Bridget Moynahan Maintains a ‘Loving’ Family for Son

02/22/2011 at 06:00 PM ET
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They’ve had rocky patches, but Bridget Moynahan says she and Tom Brady — along with his wife Gisele Bündchen — have managed to create a stable family for their son, 3½-year-old John Edward Thomas.

“I never made a comment about Gisele or Tom publicly,” Moynahan, who graces the March cover of More, tells the magazine. “I have a relationship with these people on a daily basis. I’m raising a child, and it’s public. The media creates these dramas, and that’s not what’s happening in my life.”

And, she adds, that the blended family is going well. “My son has two loving parents and an extended family, whether it’s cousins or stepmothers or boyfriends. My son is surrounded by love.”

Still, Moynahan, who turns 40 in April, admits being a single mom has been tough, starting with the birth itself in August 2007.

“[Tom] was not in the [delivery] room,” says Moynahan, who had already split from Brady when she discovered she was pregnant at two months along after experiencing irregular periods. “He was there on that day and came in afterwards. He certainly wasn’t holding my hand while I pushed.”

Relying on her parents and friends for support, she recalls “hyperventilating” with anxiety after giving birth: “Every time my dad mentioned he had to go [home to Massachusetts], I’d start crying.”

Even though she doesn’t believe “any girl grows up dreaming of being a single mom,” she also stresses, “There’s not a second I regret having a child on my own.”

Apart from her son, another positive force in her life is her new boyfriend, Charlie’s Angels director Joseph “McG” McGinty Nichol.

Revealing they met on an airplane, Moynahan — who currently plays an almost-divorced prosecutor on the CBS series Blue Bloods alongside Tom Selleck — says McG is not only good for her, but for her son, as well.

“He’s witty, he’s smart, he’s incredibly funny, he’s got incredible taste, and he comes from a great family,” Moynahan gushes. “He’s the salt of the earth but also very successful in the crazy business that we’re in.”

And, she adds, “He and Jack have a great relationship.”

— Sara Hammel

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Nella on

I think she’s handling this whole situation well. It’s good to hear that they all get along and are able to be mature about raising Jack. I love the part she mentioned about her son being surrounded by love, because ultimately health, stability, and love are the most important to a child in my opinion. As far as Tom not being in the delivery room, I am not sure if she did not want him in there, or he couldn’t make it, or if it was a mutual decision?? They weren’t together at the time so I can understand if she may not want him in the room since she was probably hurt by the break up and him finding someone shortly after, just putting myself in her shoes, I would have been a bit hurt, but that’s just my opinion. Either way they all seem to have a good relationship now for Jack and that’s the most important thing.

Shannon on

Kudos to her for keeping it classy!

Niko on

Love Bridget Moynahan. She does a good job as Erin Reagan-Boyle in “Blue Bloods”. GREAT show!

Bex on

Reading in between the lines, she still sounds incredibly bitter, and contrived to me. I also notice she doesn’t mention her son has a brother, which I doubt was left out unintentionally, considering she refers to her son’s dad, and stepmother as “these people.” She really rubs me the wrong way.

mary on

I agree with Bex, I am not a fan of Bridget. She comes off sounding very petty here. I feel sorry for her son.

Mia on

She seems like she’s making best of the situation–it is what it is. It’s definitely not ideal-and it seems like it would be difficult to see your ex not be around while you’re pregnant with your child (together) + then the ext be with someone else–marry them + and they have a kid with somebody else.

Georgina on

I thought the same Bex! Sounds really weird, the way she says “these people,” a friendlier turn of phrase could have been used. And the “Im raising a child” Shouldnt that be “We are raising a child” It seems like cheap shots to me. But I guess you cant get tone of phrase in text so many she doesnt mean it to come across that way. I dont no, it just seems odd and quite childish she is still banging on about it, like shes the only person to ever be in this situation. Bitterness isnt attractive!

And this is silly but shouldnt it read my boyfriend, rather than boyfriends, sounds like her son has boyfriends!

Melissa on

Bex I have to agree, she does sound a bit bitter. I will need to read the entire article first before I an decide if this press release left out important details. My guess is it did, but if it didn’t she sounds very bitter.

t on

Bex you are right on. People alwys comment on how classy she is handling the situation but I disagree. I think classy would be not making comments.

TC on

Don’t like the lady and certainly don’t like the outfit she chose to wear….looks like she just forgot a shirt.

Look how she describes herself along with Tom and his wife. She says Jack has two loving parents but in all reality he has THREE. The stepMOTHER is indeed a parent to Jack. It’s also very telling that she refers to them as these people, that again shows animosity.

I also believe she didn’t want Tom in the room when she gave birth so she can’t come here and play poor pitiful me, she did it to herself.

That lady needs to grow the heck up, at 40 she certainly still has a lot of maturing to do.

My mother married a man who was a jerk to me, he threatened to blow my brains out and put a shot gun in my face…..bridget needs to count her blessings that her son has what appears to be a very nice and loving step-mother. It could be a lot worse.

