Rod Stewart Welcomes Son Aiden

02/17/2011 at 12:00 PM ET
Ian Gavan/Getty

Rod Stewart is singing one happy tune.

He and his wife, Penny Lancaster Stewart, welcomed their second son together, Aiden, on Wednesday, Feb. 16. He weighed in at 7 lbs., 12 oz.

“Mother and baby are healthy and blissfully happy,” a rep for the couple tells PEOPLE.

The new arrival also came just in time for Lancaster’s birthday — she turns 40 in March.

Aiden is the eighth child for Stewart, 66, and the couple’s second together — their elder son Alastair Wallace is 5.

“We were thrilled and delighted to be able to tell Alastair that he was going to be a big brother,” the Stewarts said in August.

— Rennie Dyball and Anne Marie Cruz

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mary on

Wow 8 kids! I don’t know about him, but I have four and I am constantly messing up their names. Well only when I am upset with them for arguing or if they forgot to do a chore and I call out the wrong child. I even called one of my kids by the dog’s name. (in my defense I was very pregnant and very tired) Wonder how he does it. Anyway congrats!

Alyssa on

He’s 66 years old!!! Stop having kids! That’s so unfair for a child to have a parent that won’t have much life left in them.

Sky on

I didn’t expect aiden after a name like Alastair!

emily on

wow eight children by numerous women

Jgirl on

I agree he is gross! Why is Penny making babies with him???????????

J on

Alyssa, I’m sure the kids have many people in their lives who love them and will care for them if Rod passes. Rod seems to have a lot of life in him, he has a lot of energy for an older man. Give him the benefit of the doubt.

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to Rod! I love the name Aiden.

And it’s not like he has eight different kids with eight women. He has two sons with Penny and sometimes, multiple children with his ex-wife. Calm down, people.

Georgina on

Aww congrats! Aiden and Alastair are both Scottish names and Rod is Scottish, so it makes sense actually.

And Penny has stated that she wanted another child, as Alastair was on his own, in a sense, which is why they had three rounds of IVF to get pregnant. Its not like Rod is being careless and producing children left right and centre. He had a baby with his wife.

Anonymous on

ugh aiden is the unclassiest name ever

Just Saying on

He’s so gross looking.

Sky on

Aiden may be overused (and I personally prefer to spell it Aidan), that doesn’t make it unclassy!

Jaedyn on

I love Aiden (although I would also spell it Aidan, but we’ve learned that you can spell it over 40 different ways). Congrats to Rod and Penny! I wonder if he has a middle name. All his children do, as far as I know.

Jill on

3 marriages and all but two children were the products of the marriages. The first child given up for adoption. He has been a responsible father from what I have read. Not pimping his kids out like Kate Gosselin.

I like the name and have nothing wrong with his age.

Amy on

Dear Rod Stewart, you are old so stop having babies. The end!

Andrea on

Wow, what a lot of haters. Rod and Penny obviously want this child, they are responsible for him, and they love each other. Who are we to judge them. Congratulations and best wishes for you and your healthy baby boy!

pia on

how dare any of you say such imature and ugly things about people! what vile behaviour. i tell you, saying someone is gross is uncalled for. he may be ‘old’ but who are you to say he can’t have kids? his wife is younger and she obviously adores him, and believe me one day, if you are lucky, you’ll be old too.. and not so pretty… better that you start making yourselves pretty on the inside, girls, cause otherwise what will you have left? my kids get reprimanded for calling people names… go sid on the naughty step and think about what you’ve done.

aiden is a nice name that matches with all his other boy’s names, in my humble opinion. they’re all celtic in origin and i like em.

didn’t this blog used to be policed better where name calling etc was disallowed? pleased, consider going back to that.. this makes me feel awful.

Marie on

I adore Rod & I am thrilled for all of them. At least he can & will provide the care for them. I have been a major fan since 6th grade. Although, I am not happy to hear what went on with his first child, I have read they are trying to fix it.

A baby is a blessing & I have a feeling at this age, he knows that now.

sara on

I love the name Alastair, Aiden…not so much. I don’t think they “go” together, maybe because Aiden is so trendy while Alastair is not. But that’s just my personal opinion of course, others might disagree…
Congrats to them, I bet they’re so happy!

kat on

Congrats to both of them!!! We sat behind Rod and his family at the circus and he is quite the family man.They seem to be great parents regardless of the age difference. You go Rod!!!!

