Owen Wilson’s Son Makes Valentine’s Day Debut

02/16/2011 at 01:00 PM ET

Little Robert Ford Wilson, 4 weeks, rests peacefully while his mom, Jade Duell, carries him in his car seat to a family dinner in the first photo of Owen Wilson‘s new baby.

The three headed to dinner with friends and family, including Woody Harrelson and his brood, at The Bazaar at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills Monday, where they had all had a great time.

“Everyone was laughing and smiling throughout the dinner,” a source tells PEOPLE.

“It seemed like they were having a great time and the kids got along well. The kids behaved well and seemed to be enjoying a night out with their parents.”

Wilson, 42, and Duell, who have been dating for more than a year, welcomed their first child together on Jan. 14 in Hawaii.

–Sara Hammel and Jennifer Garcia

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Karen on


Ann on

Congratulations to them both! 🙂

A.J. on

He took her out to dinner on Valentine’s Day with Woody Harrelson!?!

Romantic – not!!

redbyrd64 on

Why can’t the papparazi and the entertainment mags leave the celebrities’ families alone?

Laura on

Very cute.

They seem like a very low-key couple. For some reason I really like the fact that she just has a basic, yet highly practical, Chicco travel system haha

Shannon on

LOL @ A.J.

That’s what I was thinking!

KB on

I hope he didn’t inherit Owen’s nose.

Bancie1031 on

Awe cute baby ….. I think it’s sweet that they made Valentine’s Day a family event instead of getting a babysitter 🙂

Cheryl on

Owen’s nose was broken from football days…not inherited. Don’t be so mean!!! He is such a low key nice guy who deserves every happiness!!

frid on

That’s because he has broken his nose four or five times… You don’t get your mothers or fathers broken nose…

suzyq on

@redbyrd64 –
As long as there is a market for these pictures (i.e. tabloids, sites like this, etc.), paps will continue to take pictures of the celebs.

Josie on

Great normal name…I wonder if they know that there’s a character on “One Life To Live” with the same first and middle name…
he actually goes by Ford though.

Patty on

Wow! Four weeks ago she had a baby? She looks fantastic! Congrats to both of them. Wishing them many blessings.

Lis on

Too cute! And that’s my pumpkin seat/stroller combo too!!!

Georgina on

Aww baby Bobby is adorable! It must be amazing to live and grow up in Hawaii! Hope their happiness continues!

Kristi on

I have the same travel system! Its nice to see they didn’t go all extravagent like most celebs. Congrats to Owen!

sandrac on

Very Family Valentine’s Day,Owen ‘s style!

Allison J on

Cute baby, from what I can see! Jade is a very pretty lady. I wish her and Owen and baby Robert much happinesss.

P.S. It’s possible this pic was taken with one of those long camera lenses the paps use. Someone could be about a block away and gotten a pic like this; they wouldn’t have to be standing right in front of her (like this photo implies).

Teresa on

Awww…ain’t it cute. Another child born from uncommitted celebs soon to be raised by one or the other of them after being pulled through the mud of court battles. These kids are sad, and broken when they grown up. What great role models for our kids who think this is great. More single women are on the welfare roles than any other group of people.

MKL on

I am so happy for the both of them. What a cute baby. She is super small anyway we went to high school together. So happy for them

Blue on

Wow, finally a picture of his girlfriend. Congrats on the adorable new addition ! 🙂

Mia on

He looks just like his mom!

CelebBabyLover on

Teresa- We don’t know them, so we can’t possibly know what the future holds for them. They may break up, or they may wind up like Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, who had Lily-Rose just under a year after they met (Vanessa, from what I’ve read, got pregnant just two months after they began dating….which would mean Lily-Rose was born about 11 months after they began dating)….and are still together over a decade later. Or Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, who are unmarried, had a child together (although granted, I don’t know how soon after they began dating that he was born), and have been together for (if I’m remembering correctly) about 30 years now.

Also, look at the divorce rate in Hollywood (or even in general, but in Hollywood it’s especially high). Even if Owen and Jade had gotten married before having Robert, they could very well still end up splitting.

In addition, I don’t get why people think not being married equals being uncommitted. IMO, you can be committed without being married. My brother has been with his girlfriend for close to eight years now, and they aren’t married. However, although they aren’t committed to one another in the legal sense, to me and my family they are comitted in all other senses of the word!