Toya L. on

I 100% agree with Bex and some others. She always sounds a teeny bit bitter to me but I will say I don’t know how I would feel in her shoes. Glad they do well with co-parenting.

meghan on

Why does everyone feel the need to over analyse every word this woman says? Why should she be bitter? She has a beautiful and healthy son. She is seeing a nice man. Her career is going well. She has nothing to be bitter about. All the people questioning what she says and how she says it pretty much prove her point about people creating drama where there is none.

And I hate to break it to you but Jack has two parents and a stepmother. Should Bridget marry, he will have two parents and two step parents. No matter how involved his step parents may be, they are not his parents and never will be.

martina on

This comment doesn’t sound bitter at all. I am shocked anyone would perceive it that way. And I am sorry, but why is she expected to mention Tom & Gisele’s son? I don’t think it’s her place to discuss their child in the media.

Sky on

She is being snide for sure. She keeps saying “my son”, “my child”, “I am doing this…”, while trying to act like she’s just being the better person. Nobody’s believing you Bridget. At least now the Tom haters can’t say he’s not involved… She just said she talks them to on a DAILY basis. As in, they’re very involved in jack’s life also.

Gabrielle on

Glad that they can work it out but i think she has a right to feel bitter everyone does in some situations. It would suck to find out your pregnant by a man 2 months after you broke up and then he starts dating a gorgeous supermodel and you have to see pictures of that gorgeous supermodel playing with your kid on the internet. I def wouldn’t like it so I can understand where she might be coming from. I wouldn’t want Tom in the delivery room either if I was her they were broken up and he might not have been the most supportive person…. not wanting to argue just saying thats how it COULD have been

tc on

Gabrielle I’m not blaming her for not wanting Tom in the room but she can’t tell him he can’t be there and the whine and complain later because he wasn’t there and how hard it was for her to do it all alone. She can’t have it both ways.

mmh on

I am in a similar situation to her, although I was married to the jerk when he essentially left me while pregnant with our second child… It sucks all around, no matter how you look at it and I don’t think anyone who hasn’t been in her shoes can judge. Think of someone who hurt you who you can barely stand seeing without becoming emotional. Now think of having to see them weekly, talk even more often, make decisions with them, and try to keep it all cordial for the sake of the kid(s)… Anyone who can co-parent effectively at all deserves a LOT of credit.

Mira on

She’s talking about Tom not being in the delivery room almost 4 years after she gave birth. Yeah, she’s not bitter at all.

Team Gisele all the way.

Indira on

Meghan I agree!

It is HER son, she is raising HER child. Even people who are in relationships with the other parent don’t always say “we” or “our”. I’m sorry but, that child has TWO parents and one STEP-parent. I don’t see why Michelle should have to share the title of mother just because Tom Brady got married. I’m not saying that Gisele doesn’t love Bridget’s son but, she can’t make decisions for him anymore than Bridget could make decisions for Benjamin.I’m sure Giseles role as stepmom is unique. It seems like they’ve all found a good place.

Sarah B on

Just a quick note to Meghan – StepPARENTS can and are often real PARENTS to their stepKIDS. I am a stepmom and I raise my husband’s two kids 24/7. Their MOTHER is a drug head and tried to commit suicide in front of them. She has no rights to them. Not all situations are the same. Please don’t judge. I am a real PARENT to our kids, not giving birth to someone does not rule you out as a parent.

From my experience – most people say these types of things when they are the biological parent and are threatened by a step parent. Every child in this situation should be so lucky to be so loved and cared for by someone that did not give birth to them. It helps to be a little more open minded – not all situations are black and white. Everyone’s situation is different.

Nella on

I believe the reason she is talking about it because the magazine obviously asked her about it. Giselle talks about both of the children so why shouldn’t Bridget talk about Jack? I’m sure she’ll always be a little hurt by what happend, it’s only natural, but I don’t think she’s bitter. She seems to have moved on and is in a good place with Tom and Giselle, just because she is talking about it doesn’t mean she is bitter in my opinion. Everyone has a right to talk about their past especially when a child came out of that situation.

jessicad on

I think you guys are just looking for and making up ridiculous drama that isn’t there. I don’t understand why it’s more fun to think of her as bitter and angry instead of actually reading what she said and believe her.

She’s gorgeous, smart, classy, makes her own money, has a precious son and now a new boyfriend…why exactly would she be bitter about something that happened 4 years ago? The same thing happened to me at the exact same time, and trust me the pain from a situation like that eventually goes away and you realize everything happens for a good reason. She’s moved on and seems happy with her new boyfriend and he sounds like a good role model for her son, and like she said he’s surrounded by love which is what matters most.

The only thing I regret and still get angry about today is letting my ex in the delivery room. He made the situation so much worse and almost ruined the entire experience, if I could go back with the self confidence I have now I definitely would have kicked him out! Oh well:)

zeze on

I agree with meghan’s comments.

I picked up the magazine and read the article, and I have to say that Bridget comes across as a positive, down-to-earth and funny woman. Her co-stars talked about her great sense of humor and joy of living. And why not? She’s got it going on: adorable son; good career; and a nice and successful boyfriend.

I can’t fathom how some people can call her bitter. I think they are just grasping at straws. Or maybe they are bitter themselves and projecting it onto Bridget, because the Patriots haven’t won a Superbowl since Bridget and Tom broke up and Gisele has a permanent case of diarrhea of the mouth. Just kidding! Well, maybe not. OK, I’m kidding.