LC on

i would much rather 20 years with an older dad, then a lifetime with an absent or abusive father

allison on

This is happy news! I must say though, imagining them bumping uglies is pretty gross.

Hi on

I like the name. I wonder if his middle name (if he has one) is William or Walter or something, to go along with the Wallace.

Brooklyn on

Congratulations to the happy family. People lose parents at all ages. Tomorrow is never guaranteed for anyone.

Anonymous on

Im so thankful that the birth of my kids weren’t announced on here so everyone could bash their names, tell me I’m too old, tell me I’m a bad parent…

Meagan on

I don’t like to comment in a negative way but this really grosses me out.

Mama on

What a bunch of ignorant, disgusting posters on here.

Shame on you.

Erin on

When did this site get taken over by the high school crowd? And/or by the mean girls who haven’t grown up crowd? Being snarky for the fun of it is like wearing glittery eyeshadow or wearing a baseball hat backwards – you shouldn’t do it after about the age of twenty. I miss the original CBB days, and I can’t be the only one…

Lyla on

What’s wrong with saying he is too old to be having kids??? There isn’t anything wrong with that opinion! I happen to agree with it. It’s unfair to a child when a person so advanced in their age decides to have a child. Don’t they realize that they are more then likely to miss out and most likely pass away before this child even gets married??? It’s just sad to me. I don’t get it. I understand the whole, “Age is a number…love is love…blah blah” stuff…but, I just think it’s irresponsible. These two boys are going to be graduating high school and Rod is going to be 85 years old! That just doesn’t sit well with me. I’m sorry. I think it’s selfish. I don’t care what anyone says about him at least having the financial means to take care of a child…that is not the main issue…the main issue is that he is going to more then likely robbing these sons of actually having an active, father who is around for a majority of their lives.

Hate me. I don’t care.

Ali on

He looks like a fraggle! I love it!

Haley on

My nieces and nephew just lost their father. He was in his early thirties. Cherish the time you have with your loved ones because any moment could be the last, regardless of anyone’s age.

Shouldn’t we be a little more focused on the positive? Like how lucky this baby is to come to loving parents?

Nicole on

Well, it’s their business if they want to have a child this age. Some of the posters on here have a rude way of saying things. I’m sure some of you on here have children by more than 1 dad. I see nothing wrong with it. And I like the name Aiden.

CelebBabyLover on

Jaedyn- I wonder if he has a middle name, too. I assume so….but then why not announce it? I never get celebs that announce a middle name for one child but not the other!

Georgina- Exactly! They wanted to give Alastair a brother so he won’t be alone. I actually think that was an extremely selfLESS thing of them to do. Now Alastair won’t have to face caring for and making decisions about his aging parents by himself (while Rod’s older kids might be able to help him out with Rod, Alastair was the only child for Penny until Aiden came along). As someone who has had to watch her own mother, an only child, struggle with everything that comes along with having an aging parent, I am very grateful to hear of parents thinking ahead and making sure their kids won’t be alone, especially when they’re older to begin with and the child has a greater chance of dealing with aging parents when they are still very young.

Marie- I’m confused as to what you mean about Rod trying to “fix” what “went on” with his first child. She was given up for adoption because Rod and her mother were young when they had her (the mother was a teenager if I’m remembering correctly) and couldn’t take care of her. Why would you try to “fix” that?

Jgirl- I don’t know. Maybe because she loves him and WANTS to have babies with him?

Anyway, congrats to them!

CelebBabyLover on

Also, really weird question….Is Penny famous too? I’m asking because I notice that announcement posts about Rod and Penny seem to have titles like “Rod Stewart Welcomes Son Aiden,” or “Another Baby on the Way for Rod Stewart”. Usually, if both parents are celebs, both names are included in the post title. 🙂

Emily on

Gah hate the name Aiden. But congrats to them all the same!

