Kristy Swanson & Lloyd Eisler’s Son Turns Four!

02/22/2011 at 03:00 PM ET
Bob Young/ Blue Diamond Photography

Happy birthday Magnus! Actress Kristy Swanson and Olympic skater husband Lloyd Eisler’s son turned 4 on Feb. 16 and the family celebrated Saturday with 45 guests at a birthday bash at Tales in Los Angeles.

“It was blast, a lot of fun,” says Swanson, who treated 15 of her son’s pals to a “Popeye goes to the circus” theme party.

Munching on gluten-free snacks from Dr. Lucy’s Cookies and Kaia Foods, the kids had the run of the new “creative adventure land” and enjoyed playing on Tales’ jumping pillow, the only one in Los Angles.

The children made tattoos, played dress up with hats and wigs, jumped around on the pillow bounce, and crafted clown masks during the two-hour affair.


Bob Young/ Blue Diamond Photography


Magnus took a turn singing karaoke — “He took the microphone and announced, ‘It’s my birthday,'” she says, laughing. Lunch included Oak Fire Pizza and the birthday boy shared circus-themed cupcakes shaped like elephants and lions and baked by Sugar Babies Cupcakery. “It seems like it was elaborate but it wasn’t,” says Swanson, who stars in a Sci Fi movie channel later this summer called Swamp Shark. “Just a lot of fun things going on.”

Bob Young/ Blue Diamond Photography


Attending were Kristy’s buddy, 90210‘s Maeve Quinlan, and little Taylor Groothuis, who played Swanson’s on screen daughter in the movie, What If... “I was her age when I started acting and now I’m the mom and my TV daughters are coming to my kid’s party,” says Swanson, who wore an Eva Varro dress and jewelry by Stella and Dot. “I love it.”

Bob Young/ Blue Diamond Photography


— Lorenzo Benet

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Kelly on

Magnus really looks like daddy!!

Lorelei on

He does look exactly like daddy! Love the cupcakes. They are so cute!

Cindy on

While he is a very cute little boy, they both are cheaters – he was still married when they got together. I find it hard to consider them a family – but I won’t talk smack about a precious kid.

Sarah on

ah the only place I know this actress from is Baywatch! haha!

Mina on

Magnus Eisler?! Thats a mouthful to say! Adorable kid tho. Sometimes the best of relationships happen under the not so best of circumstances. While I would never say its ok to cheat on someone you LOVE and are very much WITH, I think if your relationship has been out the door and your only together for legal reasons while your pending a divorce, then why pass up a good thing? Its been 5 years and they are still together so thats gotta count for something. A friend of mine is still legally married and both he and his “ex” have significant others. They just cant afford it right now, as they are living paycheck to paycheck and penny to penny just to put food on the table for their kid. Its not ideal, but who are we to judge love?

Noelle on

What an adorable little boy they have, he looks like an even mix between both Kristy and Lloyd. I’m happy that the two of them were able to be together, despite all the adversity and negative comments some people have to say. They look like a wonderful, well-adjusted family and clearly are in love with each other and that sweet little boy.

Sam on

The little boy is very cute! BUT I’m with the ‘Cindy’ – they are cheaters. Five years is nothing, try 25! Shame on both of them for not thinking about two other very young boys (that don’t get their daddy 100% as Magnus does) before they ‘fell in love’.

Bev Lithgow on

Let ye who has not sinned cast the stone.

It takes two, I am Lloyd’s mother

Kim Teed on

Until you have walked a mile in someone’s shoes – you shouldn’t judge them.

Mina on

Sam, I know its hard but its quite common for a couple to divorce and then the new spouse have a kid who gets 100 percent of dads time. BUT, if he was having major issues with his ex wife, then why stay in the relationship and be unhappy. I am sure the boys would rather 2 happy parents then unhappy ones. As long as Lloyd is there for his sons when they need him, and they know they are loved then thats all that matters…not who is under a roof. Not every house is mom/dad/kids.

Sam on

Two wrongs, don’t make a right. (For shame.)

I am Chelsea’s mom.

Sam on

@Mina, what does ‘is there for his sons’ mean? Does it mean pay for their clothing, their living expenses, talk on the phone to say good night? Or does it mean he is never late with his child support? I’ve always been stumped by that too common expression. What about putting them to bed, waking up with them, doing their laundry, homework together, playing in the backyard together? Oh, I’m sure Lloyd does this with all his sons BUT the first two are part time, while the youngest pictured here is full time. Love is NOT all that matters, there is so much more. Oh and ‘we’ don’t know that Lloyd and his first wife were having ‘major issues’ (maybe Lloyd’s mom knows). Cheating is cheating and the results are sad.

