Spotted: Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Grace – Front Row Fashion

02/21/2011 at 10:00 AM ET
Janette Pellegrini/FilmMagic

Girls’ day out!

Elisabeth Hasselbeck cuddles with daughter Grace Elisabeth, 5½, as they attend the Milly by Michelle Smith Fall 2011 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, held Wednesday at The Stage at Lincoln Center in New York City.

The View co-host, 33, and husband Tim Hasselbeck are also parents to sons Taylor Thomas, 3, and Isaiah Timothy, 18 months.

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Kellie on

She is the sweetest and looks like her daddy. I love the name Grace Elisabeth it sounds so classy!

Annie on

Probably bad lighting or angle, but the child looks like she has a black eye! 🙂

martina on

And what if the child does have a black eye? Kids get them all the time. In any case, it’s amazing how tiny Elisabeth is, having given birth to 3 kids in a short period of time.

Shannon on

Daddy’s mini me!

Tess on

Annie – I think she just naturally has dark circles under her eyes. It looks like Elisabeth does too. Cute kid, and she looks very much like her dad.

Lila on

Elisabeth looks so much like Nikki Taylor in this photo. I had to do a double take! Such pretty ladies.

Angela on

Love Grace’s little dress. She looks exactly like her father.

aurora mia on

I love her green dress. Any info on that?

Jgirl on

She is a beautiful little girl. She looks like a little lady in this picture.

Kim on

Has anyone ever seen a picture of her youngest son?

Sam on

Grace has grown up fast! A very pretty little girl (and finally a bow in her hair that looks right, not bigger then her head).

Kay on

Elisabeth seems like such a good, loving mom to her children. Grace looks adorable.

SAR on

I don’t like Ms. Hasselbeck very much, but that’s a pretty picture of her and her daughter.

meghan on

I’m sure that’s just the lighting. Grace is getting so big! Cute dress too!

Anonymous on

Double standard? Or will people say her daughter shouldn’t be there since it was said Kingston shouldn’t be at a fashion show? If one shouldn’t, why should someone else?

jessica on

My son looks like he has black eyes all the time. Between allergies and asthma he always has dark circles around them. :-/

Elisabeth and Grace are beautiful.

coco on

Grace has grown to be so cute.She looks like a little lady.

Lauren on

Elisabeth looks gorgeous, and I LOVE Grace’s dress. She may have gotten a black eye, or her family (like mine) might have genetic undereye circles that they passed down to her. Bare Escentuals makes an amazing eye cream that will pretty much get rid of them in case anyone else has the same problem.

J on

Anonymous please don’t start that crap.

suzyq on

Anonymous — there’s a difference between being in the audience and being paraded around up on the runway.

a.n. on

lauren, what eye cream is that? i have thee worst eye circles ever and no concealer or home remedy have any effect on them! help a girl out! 🙂

Mira on

Elizabeth Grace is beautiful! Not just cute or pretty. Her parents’ gene pool got mixed up in a wonderful way.

Romy on

so cute! she does look like her dad, but something in the expression reminds me of her mom. I really love her dress

Sam on

I wouldn’t worry about taking a child, boy or girl to a fashion show, up on the stage or sitting in the audience. (of course we have THAT to look forward to, from Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Tuesday on The View…”I would never exploit one of my children like THAT, but if Gwen wants to well what can I do” not a direct quote, but I’m in the neighborhood. Yippee!) Neither child is harmed and both were spending time with thier mothers. Seems fun walking or watching.

ecl on

I don’t think it’s wrong to take a child to a fashion show, but I do think it’s weird. Why would a kid ever be interested in that?

SY on

Since the fashion show is for Milly I’m assuming she is wearing something from their girls’ line. The dress looks like it would fit into a Milly style dress for girls.

Jillian on

I just read on the Gwen post that children should not be at Fashion shows….. So i understand where Anonymous is coming from. I feel the same way. If you feel that children shouldn’t be attending, then all children shouldn’t be attending. The statement wasn’t about him being on stage, it was about him being in the audience and that he should be at home with the nanny.

Jillian on

Here is the comment many are reacting to

umm no i dont think kids should be at a fashion show, this is for adults most likely, and im sure there were not any other kids on the runway or seated, these fashion shows are for people in the business, so leave the kids home, i think she could of gotten a nanny to take care of her kid, or send gavin home with him, or even backstage.

Sam on

I don’t see what is wrong with the children at the fashion show. It’s about clothing, feeling pretty/handsome and proud. Clothes are such a big deal for kids, not quite as young as Kingston or Grace, but young! Nothing wrong with that. They were with their mothers. If the children had been at the park with their nannies ‘those’ posters would have said ‘where are the parents, why are they not with their children!”. Can’t win. Live and let live peeps.

Georgina on

The only thing Id be worried about with children at fashion shows is if they will sit quietly, and not get bored and so show off. I wouldnt want my child screaming in the middle of it. If this little girl enjoys it, as does Kingston Rossdale, then whats the problem? Surely its similar to taking them to the theatre, learning how to behave in public?

I was thinking does she take after her father, because I really dont see any of her mum in her. She looks like shes engrossed in the clothes though!

Sam on

@ Georgina – excellent post, good point. Teaching children to sit and be interested in new things is a good lesson for 4-5 year olds. It’s so nice to see well behaved little ones when they are either out for a meal, at a show or at the park.

Capri on

Gorgeous girls!!

Jillian on

Sam and Georgina, I agree with you both! Very well said.

Sam on

@Jillian – thankyou and back at you! 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Cute girl! Now, as for the whole double-standard debate….I, too, think it’s a bit of a double-standard that people were complaining about Kingston being at Fashion week, yet aren’t complaining about Grace being there.

Also, I don’t get why people keep insisting that Gwen was parading Kingston when, in fact, from what I’ve read, he ran up on the runway of his own freewill upon seeing his mother there! So really, if anyone was parading Kingston, it was Kingston himself! 🙂

MIB on

I agree wholeheartedly with Sam and Geogina. Children need to be exposed to situations where they have to sit quiet and still and pay attention in order to learn to do so, and I’d think that a fashion show would be bost interesting and short enough to be a good practice venue. As for for Kingston, he seems to be one of those kids who likes a certain amount of attention, and as long as he isn’t forced to get up on the stage, I don’t see any problem with it (and I am quite sure he has the option to stay backstage/in the audience if he preferred to).

jj on

Is she pregnant again I have been watching The View for a few weeks and her hair is very dark at the roots. She usually keeps her hair so blond it looks brassy.

suzyq on

Celebritybabylover — you already said that. Why continue to stir the pot when you are not adding any new information?

dana on

It is a Milly dress but I don’t see green as an option:

Tess on

jj- Elisabeth has repeatedly said that she and her husband are done with having kids, so I’m assuming she’s not pregnant.

Indira on

I don’t get why a kid can’t be at a fashion show. Maybe backstage I can see why because from experience it can be very busy and a child could get in the way but, most fashion shows are very short. Most not lasting more than an hour depending on the amount of pieces in the collection. If a kid can sit still for an hour why can’t they be there?

Allison J on

Grace is very pretty – looks like her dad! As for the “black eye” issue – I think Grace is just prone to dark circles under her eyes that are blueish in color. My son has this problem, and if you take a picture of him at the “wrong” angle, it looks like he has a black eye! But, it is just his genetically dark under-eye discoloration.

CelebBabyLover on

suzyq- Because no one seems to be getting it!

suzyq on

Celebritybabylover — I think you mean everybody does not necessarily agree with you.