Matt Damon Feels ‘Very Lucky’ With Life He Chose

02/20/2011 at 05:00 PM ET

Despite the twists and turns of life, Matt Damon is exactly where he wants to be.

“I’m very lucky. Right now, I’m at a place in my life where I feel completely on the right path,” the actor tells Access Hollywood.

Having recently celebrated his 40th birthday with wife Luciana and their four daughters Alexia, 12, Isabella, 4½, Gia Zavala, 2½, and Stella Zavala, 4 months, Damon proudly admits he has reached a sense of stability that allows him to treasure the finer moments in life.

“All of those bigger kind of questions have been answered for me, so now it’s just about enjoying living the life that I have chosen and I love that,” he says.

However, The Adjustment Bureau‘s bachelor days aren’t far from his mind!

“I remember being 25 and 30 and not having a lot of that stuff figured out and it’s always kind of there looming, ‘I know I want kids some day, but I haven’t met the person I want to have kids with,'” he explains. “And now that I have four, what the hell was I thinking?”

And although Damon admits to a heavy workload, he is “in control” of his schedule — and makes sure family remains his priority.

“What I really want now is health. To be healthy and to be there as much as I can and to hang out with my family,” he shares.

— Anya Leon

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Mia on

I’m a little bothered that nowhere in the article is Alexia’s real dad’s name mentioned. Just a little line at the end that says Alexia is Luciana’s daughter with so and so. While she doesn’t need to be singled out as Matt’s stepdaughter, to ignore her biofather seems rude. By not stating Alexia’s real father’s name,the implication is that the four girls have one father which isn’t true. I’m sure Alexia loves Matt but she has a father. No article with Gisele and John goes without a mention of Bridget. When Dean’s son Jack is mentioned, so is Jack’s biomother. I just don’t understand why in articles with Matt lately, Alexia’s biodad is ignored?

suzyq on

People – you’re a bit late to the party. This interview was done Feb. 11.

jen on

What a great, refreshing perspective. True vibes of happiness and love right there. A blessed man. 🙂

SAR on

Awww, he’s so sweet.

noam on

@mia: i don’t know if this is one hundred percent accurate, but i read in the new york post that alexia’s father was not around for whatever reason, and last year, matt officially adopted her. again, that may just be tabloid fodder, but either way, if matt considers himself to have four daughters, then that’s the way the world should consider it as well.

Julie on

Mia, I wasn’t aware that Alexia’s father’s name was public knowledge? For the children you mentioned, the bio-parents and the step-parents are all public figures, so that’s probably the difference.

Monica on

@gia…its b/c her dad is a non-celeb. no malice.

marie on

Maybe the biodad isn’t in the picture, maybe he doesn’t want the attention of Matt’s celebrity, maybe…? There could be a million reasons why the article doesn’t mention Alexia’s father, but what it probably comes down to is this is an article on a celebrity website about a celebrity and the biodad isn’t one.

Hi on

Matt has adopted Alexia, making him her father. Her biological father no longer matters, because he either died or surrendered parental rights.

Nelle on

Mia, maybe Alexia’s father isn’t (and doesn’t want to be a celebrity). Adding to the article that her dad is Joe Bloggs might be quiet meaningless to readers.

Prima on

Who really freaking cares that they do not mention Alexia’s bio dad? I mean the article is about Matt Damon, and if he considers her as his own, then so be it. I think it’s awesome.

Jillian on

Her bio father is alive. We do not know if he is in the picture. Every interview I have read with Matt Damon, he has referred to her as his daughter. If that was not how it should be worded his publicist would have contacted the magazines by now to correct them. It is quite possible that she is adopted or that they have agreed that she is his daughter. I think it is wonderful to hear how much he loves her. He is a great dad.

Jane on

Matt has not adopted Alexia. Alexia’s father appeared to write a message on a related post at this site on 16 February describing how Matt is her step-father.

Elizabeth on

Are you sure Matt’s adopted Alexia? I remember reading an interview with Matt from before he married Luciana, and he said Alexia’s father was very much in the picture and he had to be careful not to try to take his place (or something to that effect).

robinepowell on

Is Matt ever going to explain why is two youngest daughters have the same middle name?