Sam on

Oh, and ‘Mina’, the divorce part you mentioned didn’t happen this way with this couple. That’s the biggest part of the ‘for shame’. 🙂

Alison on

Sarah, I don’t recall Kristy ever being on Baywatch. Are you perhaps thinking of Gena Lee Nolin?

Looks like a fun party – love the cupcakes!

sunny on

What goes around comes around, Kristy Swanson, you’ll get yours! And to Bev, if you really are his mother:) I highly doubt his first wife was cheating on him too, if that’s what your insinuating:) She was about 9 months pregnant when he started sleeping with Kristy. They are both low lifes!!

Jo on

Why werent his sons from his first marriage at their half brother’s birthday?

Sam on

@sunny – – PERFECT! 🙂

Mina on

Sam, dads arent always there to play with kids. Some leave. Some remarry. Some work ALOT, like either longgg hours and weekends, or commute to work in which they cant be there “wake up with their kids or put them to bed or play with them”. I am sure if his sons called dad and said they needed him he would go to them. If not, then yes he would be a lowlife but until I see evidence, then I will not label him. Like I said, not all families are mom/dad/kids under one roof. A house/living together doesnt equal love. There are some dads who just flat out dont love their kids or want to be in their lives…so the fact that Lloyd does and is there for them is a GOOD thing. Like I said, its not “ideal” but we also arent living centuries ago. Divorce, remarriage, half siblings, and step siblings/step parents is common. I’d rather have happy parents than sad ones who fight all the time. Thats not a healthy environment to bring kids up in. It rubs off on them. It can even mutate their beliefs to what relationships should be…suffer even if you arent happy. If they sit their sons down and explain the situation to them, then as they get older they will understand. Maybe not NOW cuz lets face it…kids want everything their way. but in the future, when they are old enough to understand, it will all make sense to them, if the parents are loving and supportive.

Sam on

@Mina. Yikes! You kind of lost me in all that. Lloyd and Kristy cheated on Lloyd’s very pregnant wife Marcie. Lloyd moved out of their house leaving her and his two baby boys, for his newly pregnant girlfriend. “Until you see evidence”….there I just gave you evidence. You’ve totally missed my point. I said he cheated and his two older sons go without. He did, they do. Shame on Lloyd and Kristy for their choices (aka ‘falling in love’). FOR SHAME. Period!

P.S. Lloyd’s ‘mother’ (mis)quoted a Bible saying, but did she think to quote one of the Ten Commandments. Negative.

eternalcanadian on

So I’m guessing Lloyd Eisler’s two other children that he left to hook up with Kristy weren’t invited to their brother’s birthday party? 🙂

Louise on

Jo- I thought the same thing- where are his half brothers?
Lloyd left his first wife while she was pregnant- it isn’t like they had been seperated for ages. Their son was born in 2005 and then Kristy got pregnant less than 9 months later. People are entitled to their opinions, and in my opinion this is not the behaviour of someone who has high moral standards.

Mina on

She was 9 months pregnant. ALOT can happen in 9 months including the downfall of a marriage. That is 3 months less than a year. If you think problems cant happen in that timespan, then you must be a saint.

bevvie on

This article is about a child’s birthday party. Disgruntled Malcontents, save your negative comments for another article!

Dee on

Good Lord people…..get over it!!!!
The majority of you coming on here to pass judgement and critisize is laughable to say the least.

Take a look in the mirror and clean up the mess in your own backyard before you start looking at other people…..know that saying, “If you live in glass houses, dont throw stones!” It applies here.

The article is talking about a birthday party for a 4 yr old and all you guys have to say is nastiness towards the parents. Seriously, are you all that bitter about a relationship that has NOTHING to do with you all?

I hope none of you are Christians otherwise your God and saviour would be highly disappointed in the way you all are acting. If he can forgive your indiscrections and sins then I’m pretty sure he has forgiven what transpired between these people and their respective exes!!!

Magnus is adorable and lucky to have parents who love him!!!!

mary on

– Dee Sometimes Christians are the wrost!

jessi on

I feel like Kristy is wearing an insane amount of make up and jewellery for a kids party, right? It is really caked on.

