BumpWatch: Kate Hudson’s Belly Reveal

02/22/2011 at 01:00 PM ET

Now that’s a belly shot!

Kate Hudson shows off her boho chic style — and a growing baby bump! — during a post-lunch stroll with dad-to-be Matthew Bellamy on Monday in L.A.

The couple even exchanged a sweet smooch!

The pair expect their baby in July and “it will be another surprise,” just as Hudson’s 7-year-old son Ryder was, the Muse frontman explains.

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Allison J on

Ok, NOW I am seeing the belly! Kate looks really pretty when she is pregnant. She definitely “glows.”

Amy on

She seems to breed with unfortunate looking fellows.

Jennifer on

Do you think she was purposely showing off the bump under her shirt? It kind of looks like she is saying to him, “hey, watch this…I will put my arms up and give them a real good look at my belly, hee hee..”

Mia on

I hope it lasts-

SP on

I totally agree with Jennifer and Amy (my aunt would say, “even ugly people need love”). Also, I’m not seeing any chemistry between these two. His eyes are open during their kiss, and their bodies are turned away from each other…even during the kiss. Interrestingly, I get the vibe that she’s much more enamored with him than he is her.

Terri on

Goodness, he’s not that bad looking. Kate has a cute little belly. And I like keeping my eyes open sometimes.

Kelly on

I don’t know…I think he is more startled by the sudden attention they are getting because she is pregnant. not that they didn’t get attention before…just with her being pregnant again it’s much more. Maybe they were splitting to go separate ways at the point they kissed and that is why their bodies are opposite…ya never know..I hope they last. I don’t think he is unfortunate looking at all…Kate and Chris made a gorgeous son together!

Annie on

@Amy – LOL. This guy’s not as bad as her ex though.
@Mia – Hope so for the baby but doubtful.

Sydney on

Jennifer – I don’t think she looks like she’s purposely showing off her belly, it looks like she’s slipping her bra strap back on to her shoulder to me.

Nella on

Her belly is adorable! I love when the belly starts popping out like that! I also happen to love Kate’s style! I also don’t think she is purposely trying to show the belly off. Anyways, she looks great and I can’t wait to hear what the baby will be and what they’ll name it!

Jamie on

It looks to me like she’s doing a pit-check LOL!

Toya L. on

She looks adorable and happy. If it works out or not, I’m sure the baby will be loved and well taken care of.

Lucy on

I also had to smile at what Amy wrote…maybe not very charming but well…it is true. Anyway, from that angle her belly doesn’t look big at all and looks like mine does without being pregnant…I better go do some sit-ups. Best wishes to Kate and Matt on a healthy baby, cause after all that is the most important!

SP on

@Sydney – Now THAT made me crack up! Kate Hudson wearing a bra! hahahahahahahaha(gasp)hahahahahahahaha!

Shannon on

He seems a bit underwhelmed but maybe that’s just his personality.

Noelle on

I think she’s lifting her arm up to put it around him…that’s what it looks like to me. It doesnt look like she’s showing off at all.

I think he’s probably just a fairly private person and the publicity they’re getting might be wierding him out a bit. As far as his eyes being open. It take a fraction of a second to snap a picture. In about 1/100th of a second after that photo was taken, his eyes could have been closed. You can’t tell anything from a single photo.

Sam on

Funny ladies on this one – made me LOL for real! Poor Kate!

Bancie1031 on

Awie! What a cute little baby bump! I love how she doesn’t even notice the paps while he’s shooting daggers at them …. priceless …..

molly on

@Sydney, It looks nothing like trying to put her bra strap back on her shoulder, to me it looks like “whatch this, i will give them something to photo”, love little preggo bellys their sooo cute.

CelebBabyLover on

Noelle- I think you’re right. Anyway, I didn’t really follow her (or celebrities in general, for that matter) when she was pregnant with Ryder, so I don’t know what she looked like then. Did she carry small with him? I’m asking because she seems really small for being four months along (not that there’s anything wrong with that)!

eternalcanadian on

I’m surprised that skirt didn’t fall off the way it is so low I thought I saw pubic hair. 😛

I think it is a girl. She hasn’t ballooned up as she did with Ryder at five months.

Hea on

Wow, soem of you people are so shallow and fixated on looks! We all have different taste and just because her taste doesn’t resemble your own doesn’t make anyone ugly or unfortunate looking. Man! I hope you don’t go around saying that to your kids, family or friends when they meet their future loves and they don’t physically attract you. How petty and mean.

I think Matthew is way cute, much like Michael Sheen, and I can definately see the appeal in Chris too. They are men with colorful personalities, intelligence, great talent and lots of personal success. Kate is that way too, I believe, so it has to be a great fit. And Kate, as always, is gorgeous here.

Letsy on

@ CelebBabyLover – Kate carried small at first with Ryder, probably because she is so petite, but she ended up with a pretty big belly. I seem to remember she admitted she gained 60lbs with him. You see some pics from her first pregnancy here: http://www.hollywoodbackwash.com/kate-hudson-is-pregnant/

erilynne on

Not every pretty person has pretty babies. You should stop judging their babies genes from a partners looks. He may just breed adorably.

MiB on

I know tastes differ, but I for one think he’s cute! And do you really have to close your eyes when you kiss? I guess I didn’t get that memo, because I like looking at the person I kiss. And I also didn’t get the memo that you have to stand in a certain way to kiss. Maybe I should take another sex ed class, are there any for adults?