And my gosh, someone’s actually upset that Bridget calls her son her son and her child her child. The horror!

Sophia Adelisse on

I like her first line about never making a comment about Tom and Gisele publicly….really?!?! So, the interviews she’s done in the past upset about Gisele’s comments weren’t talking about them?

mariaben on

Sophia she never did interviews about that. That’s what I never understood. Her so-called “friend” or “source close to her” said that she was upset. there was no real evidence whatsoever that she was.

zeze on


What past interviews are you refering to? Can you be specific?

I think what Bridget is saying is correct: she has not has given any interviews during the last four years in which she’s publicly commented about Gisele or Tom.

showbizmom on

Firstly the reason why she hasn’t really commented on the whole situation is because no one in Hollyweird, really cared about her. She wasn’t news, Giselle and Tom will always be bigger news then her. I don’t know why, but that’s the way it is.BTW I’m not knocking her, I like her, it’s just what you know and hear when you work in this town.

Second, I think she and the whole extended family are doing great. We’ve all seen those kids who have parents that can’t be in the same room and so on. it’s just sad. It takes time to get to a good place, but the point is they got there. That’s the important part.

My kids can never have too much love, I come from a complex yet loving family and I’m so happy my kids have four grandpa’s and two grandma’s and numbers and numbers of step and half everything to make their lives full and rich with love, laughter and Kimchi 🙂

Di on

Team Bridget all the way-

The media loves to play up these public love triangles no matter how many years have gone by. For exmaple, people still ask Jennifer Aniston about Angelina Jolie six years after her breakup with Brad. Bridget has obviously moved on-the press has not.

I do not care what anyone says; Bridget is a smart, sophisticated and talented actress with integrity and grace. The fact that her situation has not lead to a high profile custody battle like Halle Berry or Padma Lakshmi speaks volume because there are plenty of women who would have made Tom’s life hell just to get revenge.

I do not have a problem with her referring to Tom and Gisele as “these people” since Gisele referred to Bridget as “somebody” who gave birth to John in a magazine article. For the record, John only has two parents; step mothers and boyfriends come and go.

In interviews, Gisele makes it seems like she has her hands full raising two children full time when we all know Bridget has primary physical custody.

SarahM on

Maybe Bridget doesn’t feel she should talk about Tom and Gisele’s son. It’s not her child, nor is she the child’s step-mother.

And I don’t think she’s being bitter at all. I think people forget that interviewers ask questions and people answer. We don’t know the context of the conversation. They probably asked the question, she answered, and they filled in all the fluff in between.

And seriously, this is the first interview she’s done about the whole situation. She’s never said anything before, any time something was said it was from a friend or a source. And to be quite honest, I wouldn’t like someone talking about my (hypothetical) kid to the press or in interviews.

Tink on

I actually found her comments to be quite fair and reasonable. Read no bitterness nor anger nor even any negativity. I really do think there are some people who just can’t take others at face value. You don’t ‘believe’ her?? Well maybe she’s not putting on an act and more likely, she doesn’t care what you think!

ecl on

So now everyone hates Giselle AND Bridget? Point 1: Lots of people say “my son.” I’m married. I say “my son” since I am an individual as well and my union is not my only identity. 2. She didn’t sit down and write this out. It was an interview. Not all word choices are perfect and not all meanings are perfectly clear. 3. How is saying that Tom wasn’t in the delivery room the same as whining that he wasn’t there? It seems clear that she didn’t want him in there, but that doesn’t take away from the experience that it is hard to be single when giving birth. It is hard not to have a partner there supporting you. I swear to god that the main purpose of comments on this site is to tear women apart.

CelebBabyLover on

I’m a bit confused by this comment of hers, “He certainly wasn’t holding my hand while I pushed.” I’m pretty sure Bridget had a C-section? Anyway, I think she’s handling all of this very well

Sarah B- I agree! The fact is, comments like meghan’s show just what a double-stand there is for these types of situation. Pretty much everyone seems to be just fine with Matt Damon considering Alexia his daughter rather than step-daughter…..yet with Bridget/Tom/Gisele posts we get comments about how step-parents are always just that, and not parents, no matter how involved they are in their step-children’s lives.

Also, Seal adopted Leni back in 2009 (it was right before or after Lou’s birth, if I’m remembering correctly), but even before that pretty much everyone agreed that he was her father. For yet another example, pretty much everyone agrees that Eddie Murphy does not deserve to be called Angel’s father and that Stephen, Mel B.’s husband, is Angel’s dad.

As Sarah B. said, every situation is different.

eternalcanadian on

I find it quite interesting four years after Tom dumped her that Brigit comes out in public like this and says, “There’s not a second I regret having a child on my own.” Umm, she didn’t have a child on her own. Tom has stepped up to the plate from day one, wanting to be an equal parent as he could, but she wouldn’t let him. So don’t be going around saying you did this all by yourself when it takes two to make a baby. I also think it was somewhat snide for her to label Gabrielle as extended family because Gabrielle is very much a second mother to Jack because she was there from day one when Jack was born so she is not just a “stepmother” which I think is way more exclusive than a boyfriend that just stepped into the picture a few months ago. Also did Brigit forget about Jack’s little brother? That’s immediate family, not extended family. So yeah, I think the timing of this interview is a bit much and quite not the portrayal of a “loving family.” That’s just my opinion, that’s all. 🙂

Lacey on

When I first read the article, I thought people would stop talking about the so-called drama between Bridget and Gisele. She tries to tell there is no drama as she says: “I’m raising a child, and it’s public. The media creates these dramas, and that’s not what’s happening in my life.”