CelebBabyLover on

If Matt DID adopt her, I hope he confirms it soon! 🙂

Jen DC on

Really? “Bothered”? I think it’s general knowledge that Alexia isn’t Matt’s biological daughter and no where have I ever seen her biological’s dad name’s mentioned. Most likely for one of the reasons previously mentioned by another poster: adoption; wanting to avoid the spotlight; otherwise out of the picture entirely.

But I don’t understand why it would “bother” you. Are you a friend of the father in question? Has Alexia mentioned to you that it bugs her that her “real” dad doesn’t get any newspaper inches? What possible difference could it make to anyone other than their family?

bevvie on

Not feeling Matt Damon! He has always seemed so insincere and phony. I keep remembering the Minnie Driver situation when he dumped her on a television show. Then he marries an unknown who clearly gives him no competition in the popularity arena. He seems to like his woman in the background having babies. Does this woman ever say or do anything?

Kara on

I don’t know whether he officially adopted her, but as far as I remember Alexia’s bio-dad was in the picture at least when Matt and Luciana first got married. I think their decision to live in Miami had something to the with Alexia’s father being there. Even then, Matt mentioned moving to East Cost in the future. Maybe he adopted her, maybe he didn’t. Still, I don’t think there is an ill-will between him and Alexia’s bio-dad. It is not like, he has never mentioned the guy. I read an interview where Matt mentioned Alexia’s father being Cuban. Alexia has been living with them since her mother and Matt got married. So, counting her as one his daughters does not really make Matt a disrespectful step-father. In my opinion, that shouldn’t hurt Alexia’s bio-dad’s feelings either. Knowing your child is loved worths more than anything else.

kim on

Naming Alexia’s biological father would be disrespectful to his privacy as we can assume by now that he simply doesn’t want to me named.

Also, as Matt Damon has stated several times in interviews that he has 4 kids and not 3 surely means that all those involved have agreed that it is fine for Matt to refer to Alexia as his child as well in interviews.

An old school mate of mine called both her biological father and stepfather ‘dad’ whenever she was with either of them and that never let to any confusion within the family and both ‘dads’ were ok with it.

Jes on

My step-mother refers to me as her daughter, and I don’t feel any slight to my late mother. My dad has refered to my stepbrother and sister as his other daughter and son and I’m sure their real dad feels no slight. We’re a family that’s what’s important. If my exhusband/boyfriend was famous and I wasn’t and we had a child, I personally wouldn’t want to be mentioned in every article mentioning my kid w/his new family. That Matt lover her enough to consider her his cdaughter should be the ONLY important thing.

Tess on

Didn’t we just have this article last week? And it’s not even about his kids, really, it’s about him. Why is it on the celeb babies blog?

dsfg on

Bevvie, first of all, Minnie Driver stated many times that they had broken up before that tv interview, but had no idea he was about to reveal their breakup to the public yet. So no, he did not “dump her” on air.

And Matt’s wife is not famous so there is no reason for us to “hear” from her; I’m sure she does plenty of things, just not in the public eye.

patty on

RobinePowll, I was wondering why his two younger daughters have the same middle name too.

Mia on

The way people dispose of the “old” husbands and lovers is sick. I understand that Luciana got a rich and handsome second husband and Alexia got a cool stepdad, but the dismissive way everyone (not Matt, but people on this site) have commented about the biodad just shows that Matt is important so the other guy becomes a sperm donor.

It reminds me of how Jesse James married Sandra Bullock and just decided Sunny’s biomom (yes a loser, but her mother nonetheless) could be kicked to the curb. Can you imagine if your ex got remarried and your kids were only referred to as the new spouce’s children because well you’re not important anymore. No hard feelings, really.

Also in most articles, including old ones on this site, it always states Alexia is Luciana’s daughter from a former marriage. It’s not hard to throw that line out there and btw, who the heck is Dean’s ex and Jack’s mom? She’s Dean’s ex and Jack’s mom. Most people don’t know who she is other than that, but no one would say she shouldn’t be acknowledged on a post about Tori and Dean because otherwise it would imply that Tori is Jack’s mother. Can you imagine the uproar if that happened? I doubt people would rush around trying to come up with excuses about how Dean’s ex maybe doesn’t want to be known or how she maybe ditched the kid or Tori adopted Jack. Double standards irritate me.

