Kingston Rossdale Returns to the Runway

02/18/2011 at 03:00 PM ET
Anthony Behar/Sipa

It looks like fashion is in the blood.

At the end of the L.A.M.B. show, Kingston Rossdale took a bow with mom Gwen Stefani in a very stylish ensemble.

The 4½-year-old — who made a runway appearance last fall — rocked a black hoodie, white henley, plaid trim army pants and black lace-up work boots that complemented Stefani’s black and white one-shoulder pantsuit from her own collection.

“I force them to dress up all the time,” joked the pop star and designer.

So how do Kingston and Zuma, 2 — who sat in the front row next to Christian Siriano — feel about attending New York Fashion Week?

“They’re good, they’re excited,” she said of her boys before the show, which closed out the week-long event. “They’re pumped up. They’ve been building it up, ‘Fashion show! Fashion show!’”

— Shanelle Rein-Olowokere, with reporting by Jeffrey Slonim

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Etsy on

Is it ‘healthy’ to colour kids’ hair when they are that young? I am not making any judgements…merely asking the question!

Anonymous on

Why don’t you ask if it is unhealthy? Then I’d believe you that you aren’t judging. Of course, dying your hair isn’t _healthy_, no matter if you are young or old, but it’s quite sure not harmful to your health. Hair is dead cells.

Mia on

What a beautiful pic!–I love Gwen Stefani!

Tanya on

Its so cute how little Kingston looks up to his mama in this picture. He certainly loves her and needs her in many years to come. Its so beautiful the bond between mother and son.

Crystal on

I ♥ this picture! I read that Kingston saw his mom come out and jumped up on stage with her! Lol! It’s hard for me to believe that Gwen would color her son’s hair. He’s 5. No good can come of that. I just don’t believe it. I’ve seen the photos and everything as Kingston continues to grow up but maybe his hair is changing because he’s getting older. I’m sorry it’s just very hard for me to believe.

Hi on

Is his hair in buns? It looks like he’s sporting a Princess Leia-like hairstyle. Also, this site has showed pictures of the younger boy wearing purple nail polish, almost like the parents wanted girls but are working with what they’ve got. Maybe it’s a rock star thing…

Ryo on

His hair isn’t in buns. And nail polish is no longer something reserved for girls – it’s quite common for boys to wear it now, too. Doesn’t mean his parents are trying to “work with what they’ve got”. Kingston really is a gorgeous kid – he might end up on the runway himself one day.

J on

I don’t think it’s THAT common for guys to wear nail polish just yet. I would think it would be more common and people would question it a little less if that was the case…lol!

J on

Oh God anonymous, lighten up. If they say they aren’t judging then maybe they really aren’t.

Kay on

It’s not a good idea to expose children to the chemicals and fumes involved with bleaching/dyeing hair Maybe his hair isn’t actually dyed; he could be wearing clip on extensions.

Rosy on

I’m sure if Gwen is getting Kingston’s hair bleached, she’s getting it done by somebody who will do a great job of keeping him safe. Her and Gavin seem like great parents and I’m sure they wouldn’t do anything to their sons that would put them in harms way.

By the way, I don’t think she dresses her sons up because she wanted daughters, that’s a big assumption! She is a fashion designer after all, and I personally find it fun putting together outfits for my son and will do so while he will still let me.

Kingston really seems to be embracing his mum’s stylish ways and wants to be her little mini me and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Georgina on

Its pretty obvious his hair is dyed, you only need to look at it. Its bleach blonde and dark brown, no one can have those two colours naturally in such block colour. But hes not my child so there isnt any reason to panic, Im sure Gwen isnt going to endanger her child!

With boys its probably a bit easier, I mean if their hair gets damaged or goes terribly wrong, there is always the option to chop it all off, I dont think you could do it as easily with a girl. Although you do have the pixie crop which looks nice. Im just amazed she can get him to sit still long enough to do it!

Etsy on

Thank you, Kay! I was really just wondering if its something worth exposing kids too- my daughter has expressed interest in hair colour and I was just curious if anyone had info on it! I am sure Gwen doesn’t put her kids in harms way intentionally.

Mel on

Theres is real double standard on this site sometimes.
Thank God this isn’t a picture of Britney and her boys with dyed/bleached hair. Just saying.

