Family Photo: Karolína Kurková and Her Boys Do Fashion Week

02/20/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Michael Buckner/Getty

Fashion week’s a family affair!

Model mama Karolína Kurková brought husband Archie Drury and their son Tobin Jack, 15 months, along to Tuesday’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2011 at Lincoln Center in New York City.

Joking that she has transformed into “this powerful mama who can deal with anything, do everything,” Kurková, 26, is ready to tackle it all.

“I take care of the house, I cook, I work, I walk the runway.”

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Showing 22 comments

Ali on

wow, that’s a heck of a mouth on her.

selene on

Oh my word, he is a little darling.

What a beautiful family, Karolina just gets more and more beautiful. So annoying, ha.

Indira on

Wow what a handsome boy!! I love his hair color. It’s pretty kinda copper colored. Its cool that Karolina feels so empowered. Go girl!

Selena on

She is a beauty! Her son, Tobin is so big and adorable!

Nancy on

That is not a very flattering picture of her. She is very beautiful. her husband looks quite a bit older than her. I love the name Tobin.

Shannon on

Her son is cute.

She has lost too much weight and it’s aging her.

Ali on

I love the name Tobin too! It’s really cute!

mamato3toddlers on

so,basically,she does everything that every other mother on this planet does? wow,give her a medal lol

Gaia and Laban's mom on

She doesnt look super skinny or old in this photo. It must be something to go from a supermodel without a care to a mom with big responsibilities towards her son and husband. The transition really makes you or breaks you.

a.n. on

if she can be a model, so can anyone else. she’s pretty homely.

Hi on

Am I the only one who thinks that the hairdo and the outfit make her son look like a mini forty-year-old? I would never personally dress a child like that, but I guess he’s pretty cute.

Alison on

Well then, damn, I’d love to be that homely! Blonde, great smile, skinny … sign me up!

Ali on

I thought she looked just like the transgendered Arquette sibling. Alexis Arquette. Looks just like him/her! Not the most flattering picture.

Her husband is cute! I had never seen him before. The baby does kind of look like a little old man…but in a totally cute way.

LisaS on

Not a very flattering picture of her but she looks so very happy with her husband and child. And she’s drop-dead gorgeous on the runway. In some of the pics I’ve seen of her, she knocked my socks off.

Cute baby and husband too. Really good-looking family all around.

Jillian on

Her husband is 9 or 10 yrs older than her. I can’t believe she is only 26. Wow, she looks a lot older….or maybe it’s just the picture.

CelebBabyLover on

Such a cutie! Is this the first time we’ve seen him? Also, people seem to be perfectly fine with the fact that Tobin is at Fashion Week. Yet in the recent Gwen Stefani post, people are saying that’s not a place for children! What gives?!

Jgirl on

Gorgeous family. The baby is super cute. I think it is comb over that makes him look like a little old man, and I think it is darling.

Jodi on

I do not understand how she is a “supermodel” I do not think she is attractive at all. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder especially in this case.

Devon on

Wow! Some of you are being real bitches. I just can’t believe some people can be that mean! Karolina looks great, her son is adorable and her husband is really handsome! I’ve always like Karolina since we share the same birthday, February 28.

Tina on

WOW she is not pretty at all. Guess I could be a model!!!

Jillian on

Celebrity Baby Lover, I thought the same thing about him being at fashion week but Gwen’s kids getting crap about being there. There were many children at fashion week…..there are EVERY single year. Some children even model in it. I think it is people just don’t like Gwen and the way she raises her kids. Such a double standard!

kendrajoi on

That has got to be the most unflattering photo ever. Cute kid, though.