Brad Paisley’s Son Is ‘Obsessed’ with Carrie Underwood

02/23/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
Alex J. Berliner/BEImages

He’s just turned 4, but Huck Paisley already has an eye for the ladies, according to his country star dad.

“Huck has the biggest crush in the world on Carrie Underwood,” Brad Paisley tells PEOPLE. “He is obsessed with her and he’s only four.”

Huck and Underwood already had a memorable first date.

Says Paisley, “Carrie came over to the farm [last week] and she hadn’t met him yet. He went out and got her roses – we took him to Whole Foods and he picked them out himself – and he wrote her a Valentine and dictated it to his mom.

“He said, ‘I hope you have an incredible day and night. Love Huck.’ That’s what he wanted to say to her.”

And after delivering his note and blooms, Huck put on a show of strength for his crush.

“We were all hanging out in the studio and out of the blue, he said, ‘Carrie, watch!’ And he pushed the pillows off of the couch with both arms and held them above his head and he said, ‘Look how strong I am!'” Paisley, 38, says. “It was like, ‘Wow, the instinct is there already!'”

“He likes her and likes her music a lot – in fact one of the things he said that was really funny the other day before he met her was, ‘I don’t like girls,'” Paisley adds. “And I said, ‘What about Carrie? And he was like, ‘Oh I like her music.'”

Paisley also has a second son, 22-month-old Jasper Warren, with wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley.

— Eileen Finan and Sara Hammel

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Jennifer on

That is soooo cute! I love this family!

alley on

That is so adorable! Love it! Brad and Carrie are my favorite country stars!

Kim on

That’s adorable! I love Brad and his family. My seven year old nephew loves Carrie Underwood, too. lol.

Tee on

Aw, such a cute story! Little Huck has good taste! It was really sweet of Carrie to go spend time with him and humor him like that!

Anne on

Carrie is a sweet classy talented lady, even little guys pick-up on her beautiful vibe.

DizzyDolly on

So cute-smart boy with great taste!!

kazumi on

awwww, he’s so cute!

Brenda on

Love this story, so cute, Carrie is a very special lady, she and Brad are my favorite singers.

Jess on

Aww this adorbale! Carrie and Brad are absolutely my two favorite singers (especially Carrie!), and Huck is so cute! I can just picture this whole story happening….so precious!!

elisabeth on

too adorable

Jill on

SO So so Darn cute!!! Brad has told other stories about Huck and Carrie. I beleive they have talked on the phone just have not hung out. Adorable story! I love that he showed off his muscles

Someone You Know on

I have always been a fan of Brad Paisley…not just his music, but how he carries himself…good for him!

Mira on

Sorry, but I don’t find this story cute at all. I cringe when parents make out their young boys to be tiny womanizers. Would it be cute to describe a 4-year-old girl as a big flirt, who has a crush on an adult male? Yuck.

Plus, my 5-year-old tries to impress his granma by showing her how strong and brave he is, picks out presents for her and spent hours drawing a Valentine for her. Doesn’t mean he has a crush on her.

momof3boys on

too cute of a story!

Cindy on

Oh come on Mira, lighten up please? He is a little boy that has a crush on the older lady. Every little boy has a crush on a much older lady. LOL. The little guy will get over it in a couple of weeks or when the next lady gives him such attention. There isn’t one little boy that I have seen that has not had some sort of infatuation with a pretty face. I would rather have him look at her then to have a crush on a male! Get my point here??

Laura on

I think it’s sweet!

And I was four or five, I had a huge crush on MacGyver! We still have a videotape somewhere with “Laura’s MacGyvers” written on it, with all of the letters shaped wrong. Little kids get harmless crushes, there’s nothing wrong with it.

Although having a crush on MacGyver is pretty embarrassing.

abby’s mom on

I totally agree…I think it is crazy to push/encourage a crush like that. what is the rush with life? why must people rush kids into thinking like that? It’s true, what will happen when he goes to school and starts talking about the girls in school in first grade. I was a first grade teacher last year (now in 4th with a whole new set of problems) and there were plenty of crushes. trust me the girls did not like it and especially the parents!

and to cindy….get my point…OUCH… hope you never have to deal with this because it is obvious where you stand….pretty lame point!

