Family Photo: The Wilkinson-Baskett’s Playground Playtime

02/23/2011 at 01:00 PM ET

Park playdate!

Hank Baskett and Kendra Wilkinson keep it casual cool in sweats and workout gear while spending quality time with son Hank IV, 14 months, at an Encino, Calif. playground on Monday.

What’s the reality star’s essential baby item?

“My Baby Kaed diaper bag,” Wilkinson, 25, tells PEOPLE. “It’s so funny because I used the same one for so long, and the company actually saw it in every picture, so they sent me a new one!”

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Amy Y. on

I love Kendra and Hank’s show on E. They seem like really nice people. BUT why does she always wear pajamas or tracksuits? She’s so pretty and they(she) live in CA.

Oh, and I love the baby’s curls! Cute family in all!

Summer on

I love Kendra and WHATEVER she wears! Hank Jr is so precious and they have the cutest family<3

Anna on

Love his baby Hank’s curly locks!

Sara on

Does Kendra own any other clothes besides sweatpants, sweatshirts or track suits? I understand not dressing up to go to the park, but seriously, she always looks like she rolled out of bed. Try some jeans!

hayley on

Sara – why should she? because i would make the pictures of her family your spying on look better…..hmmmmmmm not really important in the grand scale of life is it. #justsayin

you no what it doesn’t matter what you wear, as long as your comfy, and ready for play time at the park, jeans are all well and good IF you want to wear them , i love going to the park in sweats and really playing with my kids, i save my other clothes for when i need to look nice.

wishes people would worry about the important stuff , like what kind of parent you are rather than what you wear while you do it xx such is life i suppose, kinda sad though don’t ya think x

Steph on

I agree with Sara. I know that Kendra has always been more of a “tomboy” but how about some comfy jeans and a t-shirt? Just because you have a baby doesn’t mean you should skip out on combing your hair, putting on a little make-up, etc. You’re a mom…not dead! Maybe that’s just me but I like to maintain a decent appearance not for others but for myself!

I think its fair for anyone to make a comment…after all this is a website that allows you to express your comments about the article/picture!

Toya L. on

I love this family and baby Hank is such a cutie.

Indira on

I actually agree with you guys! I mean, what was once cute and “college-y” now just looks sloppy and not put together now that she’s a mom. I know she’s into athletic gear so maybe she should look into athletic jackets for women? Clearly, she doesn’t care but, I’m just sayin.

kazumi on

jeans or sweatpants, it doesn’t matter what she wears, the point of going to the park is for their little guy! geez

Angela on

I think she’s pregnant.

Indira on

Kendra doesn’t seem like the type to cover up her pregnancy.

Capri on

I like how Kendra just wears whatever she wants & doesnt have to dress to the 9s just to go to the park…like some folks…but she could wear something a little nicer…she’s so cute & has a great shape!!

Anyways, cuuuuute family!!

Sarah S. on

Hank Jr.’s curls are simply adorable!!

Sat on

I think she’s pregnant too. There’s a reason for the baggy styles 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Indira- I agree! Kendra seems like the last person who would hide the fact she was pregnant! Plus, it’s not like she just recently began dressing like this. This has been her “uniform” for ages.

Now, as for make-up and wearing jeans….Not everyone likes wearing jeans. I don’t. I absolutely cannot stand the way they feel (way too rough!) and I never wear them. I don’t wear make-up either, even for formal occasions. I DO comb my hair, but on windy days that’s hard to tell when I’m outside! LOL! As long as Kendra makes sure to take care of basic hygiene, I don’t have a problem with her appearence! 🙂

Hea on

If Kendra one day steps out wearing a tee people will freak out and pour their critique over her because her boobs will be more visible. I will bet my house on that being a fact.

I prefer a track suit to a Gucci dress and Louboutin’s to the park any day.

Dee on

I personally find it refreshing to see Kendra in slacks or tracks or whatever. She is being a mom, fashion comes later when you are going out. It’s such ashame we live in a society were just because you are a celebrity you cant go to the park and just be a parent…..well lets be honest it’s the women who gets the most critism.

She looks comfortable and ready to play as does her husband. This is the way I dress when its play time for my son. Good for you Kendra. You look great no matter what you wear 🙂

ss on

I wouldn’t say she doesn’t care, but that she is maybe self-conscious after gaining baby weight… although I don’t see too much of it

mmh on

My tiny sister-in-law wears clothes like this all the time and I always think she looks cute. I can’t wear stuff like that, being all tall and gangly (have never found athletic pants that fit me in length and in the waist), so I am probably a little jealous =)

Jillian on

Kendra said two weeks ago that she was NOT pregnant but they were planning on baby two!

I like that she wears what SHE wants and dresses for her and not for the public.

Toya L. on

I don’t know, I think if I made a living from basically off of looking glam (modeling, photoshoots, interviews, entertainment events galore). I think I’d dress down majority of the other times I didn’t absolutely have to too.

Libby on

Kendra has repeatedly said she is not comfortable with her post-baby body and is still working on it. When she is “dressed up” she is in Spanx and very constricting undergarments so her dresses look smooth. Who would want to dress like THAT all the time? No matter how much you judge, you can’t tell someone what their emotions are…her emotions are hers. If she was dressing up like JLo and putting her son in $300 playclothes, there would be a plethora of negative comments about THAT and she would be accused of x#0r!n9 out her baby for photo ops and press coverage. She is who she is and has never come across as a “poser” so love her or hate her, she is who she is. Baby Hank is beautiful. I think Kendra looks just fine…a cute Mom who still looks cute in casual clothes.

Mina on

People would hate what I wear on a daily basis. My hubby’s football hoodie lol. Not one bit of makeup ever (my skin is VERY sensative, prone to being oily one minute, dry the other, and breakouts when I put on foundation from covering my pores). Anyway..this is why I would hate to be famous. Someone saying you should look nice or decent to go roll around in dirt?!?!

Holiday on

Who cares that she is wearing something comfy when she is at the park playing with her son. Would it be better if she were in heals? Oh and I love seeing you Hollywood moms! As a young mama myself its nice to see people 25 and under having kids.

Mina on

Funny thing is…you would be surprised how many guys LIKE tomboy girls. Someone who doesnt stand in front of the mirror for hours trying to make herself look fake…like someone totally different. Apparently Hank doesnt mind, and he loves his wife for everything she is, including the days she chooses to dress homely.