Revenge Is…: Mini Tees That Give Back

02/17/2011 at 10:00 AM ET
Courtesy Revenge Is…

We all want to do our part to save the environment. But, more importantly, we want to inspire the next generation (our kids!) to do the same.

What better way than with the new line of Endangered Species T-shirts from Revenge Is…?

The collection features cool black and white graphics of animals in danger of extinction.

Our faves include the If You Love Us, Save Us Panda Tee ($46, left) and the 2022: Will I Be Gone? Tiger Tee ($46).

The line also comes in adult sizes so the whole family can take a stand.

Even better? For every top sold, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to habitat preservation organizations.

— Anya Leon

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Miche on

That better be a big portion…$46 for a kid’s Tshirt!!

ecl on

The only way Americans know how to help the environment is to buy more things.

JM on

OR buy a regular t shirt that is less than half that price and donate what you would have spent on this t shirt to charity.

Tess on

I wouldn’t pay $46 for a t-shirt for myself, let alone for a kid who will outgrow it. Donate the money to the WWF instead.

suzyq on

Right on, JM & Tess.

RR on

Yeah except by putting the cause in the form of interesting clothing, the message/issue is being visualized within the public rather than an invisible donation, and therefore awareness and discussions can be raised.

Obviously they could just ask for donations, but shockingly these organizations actually know what they’re doing and run campaigns like this for a reason, so maybe take that into consideration before crudely dismissing the entire thing…

MiB on

I actually own a couple of “activistic” T-shirts like these, because I think they do help raising awareness, and because I like to help doing it if it’s for a cause I like (provided I like the motive). After all, I need clothes to wear too. I donate as well and I strive to live as environmentally friendly as I can, but sometimes it’s fun to show what you stand for, especially if it’s in a stylish way and the proceeds got to a cause I support.

Tess on

I don’t think anyone is “crudely” dismissing anything. We’re saying $46 is too much for a t-shirt and that that money could just go straight to the organization instead. I’m not sure awareness really needs to be raised – is there anyone who *doesn’t* know that certain animals are in danger of extinction? People who are going to donate would probably do so anyway, IMO.

RR on

Um yeah the first 2 commenters were definitely crude in their dismissals, just saying.

And of course $46 is too much to pay for just a shirt, you’re paying some for the shirt and the rest is a donation to go to funding the organization’s efforts. So money is still going “straight to the organization”, but you also get a functional shirt that helps get the message out as MiB described.

And “is there anyone who *doesn’t* know that certain animals are in danger of extinction?” – Yeah this is exactly the problem. Endangered species have become such a common sense kind of issue that people are able to easily detach from it, because if everyone knows about it then other people MUST be helping deal with it, and it falls to the background of the public consciousness.

So yes, awareness does need to be raised. However, it’s not about raising awareness that animals are becoming extinct, as you said we obviously all know that.

It’s raising awareness of these charities and habitat preservation organizations that don’t get enough attention, and which need our help to continue to do their vital work.

Miche on

I wasn’t being crude, I just work with a lot a charities and the ones on the up and up clearly spell out their exact charitable contributions, who the monies go to, and how funds are used. “A portion” could be 50 cents!

RR on

That’s interesting, thanks for the first hand info on the issue Miche! 🙂

You should have said all that in the first place, bc the way you first expressed it was abrupt and dismissive without an explanation, so I labelled it accordingly as crude.

JM on

RR erm i don’t think Miche’s first statement was crude or dismissive. see how that works? two people have two different perceptions of the same thing. doesn’t make one of us absolutely right. you can’t label something one thing just because you perceive it that way. maybe you were insensitive in how you perceived it. see how that works again? i could say you should be more sensitive to what people’s intention or meaning might be.
in addition, it’s not fair to say that she SHOULD have phrased anything differently just because you perceived it a certain way…
just saying…

RR on

“You can’t label something one thing just because you perceive it that way” Um yes I can, that’s a little thing called having an opinion and expressing it. I was never saying I was absolutely right, I was saying my interpretation of things.

Contrary to what is it you appear to be trying to express, I am well aware that not everyone is going to think the same way as I do, so yeah i see how that works…just saying.

Also, if people really want me o anyone else to be sensitive to what their “intention or meaning might be” then it would be helpful if they would provide some actual insight into that. Otherwise their comments with curt surface criticisms don’t add much substance to the discussion, and of course they are going to appear less informed and more dismissive than they perhaps truly are. Again, this is up to the individual. I can’t help how people represent themselves and their opinions, I can only react to these representations.

I was just saying that if people are going to get upset at how their comments are interpreted, then yes they SHOULD take precautions to ensure that their intentions are completely clear. Otherwise, leave it alone.

MiB on

Their homepage says that at least 20% of their profits go to charities

JM on

as i said, to me miche’s intentions were completely clear, no confusion, i just her comment as it was written and it made perfect sense to me. i guess it’s all subjective.