Tink on

Etsy the only thing I’d be sure to watch out for is fumes. So if you’re going to do it at home, open a window and do it in the kitchen/larger space rather than the bathroom as they can get stuffy. As said by another poster bleach/hair colour doesn’t hurt hair as hair is dead as soon as it leaves the body (i.e. scalp) its just the fumes that can be dangerous. And honestly its no worse than painting a room in your house!

lilly on

Well i think dying a kids hair is totally wrong, to me if there 3 yrs old or 13 yrs old, thats a part of damaging your hair, and you should be at least a teenager if your willing to put chemicals in your hair, and im pretty sure this small kid didnt ask for this, or if he did he dont understand what damage it does, and kids should never be exposed to a hair salon, breathing any of that stuff is bad on you, even if was there with a parent, i think most ppl should agree with me. Only because its gwen stefani, most ppl seem to not give negative comments, that kid is a such a cute little boy and he shouldnt need to be exposed to hair dye before he gets to kindergarten

CelebBabyLover on

lilly- Do you really think Gwen would endanger her child?

Anyway, Kingston is adorable!

Kresta on

Now be careful. I was once told off by someone because we haven’t been officially told by Gwen and Gavin that Kingston’s hair is in fact dyed. We are making assumptions that it has been dyed. Until Gwen or Gavin state that his hair is dyed we are supposed to think his hair is naturally that colour mix. As you were.

Donna on

Of course Kingston’s hair is dyed. Kingston is living a great life with loving, albeit eccentric, entertainer parents. His experiences as their child will probably be a bit different than the norm, but there is no doubt that he and Zuma are loved to bits and have a wonderful childhood. I’m sure Gwen consulted experts on the subject before doing anything to his hair.

Meghan on

CelebBabyLover, sometimes people endanger their children without realizing it. Some parents priorities are really out of whack. There is no reason to put chemicals in a small child’s hair.

Hi on

I actually know a boy whose hair is a lot like this, blond with brown underneath, and it’s natural. The top hair gets bleached by the sun. It happens to lots of people, including me. Hair lightens when exposed to the sun, like a sunburn. The reason you see the block pattern is because his hair is in buns or ponytails or something, exposing the dark underhair. See?

Tee on

Etsy, I don’t think it’s healthy to dye a young child’s hair. For that matter, I’m not sure it’s healthy to bleach anyone’s hair. You asked a simple, innocent question and I’m really sorry that you got jumped on for it. It’s a sad world when every question asked has to be followed with… “no judement here, just curious.”

Lou x on

Gwen looks amazing, and that outfit is gorgeous! Its nice to see Kingston looking so happy, whenever we see pap shots he looks so stressed.
Love the Stefani-Rossdales! x

M on

Little kids have such awesome hair naturally. I don’t understand why anyone would dye their kids hair. I’m jealous of my sons natural highlights. He asked to dye his hair blue like his aunts and I told him exactly what my mother told me…”not until you’re 16″

collete on

erm!!! don’t like people who complain about paparazzi attention on their kids and then force them into the public arena like this. smacks of hypocrisy.

Indira on

They can do whatever they want it’s there kid but, I like kids to look like kids. I’m all for self-expression but, when a kid has bleached hair and nail polish from the age of 3 it seems like an expression from the parents. I get that they’re rockstars but, I don’t recall madonna dressing rocco or lourdes like that.

Mel- I have to agree with you. It’s a huge double standard! I’m a huge Gwen/No Doubt fan myself but, when Mel B’s daughter shaved half her head people were beside themselves.

lilly on

there’s no way this kids hair is natural blonde with black underneath. i would know, i work in a salon. gwen seem the type that would try anything when it comes to style and popularity

kazumi on

i always love seeing pictures of this family, and kingston and zuma are such adorable little boys, kudos to gwen and gavin for raising such a wonderful family!

CelebBabyLover on

collete- As another poster has said, Kingston ran onto the runway when he saw Gwen there. Gwen did not “force” him up there. Kingston doing that makes me smile, because he seems to have a habit of doing that. I remember him running onto the runway in the past. 🙂

Also, if Gwen had “forced” Kingston onto the runway, wouldn’t he being crying and upset?

Drea on

poor kingston, he’s such an adorable beautiful and happy boy, but whenever people see a pic of him, they have nothing else to say besides bashing the fact that his hair is dyed.

great family, i love to see them! kingston seems like he’s having fun on the runaway. is there a future star entertainer growing up?

collete on

he shouldn’t be at a runway show in the first place! it’s nowhere for a child to be, for very many reasons.
but if she has the sort of child who likes the limelight and she’s happy to allow him to bathe in it, she should prevent her husband from making comments like; “I’ll want to take my kid to the beach, and there’s six grown men chasing us… He’s running around in his underwear as every child should, and I have to go up to them and say, ‘Can you not photograph my son running around in his underwear?’ The pictures show up anyway.”
gavin goes on to say that kingston hates the attention. So why put him in this situation which only encourages public interest?!

