Spotted: Gabriel Aubry and Nahla Visit the Zoo

02/18/2011 at 11:00 AM ET

Sweet embrace!

Gabriel Aubry and daughter Nahla Ariela, 2½, share a precious moment together at the Los Angeles Zoo on Thursday.

The model, 34, is currently undergoing some custody drama with Nahla’s mom, actress Halle Berry.

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Meghan on

Yeah Halle, the poor girl looks terrified.

Me on

A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E…yup, baby girl sure looks terrified of daddy.

Tess on

That’s a sweet picture. I don’t believe much of what Halle says.

Jgirl on

Meghan, I was just thinking that! It doesn’t appear that Gabriel loves her at all! (rolling eyes)

Émilie on

Haha Meghan, that exactly what I was thinking!

Melanie on

Yep, that child looks terrified of her father! Give me a break Halle…

a.n. on

halle berry is the next mel gibson.

Cookie on

I think Halle is a control freak and really just wanted to have children. Nothing wrong with that and the child is gorgeous, but let that man be a daddy! I know as a mom, we want our children near us, but I see his side too. Why does he have to travel all of creation to see his child when Halle is making movies? She is not school aged yet….geez!

Julia A on

A picture is worth a thousand words. I’m glad Nahla didn’t get the memo that she is supposed to be scared of her father.

Sky on

Yep Halle, that’s an abusive dad who hates his little girl. Such BS!

Etsy on

I wish people would think harder, nowadays, about who they have children with! I doubt that partners develop this ‘evil’ side only after they split…you don’t need to get married, but why rush into parenting with someone? At least you can end a marriage…co-parenting is not so easy to end! …lovely photo

Indira on

Both the Aubry and Berry camps need to take a chill-pill. They both had “sources” spewing what seems to be absurd/slanderous things to the press and, I think it’s silly as a reader to choose a side. The photo is precious and for Nahla’s sake I hope these two grow up!

Annie on

Adorable. She really is so pretty. Hadn’t realized Halle was saying Nahla was scared of her dad. She’s a beautiful woman but everytime she opens her mouth I think her insides don’t match her outside.

Lila on

they’re so adorable together… it seems like Nahla missed her daddy!

Mia on

God, he is so gorgeous! + on a happier note–glad to see things are settled for now + he gets to spend time with his daughter-cute picture!

MomOfMySon on

beautfil picture of a precious father/ daughter-moment. Its sad enough when parents have to seperate, but its a CRIME to involve a child into their fight! Very cheap/ weak act! If Halle wants a baby on her own she just should have to contact a sperm bank!

Terri on

I agree, Indira. Both parents have acted pretty poorly. I’m glad that they seem to coming to some sort of understanding for their daughter.

Brooke on

Nahla from this picture obviously needs her daddy so much. They need to both chill out for her sake.

LuvBug on

They obviously love each other very much. Fathers’ Rights’ should be respected too.

Teig on

Do you see how loving this picture is. How can someone say that the beautiful little girl is afraid of her daddy??? I don’t see it. He deserves half custody!

Jen DC on

Perhaps none of you were emotionally or physically abused children but… When your abusive parent is being kind to you – particularly if you’re a small child – you have a way of justifying the prior bad behavior. Just because she looks happy now doesn’t negate the possibility that he’s abusive at other times. I was beaten up by my stepmother repeatedly – REPEATEDLY – as a pre-teen and teenager and still claimed to love her, hugged her, etc. But I was certainly scared out of my wits when she went on one of her rampages.

As far as the rest of it, yes, be particular with whom you have children. And keep the fights out of the media. It was disgusting on HIS part to even go in the public fight route, talk about manipulative. And she was foolish to even consider responding.