Melanie on

Actually Mira, there’s 20 years between all my siblings so my youngest sister (who is now 10) grew up having older guys around considering she has three older sisters who are 20, 18, and 15 years older than her. She did the same types of things with all of our boyfriends. And, yes, everyone thought it was cute.

It’s what kids do. Geez.

CelebBabyLover on

abby’s mom- I agree with you on Cindy. I also want to add that, even if Huck DID have a crush on a guy it wouldn’t neccesarily mean anything in terms of sexuality. Kids that age get “crushes” on all sorts of different types of people, sometimes including those the same gender as they are. Heck, some kids even get “crushes” on objects, and kids getting “crushes” on TV or movie characters (even those that are animated, or of the Sesame Street muppet variety!) is far from uncommon!

At that age, “crushes” have nothing to do with sex or even romance. In fact, they aren’t really “crushes” at all. We adults just tend to refer them as such. But in reality, it’s basically just a kid having an obsession.

I had several “crushes” as a kid. My first one, although a little embarassing to admit, was a “crush” on Elmo (yes, as in that little red, furry muppet from Sesame Street!)! I was greatly dissapointed whenever Elmo wasn’t on, and my dad would have to try to patiently explain to me that they weren’t trying to discriminate against Elmo. Ah, the things you get upset about when you’re four! 🙂

Helen on

I think it’s gross too, but where I am you only send valentine’s to your romantic partner, so it just sounds really weird. And wow, Cindy, what a disgusting display of homophobia.

auntblue on

It’s healthier to have an innocent crush, then to be inside playing video games or watching TV all day. What a cute story!

jessicad on

That’s such a cute story!!! Nothing wrong with having a crush, most of us went through that as kids!

kct on

good grief!! it’s perfectly normal for little boys and girls to have crushes. it’s shows that they are being raised with love.

TamTam on

There has to be a downer in every thread. I think it’s a cute story.

ALM on

Cindy, let me clue you in: little boys often get crushes on daddy/big brother figures in their lives, and little girls often get crushes on older females. There’s nothing sexual or sinister about it, and it actually helps them develop and make choices about the type of adult they wish to become themselves.

Your comment says a lot about you, and it’s not very nice.


-I think that this is so cute and Carrie is such a great role model.

Toya L. on

It’s a cute, innocent story. It’s true majority of children have innocent little crushes and I’m sorry but not encouraging may not change them from having those absolutely normal childhood crushes; it may change/teach them who they can feel comfortable talking about it in front of though. Next year he may even go through the girls are icky stage.

To Mira on


You seriously just ruined this article for me. All the nice comments and then one jealous person. Get a life.

To Mira on

Read the article. Nowhere does it say he had a crush on Brad Paisley. And it’s perfectly normal to have a crush on an older woman. Obviously, you have issues. Idiot.

Becky on

Very cute story..Don’t see any real problems with Brad putting this story out for everyone to read…Kids are kids and most all them have crushes on someone during their younger years…I do have to say that when they named him Huckleberry, I was iffy on that name, but hearing Brad call him Huck makes me really like the name..

Mira on

Celebbabylover, I agree with you totally. Kids get infatuated with many different things. What I don’t think is cute is when parents read grown-up feelings into these “crushes”. Let kids be kids, don’t push them into these adult frames so early.

And, Cindy, I personally would have no problem if my son turned out to be gay. In fact, the only thing that would bother me would be that there are too many people like you in the world.

Jillian on

What a cute story!

Cindy, ya had me until your ignorant comment! Nothing wrong with a boy having a crush on a male! Many kids want to marry their opposite gender parent…….doesn’t make them wrong, weird, or sick now does it?

Jes on

I think its cute, I had a crush on my older cousin and one of the local pro hockey players when I was 4 or 5, we laugh about it now, and I’m sure when Hucks older they’ll laugh about it too.

dawn on

Mira, I never thought much of little boy cushes, but when my son was 5 I heard him telling his friend he thought my friend Gretchen was beautiful(she is). Then when she asked him to be the ring bearer in her wedding he cried and cried. He was devestaed to learn she was going to marry someone else. Her soon to be husband, a fireman, took my son to the station and let him have a ride in the fire truck, to win him over. It was tough, but all worked out in the end. Now, 5 years later, he still refers to her as the most beautiful person in the world, but now in admiration, the crush has gone. My son learned a great deal of life lessons with his first crush and personally, I think it is a healthy part of growing up. Love ad admiration appear to be natural parts of life.

canada girl on

Some of you need to lighten up this is such a cute story!!!