Jillian on

celebrity baby lover, I thought the same thing!! so well said!

Jillian on

Children can certainly be at a runway show! Heck, they are often in the show. That picture above just melts my heart.

lilly on

umm no i dont think kids should be at a fashion show, this is for adults most likely, and im sure there were not any other kids on the runway or seated, these fashion shows are for people in the business, so leave the kids home, i think she could of gotten a nanny to take care of her kid, or send gavin home with him, or even backstage. Yea we have been told many times, that kingston doesnt like paps, or gets upset when seeing them, so why is that every chance gwen gets she pimps her kid out on stage. I know it can be hard sometimes raising kids and being in the public eye so often, but when ya think of it she always has him dressed in odd outfits, or his hair is always crazy and she claims he does all this on his own, which is very hard to believe.

Jillian on

There are many children who walk in fashion shows…..the big ones, modeling t a very young age. I think it’s greet they were there to support their mum. I know that another celeb brought her 8 yr old daughter this year. Children do attend Lilly.

CelebBabyLover on

lilly- Again, Kingston ran onto the runway when he saw Gwen. So if anything, he was “pimping” himself! 🙂 Also, the paps and a situation like this are very different. This is a very controlled situation, wheras with the paps, Kingston probably never knows exactly what to expect.

Also, why is it so hard to believe that Kingston’s hair and outfits are his choices? Some kids are just very creative, and plenty of kids Kingston’s age pick out their own clothes. And often times they try to emulate people they look up to. In this case, Kingston is obviously trying to be like Gwen. Anyway, I think the most important thing is that Kingston doesn’t seem to be unhappy about all this!

Jillian- Exactly! Kids are often even in runway shows. So what’s wrong with them being at them?

Anonymous on

Take a look around! Other kids were at fashion shows! I am sure nothing will be said because people just can’t stand this family.

K on

Kingston’s hair is not in buns… The side of his head is shaved! There are some stray blond hairs that are flipped back over that side of the head, but it is VERY short. In fact, I’m pretty sure he has a mohawk, you just can’t see it because the middle hair is combed over the other side.

He is totally adorable!

Anonymous on

gwen is always doing something good with her kids

Alli on

I don’t understand why people think it’s wrong for Kingston to be at his mother’s fashion show. It’s a special event, and he’s there supporting her and getting to see the result of his mom’s hard work.

And I think getting pictures taken at a fashion show is much different than being followed to the beach, church, restaurants, etc. every day. Again, a fashion show is a special event, it’s not an every day thing, so I have no problem with Kingston’s dad complaining about being followed around in their everyday life.

zappo on

I am truly curious, Colette, what are the “many reasons” reasons that children should be forbidden from a fashion show? Please enumerate them. I really am wanting to know why not. Thanks

collete on

i actually adored gwen before she had kids. but i was watching a programme from the uk called “fearne cotton meets mischa barton” (or something) and mischa was pointing out a road in LA to the presenter, where all the celebrities KNOW they are going to be photographed, i.e. they only take that route to have their pictures taken, to be papped – and who drives past? gwen. really slowly and deliberately.

i can’t help but think it’s not so much about the music for her anymore as it is the attention, it’s like she drunk up on the fame and her kids are like little dolls for her to manifest HER personality. free publicity.

also, fashion shows are not the right place for kids, because A) the environment backstage is not at all healthy, drugs, booze. it’s all there. B) because it teaches children about the fetishization of that which is purely aesthetic.

children should be allowed to be innocent, snotty nosed little rascals, not preened within an inch of their lives and paraded like a prize goat on a catwalk.

my mother was a successful model in the 70’s and i remember parties at our london apartment where most of the guests had smaller waists than 7 year old me. nevermind that the conversations/body image ideas i picked up on were so inappropriate – it shocks me now.

and comparatively my mother was a very small fish in a very big pond. i can’t imagine how poor little kingston feels.

what 4 year old knows how hair dye works? i don’t think you should use hair dye until you understand, even basically the chemical process your hair is undergoing!

lilly on

totally agree collete, a kid shouldnt be at a fashion show unless it for kids or has something to do with an event, and i love gwen and always had, but ppl gotta realize that putting your kids in magazines and allowing pics then there going to be in the public eye and that helps with album sale or concerts sold out.