Beezo on

isn’t it obvious,….Kristy was Lloyd’s ticket to Hollywood! Most Canadian celebrities jump at any chance to move to the U.S.. That goes for non-celebs as well. I’ve been here in Georgia for not quite 3 years yet,…. and in my development alone, there are around 60 Canadian families living here. Including my husband. And while driving and such, I see Canadian flags and stickers on vehicles. Kinda strange considering all the anti-American rhetoric spewed by Canucks:-)

Sam on

Good morning! @Mina are you for real? What I’m reading from your last post is that it’s ok to cheat on your wife no matter how pregnant she is or isn’t? I didn’t say a lot couldn’t happen and I didn’t say divorce is wrong. CHEATING is wrong. HE CHEATED. PERIOD. That’s all

@Dee, your post was as long or longer then some on here – telling posters what we should be posting. Hmmmmm Stick with the picture!

Alas ‘bevvie’ (aka Dee??) is correct. This article is about a very cute little boy. I love the second picture with that hat on.

Mina on

Sam, it depends on what you view in life. What I mean is, I dont believe in marriage because I am not religious. I also think the all the legal junk that binds two people is stupid too (like I said, a friend of mine is still “legally married” even tho he has not been with his ex”wife in 2 years and they have both moved on). What I believe in in LOVE. If Lloyd and his ex wife were in a loveless bad relationship whether they were “married” or “pregnant”, I think they both deserve a chance at love with someone else. A piece of paper and a stand before a justice of the peace (or priest) does not mean anything to me (and some other free thinking people like me) when it comes to LOVE. Maybe not to you, and thats ok, this is America, we all have our views and beliefs. Now, if they were still very much in love and he cheated JUST for sex, then yes that is wrong. But that doesnt seem to be the case. He genuinly loves Kristy and he was having a bad time in his relationship with his ex.

Sam on

Oh Mina. This isn’t about what you or I believe (just a piece of paper), it’s what Lloyd believed and then did. He had vows and he broke them. No matter what one believes or says/does, Lloyd cheated on his pregnant wife and broke the vows HE agreed to. He cheated and it doesn’t matter why, he could have said “I’m not happy” or “I need to get out of this marriage dear Marcie” etc. etc., which would be ‘decent’, but he didn’t. Marcie has said that she was one of the last to know about Lloyd and Kristy. Cheaters. For shame.

P.S. THIS is Canada. 🙂

cecily on


You’re making the rest of us American-born look like jerks. There is no need for Canadians and Americans to put each other down.

Uncle Paul on

Kristy: Magnus was really cute at the birthday party. Aunt Doris and I are proud of you and Lloyd and the great little guy you are raising. Uncle Paul

Sam on

P.S. This is not just about Lloyd – it’s about Kristy too. She knew he was married, knew he had a small boy and another on the way. What kind of morals does this woman have? Seriously, I do not understand how they can do what they did and feel ‘ok’ about their lives. Anyway, I mean no animosity, I truly do not understand these situations. Done now.

Magnus is a doll, too cute in that hat, loving that smile. 🙂

Mina on

Sam…everyone who divorces “breaks their vows”. Thats alotta people you are putting down there!

Once again, you are sticking with that piece of paper/marriage. Love is a feeling from the heart. They didnt just have sex while he was very much in love with his wife. They were on the way out and he fell in LOVE with Kristy. Bad timing…yes. I wont deny that. But it was their decision to act on it rather than let it slip thru their fingers and as you can see, it worked out for the best. They have been together for some 5 years, no cheating, they are in love, and out of that love stemmed a beautiful little boy. And Llyod is still co raising his sons from his ex, so he didnt abandon them.

I guess we can agree to disagree what we think “cheating” is. You follow a piece of paper. I do not. I’ve been with my “husband” for 10 years. We are not married, nor will we ever be. We didnt need paper or someone to witness our “vows” so they can brag that we failed if our relationship ends. What happens between us is just that, between us. I would NEVER judge divorced couples. People change. Sometimes you can work it out and sometimes you cant.

Beezo on

@ Cecily. You’re right…. there should be NO reason for our 2 nations to put each other down. Ours generaly doesn’t (myself excluded in this case), but in Canada insulting America/Americans is a way of life. I know this, I lived there for a few miserable years. If you don’t believe me goggle “Canadians opinions of Americans”. Or just view one of their news websites…any one will do. You’ll read nothing but negative reporting, followed by viscious anti-American, passive-agressive attacks. Please do that…then follow up with a comment.