Some people criticize Gisele for talking about Jack so much. Some others keep mentioning Bridget is still bitter about the way things turned out with Tom and Gisele. The media frenzy implies on-going trouble, but all I see is Bridget and Tom trying to co-parent their son. Both Bridget and Gisele talk about Jack with love and they do not publicly criticize each other. There is no drama, the media outlets create it.

Jen on

Bridget can hold her head high. Her ex is and was acting like a high school boy and his current wife has foot-in-mouth disease BIG time.

Jenn on

Love Bridget and I think she did an awesome job with the interview. I think anyone will take it and try to contrive something out of it that isn’t there. Seriously, she didn’t say anything bad – so those who can read between the lines so well, really need to get off their high horse. You sound bitter not Bridget.

Jazzy on

I agree with Bex. I am reading carefully worded passive aggressive anger. Truth is, you don’t talk about things you want to keep private. Not even at all, so by the fact that she bright it up in a published article to me, shows residual bitterness. She should really get some therapy to start letting go. I see pain in all of her commentary the last several years.

Penny on

I love Bridget! I love her in the new show Blue Bloods and from someone who has met her (me), she is one of the nicest, most down to earth, gracious person you’ll ever meet. And she sure does love that boy of hers. People need to lay off of her!

And to the person that said they “hate” what she picked out for the picture, I highly doubt she picked anything out as there are stylists and outfits pre-picked for photoshoots.

Catca on

What on earth is the deal with the Bridget bashing here?

First of all “these people” is not weird, it is correct english grammar in the sentence. The preposition merely shortened the sentence since she already referred to Tom and Gisele by name. She goes on to state that her son is surrounded by love from both Tom and Gisele and refers to Gisele as her son’s stepmother. I don’t think she left out her son’s half-brother on purpose, she was just making the point he has lots of people in his life who love him. It wasn’t meant to be an exhaustive list.

And for the person commenting about her outfit on the magazine cover, you do understand the magazine has a wardrobe person who chooses what will be worn on the cover – Bridget doesn’t make that decision.

Gisele is constantly bashed on these boards for this situation as well and Tom, the guy who left his pregnant girlfriend, gets very little backlash. All that Bridget said is it is tough being a single mom which undoubtedly is true, and that while Tom wasn’t in the delivery room holding her hand, he was in the hospital that day and came to see his new son. She simply said that it is tough to go through a pregnancy alone which is what happened. It doesn’t mean she’s bitter, simply that she needed support and had to get it from elsewhere.

Why do these posters feel the need to kick someone who said they had a tough time? It’s quite malicious.

Melanie on

Love her, I think she’s a class act and always handles herself in the best way. I think she’s doing a great job raising her little boy and wish her all the best. She is far more beautiful than any “supermodel” out there.

Me on

I hope you people are less harsh and judgmental with the people actually in your lives.

Ashlyn on

“I never made a comment about Gisele or Tom publicly.”

She is making comments about them publicly right now, is she not?

Becky on

It takes a long long time to get over a broken heart. Bitterness comes out because you just don’t know what else to do.

Etsy on

I don’t think Bridget sounds bitter at all. Interviews are EDITED, so they can ‘read’ very different that a ‘conversation'(I used to be an editor). Maybe Bridget mentioned Jack, but it was cut in the final edit! She is also probably sick and tired of people asking her about Gisele…
I think she sounds like a lovely lady…a very classy lady!

brannon on

Sounds bitter. For all the flak Giselle gets she always comes off far more loving and accepting.

Di on

I think she’s bitter too. Bridget is just passive-aggressive in her attacks. Sophia is referring to Briget using “sources” more likely her friends and her publicist to bash Tom and Gisele.

I remember that OK Magazine cover Life Without Daddy. I’m sure supporters will say that Bridget didn’t know they would put that headline, but that’s unbelievale considering how Hollywood and the tabloids work, and how long she had been in the business.

Her Self Magazine interview was full of pot shots. You knew who she was talking about.

Bridget didn’t mention the “half-sibling” as she likes to call him in her interview. Guess he doesn’t count as John’s family. Whether she likes it or not Benjamin is a part of John’s immediate family.

Bridget continues to harp on not dreaming of being a single mom, but that’s what happens when you play Russian Roulette with your body with a man who isn’t your husband. If he didn’t want you by yourself, then he certainly won’t want you with a child.

CZY on

I been in a a situation almost to a tee. At first it’s extremely hard but time heal’s all wounds. Plus know with my situation everyone as the adults have found love again. Plus they realize with divorce family that if they see each parent getting along it makes it a lot easier in life for Jack. I know for me it took time and now I invite them to function that include sporting events afterwards will take my daughter all of us to eat. It does get easier with time….. She knows she is loved and thats what matters. Bitter is not the word for Briget trust me it does take time and that’s the key

Tainah on

I think its funny when people here comment that Gisele cant make any decision about Jack, anymore than Bridget can do for Benjamin. I mean, REALLY?