Me on

Some of you guys need to CALM DOWN. I have a brother who is 10yrs younger than I am and he was always crushing on my friends when he was younger. He was even “married” to them and he would tell them that. It was funny and its a part of life. And folks, yes, at that age kids can really have crushes. I now have a son and he is obsessed with a male singer, not in a crush type, but always wants to listen to his music and goes around singing the songs. He said he wants to be just like this singer. Its not a crush to him, its just someone he seems to admire and like. So there is a difference. Kids can have role models or people they admire w/o having a crush. Kids can also think a person of the opposite sex are pretty or cute, thus the basis of their crush. As for Brad’s son, its adorable. Its not like Brad is pushing him into feeling that stuff and its not like he is trying to sexualize the feelings…..Get a grip folks!

Britt on

If little girls parents get upset that a little boy has a crush on her, then they are the evil in this world.

When little girls and little boys can’t “have crushes”, and not be accused of being a womanizer and made to feel bad about it, then the world has already gone to hell. These are just the kind of people that make being a boy in this world dangerous. I feel like little boys are constantly being assaulted with this crap and society thinks it’s perfectly ok to assault these children because you are “politically correct”. YOU PEOPLE SCARE ME!

JM on

cindy you are a sad sad person. i hope you don’t come into contact with many children, it would be terrible to pass such prejudices on to children, or worse still to have a child who has feelings for someone of the same sex hear you say such things. the only problem, as mira said, is people like you.

JRos on

So cute! Reminds me of when my son had a huge crush on LeeAnn Womack at that age and sat mesmerized with her at a concert in the park one year. She spent a large majority of her performance waving to him and afterwards met with him for a few minutes. It was very sweet of her.

kj on

So sweet. I love all the positive notes in this thread. They just make the story that much nicer.

Of course, there is always one retard who likes to turn a nice, ‘uplifting story’ into a ‘contraversial article.’ Don;t you have to go kick a puppy or something?

Sorry for using the word ‘retard’. 🙂

Amanda on

This is such a CUTE little story. And of course there has to be someone negative in every little thread, but in this case, I think the positives outweigh the negatives. So >:p

MiB on

Having “crushes” is part of being a preschooler, no one forces them into it, and there is nothing sexual to it. Having been both a nanny and a kindergarten teacher, I have seen plenty (and been subject of several) preschooler crushes, and I still think they are sweet. I have also never met a parent who was upset that one of the other children had a “crush” on their child, most of them think it’s sweet. Only time I’ve ever had a problem with it was when I had two toddler who both had a huge crush on a third, and who started fighting over who would sit next to her during circle time, in the stroller (they were two!), at the lunch table, in the sand box, you name it! And the only thing I could do was to distract and divert, and hope that at least one of them would get over it sooner rather than later.

Broadwayfan on

Brad saw this coming, in “Anything Like Me”.
Huck is his Daddy’s boy.
Saw Brad in concert Saturday night. He is AMAZING!!!
Love him and his beautiful family.

Piff on

I remember when I had a crush on poison ivy from batman!!! My parents even bought me her doll with batman to go with it.

jane on

I had 4 daughters nd everyone of them had crushes..I remember when my daughter had a crush on Queen…she had his pics everywhere nd blasted his albums whenever she was home…she grew up normally now has 2 children nd a happy marriage…

Me on

Some people just need to know when to shut up. Turning him into a womanizer? Really? Come on. Do us all a favor and go crawl back under your depressing rock.

I for one think it’s a cute INNOCENT story. My 4 year old has a crush on his preschool teacher and made her a special valentines card. She loved it. Just a part of life.

JMO on

When I was 7 years old I had box of candy and flowers sent to my house by a little boy who was 8 that I had met through my mom and dad at a party. We were innocently “crushing” on each other and he told his mom for Valentine’s day he wanted to send me a gift so they did! Did anything ever happen? ugh no we probably saw each other maybe once or twice after that and I have no idea where this kid is today. I had an older brother and I always had little crushes on his friends. Once again it turned into nothing. That’s what kids do. I think it’s actually wrong to sit there and tell them it’s not okay because then it makes them feel like they did something wrong and perhaps you never know they could carry that with them through life. Let your kids be who they are and crush on who they want to.