All of you gross me out with your rush to judgment – obviously it MUST be Halle Berry’s fault AND she must be a horrible liar to have claimed what she did. Because we all live at her house and know it for a fact that it couldn’t possibly be the way she described it. Oh, no. Pfft.

acorr on


Mari Mari Quite Contrary on

Yep…she’s a Daddy’s Girl, alright…

Kate on

I agree with everyone else. Nahla looks comfortable with him. Even if there was something wrong with him, why did Halle dated him for three years before having a child with him? Then, she was OK about him for the first two years of Nahla’s life. Right after he files for custody, Halle insunuated Gabriel was abusive and she spread the word that he was a racist. This is hypocritical and mean. I hope he gets shared legal and physical custody of the child.

Allison J on

Really adorable pic. For Nahla’s sake, I hope Halle and Gabriel can work out their differences, whatever those might be.

As a divorced mom of two young kids, I can tell you from personal experience: how the parents interact with each other and how they co-parent, has a HUGE effect on the well-being of the child.

Halle and Gabriel have got to be grown-ups and put their differences aside, so they can co-parent their daughter in the best way possible. It can be done! My ex and I have done it. Not easy, but SO WORTH it when your child sees that mommy and daddy can still get along and take care of you, even after they break up.

Melanie on

@Jen DC, I actually was abused as a child. While I didn’t run around telling everybody about it when it happened, I certainly wouldn’t have been this comfortable with the person who abused me. Just because I was in close proximity to him does not mean that I was affectionate. Yes, children have the ability to forget–they also have the ability to be frightened and scared when they are with their abuser. If Gabriel was abusing Nahla, she wouldn’t be touching his cheek and snuggling into him….would she let him hold her? Probably. But she wouldn’t be this comfortable.

Sarah S. on

Awww, I love how Nahla is holding Daddy’s face.

Di on

You can tell from this picture how much Nahla loves her daddy and I’m sure Gabriel absolutely adores her.

I want to give Halle the benefit of the doubt. I do believe she does wants her daughter to have a relationship with her father but she likely wants to control how and where they spend their time.

I think the statement Halle released to the press regarding her “serious concerns” about Gabriel’s parenting was totally inappropriate and unnecessary. If Halle’s concerns were genuine she would have filed an emergency petition for monitored visitation but she has not done that-instead the only court order she got was to travel to NYC for a week the baby.

Erin on

Jen DC – normally I agree with you. But are we supposed to believe that Halle would let their daughter visit her father unsupervised if she thought he was abusing Nahla in any way? She could be in court yesterday to file an emergency motion for protection. She hasn’t done that. I think this is a love story turned custody spat turned really, really nasty. They should both keep their mouths shut. Halle picked him, and he is the child’s father. They’re going to have to deal with each other for the next few decades, so they should find the most civil, equitable resolution to custody and be done with it.

Rosy on

Such a sweet photo, what a happy little girl spending the day with daddy…Gabriel never looked the sort to be an abusive person, so I never really believed any of that.

Tee on

I think this is a good example of their being three sides to every story… her side, his side and the truth. I don’t know who to believe but I am seriously ticked off with them for making this a public battle when their little girl’s happiness and safety is what is at stake here.

T on

Great photo, love these 2, looking so sweet. Halle get over yourself, it’s about your daughter, not your wacky issues. Public opinion is on Gabriel’s side, because we can smell a rat a mile away. kids need both parents is possible so be a big girl and work it out!

Rach on

It is really unfortunate,this whole thing. Halle was with Gabriel long before Nahla,so you would think if any of this is true,she had plenty of time to figure out not to make a baby with him. I remember though she said she was desperate to have a baby in interviews,and she would probably use a sperm donor if she had to. She needs to realize that Gabriel as more than just a sperm donor,he is the childs father,and that is a huge difference.

I can understand why he would make it public.Look at the whole Kelly Rutherford thing.The media tends to rake the non celebrity partner over the coals, so it gives BOTH people a voice to defend themselves. If it was not for that it would be poor Halle,Gabriel the racist wifebeating whatever.These two need to take a few pointers from the Sheen\Beckinsale/Wisemans !

Sara on

Geez, how can any of you like this guy? I mean, look how terrified Nahla is! I can see it all over her face. She REALLY doesn’t want to be around him! And he looks like he absolutely hates her!