I bet Bridget doesnt even met Benjamin, and i think that she doesnt even want to. Jack, since birth, was always with Gisele when he was with his dad. Gisele its a very lovely person, and who complains about the love she fells for Jack, would also complain if she didnt care either.

She its the first, and the only Übermodel (this title was created for her), veeeeeeeeeery rich, and a very down to earth person! I know a lot of people who doesnt have 1% of her money, and its very mean and doesnt even care about stepsons.

Bridget cant complain about nothing, and you have to remember that when she told she was pregnant, was for the media, Tom and Gisele where in Paris. She was such a bitch, that Tom discovered in the news!

Team Tom&Gisele!!

lola on

I definitely agree with Bex. She is demonstrating passive-agressive behavior in her statements.

JMO on

I would hate to have every word I speak be scrutinized. She does sound bitter but would you be?? I think it’s time they all move on. Gisele makes wierd comments too. As long as they are not publicly bashing them by saying mean horrible things then it’s all good from this end. I’d be motified to learn I was pregnant and not have the dad’s support. But what’s done is done. Time to move on all of them!

SiCkOfThIsNoNsEnSe on

I got through the first couple of comments and all I really have to say is how badly all of you people need to get your own lives. Do you all even realize that you’re talking about these people like you know them personally. Who gives a crap if some self-absorbed celebrity is bitter over a break up? UGH! Stop glorifying these idiots and their immoral and selfish lifestyle choices.

Vivian on

Who cares if she sounds bitter! She is entitled to her own feelings! Afterall Tom did abandon her when she needed him the most!

Jes on

I don’t think she comes across as bitter, as someone noted in their comment you cannot get a vocal tone in a written piece. I think she’s a great actress and she seems to be a very good mom too. Personally I wouldn’t want my ex in the delivery room should I be in the same situation, but then I’d be robbing him of seeing his child be born, maybe there for the birth but not leading up to it and surely not holding my hand

meghan on

You can’t tell if someone is ‘bitter’ in print. Bridget could be discussing these things in a very matter-of-fact way. You can’t tell that she is complaining about whether or not Tom was in the delivery room four years after the fact.

I really don’t understand this perception people seem to have that Tom Brady is so all that that Bridget would be licking her wounds four years later, and while in a new relationship to boot! Her life could not be in a better place right now. Good relationship, healthy son, hit TV show. What’s to be ‘bitter’ about?

Di on

@ Vivian.

Tom didn’t abandon her. They had been broken up for 2 months when she discovered she was pregnant.

He was already in another relationship and had moved on with his life.

Bridget told Harper’s Bazaar that she dated throughout her pregnancy.

Why the double standard? Because Bridget wasn’t dating the # 1 Supermodel in the world?

Bridget has no right to be bitter. She made her bed 4 years ago, and has a hard time lying in it.

If she didn’t dream of being a single mother, then she should have taken better care of her body. It’s as simple as that.

Bridget also needs something new to say. She already sung this story to 3 years ago to Harper’s Bazaar about not imagining being a single mom because she was “Catholic”, and how she “wouldn’t change a thing about anything that happened”. And then last year to Self Magazine.

Wash, Rinse, Repeat…

It’ll be 2035, and Bridget will still be singing the same song.

martina on

I understand having a different opinion. Though given how little we know about what REALLY happened, having any kind of an opinion is presumptuous, IMO. But some posts are filled with pure hatred towards this woman. That’s so hard for me to understand. Honestly people, hate isn’t good for the soul…. She hasn’t done anything to deserve it.

Shannon on

So wait. Gisele can call the boy her son but his actual mother can’t say “my son”? Um….OK.

mamsmom2 on

Interesting comments, but I have/will always wonder why Jack was not given the Brady surname…To me this makes Bridget look bitter. If she knew/knows who Jack’s father is, why would you not want him to have “his father’s name”? Don’t get me wrong, I think all parties in this situation have made the best of it. Jack is surrounded by love from “many parents” and that will only benefit the little tyke.

mamsmom3 on

Once again, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I have always wondered why Bridget did not give Jack the Brady surname. If you knew/know who the father is, why would you not want your child to have it? This to me sounds like Bridget was bitter back then and wanted Jack to have her last name. IMO, you do this when you don’t know who the father is. Bottom line, Jack is blessed to have so many in his life to surround him with love, which will only benefit the little cutie. I love Tom/Gisele and have alot of respect for Bridget, but certainly do not feel sorry for her in the least bit, she made a decision to keep the baby, no matter what. Kudos to all involved!

amandamay on

@mamsmom3 “This to me sounds like Bridget was bitter back then and wanted Jack to have her last name. IMO, you do this when you don’t know who the father is.”

UMMMM, no. my son has MY last name (his middle name is his father’s last name) because i am a single mom and i wanted my son to share his last name with me. your thinking is rather outdated. my son loves his dad and we have a very good relationship, but since we aren’t together and i have custody, why should he have his father’s last name? this isn’t the 1950’s – women are equal now, last names and all!