Jillian on

Elisabeth Hasselbeck had her daughter at a fashion show during fashion week. The post is on the first page of this website. Carolina K had her son at a fashion show during fashion week, also on this site. I only mention these two because they have been publically shown. I know there were other mothers as well.

Both of these posts did not have one negative post about how the child or children should not be there. I know a few children who actually have modeled at fashion shows. I personally see nothing wrong with them attending as long as they can behave.

suzyq on

I’m with you Collete!!

Mia on

It’s no different than taking your kids to work day–via a office, or hospital…etc. but for kids whose parents are rockstars-their office is the stage, or tour bus, or fashion show/runway.

Mia on

My post didn’t post before–but taking your kid to work has been done a million times before-usually it’s the office or a hospital–but if kids parents are rockstars-their office is a stage, or tour bus, or fashion show/runway. Nothing wrong with that-let’s just appreciate the pic for what it is-a beautiful pic of Gwen + her son.

Nella on

Kingston is adorable, I also read a story about how he ran up to her, now that is cute!!!! Seeing as his mother is a designer, she probably wanted Kingston to be a part of that with her. I’m sure she didn’t take him backstage where all “the booze, drugs, etc” are. They probably just came as a family to support their mom and I don’t think it damaged them for doing that. As far as his hair goes, I agree he is young to have his hair bleached, but again that’s their child, their decision. I doubt that they’ll be bleaching his hair for too long,who knows! People need to relax, people take things very seriously and personal when it comes to celebs who will probably never read this.

collete on

firstly – i don’t know who those other two people mentioned are, thats why i skimmed over their posts and don’t care what they’re doing.

secondly – a fashion show where children are modeling, say ralph lauren kids range. has an entirely different atmosphere from an adult fashion show.

thirdly – a fashion show is a massively important moment in the career of any designer, whilst you might take your child into work with you for a day, would you really drag them along to a major corporate presentation or into an operating room? no you wouldn’t. it’s unprofessional. you don’t see donna karen or vera wang having their kids and younger members of their extended family up on stage. gwen is allowing it because she knows kingston will get her more press attention. that’s because she treats him like a little performing puppet.

he does not understand the cultural implications of the clothes he is made to wear – and until he can, i think it’s unfair of her to force it on him.

it reminds me of tom cruise stopping to pose for the photographers with suri outside the ivy. why the ivy? why expose someone so small to such incredibly intrusive attention. thankfully suri has katie.

gavin rossdale seems just as headstrong, attention seeking and motivated by fame as gwen.

this is all quite aside from the complete devastating effect being inculcated into the incredibly materialistic, superficial and uncompassionate world of fashion at such a young age. i should know! i’ve been around people like this.

gwen is letting him down!

suzyq on

Colette, you are probably going to get slammed for your post (that seems to happen a lot on this blog when you don’t fawn over certain celebrities or give them a “free pass”), but just to let you know, I for one agree with you!!

M on

This doesn’t really have anything to do with anything but Collete’s statements about all the drugs and booze at fashion shows made me think of what Marlon Richards said once. He’s the son of Rolling Stone Keith Richards and actress/model Anita Pallenberg. He made a comment about how he would go with his parents to all these events and he’d have a water gun shooting everything. But he was taught “not to shoot the coke”.

I bet Kingston’s trained the same way.

Jacqui on

I really like Gwen Stefani, but it us hard for me to understand the choice to dye her son’s hair, and she has been doing it for quite a while now –since he was just tiny! He still had that fine baby hair. Geez, you can’t improve on a precious child’s hair by coloring it.

It may not be actually dangerous to bleach a small child’s hair, but that doesn’t make it smart or healthy. It may not be dangerous to give your child nothing but donuts and chicken fingers to eat either, but it’s not smart or healthy.

The jury is still out on whether you should even color your hair while pregnant. Why take such chances with just a little guy? Some of you are so starstruck you think Gwen Stefani has access to some alternate way of bleaching hair that’s entirely safe and not at all harmful. NOT POSSIBLE. There is only one way to bleach hair, and it does require chemicals.

