Jessica Alba Expecting Second Child

02/16/2011 at 12:45 PM ET
Michael Buckner/Getty

It’s baby no. 2 for Jessica Alba and Cash Warren.

The actress announced on herΒ Facebook page and Twitter account Wednesday that she and her husband are expecting their second child.

“I thought I’d drop by to let you all in on some exciting news — Honor is going to be a Big Sister!” Alba, 29, wrote. “Cash and I are thrilled and wanted to share the news directly with you so you didn’t hear about it somewhere else.”

“I appreciated all of the love and support you all gave me during my first pregnancy and will definitely appreciate it again this time around. Have a great day!” she finishes, signing off, “Jess.”

Warren also posted to his Twitter page, “@jessicaalba are beyond excited about the news! Honor is going to be a great big sister. Thank you all for the wonderful messages!!”

Alba delivered daughterΒ Honor Marie, 2Β½, in June 2008, a month after wedding Warren in California.

— Sara Hammel

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Lis on

oh my gosh!!!! So exciting!!! I was just thinking the other day she “needed” one πŸ™‚

2little on

Oh wow!! Great news. Congrats!!

Chrissy on

Awwww, congrats! This is gonna be one beautiful baby, like Honor!

I swear I thought she was pregnant when I saw her dress at the BAFTAs! πŸ™‚

Alexandra on

Yay! Congratulations! Honor seems like such a sweetheart. I bet she’ll love having a little sister or brother.

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to her! I’m so excited. And LOL, chalk another up to the celeb baby boom. Wasn’t she part of the last one in ’08, too?

Also, I miss Dark Angel.

Shannon on

I knew it. I even called it a previous thread. Congrats!

VerΓ³nica on

@Chrissy: I thought the same! I was looking at her and I was: “Duh, she usually wears some tight dresses. Maybe she is… pregnant? Anyway, you shouldn’t be asking yourself that!” xD.

Congrats to Jess, Cash and Honor!

Anonymous on

So exciting! I thought for sure the next bebay would be apopted since that is what she said an in interview, maybe they are?

JM on

this is truly wonderful honor is utterly adorable!

Lauren on

wow congrats jessica and cash! honor is so adorable and im sure her little brother or sister will be just as cute! (:

acorr on

I knew it too!

Mina on

Any name guesses? I’m going with Cash Jr (CJ for short) for a boy and Liberty (Libby?) for a girl. Or Grace. Or Hope. Or Joy. Or Faith. LoL

jordan on

Awesome πŸ˜€

Amy on

YAYY I wondered when she’d have another!

M on

I just thought ‘when is Honor going to be a big sister?’ so it’s funny to read that I wasn’t the only one not completely surprised πŸ˜‰

B.J. on

Great news! I’ll bet Honor will be a fun princess big sister.

I think it’ll be… a boy! But I’m bad at guessing, lol.

Paige on

Awesome news! Love the Alba-Warren family. Congratulations and best of luck to Cash, Jessica, and big-sis-to-be Honor! πŸ˜€

Corrie on

Glad to see this today. πŸ™‚

Tee on

Oh, I’m excited! I’ve loved watching Honor go from a sweet baby to a precious little girl! I’m sure she’ll make a wonderful big sister!

Jordan on

about time lol….yay them.

Alice on

YES!! So happy for them!

Lady on

OMG sooooooo exciting!!!!!!! Happy for the whole Warren family, blessings!!

Crystal on

I was just reading an article about how she wanted Honor to be a big sister and here is news she’s expecting another baby! I’m VERY happy for her and Cash. I know she’s always talking about wanting to adopt so maybe after this they will adopt a baby. Congrats!

Crystal on

Also, I’m guessing GIRL! Although, I speculated girl for Natalie Portman and rumor is she’s expecting a boy. I might not be so good at the guessing game! πŸ˜‰

Anna on

Wow, she is like my pregnancy twin. I had my son in May 2008 and am due with my second this summer.

Shirelle on

Im So Happy for them. I wasnt exspecting this at all.

Dana on

YESSS!!! I’m so happy for her. Honor is such a cutie. And I had a feeling that she was expecting again. Congrats!

Zee on

I totally saw this one coming!

A. on

Congratulations to them, so exciting!!! πŸ™‚

Sydney on

I saw her at the BAFTAs and did not think she was preggers, so this announcement shocked me a bit. Congrats to the Alba-Warrens!