Gaia and labans mom on

Why would he have his last name? They didn’t get married . Maybe she didnt feel the need to follow some dated tradition.

Crystal on

I think this article gives us a little snippet into the life Bridget Moynahan has made for herself and her son. I think the article is great at expressing the feelings she has towards her life right now. That being said I took offense to “My son has two loving parents and an extended family, whether it’s cousins or stepmothers or boyfriends. My son is surrounded by love.” I think Jack has THREE parents not just two. I am in no way defending Giselle but that must hurt to read. We all know how much she loves him and I think as a parent that’s all you want for your child. To say that she is his “extended family” dilutes the importance she holds in his life. I think that the sooner Bridget grows up and stops thinking of Giselle as some “other woman” in Jack’s life the more healthy all her relationships will be.

Julianna on

I don’t exactly think she was bitter when she calls Tom&Gisele these people. She just mentioned them in the quote so it would sound redundant if she said, ‘I never made a comment about Tom and Gisele… I’m raising a child with Tom and Gisele’.

I think, all things considered, Tom, Bridget and Gisele did and do the best they all can for Jack. They found themselves in a very awkward situation but managed to overcome it. Their focus seems to be Jack and his well-being and that’s great. And, since Gisele has been caring for Jack since he was a baby, it’s unsurprising that she feels like he’s her son of sorts. No way does it mean she wants to replace Bridget’s role – but that she understands the depth of her role in his life, as someone he looks up to, respects and who clearly has an influence over his life, even if it is when he’s at their household.

Mrs.B on

The comments show that the media achieves exactly what they want. The more hits they get the more money they make and that’s why they keep coming back to the same stories/ask the same questions over and over again trying to create drama even when is obvious that all of the involved parties moved on. So good job keeping the media rich:)

I do think Bridget handle the situation well. Remember that the interviewer asked questions, it’s not like she wrote her memoirs and they copy her statements.

Matt Demon adopted Alexa, Seal adopted Leni, they can call these kids theirs, they live together under one roof full time, these kids birth fathers were not involved in their lives.
Gisele does not have any legal rights over Jack, by law he is not her son nor she is his mother or guardian. She might love him like her own(which is great) but Jack has and lives full time with his mother who share custody of him with Tom not Gisele.

I do like Tom and Bridget and I didn’t have anything against Gisele but recently it seems that she doesn’t know how and when to keep her mouth shut not only about Jack. Bridget and Tom have been really good and careful with their statements in the media.

I do not believe any “sources” or so called “friends” that probably do not exist.

Kat on

This ‘team’ crap is ridiculous. Why do they have to like or hate each other? Bridget was vilified in the media while she was pregnant, accused of trying to trap him, now she is evil for not gushing about her ex and his wife? Liking Tom or Gisele does mean Bridget must be evil. All she needs to do is be civil, which she has been in the face of a lot of digs at her. As a mother I can’t imagine how hard it is to share your child with another family, and it sounds like they are doing a great job with a hard situation.

And it is bitter to have your child have your last name? His father’s name is his middle name, so obviously she wasn’t completely blotting him out!

Tillie on

“Team Bex”
I love the fact that you can read between the lines of an article, that you know nothing about.
Your “team” thrives on negativity.
God forbid if anyone didn’t agree w/ you.

Grace on

So she’s claiming to not ever talk publicly about Tom or Gisele while publicly talking about them – and while bashing Tom for not being in the delivery room. What a hypocrite. But hey, she gets away with it. She makes snide, passive-agressive, hypocritical remarks where she does the exact same thing that she claims to be above and tons of people respond with “what a classy woman.” Disturbing.

Bex on


I wasn’t aware I had a “team.” Last I checked, public forums were to discuss/state differing opinions (whether one agrees or not.) I didn’t force anyone to agree with me, nor did I expect anyone to. I was merely stating the obvious. I would highly suggest getting off the internet, considering you clearly don’t understand the concept of an “opinion.” Additionally, your statement makes zero sense, “reading in between the lines about something you know nothing about.” What additional insight do I need? I just repeated verbatim what she stated in the article — it’s not deeply philosophical material that could be misconstrued.

Taking your own idiotic line “God Forbid, anyone didn’t agree with you”, it appears YOU are the one can’t tolerate differing opinions.

meghan on

~~”If she didn’t dream of being a single mother, then she should have taken better care of her body. It’s as simple as that.”~~

Well thank you Dr. Di! I guess you’ve never heard of broken condoms or slipped diapraghms? Or perhaps you felt she should have waited for the wedding night? What nerve you have! And if she keeps ‘singing the same song’, maybe it’s up to interviewers to stop asking the same questions!

What bashing Grace? They probably asked her, “Was Tom in the delivery room when Jack was born?” and she answered them. Complaining would be, “That mean jerk didn’t even hold my hand!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”

Bex, Apparently it CAN be miscontsrued, because I read the same thing you did and came away with a woman sharing information about her life in a very mature and matter of fact way and you came away with an idea of an angry hag.

lelee on

Only an information about the name.

