Bathe Your Little Babe in Puj’s Non-Slip Tub

02/18/2011 at 10:00 AM ET
Courtesy Puj Tub

If babies came with warning signs, one of them would be that they’re slippery when wet. Because they are. And wiggly too. So despite the convenience of bathing them in sinks, it’s often pretty tricky to do so. Until now.

Thanks to the Puj Tub ($40) the question to every new parent’s where-do-we-bathe-the-baby predicament is answered. Soft and flexible, it folds out easily into a comfy bathtub that can be placed in almost any bathroom sink.

And unlike most baby tubs that take up a lot of space when not in use, the Puj Tub stores flat so it’s easy to tuck away. Plus, it helps conserve water, since it only requires a little bit to fill it up. You can also drain it with one hand, which is a huge plus, since you’ll likely have a baby in your arms.

Made from non-slip PVC- and BPA-free foam, this lightweight tub — it weighs less than a 1 lb. — already has a celeb fan. Mario Lopez loves bathing his baby girl, 5-month-old Gia Francesca, in it. And for good reason. Suitable for babies up to 17 lbs., it’s perfect for preemies and newborns.

Want to see it in action? Check out this cool video at

— Stephanie Phoenix

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Olivia on

I wish I had know about these when my daughter was an infant. We had one of those plastic tubs and in order for it to work for us we first bought a tall bathroom faucet and then got a bored to sit across the opening of the sink so it would be flat and steady. This tub would have been so much easier, and it’s not much more expensive than a lot of the larger plastic ones.

šema on

But isn’t it quite dangerous, putting a baby directly under the sink tap? I mean, the water can so easily go into temperature extremes.

Kimi2321 on

That baby looks so cute. I love the color of his/her hair.

Isabel on

šema, you do know that a faucet can be turned off, right? And wouldn’t you fill the sink before you put the baby in anyways?

Shannon on

LOL! This is ridiculous.

Katie on

I am with šema she is right with the hot water because When I was a little girl I turned on the faucet and turned it on hot but my mom turned it off before it got to hot! So yeah I think its dangerous!

rb on

It creeps me out. A flailing baby arm or a big sibling helper could accidentally turn a faucet like that on. No way.

baby lover! on

Why do people bathe their babies in sinks?! That’s 1) Gross 2) Not safe (baby could hit their head since the sink is so tiny! and yes, directly right under a faucet whether you can control the temp or not.)

Is it that much work to actually just bathe a baby in the bath tub?

Rach on

Baby lover, to answer your question, YES! Especially in the first few months.

In my experience,I had a whirlpool tub when my son was born with high sides, and with the bending and crouching,all with trying to keep grips on a slippery baby,was difficult.And especially with pain from tearing or epidural pain, it was painful.On my knees the tub came up to my chest,and the bending was giving me that awful pinch.

I tried putting his baby tub on the kitchen table, on the floor, but it made bathtime a pain in the a@@.My mother told me to ditch the $50 tub and have no shame in bathing the baby in the sink like women have been doing for generations.Bathtime became so much fun for all of us.

And with Sema,that is why most people use the kitchen sink,because you can move it aside or use the pull out sprayer.This product seems like it would be good for that,especially when they are small,because thoses mesh ones that fit in the sink tend to stretch and are very slippery,my son always slid down.

And as with anyting baby, you should sanitize well.I sanitize before and after every bath.When he started using the big tub,I still sanitize before and after,and he is 2! I think that is another great use for the kitchen sink,because its cleanlier.Trust me its sounds like alot of work, but once you get into a swing of things,its so quick and easy.

anonymous on

not to mention that it looks like it would be used for about 2 weeks….My babies were 10+ pounds, they wouldn’t fit in that thing.
waste of money. but I’m all for the kitchen sink….I had a new one put in (one big side and one very small side) specifically to bathe the babies in it.

dd on

why not bathe with your baby? i’ve been bathing with mine since birth.

B.R on

all of my kids were older when i adopted them but when it comes to my friends kids we would just shower with them it was easier and simpler and they were to young to care as long as they got clean. why not just shower with your child rather then going through all that trouble for a simple bath? honestly if anyone can tell me the difference i would really like to know. i figure some day I am going to be a grand mother, there are things about babies I should know, that I don’t have a clue on

Rach on

BR,there are many different reasons, here is mine. When my son was born we lived in an apartment where the water would go from hot to cold in a heartbeat because of old piping,I did not was my baby to get scalded or hit with cold water.Also,since I was a first time mom, man it was difficult,Especially soapy mom or soapy baby,not a great idea if you do not know how to handle them.There are many moms I have heard of that dropped their babies in this exact experience (heard from a good friend who works as an ER nurse who I guess is used to calming half soapy freaking out mothers).

In the tub together is nice,but you worry alot about cleanliness,I for one was like Bethany Frankel,and I showered before I got in the tub with my baby.Also, I refused to co bath with him until after the 6 weeks were over and everything was all healed.I think what made me leave the co bath for a once in a while thing,was for me it was really a two parent thing,otherwise your standing there naked and freezing to dry and dress your newly bathed baby.That way I would call my husband and he would dress the baby while I dressed myself. On a day to day basis though the kitchen sink was best and my 5o dollar tub sold online for 15..bummer

Kresta on

You have to be really careful that there isn’t residual hot water left in the tap that could drip onto your baby’s delicate skin. I cringed when I saw the tap directly over the baby.

jane on

you sanitize the tub before your kid takes a bath? You do know they go outside and eat dirt, right?

we bathed our newborns in the kitchen sink, and used the yellow foam pads. Less bending and babies dont care.