FC on

I was totally out of the loop on this one, but this is great news. I’m happy for them and cannot wait to hear/see more with this pregnancy. πŸ™‚

Mia on

Congrats!–maybe a boy this time around, or a girl that will be her mom’s mini-me (since their child looks just like Cash)

sandrah on

Wow, even with this whole baby boom going on, I wasn’t expecting this! Yay! Congrats, Jessica, Cash & Honor! I can’t wait for the new addition to this cute little family!

Lola on

I love this couple. Plus they make very beautiful babies.

Bancie1031 on

I have been expecting this news all week ….. Congratulations to Jessica, Cash and Honor πŸ™‚

tink1217 on

yay!!!! Love them!!

Meghan on

Yay, so great for them! It’s funny because first I had been thinking what if they had another one but then in the wake of all the recent separations I was thinking what if they got divorced so very happy my first what if was the one that happened!

Lou x on

Haha, i actually guessed she was on a post with her wearing a check shirt a few weeks ago, that there was something about the way she was standing that made me think she might be pregnant, then saw comments saying that she did not plan any more bio-children so said i must be wrong! Woo, i do love to be able to go on gut instinct after all! lol x

etb888 on

I was literally thinking today that she would be expecting again soon and what a good sibling name for honor would be, my vote goes to True!

guest on

Jessica and Cash make beautiful babies so they need to have another one for sure-

Mariana on

LOVE LOVE LOVE the news!!!
And it felt like the perfect time, just when everyone started wondering when they’d have another!
Congrats to the family!

Brooklyn on

How exciting! Congrats to them!

SAR on

That’s very nice! I like Jessica. She and Cash and Honor are a cute family.

Crystal on

@Lou x- I was one of those people. Lol! Jessica did say that but people (obviously) change their minds and I was WRONG! WRONG! WRONG (and not afraid to admit it)!!! πŸ™‚

Sarah M. on

Perhaps they had planned on adopting, then found out they were expecting. That happened with another couple on here last year. (A baseball player, I think.) They had just started the adoption process then found out they were going to have a bio. They wound up backing out of the adoption and decided to wait another year or so, but were still planning on adopting later. Could be.

On the other hand, if they decided to have another bio rather than adopt (or wait to do so), that’s fine, too. They make beautiful kids and there are many ways to make a family.

I was hoping they would have another at some point!

Sarah S. on

YAY–Honor is going to be a big sister! Congrats to them!! πŸ™‚

robinepowell on

Congratulations to them both. I was just thinking the other day about them and if they’d have another baby. πŸ™‚

alice jane on

Ah, so exciting! Congratulations to Jessica, Cash, and Honor! I can’t wait to see what they have.

On a side note, the light behind Jessica’s head in this picture is throwing me off… I keep thinking she’s wearing an orange hat like an old-fashioned nurse’s cap!

Eileen on

A heartfelt congrats to the Warren/Alba family…but a serious wth? to some of the routine posters on here. Mina? Really? Haven’t you anything productive to do with your time? The energy you spent on thinking of baby names for someone who doesn’t even know you exist, could have done *something* worth while in this world.

And, Mariana, I’m not sure who the “everyone” is…but I can assure you that, there are people like me, who never gave a second thought to Jessica Alba having another child, until they read this post.

I am all for the curosity, the opinions and this site in general…but some of you need to look into something called a life. It’s great. Trust me.

CelebBabyLover…I’m sure I’ve just beaten you to the punch posting on here, but this was written with you in mind. lol.

Rosalie on

Great news and i was just thinking that she might be pregnant πŸ˜‰

Jo on

Lovely day, lovely news. Gongrats.

CelebBabyLover on

Sarah M.- I see where you’re coming from. However, if you decided to adopt, wouldn’t you opt to use birth control so you wouldn’t get pregnant (granted, I realize that no form of birth control except abstience is 100 percent effective)?

Crystal- I was wrong, too. I had also read her comments about adopting and probably not having any more bio kids. I hope Cash didn’t refuse to welcome any non-bio kids into the family or something! I also hope they will eventually adopt. She’s talked the talk, and now I’d love to see her walk the walk. πŸ™‚ In fact, I’ll admit that I was actually dissapointed at first when I saw that this was a pregnancy announcement and not an adoption announcement. But then I realized how silly of me that was! πŸ™‚

All of that said, congrats to them! And I wonder when she’s due? Anyone have any guesses? I’m guessing July or August, given that most pregnant celebs seem to announce at the three or four month mark.