His name is: John Edward Thomas Moynahan. und Tom Bradys Geburtsname ist
Thomas Edward Brady. So the fathers name is implied, too… So she is using something of his father and gave him her last name – she was a single mother at birth. and at the birth certificate is definitely seen that brady is the father, so it’s okay.

and some people here have to get a life… i think both have moved on. bridget has a new boyfriend, earns good money and is surely happy, and gisele is it too with tom and benjamin. i think there’s no harm. i think a lot of things are made up by the media! and i think the media has a big influence : you give answers but someone writes the text and it can be out of the context… saying and writing it down are two different pairs of shoes… so i think that a lot could be misunderstood or made up by the media because the story around tom brady, gisele and bridgeht is too interesting for many people.

my last words here are: get a life, people, because obiviously gisele, tom and bridget have moved on!

Toya L. on

Yawn, you can read any comments “I” have ever posted on here, I’m far from bitter or negative. I personally never said anything bad about Bridget, I think she’s pretty, has a beautiful son, a great career, a new beau she seems to be smitten with and still “SEEMS” to be bitter about her ex. Do I think she’s not entitled to her feelings or that she sits at home and buys photos of him to burn? No, but my opinion “which I am entitled to and that we all express on here without personally knowing any of these people daily” is from the under tones of her interviews she still “SEEMS” bitter to “ME”. Again they “seem” to be co-parenting well together and that’s most important.

Reality Check on

Bridget, Bridget, Bridget…­still haven’t let it go I see. You are rehashing the same thing you’ve said in previous interviews­…move on dear.

It seems like if it weren’t for the breakup & baby with Tom, no one really has anything to ask you about. I realize that your new TV show isn’t catapultin­g you into the spotlight as much as you likely hoped, but really it’s time to stop this attention seeking via break up with Tom nearly FOUR years ago. Seriously.­..don’t you have anything else to discuss?

Also Bridget dear you are no Jennifer Aniston. Ms. Aniston is a A-lister who was actually married (something you know nothing about) with worldwide recognition from the # 1 show in the world, and a $ 100+ million fortune she made on her own.

Ms.Aniston doesn’t owe her fame to her ex and his wife.

Ms. Aniston can get interviews on her own merit about her current life without having to drag along her ex-husband and his partner for the ride.

Also don’t talk about the bad behavior and lack of self-respect of Kim Kardashian and Snooki when you put yourself on the cover of OK magazine with your infant son with a headline of Life Without Daddy,
pose in lingerie alongside a crib, or a flash your own bare chest on the cover of a magazine to stretch your little D-List career.

Gaia and labans mom on

Couldnt agree more amandamay. My kids have my last name. I dont have any need to establish paternity or have them claimed by giving my husbands last name. They have his last name as a middle name. We simply liked my last name better and he has a brother so their last name will live on. Simple!

kazumi on

i agree with mia, so let’s all give her a break, shall we?

Grace on

@kazumi: Let me get this straight, because you agree with another poster that we should “give her a break” then we all should? No, I don’t think so. If Bridget wants us to give her a break then she can stop trash talking her ex under the guise of being above that sort of behavior. But since she’s choosing to make her private problems public, we get to comment on them.

Sky on

I don’t understand where people are getting this idea the matt damon adopted his stepdaughter. Seriously. She has a dad, he didn’t adopt her.

Sade on

Good Lord..don’t y’all have anything better to do then “read between the lines” and make up some BS statements about passive aggression…Look it was years ago and she has moved on.. it seems like y’all can’t move on…. Let me ask you who cares if Jack has his mothers last name she was single when she had him…. If I was in the same position any child I would have had would be given my last name not my exes.. And while I agree that step parents can be good parents.. Giselle is not Jack’s legal guardian or mother as he has one.. she is just married to Jack’s father and I am glad that she cares about him.. but certain things that should not be said about other peoples children and Giselle said them…but besides that they are trying to make the best of what has to be an awkward arrangement for all involved but they are making work for Jack and that is the important thing…

SAR on

That’s a horrible picture. Bridget is a beautiful woman…she doesn’t need to be so heavily airbrushed and to expose most of her breasts in order to get noticed.

Hea on

SAR – I dunno. I kind of like it. Makes her look almost as cute as she did in Coyote Ugly.

tobeornottobe on

Sarah B….I totally AGREE! To say a step-PARENT is not a “real” Parent is plain and simply IGNORANT!!! I was raised by a step-mom who showed me more love and compassion than my “birth-mom” ever did.

I am a grown woman and now a mother myself. My child has only 1 grandma, and that is not the woman who brought into the world but the wonderful MOM who raised me into who I am today! How dare you demean a step-parent!!!!!

Mia on

for all of you saying that she’s petty and contrived, i want to ask how would you feel if your boyfriend and you had a horrible breakup during your pregnancy, you delivered alone while he proposed to his girlfriend. being even on a civil basis with the other 2 is the best most of us can do. whether there’s bitterness or sadness, she has the right to feel it and express it however she wants to. it’s none of your damn business and i doubt you’ll handle it way better.

Jessie on

Did Gisele really refer to Briget as “the woman who gave birth to Jack” because… WOW.

And people are pissed Briget refers him as her son (isn’t he?) and called Gisele the step-parent (which she is)?


Rach on

Geesh,here we go again..everytime I read an article with her and her comments,I cringe.