Sam on

I am Canadian. Born and bred and I have never disliked anyone for being from any country, any faith, any lifestyle, anything different then I am. Your post is ridiculous and way off topic. You lived here ‘a few miserable years’? Perfect sentence for someone trying to prove her point that Canadians say bad things about Americans. Durrr.

Michelle on

It is sad and wrong what they did. they could have handled it so much differently, But they have both publicly apologized for it. At some point, 5 years later, we just have to accept that everyone knows it was wrong and move on. They are the ones who have to live with their actions. Being remorseful now doesn’t make what they did right and it doesn’t exonerate them, but everyone deserves forgiveness – especially for the sake of their beautiful son.

JackieD on

If you look in the people archives both Magnus’s half brother were at his party last year and in thier Dad’s wedding to Kristy.
It is clear that all you negative haters are just that….haters.
Look at the history, he was only married 3 1/2 to his first wife. Rumor has it that the wedding to Marcie or Marcia was almost called off due to his friends begging him not to go through with it. So clearly the problems were there from the start.
He has been with Kristy for 5 years to date. Obviously he made the right choice the second time around, and I predict a long marriage if not forever.
Being a skating fan myself and followed his career forever, I know he married that Marcie chick right at the time he was retiring his skating career. Not a good time to be making major decisions like marriage at a time like that. Judging from the press I have seen her do, she seems like an arrogant B and scary as all hell.
But it’s great that he clearly is a great Dad and has time with all 3 of his boys. I am sure they all love eachother very much. He is a man of great integrity, he just got screwed panicking at retirement in 2003/2004. It’s pretty clear historically.
That Magnus is the cutest thing I have ever seen, I mean What a doll baby.

michelle on

can’t believe everyone is bagging on their marriage and not commenting on how ridiculous it is that they are having a sponsored party for their child. I understand when celebrity kids hit milestones but every year we need to see who gives her free stuff? I am annoyed. I also could see if they had a cool gift bag item or they discovered a new pizza place but this is all to just get a free party! ick

tlc on

@ Beezo…

Wow, you have some serious resentment to Canadians. You state that Canadians “spew” crap about the US, yet you in both posts, put down every single Canadian with a broad sweep. I think it’s YOU who has the issues..not Canadians.

Sam…I clearly see that this couple bothers you, but man alive, you sound as if you know them personally and were actually emotionally involved. IF you were, that’s one thing and I’m sorry, but if you are just stating your opinion (which you are entitled to, yes), then you need serious help if this bothers you SO much about people you don’t even know or care about.

JackieD on


The reason “Sam” is so nasty and personal about this couple is because “Sam” is either the EX herself, or the Ex’s Mother I believe her name is Gabby or it is Sam the Ex’s sister Inlaw. These 3 people write on Magnus’s birthday page every year. Look at comment pages in the archives. Also these comments are very arrogant again the personality of the Ex. Google her name Marcia O’Brien and look at all the bad press, nasty words, tv shows she has done. She even went as far as telling the press she had Kristy’s false charges dropped in Kingston Ontario. Legally literally impossible to do. They dropped the charges on Kristy because it was a false arrrest and Kristy was willing to go to trial to prove it and that would have made the authorities and the Crown in Canada loom really bad. I read it on her blogs. Trust me do the research ( I’ve been following his career and life for over 20 years) and you will see where all of these nasty comments are coming from. Clearly it’s Lloyds Ex family, most likely Marcia or her Mother. Who else would be that emotionally attached and have so much knowledge. Dead give away.

Pretty sick! Obviously they care not about this beautiful child’s birthday celebration. Sick sick people. It’s Sad.
Magnus Happy Birthday and please know I will do everything I can to protect you from BAD people that just want to hurt you.

Dad on

I thank the people who have made comments about my son Magnus and how cute he is. He is a wonderful child as are Ethan and Seth. I LOVE all my sons just the same. For all you “rock throwers and name callers” you should be ashamed. We can never judge someone unless we truly know their lives and there is NOT ONE person on here other than my mother so far that does know my life. Ethan and Seth were not at Magnus’s 4th party because I DO NOT get to see my sons whenever I want (thanks to my ex-wife). I also change the times of year I do try to see them. We ARE A VERY HAPPY family (the 5 of us) and just beacuse we do not see each other all the time does not make the love any less. Thank you to all for the positive comments and to the negative ones I am sure your life is exactly what you project. I am happy, ALL MY SONS are loved and that will never change.