Oh, and on a funny note….I had just been thinking about how the baby boom seemed to have stopped, as we haven’t been hearing too many pregnancy announcements lately…..and then Jessica announces she’s pregnant! I wonder who’s next? πŸ™‚

CelebBabyLover on

I also meant to say that I hope this baby looks just like Jessica, since Honor looks just like Cash (not saying there’s anything wrong with Cash’s looks, just that it would be nice for Jessica to have a little mini-me as well!). πŸ™‚

Lily on

OMG Eileen! Rotflmao! Your comment is mean and you’re probably going to get bashed to high heaven but good on you for speaking the truth! There are some folks on here OBSESSED with the happenings of these people’s wombs, and they go about calling these people’s kids by nicknames (Zee? Madd? Shi? Viv?) as if these children KNOW them and they’re somehow part of the family! Talk about delusional! LOL! You’re mean, but your comment is funny as hell!

jessicad on

Eileen what’s the point of being so mean, did it make you feel better? Celebrity gossip is just a fun escape for some people, I’ve been coming to this site for years and enjoy taking my mind off my reality for a bit. I’m sick of people picking on CelebBabyLover, she is NEVER rude to anyone and for some reason she’s getting bullied lately, go take your anger out on those who deserve it. Who cares if they like to think of names or wonder when a second child is coming? You obviously took the time out of your awesome life to come to this site and read the comments and get pissed over nothing.

Sadie on

Congratulations Eileen, you are officially cooler than Mina, Mariana, and every other person that posts here! It must feel amazing to be you!

Melanie on

STFU Eileen and Lily!

Crystal on

@CelebBabyLover- I can see the disappointment. It isn’t silly it’s how you felt! I am very excited for them but I would love to see them adopt also. Maybe they will have two bio and two adopted children (Jessica has expressed how she wants 4). So anyway, I understand!! =)

Jill on

Just because they are having a bio kid doesn’t mean an adopted kid in the near future is ruled out

Jill on

Oh and some comments back to Eileen were just as rude.

And jessicad, everyone is going to like and dislike certain posters comments. That’s what makes us all unique. I see many support SAR’s comments and many don’t like CelebrityBabyLover. Their choice. And no one is wrong.

Mina on

Eileen…how about I do what I want. Do I tell you what to do? NO. But if I had to, I would suggest to you to go hang yourself because you are nothing but a sad waste of space. Its no different than guessing a gender. So eat me. Ok? Have a nice day.

Josie on

I hope it’s a boy!

Eileen on

As I said, very clearly in my post, I understand and appreciate the curiosity of this site…obviously, I am reading it – so clearly, I have an interest, as well. In viewing this site for many months now, I have seen the same people obsessively comment on EVERY post about the most inconsequential details of lives they know zero about. If pointing out their moronic wasting of time and effort makes me mean or rude, so be it. At least I am not living in a dream world, pretending that Jessica Alba gives two craps about why I thought she should have another baby or what she should name it.

Case in point: Mina. This woman feels it’s perfectly okay to think anyone cares about the list of baby names she’s compiled for celebrity babies, let alone engage in a 6 or 7 month guessing game with her….and when I point out the oddness of that waste of time – she tells me to hang myself. To kill myself. If that isn’t a disturbed view as to what is appropriate for a healthy, fully in touch with reality person, I’m not sure what is.

Like it or not, some posters on here could definitely channel their wasted energy into something that benefits society.

Mina on

Eileen…I dont care what you have to say. You just posted like a freakin paragraph explaining yourself. Why dont YOU go do something useful with your time instead of posting here, if thats something sooo important to you. And I will do what I want, as will everyone else. I didnt sit there and REASEARCH names. I said Cash JR for a boy…wow, now THAT took alot of time and effort on my part now didnt it?! And judging by her daughters name I took a few SECONDS of my time to throw some matching names out. So, yes, go hang yourself if you have nothing better to do. Peace!

Billy on

Congrats to Jesscia

CelebBabyLover on

Mina’s last two comments need to be removed. Telling someone they should kill themselves should not be tolerated!

Just Saying on

I work in the industry and have met Jessica Alba many times and let me tell you that she is the nastiest, rudest celebrity I have ever met. She makes Rihanna look like she’s angelic. I feel for Cash, Honor and anyone else who has to deal with ehr on a daily basis.

Mina on

Celebbabylover, I can almost see the halo on top of your head.

soph on

For God’s sake, Mina, Eileen does have a point. If posting Cash Jr. was so apparently so insignificant, then why post it at all? Right.