Tee on

I so enjoy reading interviews with Matt. He really seems happy with his family life, very content.

Jillian on

Jane, I didn’t see that when it was posted. But I don’t believe it. Anyone couldn’t have posted that for drama.

Georgina on

Mia, maybe the father himself has requested he not be mentioned where as in the other circumstances, the mothers have requested they be mentioned. It was a really weird case with Seal and Heidi Klum and their daughter Leni, because of her bio-dad, even though he had nothing what-so-ever to do with her. But until Leni was adopted by Seal he couldnt say he was her father in print. Noone is quite sure why that is, potential to sue perhaps? Obviously Matt and his family, are happy for it to be listed this way otherwise it wouldnt be. You cant class all cases of “step-families” as the same. And I dont really understand the outrage as him classing her as his daughter. Thats a nice thing surely?

bevvie on

dsfg,thanks for basically saying the same thing that I said. Revealing a breakup on television without the other person’s knowledge of the announcement is still dumping the person on television. And as I said, his wife is not famous so he has no competition for popularity. And he is not the only one in Hollywood who has married a waitress, etc. who has a couple of babies and lingers in the background. My opinion remains the same.

Kyliemarie on

Matt himself said that Alexia spends time with her Dad.

Kyliemarie on

I meant to say, Hi, I don’t know where you get your information but Matt never adopted Alexia. Nor has he tried. She has a father who is alive and a part of her life.

LauraPalmer on

Once again, Matt Damon is Alexia’s PRIMARY CAREGIVER (along with his wife, of course)! Gisele is NOT Jack Moynahan’s primary caregiver, his biological mother Bridget is. Alexia lives with Matt and he takes care of her most of the time. He’s not some once in awhile visitor in her life, he’s there all the time.

meghan on

Really bevvie? You’re entire opinion of Matt Damon is shaped by how he may or may mot have broken up with a woman nearly 15 years ago? He was in his 20s at the time and is now 40. Didn’t you do things in your youth that you wouldn’t dream of doing now? And who cares if his wife is famous or not (or ‘competition’ as you say). A lot of marriages between actors and non-entertainers work for a reason, not that it’s really anyone’s business.

CelebBabyLover on

LauraPalmer- Gisele not being Jack’s primary caregiver doesn’t mean she’s a ” once in awhile visitor in his life”. We have no idea how often Jack stays with her and Tom. He could be with them quite frequently, for all we know! Just as Alexia might visit her dad quite frequently.

robinepowell- Actually, all three of the younger girls may have the same middle name. I don’t believe Isabella’s middle name has ever been revealed. 🙂 For that matter, we don’t know Alexia’s middle name either, so her middle name could be Zavala, too. And yes, I wonder why the two younger girls, at least, share the same middle name. 🙂

meghan- Exactly!

dsfg on

“dsfg,thanks for basically saying the same thing that I said. Revealing a breakup on television without the other person’s knowledge of the announcement is still dumping the person on television.”

No, Bevvie I did NOT “basically” say the same thing you did. Sorry that you are unable to comprehend!

Jillian on

I have to agree with Laura Palmer on this one, with the exception of the once in a lifetime comment. The term primary caregiver is given by the courts during custody…..and in this case is trues. Luciana has primary custody of Alexia, so that includes Matt. Bridget is Jack’s primary caregiver. Tom visits with him, but the primary time is spent with his mom and therefore, not him and Giselle. They have all said this in past interviews.

Bancie1031 on

Question ???? Does anyone know why the 2 youngest daughter’s have the same middle name? No it doesn’t really matter but I was just curious. Thanks ….. OH and this is a beautiful family 🙂

Libby on

Haha…I guess I’m not the only one wondering about the middle name(s) Zavala! I also wondered if all FOUR of the girls share that middle name and, if so, what the significance of the name may be. On the subject of Alexia’s father’s name appearing in the article, it’s not typical for a nonceleb parent to appear in articles for a variety of reasons.

joey on

I know her father. I wouldn’t mention his name because I wouldn’t want anyone to do that to me. I don’t know the situation, and I wouldn’t ask.. He had her baby pic on the wall. Lucky girl.