All of that being said, I’m not against marriage. In fact, I am very much for it and would personally never even sleep with someone I wasn’t married to, let alone have kids with them or live with them! But I realize that just because that’s the right choice for me doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for others. 🙂

Josie- Just curious, how do you know he goes by Ford? If it’s tabs that are saying that, I wouldn’t trust them, considering most of them claimed after his birth that his name was Ford Lynton Wilson! But perhaps you read it/heard it from a reliable source. I’m not criticizing. I just get curious about how people hear things. 🙂

Tina on

@ Teresa I am sad for you that you are so pessimistic and just doom them from the beginning. Do you know them personally and know that they are not committed? Babies are great, whether there parents are married or not. Wow how shallow can you get!?!?! Give me a break!

Congrat to Owen and his little family. Love the name Robert!! It’s my dad’s name.

Hootie on

@celebbabylover: josie was referring to the one life to live character going by the name Ford, not the baby.

TmP on

Saying that a couple isn’t committed just because they aren’t married is such an ignorant statement! I know many, MANY, loving, caring, COMMITTED couples who aren’t married. Some have kids, some don’t. My uncle has been with his GF for TWENTY THREE years. They have an 8 year old son. They are not legally married and neither has the want to be married, but they are very committed to each other and their son. I’ve also seen MARRIED couples with children DIVORCE years down the road.

Marriage is NOT a promise of a long relationship.

I am not against marriage at all. I just don’t think that being married is insurance of anything. You can be in love and be committed to each other without a piece of paper “proving it”.

Maybe if there wasn’t so much pressure on people to get married BECAUSE they got pregnant, then there wouldn’t be so many “rushed into” marriages where they get married to save face instead of because they truly LOVE each other.

I am very happy for Owen. After the past couple years he’s had, it’s good to see him HAPPY.

Daisy on

You people are so behind. Jade was living with a guy when she met Owen. But she met a rich movie star and saw an opportunity and two months into the ‘relationship’ she got pregant. Do the math. The reason it was a secret for so long is that Owen was trying to keep it quiet.

The Duell’s went to the tabloids to force Owen’s hand and gave the name Ford Linton after her dad. When the paternity test was done right after the birth Owen decided to name him Robert after his dad.

They have been non-exclusive for the entire time and Owen was hooking up in Dallas at the Super Bowl and last week in Vancouver. He was in those cities for a week each and the baby is only four weeks old. Not a whole lot of together time, would you say?

Don’t worry about the paps. Jade was flown in for Valentine’s Day as word about Owen’s continuing wandering ways spreads. They were called for this photo op and Owen’s PR people probably fed this happy story to People. Owen is promoting a movie and it solidifies Jades position because if she plays along she is guaranteed more money, which is what she was after all along. Both will benefit financially.

They are not romatically involved so lunch with friends suited them just fine. Remember, we are talking about Hollyweird here. Nothing is as it seems.

Daisy on

Give them some time. They barely knew each other when she got pregnant and they have only been living together for over a month. If it is meant to be it will be. Why would Owen want to risk losing half of his money which is the only thing that getting married would guarantee?

Mia on

The marriage-vs-not marriae thing is an on-going argument–I personally think getting married is the #1 most committed act you can show the person you are in-love with, and think that just shows a real sense of commitment. Yes-having kids is a huge commitment too–but you can have kids with someone and not be with them–so it’s not the same thing. Most people that don’t want to get married having some kind of “phobia” that getting officially married will change things–or label things.

Angela on

I think Daisy is absolutely right, and the whole situation breaks my heart.

Cecelia on

The same, stupid debate is brought up in almost every article posted on this site.

Bottom line, if you want to get married, get married but don’t judge others for not doing the same. Marriage does equal a recipe for success nor does it mean a couple are better suited to raise a child. It’s not important for everyone and there’s nothing wrong with that.

My parents were married when I was born and they fought constantly until the moment their divorce was final. Now, my dad’s been in a relationship with another woman for the past twenty years. Neither sees a reason to get married and they are completely content with their lives. Again, although it should be common sense, what works for one does not work for all. Live your life as you please but don’t degrade others for doing things differently.

A.J. on

Yeah, I have to agree with Daisy and Angela.

Those pictures were taken ON his property. If they had been taken with a long-lens, they would be NOWHERE near as clear. When Kate Hudson was papp’d at Owen Wilson’s rented house in Miami in 2008, it was with a long-lens and those pics were totally blurred.

In this case, someone gave the photogs permission to be there (Jade).

I think it’s pretty telling that in his interview with “ET” for the new movie, Owen doesn’t even refer to Jade by name – let alone as his girlfriend. When Owen does mention her, he calls her “the mom”.