Audrey on

Well said Lyla! I could not have said it better, I completely agree.
I have been one of these children. I Do not regret a minute but would not wish it on any child. Nobody who has been through it has any idea how heartbreaking, and hard it is. No matter how much money you have, or other loved ones around, nobody can replace your dad. And nobody wants too see their dad wearing an oxygen mask and sitting in a wheelchair at their college graduation.

annachestnut on

Ageism is alive and well. Rod can live to be 100. Lady Diana died at 36.

Jillian on

Celebrity Baby Lover, There is nothing wrong with having one child. Nothing at all. They decided to have another child and that is that choice, but I am deeply offended by your post, as a parent to an only child. I am lucky and fortunate to have one. Personally, I don’t think people should have a second child “just for their first child.” They should have a second child because they want a second one. Additionally, not everyone can have multiple children. I myself struggled to have my first and shouldn’t have to have a guilt trip about who will take care of me when I get older. That is not why people should have children.

Kim on

My nieces lost their 38 year old dad (my brother) when they were six and eight. My husband is 20 years older than me. Our last child was born when he was 57 and he got a lot of flack about it. He is now 72. We never know when we will leave this earth. I’m sure my brother didn’t think he would be only 38. Rod Stewart obviously loves children and Penny deserves them just as the mothers of his other six children did. Find a new cause, haters.

M on

I hate when people say certain people are too old to be having kids because they’re going to die soon. Don’t you realize we’re all pretty much dying? A perfectly healthy 28 year old father of two can die tomorrow in a car accident. A perfectly healthy 25 year old woman can die hours after giving birth. How about calling everyone irresponsible for having children? We all run the risk of dying and leaving a young child behind.

Jamie on

I love the name Aiden, makes me think of Sex and the City. Of course, lots of people love the name, which is why it’s so popular, which is why I would never name my kid it – you call out your kids name at a park and 5 or 10 other kids all turn around.

I think Rod’s awesome, love his music and for a guy his age, he’s pretty good looking. Penny is beautiful as well! Congrats to them!

Warren on

Incredibly vain, selfish and irresponsible. Great voice, though.

Lou x on

@ LC…i think you’ve hit the nail on the head there! Age is irrelevant if you are a good parent. Good on them+congratulations! x

Marie on

Celeb-babylover, what I was referring to was that they were trying to reconcile their relationship now, I read.

Crystal on

@Jillian: Well said! I too have just one child and I’m so tired of all the same old lines from people…they’re so dated. I have a brother – far far away who I rarely speak to. It’s my husband I lean on in life. I hope my daughter someday has someone loving in her life too and perhaps her own family to get her through things. Why do people think siblings are guaranteed to be bonded for life? It doesn’t always work out that way.

Georgina on

Celeb baby lover Penny is quite famous on this side of the pond, she was a model in her own right, and has done the tv show “Strictly Come Dancing” which I think is called something else in the US, but its the one where a celeb gets paired with a professional dancer and they dance each week and try to get votes, well she was on that too.

But she most famous for being a model, apart from now being Mrs Rod Stewart. She was hired for a company “Ultimo” directly after Rachel Hunter, Rods second wife, so it was a big deal as it was “Penny replaces Rachel. Again” Shes also a professional photographer, and has done a few things for charities. One of the photography jobs she got was to photograph a certain Rod Stewart whilst on tour.

And Jillian, Penny has said she didnt want Alastair to be an only child and to be alone after they had gone. Noone said there was anything wrong with being an only child or just having one baby, but Penny has spoken of her desire to have a second baby, for amongst other reasons, Alastair. She also has a brother, so its likely she wanted her child to have a similar family to her, i.e a sibling. Its not like Aiden was concieved to be Alastairs play thing. After three rounds of IVF, its pretty obvious he was wanted.

*And I apologise for my grammar, my apostrophe has gone walk about!

Sky on

Jillian- that’s terrible that you’ve had fertility struggles but does that mean you should deny that having siblings is (usually) a good thing? Obviously it’s your choice but I don’t think you should be offended when people say things like that!

Jillian on

There is nothing wrong with having siblings and there is nothing wrong with Penny and Rod having another child. I didn’t mean to imply either of those.

