BabbaCo: Cool Products That Make Parenting Easier

02/23/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Courtesy BabbaCo

When you’re on-the-go or just hanging at home, you want baby accessories that fit every situation. That’s why we’re big fans of BabbaCo‘s functional (and mom-designed!) products. Need a comfy place to lie down with your babe? Try the Playmat ($80). Not only is it PVC-free, but in just minutes it unrolls and self-inflates (2 inches high!) into the softest mat ever.

At 36″ by 52″, it’s also big enough to hold the entire family. Plus, you can use it inside or out. Best thing overall? Your tot will never really outgrow it. It’s perfect for toddler napping, reading and playing, too.

BabbaCo also makes the most ingenious burp cloth — the BabbaBurpie ($22). It’s completely reversible, so that when baby spits up on one side you just flip it completely inside out for a brand new burp cloth, which is especially great when you’re out so you don’t have to pack multiples.

We also love the company’s darling collection of car seat covers ($50 – $65) — which are available in different styles (fleece, flannel and airy cotton) for different seasons — and their equally adorable organic cotton tees ($9 each).

Check out the full collection at

Stephanie Phoenix

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Jordyn on


Tieraney on

$80?!? I’m sorry, but I file this with the other useless product mentioned on here awhile back, the baby straight jacket for changing diapers.

“It’s perfect for toddler napping, reading and playing, too.”
Uh, yeah, so is the child’s bed.

“Need a comfy place to lie down with your babe?”
Yeah, I do, and it’s called my couch/bed.

Kellster on

I LOVE this! So cool! I would use this for tummy time because there are no mats that are big enough for mommy AND baby. I have all hard wood floors. Plus, grandma watches my baby all the time and it would be a perfect thing to take along. Beds and couches aren’t safe for tummy time and infants!!! Plus, beds/couches aren’t portable!

Catherine on

I have this and there’s honestly nothing in the baby market like it! Totally easily portable, so I can either use it at home, grandma’s house or outdoors at the park. The other blankets out there don’t provide enough cushioning, and the fact that it self-inflates without needing any tools is SO COOL. Everyone always asks me where I got it!

Olivia on

$80? I’m thinking you could find a play mat that is cheaper than that.

TC on

Won’t a blanket on the floor do just as well and be a LOT cheaper?

Shannon on

I love the “Cool Products That Make Parenting Easy” title! Parenting is not easy, no matter what products you have!

Kellster on

OMG. I am struggling with this right now. Blankets don’t stay in place and my baby keeps covering herself! So scary. I agree that $80 might be a little steep, but checked their facebook and they have a 30% coupon! I’m a sucker for deals.

suzyq on

I can think of a lot of things that I would rather spend $80 on!!!

Julie on

We use a similar, self-inflating mat (that we already had for backpacking) and it easily cost us $100+. There are sleeping mats sold in camping stores that will be cheaper than this one, but they’re not designed for everyday use. I do wonder about the durability of the valve cover and it potentially becoming a chocking hazard…

Kellster on

I got this as a gift and at first, I thought…oh cool. BUT, now that I actually use it, I don’t know what I would do without my BMat! We literally play on it everyday and my son goes there by choice. It was first a tummy time thing that was nontoxic for him to suck on..and then when he started sitting up, he bonked his head so many times and the mat made it SAFE! Now, we pack it up when we travel instead of a pack and play! Totally worth it…you have to use it!! I never comment, but wanted to share since I seriously love this thing.

Shannon on

It would be a nice gift.

JM on

erm, Kellster, busted! 😉
anyway, i have seen similar mats for much less… wouldn’t spend this much money.

suzyq on

Thanks for trying to keep ’em honest!!

megan on

“Beds and couches aren’t safe for tummy time and infants!!”

Um, wait a second. You’ll be there with the baby during tummy time. Or you’re supposed to. If you (general you) are leaving a baby alone on any surface, you need to sit down.

Meghan on

First of all, I don’t see anything wrong with Kellster’s comment.

But anyways, I wish they had mentioned the frog chair in the picture because we have that! None of the kids ever used it but now it’s the dog’s bed and best friend. When I saw it in the picture I though that was really funny.

Kellster on

Ok, I’m busted because I really love their stuff and I wanted to do PR for them…hoping they would hire our firm. I feel so bad. I’m just a tech-dumb mom who screwed up. 😦 Sorry…

Jillian on

Meghan, it was the fact that she pretended to be two different people 🙂

TC on

Kellster I think it’s nice that you came here and apologized

The problem when doing what you did is you end up making the company look foolish. It’s no different than the companies that see their stuff on here and then go to their facebook page and tell everyone to come on here and comment on how much they like said product. It turns the rest of us off.

In my eyes pretending to be other people is lying and in this case I personally would consider it spamming. It would also make me question the products the company sells because if they feel the need to fake their product reviews then that to me tells me there is something wrong with the product because they can’t get real people to write about the items.

I know you weren’t asked to do this, you had your own agenda so it wont color my opinion of this company.

suzyq on

I don’t mean to belabour the point and drag this on, but I don’t see where/how kellster pretended to be different people. I see 3 different glowing “reviews” from her, but she signed off on all 3(?). What am I missing here — sorry if I seem a bit thick(!)

cris on

suzyq-she first posts that she wants it and then posts that she got it as a gift. It was just a lie she got caught in, that’s all.

Jillian on

And she admitted that she did this….which is great because I think like TC

TC on

suzyq she first said she had a daughter, then a son

What happens is on this site even if you sign in under a different name they still post it under your ‘real’ name…the name you first used when you posted here and that’s how kellster got caught.

I learned that a while back when commenting, I wasn’t trying to hide who I was but I signed my name with something like disgusted, or grow up, or something along those lines instead of tc but when it posted on the site it showed up as tc and not the name I had used.

What kellster did has happened several times in the past….all with product reviews.

Kat on

I think this product is overpriced, baby wouldn’t use it, and a blanket is basically the same thing.