If Bridget does not want to talk about the Brady family,she can state that BEFORE she does the interview.I mean,why bring them up at all. It all sounds like low jabs to me. Honestly, there are so much more topics as a single mom to talk about rather than things pertaining to Tom.

Also,I think many people nowadays confuse this idea of marriage and dating.Marriage is more that just a piece of paper.If your husbands bail,then yes,they are at fault alot. Dating,I think is different. Especially when the relationship ends and there are children involved.How is a shotgun wedding supposed to solve a couples problems.Sometimes it is best for both parties to move on and raise the child together as best they can. I think it is sad sometimes how our society has twisted marriage into this thing you can jump in and out of whenever you feel like it, and dating to be the same, or as mom would say,playing house,if they even go so far.

Honestly,the risks and outcomes are far too great,so that is something you should think about before having unprotected sex on any account.I mean, people teach these things to teens,why is it not the same when it is adults ? Because they can afford it? Yet the banter is the same as the girls on Teen Mom and 16 and pregnant.

I seriously want to root for her and like her,but she needs to leave the past where it is and grow up.

Tess on

You took the words right out of my mouth.

Keis on

It is really jaw dropping the way so many here are quick to criticize someone they don’t even know. Really are any one of you there when these parents are raising their children? Reporters know exactly what to ask and turn benign statements into something theyre not. A lot of the ones calling her out on her bitterness sound a bit bitter themselves. Are you in her situation? No. Butt out of her personal affairs.

And about the Jennifer Aniston comment, some actresses can’t command the type of respect she can going into interviews because they don’t have people or reputation or big ticket movies behind them. So they have to make concessions or risk not getting a paycheck, publicity or else they’ll be burned.

Cyn on

The facts are that THEY BROKE UP. THEN she found out she was pregnant and decided to keep the baby. They did not have a relationship anymore. That’s it. He was in no obligation to go back to her, or be in the delivery room. A single woman who has just split with her boyfriend does not need to have the baby. Was it because she thought it might bring him back? Was it because she thought that it might her only chance to have a baby? Don’t know. Doesn’t matter a bit to the situation. She chose to have a baby, as a single woman. The father moved on to another relationship with another woman and started a family. He didn’t get married and have a child to spite his ex-girlfriend. That’s just life. Relationships end. People move on. Because there was a baby involved (AFTER they split) somehow this is meant to be different?

The two woman are in completely different situations. Bridget is NOT a stepmother to her ex-boyfriend’s son. Giselle IS a stepmother to her husband’s son. Giselle has every right to expect her stepson to do as he is told and to obey her rules while in her home as much as anyone.

I think, all in all, it doesn’t matter who is bitter. It doesn’t matter who ended it with whom and who married whom and who had a baby. All that matters is that they are ALL working together to make a happy family environment for this little boy. Who has TWO parents, a step mother and a half brother. And it only matters to them.

Cyn on

and PS, “these people” can sound very blunt when in the printed word.

“these people” tends to take on a more casual tone when said in general conversation.

kazumi on

@Grace fine, if you do not want to give her a break, jeez, what are you getting all worked up about?

Shame on

All the people saying she sounds negative and accusing her for saying “my” child, raising “my” son, etc has OBVIOUSLY NEVER been a single mom, much less a single mom to a child whose father is off and touting a son who seems A LOT more proud to have! I REALLY wish we could stop cutting each other down and criticizing each other instead of supporting each other as strong women.

Blythe on

Way to go, Bridgett! She kept it classy and made the best of the interview. You can’t blame her for sonuding a bit “off”…..I mean, c’mon, she made the best of a somewhat sad situation….and now has a beautiful baby boy out of it and a new love! I love her.

Competitive_Gymnast on

“team bridget” “team gisele”… Did I miss where this became twilight? haha
Personally, I like bridget. I read no bitterness in her interview.

Dani on

I was in this EXACT situation; I was with a man, found out I was pregnant after we broke up (Birth control pill mishap!), I chose to have the baby. That was MY decision. He wasn’t there throughout the pregnancy nor was he in the delivery room when I pushed MY daughter out (HIS decision). I named her, gave her MY last name and am supporting her. He has since married someone else and she likes to refer to my child as hers. Does it bother me? Yes, it does. I am not trying to discount step-parents who REALLY parent because a biological parent wasn’t there, BUT this woman did not go through what I did to have my daughter. Where was she when I was changing my life to revolve around a child, going through 24 hours of HARD, BACK labor to get her here, working TWO jobs and going to school to make sure she has everything she needs, while her “father” is sitting at home claiming disability so he won’t have to work to support her? Where was the step-mother when I was up walking the floor with a teething, or sick child? And now, just because you married my daughter’s father, you’re her step-Mother? To me, there are no other “steps” to take. The little boy has TWO parents, a Mother and a Father. She’s his father’s wife, unless she is the primary caregiver and she’s NOT, his MOTHER is. She’s a “woman” who is always DOGGING this woman in the press. YET, as soon as Bridget responds, she’s bitter. Would I be bitter? Hell, yes! ESPECIALLY if every single time I turned around this big mouthed woman was in the press talking about MY child, posing for pictures with MY child and referring to me as “the woman who gave birth to Jack”!