Halle, seriously? You expect us to believe that hes suddenly a bad guy since hes not your personal nanny anymore? You’re selfish and a very heartless woman for trying to keep these two apart.

Nella on

Tee I completely agree with you! I don’t want to put blame just on Halle or Gabriel, but both of them have been very immature and didn’t handle this in a very good way. As far as people saying she chose him to be the baby’s father, I agree she did, but he didn’t have to do it unless he wanted to! What’s important is NAHLA and her safety and happiness! She’s the child here, not them, so they BOTH need to stop acting like children and try to have a solid relationship for Nahla’s sake. I hope there is no more drama regarding the custody and that they both find an agreement best suitable for the child and them.

JMO on

Meghan that was my very first thought, poor Nahla looks like she is frightened to be with her daddy. I don’t buy HB’s stories anymore. Used to like her but she just screams FAKE to me! No child should be taken away from their father unless there truly is something horrible going on! This little girl looks happy to be with her daddy!

JMO on

JENDC, Nahla imo is just too young to grasp that concept. She’s two and if she’s afraid she will be afraid. Gabriel can’t manipulate a toddler. I think if she was 5 or 6 that concept may be believable but I don’t buy it for one second. That child is happy to be with her daddy bc she has fun with him.

Capri on

What a gorgeous picture! Sure looks like someone really missed their daddy….I always have a side eye at whatever Halle says…always!!!

Terri on

T, I disagree. Public opinion is not on Gabriel’s side. Public opinion is on the side of the child. I could care less about the two adults behaving like children.

Shannon on

She always looks so happy and relaxed with him. Lucky little girl!

Lauren on

Meghan-and most of you-hit the nail on the head. I called it from the beginning thinking that Halle only used Gabriel as a sperm bank and would dump him when she got her kid, but even I didn’t think she would stoop so low as to keep him from his own child and go to the press saying that he abuses her. I’m genuinely sorry for how her first two marriages worked out, and she has never had an easy life, but at some point, you really have to wonder about the common denominator. We’ll probably be hearing about what a nasty pig Olivier Martinez is two years from now, and I’m sick of it.

As for Jen DC’s comment, I do not disregard what you are saying whatsoever in terms of your own experience-as a child/teenager who is old enough to understand how to manipulate their feelings to please the outside world. Nahla is two. If she was truly terrified of her father for whatever reason, there is NO WAY she would be touching and reacting to him this way. You cannot tell little ones how to feel or put on a front, especially a two-year-old. I hope they take this pic to court and shove it in Halle’s face. The fact that she would put her ex and child through this is disgusting.

On a side note, Nahla is a stunning child and this photo is beautiful. Such a shame that it has to be ruined by Halle’s need to be the perpetual victim.

B.R on

What amazes me is right after they broke up she was like everything is fine he is a great guy, she even once said “the right person to have this child with, cause I know she will always have a great father” to the moment he wants legally to be seen as her father, and have his visitation rights set in stone, he becomes the guy that abuses his daughter. She lost all respect I had for her that very moment. If someone is truly harming your child you take your child to the doctor to document the abuse the to the court to stop that person from ever going near your child again. She didn’t do any of that, she went to the media not the court which is where she should be. So I am sorry but I don’t believe a word that comes out of her mouth any more. It will be interesting to see how all this ends, I hope he gets as much time as he can with his little girl, cause no one that hold their child the way he holds her in that picture and the way she responds to him can be an abuser. I have seen so many neglected and abused children in my life, children as young as six months to 18 years and no abused/neglected two year old would looks so comfortable and be so affectionate to the person that is hurting them.

Gaia and Laban's mom on

I must agree with jen DC and Indira. halle and gabriel have handled this situation really badly. Im glad that they are reigning it all in now for the sake of the child. My father was a social worker for thirty years and, you cannot judge a family situation by looking at a photo! For good or bad! Wouldn’t it be nice, we could catch abusers just by looking at pictures!

Plus, we see what we want to see and this group wants to think highly of Aubry. I doubt that if they posted a picture of nahla running away(like my daughter loves to do) that anyone would seriously consider that as evidence of abuse.

