Year” schtick.

He was making out with another woman in L.A. the night before this interview, and has been cheating all along.

The baby and the “family man” image is good for his career and he knows it.

Laura on

Go ahead sojourner, refrain from having babies if you feel so strongly about it. The bigger problem is that so many believe babies should be brought into a “relationship” rather than a “family.” If people aren’t committed enough to be married they shouldn’t be having children.

I have to give Owen credit for not picking some stupid off the wall name like so many Hollywood types chose to do.

skyler on

They probably named the baby after the famous outlaw Robert Ford…the guy who shot Jesse James.
Just a guess.

A.J. on

Funny how “private” he was when he was trying to hide his pregnant girlfriend, but quite willing to pimp out the baby when he got a movie coming out.

Kellie on

Sojurner- It drives me nuts when someone tell me I shouldn’t have kids because of the planet. Saving the planet may be your top priority, it is very important, but starting a family is number one on my list. I am so glad that there are people like you in the world but please don’t put me down for wanting to have a child.

Gigggity on

WHO CARES if the kid goes by his middle name and not the order YOU want it in, its what makes the parents happy….ALL BABIES ARE SCENE STEALERS! lol

I love Owen, and looks like little Ford is just his little pride and joy 🙂 CONGRATS!!!!

Kellie on

A.J.- What color underwear is Owen wearing, since you seem to know everything about his life?

anonymous on

Robert is after Owen’s father. Since he probably goes by Robert they chose to have Robert Ford use his middle name.

meghan on

AJ, He didn’t talk about the pregnancy because he wasn’t doing film press at the time and he’s not the type of celebrity that issues a press release every time he cuts a fart, unlike some entertainers. He’s talking about (not “pimping out” as you so eloquently put it) Ford now because he is doing his first interviews since the birth (for his new film) and of course the reporters are bombarding him with questions now, because he’s not going to be welcoming Life and Style into his home any time soon and if they don’t get him to talk now, they likely never will. Owen’s never really seemed the type to invite the press into his life.

Becky on

Love the name and who gives a rats patoot what name they call him by?
@skyler, I think I did read about an article about that being the reason they named him Ford…Which leads me to someone talking about traditional names for girls and boys..So, please don’t take this the wrong way..I always think of Skyler (Skylar) as being a girls name, but my nephew is naming his boy Skyler..Am I the only one that thinks that?

Georgina on

Its not like hes pimping his baby out if someone has asked him questions about his son, is it? Whats he supposed to say “I dont want to talk about him!” Wouldnt that be weirder. He hasnt sold the baby pics, nor did he parade his heavily pregnant girlfriend around, they went somewhere quiet to have their son. That says something surely. He was on a chat show, so its quite obvious theyre going to chat about a major change in Owens life.

As for the name thing, when he introduces his son, how likely is it hes going to say this is Robert Ford Wilson, but were calling him Ford?Hes just going to be introduced as Ford or Ford Wilson. Its only on his birth certificate that his full name is given. At school or what ever you just put the name they go by down, no?

dsfg on

“the middle name has always been more about decoration than a name anyway”

Not sure where you got that information, but it’s incorrect. Up until recent times, most people went by both their first and middle names (for example, John Henry Smith might be called John sometimes and at other times Henry). If you don’t believe me, look at old census records. John Henry Smith might be listed one year as John Smith and another year as Henry Smith. People are given a first name and a middle name for a reason, to use BOTH of them.

Dee on

My dad’s name is Maurice but he goes by Joseph his middle name. It’s not all that uncommon. I think Maurice was just to appease the family or something of the sort.

In anycase, I am happy for Owen. Back in the day I read where he battled some personal demons, you can tell he is overcoming them and this lil baby will be a great healer for him.

Congrats to him 🙂

Daisy on

Sorry, but I agree with AJ. After the news about the paternity being in question just last week this interview was the first stroke in the PR whitewashing. Apparently it did the trick because most of you have stars in your eyes. Well, good for Owen then. He has a good team coaching him.

His bff Woody has always managed to have his chicks on the side and maintain a family in Hawaii so maybe Owen and Jade subscribe to that open lifestyle, too. Welcome to Hollyweird.

A.J. on

Georgina – The CELEBS set the agendas in these interviews. They decide what they want to talk about (or not talk about). Leno could have acknowledged the baby by saying “Congratulations. Hope everything is well” , and then moving on to another subject, if Owen so chose. Also, it IS possible not to discuss your child(ren) in order to sell a movie. James McAvoy very recently declined to discuss his new baby AT ALL while promoting, citing privacy issues. This guy wants it both ways – either you’re super-private or you’re not. I’d have respected him a lot more if he would have stuck to the high road rather than give interviews where he pimps out baby stories yet always insists on referring to his girlfriend Jade as “the” mother, like she’s some baby-making commodity.

Garfield1 on

Daisy — right on!! Couldn’t have said it better myself! 🙂

People are giving WAY too much credit to these celebrities. They get their one night stands knocked up just like everyone else; they have an ‘allergic reaction’ to a drug just like everyone else, etc. Of course they are going to lie to make everything look peachy keen.

joujou on

i’m so happy 4 him congrats O & Jade ,,i love him he is amazing guy
& ford is soo cute like u 😉