Mina on

Jackie, I agree…and its ok for Sam and/or Marcie/Marcia (and maybe her family) to feel anger, pain, and resentment behind closed doors if that is what they so choose. But when kids are involved, you should be civil and maybe even try to get along. There is nothing worse for a kid to view than fighting, especially from people they love.

Sam on

I am Sam. I do not know these people personally. The reason I posted lots on the same subject is because ‘Mina’ kept talking to me, challenting my opinion. I posted and she replied asking me for a reply, so I did. It went on and on. My point is that Lloyd and Kristy cheated on Marcie (and two small children) and all the things that happened after (fighting, anger, bitterness etc.) that you mention is a direct cause of the CHEATING. That’s all, that was my point. ‘Mina’ went on to tell me how I could feel, what I should feel, and more then once. @JackieD – lol lol lol. You claim I am Marcie’s family (I am not, so you are wrong) yet you know EVERYTHING about Lloyd and Kristy. That was a lot of information. However you forgot some things about your hero Lloyd that are worth mentioning, and you know you did. You spew about Marcie but not about Lloyd’s no-nos. Shame on you! Oh and thankyou for calling me names and being so negative towards me. Kind of ‘sick’ of you EH? @Mina – you lost me again girl. Those little boys will grow up and they will KNOW who did what to who, they are living the results right now and well Karma………

Sam on

Mr. Eisler – I mean you no personal offence and yes I did get carried away here. My point isn’t that you left one family to create another but the way you went about it. No I don’t not know every detail, but the basics are out there. I never said you didn’t love your children equally, never said you didn’t care for all of them. I said that your youngest son sees you more then your other boys and that is a sad thing to me. I was challenged to try to change my opinion and things got carried away. I have also stated several times how adorable and sweet your boy is – and not one person has commented about that. I too am Canadian and have followed your career for years, proud of you and in awe of your talent. Then this came out and well, as a fan, it was disappointing. My apologies for letting this go on and on.

martha on

I have never read such vicious and vile comments on someone in all my life! I had the opportunity to meet Ms. Swanson this past summer, she is a warm, caring person who spoke so lovingly of her son and family.

She supports our troops and gives of her time to raising funds for different organizations that support them.

When you attack the parents as some of you have done, this also reflects on the child, it was his birthday for goodness sakes! Is this the only forum you have for spewing such hatred? Do you have nothing better to do in your lives but to attack someone else and their life? Take that anger and use it for the better good, volunteer at a homeless shelter, an elderly home, an animal shelter, there are so many people less fortunate in this life that need help, use your voice to help them!

I normally do not write on blogs or respond to such hateful remarks, but get a life! As one of the comments, “He without sin shall cast the first stone” A sin is a sin in the eyes of the Lord, no matter what sin it may be, think about that and get your own house in order!

Mina on

Sam. The ONLY thing wrong was the timing (in my opinion) of their relationship. You are entitled to feel what you want..which is apparently bitterness. I was just saying look at the good and not the bad. Look at the love, and move on. It was a suggestion, I wasnt trying to FORCE you to change your opinion. I thought we were in a friendly debate. But if you must dwell on the bad then so be it. You are saying look how beautiful their child is…why bad mouthing his parents’ hook up in the first place which if it DIDN’T happen, Magnus would not exist! If I may make another SUGGESTION, try forgive and forget. Move on. Dwelling on bitterness and hate is not healthy. If the FIRST Eisler boys are taught this, then the parents are doing their job.

Sam on

*Point proven. Again. 🙂

Mina on

What have you “proved”? When I say bad timing, I do NOT mean they cheated if that is what you are getting at. “Legally” I guess they did “cheat”, I’m not sure how marriage liscenses work and stuff, not being familiar with them myself. However, I still see nothing wrong with what they did. Maybe they should have waited, to save face, but they chose not to. Maybe they dont care what people think of them, and I’d have to say kudos if they dont. Really, their relationship is nobodys business. I’ve been in a situation where I (and a guy) fell in love while I was with someone else. It wasnt lust, it was a real soul connection. Guess what, we are still together 10 years later and we have a beautiful son. “Sometimes things have to fall apart in order for others to fall into place.”

Sam on


Mina on

Sometimes things have to fall apart in order for others to fall into place. =)

Raine on

What a beautiful, loving family. The cupcakes looked tasty too! I just hope that you don’t let the ramblings of ignorant unchristian people get you down. The bible says Matthew 7:1 “Judge not, that you be not judged.” Kristy, continue to love that wonderful little boy and you husband. Do not be discouraged! Remember, Prashant Bhatia
once said “Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools talk because they have to say something.” Take care of your family.