I don’t think Halle has any shortage of men willing to impregnate her and, five years is a long long time to be coupled with a man if you just want his baby. Women are so quick to malign other women and considering most of us have probably never even heard Aubry speak and Berry has been famous for almost twenty years, we’re more inclined to bash her!

I wish them all the best.

WOM on

What a cute lil’ girl. Glad to see that her parents have worked out their differences. Hope Berry & Aubrey have the good sense to keep further fights out of the media spotlight.

ecl on

Right Lauren…because when Halle Berry was beaten by her ex husband she deserved it? Let’s get real. We don’t know anything about him and we don’t know anything about her and we don’t know anything about the situation. The best we can say is that they should keep it out of the media spotlight the best they can.

Maya on

Wow – I hadn’t realized so many CBB readers were child psychologists.

Amber on

precious photo…reminds me of a little Shirley Temple

CelebBabyLover on

Indira, jen DC, et al- I agree! I don’t see why it’s neccesary to take sides here. Both Halle and Gabriel are to blame for this mess, IMO. While I don’t believe Gabriel abuses Nahla, I DID lose some respect for him when I read that, when Nahla clung to Halle and freaked out when picked her up that time, he took her and left before Halle had finished calming her because he was tired of waiting.

That probably just upset Nahla even more. Poor girl!

ecl- You said it, girl! Halle was also cheated on by her second husband in addition to being beaten on by the first (I think he may have cheated on her, too). In those cases, she wasn’t “playing” the victim. She WAS the victim! Nobody derserves to be abused or cheated on, nobody!

All of that said, I hope Halle and Gabriel can work things out in a decent way for Nahla’s sake.

Jillian on

People take sides because it is called formulating an opinion.

I lost a lot of respect for Halle, with everything I read about her, in interviews and more, that has gone on since they broke up until now. Wrongfully accusing someone and knowing this is never acceptable and that is what I think she is doing.

I think it is horrible that they are making this anywhere near as public as it is….I thought she said some pretty tasteless comments in interviews prior to all of this even beginning about him.

B.R on

What bother me is if she is truly afraid for her child’s safety then why not go straight to the court where they can help her protect her child but instead she goes to the media to do what, get her child more insulated now cause everyone is going to want a picture of her now, even more so them before. The other thing that really bothers me is she is playing the race card she has said that he has been racist to her and to their child, again why not go to the court where you can get helps, but instead she goes to the media. And the whole while I am of colour so I am the best for the child. I hate that. Two of my kids are as black and night, one is white/chines, and the forth is blond and blue eyed. So if we apply her logic I don’t know how to be a mother to three out of four of my kids, cause my skin colour doesn’t match. And it’s people like her that make international adoption harder then it has to be. This is about what is best for the child. who will spend the most amount of time with her and take care of her the best, not race, or anything else.

Jen DC on

To those who disagree with me: Toddlers are even more easily manipulated than older children. A 2 or 3 year old would be even more emotionally confused and since it’s likely she has no one else from whom to seek comfort, would seek comfort from the most familiar person, EVEN IF IT IS THE ABUSER. But we also have to remember that every child is different.

And we can’t tell whether he’s alone with her just because the picture only shows the two of them. Maybe Halle sent along the nanny or they made some other PRIVATE arrangement. But there are literally no conclusions we can draw from this picture other than Nahla SEEMS comfortable NOW.

You know, maybe Gabriel Aubry wasn’t abusive until after he realized he wasn’t going to get what he wanted – exposure from being with Halle Berry or the father of her child. Why did he wait to “request” being recognized as her father until things went south? There are a million details we’ll never know, particularly why Halle Berry can’t seem to maintain a healthy relationship or find a mate who isn’t abusive, a sex addict or a purported racist. I don’t get it either. But I’m not willing to dismiss her claims of Nahla’s fear because the baby looks happy now. And I’m not willing to bash the child’s mother and call her a liar or worse based on one picture.