JM on

Rach i am not sure that santising the bath may be having the opposite effect. honestly, children need to be exposed to a certain level of germs to build up their immune system otherwise it actually makes them more likely to get ill (even just a common cold or the flu). as someone else said, they go outside get dirt, put stuff in their mouths and touch all kinds of things. of course be sensible about hygiene but i really think parents are often overly cautious when it comes to santising things and it can have a negative effect on the child without parents intending it to.

MG on

I had a c-section, so it was easier for me to bathe my daughter standing up. I bathed her in the kitchen sink a few times, but I have a small kitchen & it became a hassle. So I started bathing her with me in the shower. I would make sure that the water was lukewarm & she loved it. Once I was finished, my husband would take her & get her dressed. I did that until my incision healed & then used a yellow foam pad at the bottom of the tub for a couple of months until I found a bath chair she could sit in.
I like the idea of these kinds of sink tubs, but they’re pretty pricey for something a baby is going to outgrow in a short amount of time.

TP on

Actually my sister has one of these and she loves it. 2nd baby and she wished she had it for the first.

AR on

I’ve seen this tub at tons of baby showers and moms are always telling me how much of a life saver it is. Before using the puj tub, they held on to their babies in the shower or just bathed them in the kitchen sink with no tub. Most of them hated it though because the baby was so slippery. I’ve used with friends on baby and it was awesome! It cradles the baby and keeps them happy and safe. You’re not supposed to have the water running though. Use a separate dish to pour water after done washing. My opinion: it’s a must for every new mom.

Jenn on

We used the Puj-tub with our son from birth to about 5 months old. It was great! So much better than the plastic crap tubs that we tried and our son hated their recline angle. This is a fantastic product. Very calming position for baby, convenient and excellent design. Yes, bathing with baby is also great, but if you want to use a tub for some baths for your newborn, this is a smart option.

I am so tired of baby blog/website comments from people who fear monger out of ignorance and I don’t know what else… This product is not dangerous. Please don’t suggest so, when you have obviously not used the product. You’re right there with your baby. He’s not left alone to fall out, or turn on the hot tap, or whatever other ignorant scenario you want to worry about.

Veronica on

I received one of these tubs as a gift and I will be purchasing a few in the near future for moms-to-be that I know of. I wish I had this tub with my first born, and happy, so very happy to use it with my new little girl.

+ It CAN be put together one handed easily. It can also be put together by my 2 yr old, very easily.
+ Light weight, flexible and soft.
+ Washes up and dries easily.
+ Can be hung on a hook, or attached to dryer by the magnets, or even to the towel rack or metal shower curtain rod for drying by the magnets that hold it together.
+ Perfect for trying to comfortable bath a very slippery, small and wiggling infant with confidence. You can use both hands for washing and do not need to try and support infant with one hand while trying to wash between all of the little baby rolls. (Never leave a baby unattended for a moment, but you don’t have to try and support the baby while also trying to wash the baby.
+ My infant is completely content. She sits in the little ‘bowl’ of water, with her head never in real danger of going in the water, even when wiggling. It looks like it feels like when she was in the womb – even when she was screaming her head off just before I put her in.
+ It fits in my very small and shallow bathroom sinks. It would have been tough to bathe the baby in the sink itself, so the Puj Tub really helps wash my small baby before she can go into the big tub!

– If you leave infant poop to dry on the tub, it will stain the infamous ‘baby poop yellow’. But using some laundry stain remover and a bit of sunshine the stain disappeared, much like stain remover and sunshine will do for cloth diapers that are stained.

– Price. Everyone wants to pay less for baby products since there is so much to buy that is expensive already for your baby. But it’s a new product, new and starting company. I will pay the price to support the innovative and the smaller, family oriented, companies. I will also pay to support GOOD quality products in the baby industry, because I feel that the baby industry is overloaded with poorly designed and built products.

This is a GREAT product for your new baby, or any new baby and mom.

Rach on

I understand the germ comment,to be honest though, the bathroom is not a place I want my son introduced to germs,like you all stated he can catch germs elsewhere and outside of our home.

I would rather not have him playing or swimming around in our muck that we get on ourselves. A habit I picked up from my nurse mom and mechanic wouldnt want to bathe after him either.

I have seen moms who wash their poopy babies in the kitchen sink, only to return to start washing and placing their food in the same sink,with no sanitation.

So yep, I may be a bit anal in that respect,but its experiences like those that make me do what I do,and guests at my home appreciate it.To each their own.

He has never been one for sticking things in his mouth,which my mom still thinks is funny,because I was a huge dirt eater. He is just a finicky little guy I guess,just like most of our family.

Mommy Martin on

I agree, bathing a baby under a sink is unsafe and unsanitary. I love the baby tub made by 4Moms Cleanwater infant tub with Digital thermometer. Not only does it circulate the water to empty out the water so the baby isn’t soaking in dirty water, the internal thermometer gauges the temperature. I also use a foam pad so that my baby does not slide around in the tub, and it also provides head support. It is only $40. For me that is a small price to pay for my baby’s safety.

Shawna on

Come on people, lets not be dumb. You would fill up the baby tub BEFORE you put the baby in it… DUH. And a newborn baby cannot turn a faucet on. You expect them to sit up and turn on a faucet all by themselves? That is just ridiculous. The tub only holds babies up to 17 lbs. Would you even leave a newborn baby unattended in a tub anyways? Get some common sense people, especially if you have a baby.

Donna on

I purchased this tub for my daughter and ended up using a regular plastic tub that fits over the kitchen sink. Why? The Puj is just too small for a baby that is a little taller. I could not really wash her body because she was so stuffed in it…and I want to be able to have enough water to rinse…the Puj does not hold enough water AND baby at the same time. Great idea…needs to be tweaked ALOT!!