I could have another child if we wanted to, but we don’t want to. We are over the moon happy with our daughter and do not want to expand our family. I would never have another child, just so she would have someone in life to help take care of me when she gets older. We do not want two children….Period. That is our choice. I was offended and am offended when people say it to me. We are chosing to only have one child. I was raised as an only child. There is NOTHING wrong with that. For someone to say it they way Celebrity Baby Lover said it…..I found it insulting.

This is the statement that rubbed me the wrong way, “I am very grateful to hear of parents thinking ahead and making sure their kids won’t be alone.”

We have thought ahead as parents. Shouldn’t people be greatful that we are not having a child just so she has someone when we get older?

CelebBabyLover on

Jillian- I apologize. It certainly wasn’t my intent to offend anyone, and saying that “I am very grateful to hear of parents thinking ahead and making sure their kids won’t be alone.” I also didn’t mean to imply that there’s anything wrong with only children.” probably was a bit much. I’m not always the best at expressing myself.

What I meant was, having seen my mother struggle with dealing with her aging mother, I can definintely understand why some people want to make sure they have at least two children so neither is left alone. And likewise, I DON’T understand why someone would call having another child for the reasons they did selfish, even with Rod’s age. To me, having a second child partially so that Alastair won’t be left alone is an incredibly selfLESS thing to do!

Similarly, I understand why some people choose to have just one child, and don’t get why so many people seem to be so against only children. My comment just came out really badly, and I apologize for that.

biscuit on

How selfish is that, stop breeding you are to old! Your female allready has a mealticket.

Jenn on

Glad mom and baby are healthy, but…..the thought of him and his dusty sperm still making babies at his age is grossing me out..

pia on

i miss the old CBB where the idiot comments were weeded out.

Urnaa on

Giving live means a great gift. And mother is young, of course she wants another child.

CelebBabyLover on

pia- Me, too.

biscuit- How is Alastair a “meal ticket”? And what an awful way to refer to an innocent child!

Carmen on

Rod, stop having kids already. You won’t be able to play baseball with them.

Katie on

Seriously how fair for a little boy to have a dad who can’t play catch or tag. I mean really when Aiden is 10 Mr. Stewart will be 76….is he going to want to play basketball or throw a base ball around with his child? Or sure he could hire someone but really? That takes something that could bond the two….

But that’s my opinion and obviously not everyone is going to agree with me.

I think the disgruntled commenter who gets upset at peoples comments are immature and cannot handle a blog where it is encouraged for people to express their opinions; either comment on how happy you are for the celebrity you have never met or comment that you think its wrong! That is the fun of internet blogs!

Shawn on

How rude to say you hate a name. That is their business. “Anonymous” why don’t you put your name on your post? Are you afraid someone will call it the “unclassiest name ever”? Your comment is unclassy. I LOVE the name Aiden!

Shawn on

How rude to say you hate a name. That is their business. To each his own. “Anonymous” why don’t you attach your name to your post? Are you afraid someone will call it the unclassiest name ever? Your comment is what is unclassy. I LOVE the name Aiden!

CelebBabyLover on

Urnaa- Exactly! Should Penelope have been denied the right to have another child just because her husband is older?!

Millie on

Both Rod and Penny are British, so no one is going to be playing baseball. One story Rod did tell the press was of him playing football with Alastair, he got him the whole celtic kit, and took him outside to his real-sized football pitch at his house in Epping, and was running around with Alastair, teaching him football, then Alastair noticed some flowers growing somewhere and left his dad to go pick them for his mum. Rod was telling the story to say that Alastair was a mummys-boy so thats why they were having another one, but it shows he is still very active. Being 66 now-a-days isnt like being 66 in say 1980.

Additionaly when Rod had say Kimberly and Sean when he was what 30, he wasnt around as much because it was the height of his career, so he was off touring etc, so there were no ball games then either. Now he is still very famous, but hes in much more control,for example he didnt do the Faces reunion tour because of the dates, so he sees a lot more of his family. Surely being present is better. Regardless of the activities.

Martha Sabrina Kampe, on

Congratulations to Penny, Rod & Alaistair Stewart on the birth of Aiden. I love the name by the way. Age is just a number.

Caroline on

Emily – My son’s name is Aiden. So thanks for sharing that you hate it.