Tara on

I don’t think Brad was trying to “push” Huck into something, I think he was just sharing a cute story about his little boy. I think it’s adorable. I had crushes like that when I was small, and I used to babysit and I remember one tiny little boy sitting with me while I was rocking him and saying “Tara, you’re my girlfriend.” It was so cute; they don’t know any better at that age. Plus, it’ll be a funny story to embarrass him with when he gets older 😉

Cecelia on

Way to turn a perfectly innocent article into something negative.

For the record, a four year old having a crush on another person has no sexual conotation for the child. It’s uptight individuals, like the few posting here, that give it an added meaning and make it “wrong” or “bad”.

Cindy on

Hey all you people that didn’t like my comment about the male crush thing! I sure do have children of my own. I have 2 daughters and I have raised them the right way. I am so thankful that both of my children have had crushes on the opposite sex and that they both know that this is the way it should be! I’m not even going to go there as I might blow my top. Please, I have every right to think the way that I do and to have a crush on the same sex as yourself just sickens me!

JM on

Cindy, you sicken me. i hope your daughters are more tolerant than you. of course everyone has a right to an opinion that doesn’t mean we have to like your archaic opinion.
or would you just sit back and let someone make racist comments without responding, in the guise of it being “just their opinion”.

however, i am glad to see that there are more people here who disagree with your views than who agree with them.

and what would you have done if it had turned out that one of your daughters was gay? would you have told her that she sickens you? great mothering there!

Toya L. on

You are very much entitled to your own opinion but have you thought that just maybe your daughters did have crushes on the same sex (normal for some children) and because of the way you obviously feel is right about that issue, did not tell you?

There are plenty of people who stay in the closet and date, marry and sometimes have children with the opposite sex just to appease what the parents, family, society etc… deem what is “the right way”. I am not in any way, shape or form am saying that that’s your situation but it happens every day. I do think it’s sad you feel that way but you definitely are entitled too.

Jana on

Such a cute story! Love Brad and Carrie! Carrie is such a beautiful person inside and out. Brad and Carrie are good friends…seems only natural that his little boy would love Carrie. Lots of little kids have innocent crushes…nothing in the world wrong with that.

Tee on

While Cindy’s opinion might not be popular, she wasn’t rude in the way she stated it at all. I’m more bothered about Mira’s comment.

liveasong on

Huck is awesome! Just like his dad Brad Paisley! LOL! And who can blame the kid for having a crush on Carrie Underwood? She’s SO beautiful and she’s talented too!

Terri on

What a cute story.

JM on

Tee, you think she wasn’t rude? saying that someone having a crush on someone of the same sex as them sickens her sounds pretty rude to me.

i just hate that casual homophobia is often tolerated in a way that a lot of other prejudices aren’t. you would have thought that we had moved on.

homophobia IS an opinion yes, but so is racism and i am not prepared to just sit back and tolerate either. on

That is the cutest story I’ve heard in a long time!

Lily on

SIGH. A cute little boy sees a beautiful person, gets amazed and says that he “likes” her. Way to twist this innocent thing people.

Lily on

Also, there is another story that Brad’s told when Carrie’s talked on the phone with Huck – “He’s in love with her … He’s obsessed with her … The other day he discovered a part of his anatomy that a man has two of and he said, ‘What are these?’ to his mother. And his mother said, ‘Those are … and gave the technical term. Starts with a T.’ And he said, ‘What are those?’ and she said, ‘That’s something that all boys have and girls don’t have those.’ and he said, ‘Even Carrie Underwood?!'”

abby kinney on

that is so funny

Marie on

I do agree that sometimes parents make the biggest deal about something that’s not a big deal at all in an attempt to make their kids look cute. It’s kinda weird. Perhaps Dad is the one with the huge crush????

Vicki on

so cute- He’s starting early!

Liz on

First of all, Brad’s story doesn’t make sense. If you read the last part of his story, you will realize that Huck may not even have a big a crush as Brad says he doesn. Brad said that his son made a comment about not liking girls just the week before he met Carrie. Brad then asks his son,”What about Carrie?”. Huck replies by saying that he likes her music even thought he has not met her.

Also, a crush is necessarily a sexual thing. It is simply an obsession about something or someone. Boys and girls can have obsessions with favorite food, a toy, a person, or even a pet.

valerie on

AAAAWWW how adorible!! Brad and Carrie are great!!!

valerie on