Stunning contribution there, Melanie. Why don’t you STFU yourself.

Britton on

wow. seriously? some of y’all are insane.

Mina on

Soph, so you can tell Melanie to stfu but I cant say what I want?! PFFFTTT. Aren’t you a pot calling the kettle back! How about you blow me hunny. I’ll say what I want and so will Melanie. You can too. But dont tell US not say what WE want!

soph on

Oh dear. I’m telling you to both stfu, Mina. Thought that was clear, but apparently not. And thanks but no thanks, “hunny.”

AnnieM on

Wow. Just Wow… I don’t post often because I really don’t see the point on commenting on the lives of people i don’t know and probably never will… But I just had to comment the the petty argument raging here – are you all 12? Because that’s what it seems like! Grow up ALL OF YOU.

Indira on

I really hate when people pick on celebabylover- She’s so nice and respectful to a bunch of strangers(as we all should be). Its in your rights but, it’s just sad really.

Mina on

Soph, then YOU STFU too!!!!!!!!!

mizi on

@Indira: CelebBabyLover is constantly telling people what to say, how to think, shooting down their opinions, being sanctimonious and acting like she personally knows all celebrities. She also comes across as a major Pollyanna, which just feels fake and frankly, delusional. (NO ONE likes everything or feels positively about everything, as she claims to in various comments). I don’t consider her to be ‘nice’ and ‘respectful’, just because she’s outwardly sweet. In fact, I think she’s quite rude because she doesn’t respect other people’s opinions or leave them be. She always has to preach, correct what someone said or tell a story about her life that somehow completely relates to the story on a post. And then she lectures the other posters about being nice and respectful. Annoying and hypocritical? Yes. Nice? Not in a million years.

soph on

Again, no thanks, Mina. Please just go lie down somewhere.

Mina on

Soph…no? Then dont tell me what to do and I wont tell you what to do, you one sided wench. Gawd, its women like you that tick me off to no end…you can do this or that but nobody else can. Skank!

Indira on


I have to be honest, I don’t always read all her comments. I get what you’re saying tho.

Jillian on

Mizo, very well said.

CelebBabyLover on

mizi- I’m sorry if my comments bug you. I honestly don’t mean to come off as rude, and I certainly don’t mean to come off like I don’t respect other people’s opinions or that I think other people shouldn’t be allowed to have them. How I express myself is always something I’ve had problems with (i.e., I have a habit of my comments coming off in a way I didn’t intend).

Mariana on

@Eileen I’m sorry I used the word “everyone” there. It didn’t seem to bother anyone else enough to post a comment, but to you and whoever else cared about a detail, I apologize and explain that as “everyone” I mean most of the people who have posted here and on previous posts related to the Alba-Warrens, as you can see above. I don’t think Obama or my grandma were wondering when they’d have another either, just to make it clear that I didn’t really mean everyone on Earth.

It’s not necessary to make rude comments here, why don’t we just respect that Mina thinks of unborn celebrity babies? I can’t see where the problem is. Seriously, people, It doesn`t mean you don’t do anything with your life, and if you really don`t, so what? Still, people need to be respected. Let`s not judge her or others for this.

And Mina, I know some comments may have pissed you off, but please take it easy on some of your comments. It`s just not necessary to recommend people to kill themselves. I guess many of us who come over already have busy lives out here and are not looking for more trouble.

Mina on

Mariana, you see, I am one of those people who is very kind until you get on my bad side. If I am respecting people, I expect it back, etc. Once someone “starts” for no apparent reason, thats when I feel that person is really a useless human being. Seriously, its like bullying…its done for NO REASON (well, maybe to make yourself feel better or something). That to me is a useless human being. And that is why I said for them to end their lives. Think of how beautiful this world would be without people like that!

Mariana on

@Mina, I see your point there. I know how hard it is to put up with some things.

soph on

Oh, Mina. You’re “very kind”? Right, that’s why you tell people to go hang themselves over a comment made to you on the Internet. You’re scary. Bye.

Mina on

Soph I am very kind. YOU however got on my bad side and thats a side that..well..doesnt take crap. I dont tolerate people telling what to say and what not to say. I never told anyone they cant say what they want. I guessed a name for this upcomming child and in doing so, I was attacked. They have every right to their opinion….however, I have every right to mine, and I stand by telling this person to hang themselves. HAHA!