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02/18/2011 at 12:00 PM ET

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mary on

Policies are there for a reason. However I just want to voice my opinion. I would rather see someone with funky hair than their underwear or their pants hanging off their butts. My gosh I graduated in 1986 and I look back at our pictures with my daughter who thinks we dressed awful and think what the heck were we thinking? We had the pink hair, big hair, shirts that hung on one shoulder, torn jeans, (some showed underwear) leg warmers boy things have changed.

TC on

I live in the Houston area, as does the little girl with the dyed hair, and when I was in school it was very well known that we were not allowed to dye our hair ‘funky’ colors. All the school districts in the area all follow the same basic rules when it comes to stuff like that and if they had those rules when I was in school from 87-2000 then I know they haven’t changed much and I know the kid at the very least knew better.

I do think it went to far by suspending her but sadly that’s what we have to do now to get through to some of the kids. If they had allowed her to continue school with her hair like that then they have set a precedent and the next kid down the line who dyes their hair is going to want the same treatment.

Liz on

Then I like my kids’ school so much better, don’t think there is a policy on hair. It is just hair and kids like to express themselves. There is a girl as the VP of student council, she has pink hair; and another kid in my son’s class has purple streaks. Everyone dresses well, no underwear showing and both are good students.

fuzibuni on

School can easily turn into a fashion show with students spending all their time thinking about appearance. Personally, I’m a proponent of uniforms, so it doesn’t bother me that the school suspended the kid with dyed hair. It distracts from the main point… which is to study and learn.

Rach on

I am with fuzibuni on this one.Uniforms are for sure a great.I remember being shocked that there were more cliques in my youth group than there were at my catholic high school.Not to mention ow much $$ my parents saved on back to school time !

As someone who personally dyed my hair crazy colours including green.. I am with the school on this one.School rules are there for a reason.I remember girls that would wear thongs under their kilts, one girl in my class who sat at the front would wear sheer ones and spread her legs for all to see because she had a crush on our Eng teacher.Then the school implemented that you had to wear shorts under your kiltsand many were outraged, but it was a great rule.Sometimes you just have to look at the bigger picture.The fact that the school actually stand for something especially in this age,is impressive to me.

mrs. r. on

In another topic…
I think PDA in front of your kids is kind of sweet… to a point. I mean – a little first base is OK, but when you get into fondling each other, well that’s for the bedroom only folks.

(I was in the mall the other day and I saw GROPING parents in front of stroller with a 3 year old eating. It was like the kid was watching his very own live porn show. It was disturbing.

Briannon on

I can’t believe they had red as a “funky” colour. Glad I never went to such a school – my natural colour is a very bright deep red.

I don’t mind schools having dress code rules or even uniforms (my high school had one and every public school in NZ I taught at had them) but I disagree with policies about hair colour or styles as they affect the student outside of school hours as well.

Jillian on

A policy is a policy. I never understand how people don’t see it this way. I personally don’t have a problem with kids dying their hair, BUT if the policy says no, then it means no. Same with piercings. If you don’t like the rules, send your child elsewhere.