Raine on

What a beautiful family. Loved the cupcakes. I am sure it was a wonderful party. Isn’t that what we are supposed to be talking about? A four year old’s birthday party. Kristy please do not let the comments of a couuple of ignorant, self-righteous christians get you down. Mathew 1:7 says “judge not lest ye be judged” and Matt 7:2-5 “For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged.” Kristy, keep loving your family and try to ignore the ignorant.

Delliah on

Sam, to JackieD you said “Oh and thankyou for calling me names and being so negative towards me”
When in fact JackieD did not ever call you “Sam” a name at all. JackieD called Lloyds Ex Marcie a name. JD said this about Marcie “Judging from the press I have seen her do, she seems like an arrogant B and scary as all hell.”
Never not once ever calling “Sam” a name in either of JD’s posts.
So therefor “Sam” you were pissed off and offended because you were called and arrogant B because you “Are” the Ex posing as “Sam”.
Must suck to be you, too bad so sad, Caught ya darlin ; )

dsfg on

“While he is a very cute little boy, they both are cheaters – he was still married when they got together.”

What does the fact that he is a cute little boy have to do with his parents’ affair? Those are two different topics that shouldn’t be in the same sentence together.

“I find it hard to consider them a family – but I won’t talk smack about a precious kid.”

???? Whether you like them or not, they are a family. If you don’t know what “family” means, try a dictionary.

Kelli on

Lloyd Eisler was always one of my favorite skaters. I loved him and Isabelle :). I think it is ridiclous that this article is about a little boy’s 4th birthday and people are on here bashing Magnus’ parents for what happened in the past. Who cares how Lloyd and Kristy got together? They seem to be a perfectly happy family so why bother bringing all the past junk up.
Again, this is an article about a child’s birthday party…the comments should be on the adorable looking cupcakes, the cute picture of Magnus with icing on his nose and how he seemed to have a blast at his party. Also how cute Magnus is!! He looks exactly like Lloyd in his facial features but has Kristy’s beautiful blonde hair. Just a cute little boy.

JackieD on


Sam on

@Delliah (aka JackieD (come on now!) – “Sam is so nasty’ and “pretty sick” were both quotes from you, I mean JD, towards me and yes that is calling names, it is also confrontational and negative. You show up here (surprise!) and it’s hilarious! I don’t know the Eisler/Swanson/Marcia family personally at all. You think you KNOW, but you are wrong and it’s hilarious! Also calling Marcie a ‘B’ does not bother you? It’s name calling and not very nice. So let me get this straight. I’m in the wrong for saying Lloyd and Kristy cheated (only word that I used) but you and JD (right!) find it ok to call Marcie names, like the “B” word, and others. Ok. Whatever. I am done with all this. I have given my opinion and it just keeps coming back at me though I have tried to stop it a few times. Think what you will. Makes me lol for real! 🙂

JackieD on

Well…..Miss Delilah had a very good point I see. But really not that important. Who cares if Sam is Lloyds Ex wife really.
What IS important is that people have all the wrong information about cheating, affairs etc blah blah blah and I think it needs to be corrected.
Marcie and Lloyd were seperated in the summer of 2005, before he ever met Kristy Swanson. The show SWC was shot in the Fall of 2005. In November of 2005 L and M were Legally Seperated before she had their second baby, divorce papers filed and in process.
Kristy and Lloyd started dating in January 2006 and Marci started dating her now husband in Febuary 2006 just one month after K and L and Just 2 months after her Legal Seperation from Lloyd.
SWC aired in Feb/March of 2006.
Kristy was pregnant summer 2006 and had Magnus Feb 2007. They married Feb 2009.
So you all make this big cheating story up and have no knowledge of what really occured. I understand why you all are so hell bent on it though, because that is the sob story that Marcie told the media and you bought it, everybody bought it. Believe me when I tell you, you all got doopt’d.
How do I know all of this? I am very close to a certain Very Famous Canadian Pair team that used to skate with Lloyd in the shows. Marcie even had them doopt’d for a long time too, but no longer. The source could not be more spot on, and with the research I have done on K and L’s quotes and interviews etc, it ALL makes perfect sense.
You all had the time frames incorrect.
Glad I could clear it up and put this BS to bed.