Plus, a VALENTINE’S DAY dinner with what sounds like at least ten people? Sounds weird.

jes on

I agree that marriage is probably the biggest way to commit to someone, but thats how i feel and not how everyone feels. My dad was married twice and both ended in divorce, he has been in a relatioship now with a women for longer then both of his marriages and they are insanely happy together. My dad has always said that they dont need a piece of paper to show that they love each other. I dont feel that way, I am getting married in november and it is the most important thing in my life. But to say that you arnt commited to someone if you wont marry them is terrible. Couples that are just together have the same chance of making it forever as a couple who is married.

CelebBabyLover on

Daisy- Glad to know you know them personally and know what goes on in their lives!

A.J.- Maybe he just wants to respect Jade’s privacy since she isn’t a celeb?

A.J. on

CelebBabyLover – Ummm, I would understand that logic if her name wasn’t ALREADY out there. Her name is all over the internet and in magazines in connection with him.

And even if he wanted to keep her name out of it, then why didn’t he just say “my girlfriend” instead.

Jeez, even saying “HIS (the baby’s) mom” rather than “THE mom” would have sounded warmer.

It just came across as very impersonal, like she was his “babymama” and nothing more.

Daisy on

CelebBabyLover – Did you see the news today? The scarytale continues and there are new stories that there was or is confusion about the paternity. There is confirmation that Jade was with her live-in bf and cheating with Owen when she got pregnant.

This woman is all kind of sketchy. She has an agenda and nothing is stopping her. Owen is not without blame but he does not come across as mean spirited. He needs to get away from her while doing everything he can to be a good and supportive parent.

Its not that he wants to respect her privacy. He wants to wisely distance himself from a bad situation. He is going to Australia soon to promote his movie just like he went to the Super Bowl and to Vancouver in the month after the baby was born.

This is not a match made in heaven. Run, Owen! Get the heck out of Dodge while you still can.

Angela on

Right there with you, Daisy and A.J. The more I know about Jade, the more I am convinced she is spiteful, over-reacting, destructive person. I wish Owen and the baby the best, but I think Jade is going to put them through the wringer before she is done. (The photo of her in this latest Star piece is the clearest example of someone having called in the paps to do a photo set-up that I have ever seen. She’s staring right at the camera smiling and you can see her two friends are in the background turned away from the camera so they won’t be in the photo with her. Back when Kate Hudson was constantly calling the paps telling where she and Owen were, she was at least subtle about not looking at the camera and smiling. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jade is out for her own fame now that her career as a fed air marshal is over (deservedly over.) The only thing she can do to improve anyone’s opinion of her now is stay out of photos and the spotlight and try to be a decent mother in private. That’s going to be hard for someone as slimy and ambitious and volatile as she is.

More on

Somebody needs to stop cyberstalking her and get a life! Is the ex-boyfriend or a friend of his pissed off or something?

Marie on

For More, I think this has been going on a lot longer than you realize and with more than one person. Jade was posting about herself and Owen on facebook last year and a few of Owen’s fans found it; she was posting information about him and about their travel plans including specific information about flights she was on as an air marshal, and she was posting portions of their blackberry messages to each other. So a lot of people knew about this situation and knew about Jade, and were basically trying to protect her by not saying anything because they knew she was a federal employee. A few people even sent her private messages telling her that she probably should not be sharing all of that information where fans could see it (either because it was sensitive air marshal information or because it was violating privacy for her and Owen.) Turned out a number of her and Jason’s air marshal co-workers were looking too, and that’s how Jason found out she was cheating on him with Owen. So no, it’s not that one person is posting about this now, there’s a lot of people posting about this now who remembered what she posted last spring and summer.

Here’s what I think is interesting. It’s a fine argument to say people shouldn’t post negative things about her on the internet. But what about the cheesy defenses of Jade we see her friends and frenemies posting everywhere? The repeated comment seen in a few different places is that she’s a ‘small town girl’ and ‘a small town protects its own’. What kind of small town girl does the kinds of things she has done? If anyone is assuming a small town girl is someone innocent, positive, faithful, or knows who the father of her child is, that assumption has been blown out of the water with Jade. I especially feel bad for her high school field hockey coach, one of her defenders who has been embarrassing herself at numerous sites. My best advice for everyone who wants to defend Jade: Stop. There is nothing you can say now to defend her. The truth is out. The best you can hope for is that she stays out of the media, and that she enjoys a wealthy, quiet, anonymous life and that eventually people will forget she slept around and boasted about it on facebook and got called out on her lack of ethics. Try to be a good mother and stay out of the papers, Jade. Pray that your 15 minutes are over.