Sadie on

While I tend to side with him just because Halle’s tricks with the media have been so transparent, I can’t help but wonder if this was truly a case of “the paparazzi just happened to catch us” or if they were tipped off so the public could see a loving dad and his daughter. Either way, I wouldn’t blame him if it were calculated after the insinuations that have been made about him by Halle’s camp.

Romy on

I was wondering if Halle wanted Olivier to be Nahla’s daddy now? Anyway, cute picture. She looks a lot like her daddy and really nothing like Halle, not that it matters.

Niko on

Really? Halle Berry gets compared with Mel Gibson now? lol Give me a break, man. This is BS. Halle has never made anti-Semitic, anti-Hispanic, anti-Black angry rants. She has never wished death on Gabiel and or threatened to hit her “with a baseball bat at the back of the head”. She has NEVER—as far as we know—hit Gabriel and chipped his tooth like Mel has Oksana. We’ve never seen/heard her scream obscenities at him either. So to say that Halle is the new Mel is going WAY too far. Its sheer lunacy!. True, Halle may have overreacted about Nahla being terrified of Gabe, but its ridiculous that she’s being burned at the stake here and Gabriel is getting mollycoddled as the innocent victim. How do we know for sure? Noone knows the goings-on behind closed doors. And a still pic with his daughter doesn’t tell the WHOLE story, people.

M. on

Wow. I’ve never seen a child look so scared.

Daniella on

My father was very physically, verbally & emotionally abusive to my brothers & myself. I used to flip out for hours every time I had to go with him after the divorce. The court ordered it until the police were finally called to his house one day for domestic violence. However, compared to Nahla in this picture, I would NEVER have been that comfortable with my father. Ever. I was leery of him at all times, which is what happens when a child is abused at such an early age. The neighbors used to always comment about how we never looked comfortable with our father & always tried to keep our distance from him.

I know every child is different, but from my own experience, I can tell you that my brothers & myself NEVER looked or felt anywhere near as comfortable with our father as Nahla does with hers.

Mina on

Kids can be uncomfortable at that age leaving one parent or another…espcially the primary caregiver. I was always more comfortable (as a young child) with my mother. My father was WONDERFUL but it was strange being away from mommy, especially overnights when he would get called into work and leave me with my grandmother. I wanted my mommy to give me a bath and tuck me in and read me bedtime stories. It in no way means Gabriel is “abusive”. Its just a little girl coping with her new situation of being hauled back and forth between parents’ houses. She probably doesnt feel stable…yet. She has to adjust.

Or maybe Gabriel disciplines her when she is bold and Halle doesnt. Fathers are usually much more stern. While both my parents disciplined me, I was always more afraid of dad because he was bigger and louder. Nahla is only 2 years old. She doesnt understand that dad could be disciplining her because he loves her and wants to teach her morals.

Lara on

I would give her the benefit of the doubt, but all that sticks in my mind is those comments she made about “their’s not being a love connection” but that he was the right choice to have a baby with. It was so impersonal, like it was a business arrangement. And, now that he wants to be officially recognised as her father (why wasn’t he already – that also sounds a little weird) and won’t follow her to a movie set he’s abusive? Its a complete turn around and just doesn’t sit right to me. However, I don’t know them or the situation, I just hope that whatever happens they put their daughter first. I feel sorry for some celebrity kids, one day they may read all about the very public spat their parents had.

hayley on

when babies and children touch the face of a care giver its a sign of trust and love. Look at the little girls hand and head, she is leaning towards her daddy which is clearly showing trust for him and love.

What botherd me about the way halli behaved is she has always praised him as a father and the second it went sour he is a danger….i think to make any kind of comment like that yoo would need some serious proof , proof that a judge would agree with and as of yet halli has showm none so i think its fair to say that it was just a nasty ploy to get people on her side, if she were truly truly that wprried she would have stuck with it , gone to court and fought for her baby.

no matter how bad i may hurt or how sour thing could get if my self and my husband parted ways he is a wonderful wonderful daddy and my children are lucky to have such a great role model, i would never take that away from them, i am not that selfish.

a.n. on

i compared halle berry to mel gibson NOT BECAUSE OF SPECIFICS, BUT BECAUSE HER CRAZINESS IS PUBLIC NOW. nobody wants mel gibson cuz he lost his mind (or showed his true colors) and the same thing will happen with halle berry. she is highly regarded in the media, but this is just gonna knock her down. same with mel.