Mia on

Gwen Stefani has been bleaching her hair for YEARS-and it looks like it’s in amazing condition, so I’m sure she knows what she’s doing-via her hair of her children. And, as I said before–Kingston was there with his family supporting his mom–just like taking your kids to work day–it’s what she does. Also-as added..he ran up on-stage to be w/-her. I think many people are over reacting + I think the pic is a beautiful moment between mom/son.

Mia on

Plus-whether bleach or not–many young kids have their hair permed/relaxed–same chemicals.

CelebBabyLover on

Jacqui- That’s not true that there’s only one way to bleach hair. There are several ways hair can be bleached. Sun-in is just one of the non-toxic hair lighteners out there. It’s also possible for hair to become bleached by one very powerful completely natural source….the sun (although I agree that most likely it’s not just the sun that’s bleached Kingston’s hair!)! I used to end up with sun-bleached hair every summer (my hair still lightens in the summer, but as it’s quite a bit darker now than it was when I was a kid, it’s not quite as noticeable!).

Mia- Very good point! I had my first perm when I was a kid (granted, I was around 10 years old, which is a lot older than Kingston is….but the point is I was still very much a kid!). It was completely my choice, I loved it (in fact, I got it right around Chrismas time and remember being very excited about being able to show off my perm at my school’s Christmas concert!), and my hair was none the worse for the wear.

As Mia said, a perm involves a lot of the same chemicals that coloring does….yet most people don’t seem to object to little girls getting perms.

I also want to point out that not all children have “baby hair” even as babies/toddlers. I have always had very thick hair, and when I was Kingston’s age, the beautican who cut my hair was constantly commenting on how I was so little, and yet had adult hair! Perhaps Kingston is the same way (it can be hard to tell in pictures sometimes).

And as for Kingston’s clothes, from what I’ve read, the way he dresses is his choice, as he picks out his own clothes. 🙂 Bottomline: I’m sure Kingston’s fine!

CelebBabyLover on

I forgot to mention that I think there’s a double-standard going on here. People critcize Gwen for dying Kingston’s hair…..but when other celeb mom’s dye their kid’s hair, they don’t seem to get that criticism. For example, the older Jolie-Pitt boys have both sported hair dye numerous times (Maddox even had BLUE highlights at one point!), with Maddox having the same type of blonde highlights that Kingston has a few times. Yet Angie rarely gets criticized for dying their hair.

Why the double-standard?

Oh, and on a funnier note, speaking of the J-Ps, does anyone else think it’s kind of funny that Kingston and Shi (born just one day apart as most of us know!) both seem to dress like the opposite gender (Kingston wears nail polish and almost “girly” hairstyles at times, and Shi, of course, has her tomboy style!)? 🙂

suzyq on

CelebBabyLover – I think you need to give it a rest. Judging by your moniker and your persistent long winded responses to this and other posts, you are clearly obsessed. This site is for entertainment purposes — to amuse, provide an escape,etc. You take it much too seriously.

lilly on

i think its crazy how some of tack up for gwen and say its ok to dye the kids hair or bring him to a fahion show and says its only the same as bringing your kid to work, unless you work in a whore house, or sell drugs, or be around half naked ppl, then i dont think its ok to bring a child under 16 to a fashion show unless its kid friendly, everyone knows what goes on at these fashion shows, from drugs, to drinking, smoking, foul mouths, and its just not a healthy place to bring a kid, even if he was sitting and watching the show, i dont think a kid would even enjoy a show like that, it can be boring and you know how kids are, most cant still to watch a movie let alone a bunch of women or men coming out on stage, some not dressed well, half naked, or even the music choice for gods sake. I cant see how ppl think its ok for a child to be there, and his basically a baby still. To me thats the same as bringing a child to an adult party, where there is booze and smoking and just not right for a child to be at in the first place, even if the kid is there for support, why not just bring mom flowers or candy, and stop by for a quick moment and leave. Dad is no better either, and will wonder why in 10+ years why kingston is probably gonna be a wild child.

CelebBabyLover on

lilly- Kingston may very well not go anywhere near the booze. Perhaps he just watched the show and then went home, without going backstage at all. 🙂

Tif on

It saddens me that people are so quick to judge this family. Yes his hair is probably dyed but who are we to say he shouldnt have his hair this way. He is not our child. I’ve chose to not dye my kids hair bc that was my decission. If Gwen wants his hair this way…then she has the right to have it done. I’m sure she’s meaning no harm to her son.

Anyway, he is a beautiful kid with a lot of love for his mom. [= And that should be embraced more.