Layla on

Halle Berry should thank GOD for the gifts she has been given and be an adult…I had my son at a later age and he has DIED, she was blessed to have a child at a late age and should be more grateful for all she has been given and let her father be part of her life-I would give my life for my child to be here and me gone but we don’t get to make those decisions. If he was in it for the money he never would have left her he makes a very good living as a model it may not be the amount she earns but certainly much more than any average person. Children aren’t just accessories like Eric Benet’s daughter she dropped after she had her “own.” GROW UP and show some humility and grace Halle.

martina on

I found it deeply disturbing that Halle publicly accused Gabriel of being a danger to their child – without a shred of evidence to support it. Accusations of this nature can ruin people’s lives. If she is concerned about Nahla’s safety, she should take immediate action through the court system – not through the media.

It looks like a case of woman who retaliates when she doesn’t get it her way. Having grown up without a father, you’d think she’d know better then try to push her daughter’s daddy out of the child’s life.

Indira on

Halle ADOPTED India and by all accounts(Eric, India and Halle) still maintains a close relationship with her. India Benet however isn’t going to garner as many photos as Nahla plus the girl is 19 and probably in college or living her life!

I really don’t get how you guys can say that her claims are unfounded or not. Doesn’t it feel just a tad absurd to judge off a photo and “sources”? this is a game of telephone because, I’ve never read that Gabriel was abusive to NAHLA but, I have read that he was verbally abusive to Halle. The confidence you guys have in Mr. Aubry you must know the dude personally!

Meghan on

All accusations about Gabriel Aubry being emotionally and physically abusive occured after he decided to declare his legal rights. Suddenly he was a bad father and an abusive boyfriend and Nahla feared him. Bull. Halle was upset that she would not be the only one calling the shots anymore and Gabriel was not going to put up with playing nanny/ personal assistant. If Nahla had any issues it was likely with the fact that she picked up on her parents not getting along.

Halle NEVER adopted India. Eric and Halle both admitted to that after the divorce. She did not stay in India’s life. Halle is a phony and loves to play the victim. Everyone has abused or cheated on her. I’m starting to think all her claims are BS. She doesn’t know when to stop acting.

CelebBabyLover on

Layla- From what I’ve read, Eric Benet’s daughter is no longer in Halle’s life because HE basically forced Halle to cut off all contact with her. In otherwords, it wasn’t Halle’s choice.

Now, as for the comments about how it seems odd that all of Halle’s husbands and boyfriends have been jerks in one way or another….some women just seem to attract not very nice guys for some reason. I’ve actually known a few women like that.

Romy- I wondered that myself. If that’s the case, then I have this to say to Halle: It’s very possible for BOTH Gabriel and Oliver to be fathers to Nahla.

Hea on

It’s sad how many, in this case, women out there purposely ruin their exes reputation once the relationship is over. It’s sad how many women there are out there who lie and scheme to get their kids away from their loving fathers. Some even call their ex partner pedophiles or child abusers when there is no ground at all for such accusations. I know of three different cases in my extended social network of people and I have absolutely no respect for those women. None at all. I would understand if there had been violence or threats but no. It’s all lies and revenge.

Christy on

I will not take sides as I never agree with public battles I feel it should be private. However recent comments by Halle about Nahla’s race really irritated me. She was saying how she feels that Nahla is black but when she is older she will have to decide whether she is black or white. Why can’t she identify with both parent’s cultural heritage?

ecl on

Most of you are a bunch of misogynists? Why can’t Halle have a good relationship? Why does she pick men who are abusive? She’s making up that she was abused. Aubrey is an innocent victim. Women try to take kids away from their fathers. And on and on. Come on people! You have NO IDEA what you are talking about as you don’t know either one of these people. But the angle of your thinking is really sick. Blame the victim.

oh on

agree with a few posters, she doesn’t look happy or comfortable. I saw two pics of this at the daily mail, and the second pic, she was upset and crying hard.

Hea on

Christy – I agree. A person is not a color.

Indira on

“I had to decide for myself and that’s what she’s going to have to decide – how she identifies herself in the world. And I think, largely, that will be based on how the world identifies her. That’s how I identified myself. But I feel like she’s black.” -Halle Berry

I think that’s perfectly reasonable. If Nahla was the product of a non-famous Halle and Gabriel she’d most likely be identified as black– or some kind of NOT WHITE by the world. Self-identification isn’t a black and white( haha get it?) issue. It’s quite possible to identify as a black woman while embracing other parts of your background.

Sarah K. on

Jen DC, Halle is the one who truly turned this into a media spectacle by stating that Nahla was scared and uncomfortable about her father. If she was truly concerned she wouldn’t have released a public statement like that. It was tactless and irresponsible. I also do not believe that a two year old would be able to look past the abuse and be this comfortable. She is holding her dad’s face close to her own. It doesn’t take an expert to read that body language. 2 year olds have no filter and react on pure emotion.

Indira, actually both Halle and Eric have acknowledged that the adoption did not work out AND India herself has publicly stated that Halle stopped contacting her (the reasons way are unclear since Eric and Halle have different versions)

Sarah K. on

Sorry, but I got forgot to dd in my response to Jen DC. You said that this picture NOW doesn’t reflect the past. But, this isn;t the first picture we’ve seen of these two. I’ve never seen a picture of them where Nahla isn’t affectionate or looks freaked out/uncomfortable. Have you?

Gaia and Laban's mom on

considering yourself black doesnt denote from what else you are. I am mixed race but identify as black. Ive always seen the black community especially in the US as very broad. Black people know that a person can be pale with grey eyes and still be black if thats how they wish to identify. I think that to outsiders it is perplexing WHY directly-mixed race people would choose to identify as black. As I was saying it goes beyond ‘racial composition’ for many of us.

My husband is french. I think my children can manage considering themselves black while being french as well and yes like Halle I’m raising them to embrace being black.

Hea on

ecl – Who is the victim according to you? I’m thinking it’s Nahla and only Nahla since she’s the one stuck in the middle.

Julianna on

Beautiful picture!
Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t a birth certificate demand that when the father’s identity is known the corresponding space is filled? And isn’t Nahla’s name Nahla Ariela Aubry? So why did he fill to be acknowledged as Nahla’s dad?

Mina on

My friends son is as much black as Nahla (kids dad is half and mom is white) and he identifies as white.

Indira on

Dense, much?

Jillian on

Indira, rude, much?

Lauren on

“Right Lauren…because when Halle Berry was beaten by her ex husband she deserved it?”

Right, ecl-how did I know that one of you would resort to this simplistic argument instead of being the bigger person and using common sense? Please go back in my post and point out where I stated that Halle deserved to be beaten by her ex husband.

Since you won’t be able to, I’ll spell it out for you-the bigger point was to illustrate how ironic it is that virtually every high profile relationship of Halle’s ends with the man being the scum of the earth, even when she has praised them to the moon and back when it’s to her benefit. This is not to say that David Justice wasn’t really a wife beater or that Eric Benet wasn’t really a sex addict. They were. And in that case, I find it interesting that she perpetually chooses men with such poor judgment and treatment of women to be her partners.

She is clearly mirroring her own childhood in her choice of men, and now she is dooming Nahla to the same cycle with a lot more money and publicity. The difference is that Gabriel has yet to be proven to be anything but a loving father and Halle willingly chose to make this drama public instead of choosing to keep it private. She has had quite the tortured life, which I acknowledged in my first post. That does not mean that she shouldn’t be held accountable for her own bad behavior.

Got it now? Good.

Indira on

Jillian, I’m just sharing my OPINION. You love opinions until they differ from your own.