Jesse Csincsak: Fatherhood Is ‘Amazing’

02/16/2011 at 04:00 PM ET

Bachelor alums Jesse Csincsak and Ann Lueders welcomed their son, Noah Theodore, on Feb. 2 in Colorado. Arriving early in the morning by emergency c-section, Noah is now happily settled in at home with his proud parents.

The new dad shares a photo and short blog with, and also asks that you vote for him on the Popchips Facebook page, where he’s just applied to be the VP of Popchips to work alongside Ashton Kutcher.

Courtesy Jesse Csincsak

After 20 hours of labor, the baby’s heartbeat kept dropping rapidly so the doctors knew something was up. What they didn’t know was that Noah’s umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck twice. Ann was so tired that when they told her she needed to have a c-section she was like, “Let’s just do whatever is gonna be best for the baby.”

When Noah came out, he was all blue from head to toe and wasn’t breathing. They had to resuscitate him with one of those pump bags over his face. Ann was looking at me going, “Is he okay?” She couldn’t see him because of the sheet they had in front of her face during surgery, plus he wasn’t crying when he came out. I looked at her, squeezed her hand and just as I said, “He’s gonna be okay” he began to cry!

Ann is recovering nicely. Every day she gets a little bit stronger and the look on her face when she sees our son is priceless. We are a happy family! Breastfeeding was a slow start but now Noah’s a drinker! And as any parent will tell you it doesn’t matter what you had to go through to bring your child into this world, it is ALWAYS worth it. Kids are amazing!

— Jesse Csincsak

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norm on

Priceless photo. I knew Jesse when he was the same size as Noah is now. God bless your new family. I wish you all the best. You have my vote for VP of Pop Chips. You would be great at it.

aurora mia on

That picture makes me want to almost cry…I have no idea who that guy is…but that is a sweet daddy and baby photo 🙂

Romy on

what a scary story with a great outcome. it doesn’t always turn out so great. I’m glad their baby ended up ok.

Pam on

Ah, sweet picture.

Sat on

Congrats!!! Beautiful photo!!

Allie-Rose on

That picture is too freaking adorable!!

CelebBabyLover on

What a cutie! And in this line of Jesse’s blog “Breastfeeding was a slow start but now Noah’s a drinker!”, he may as well have been describing my brother! When my mom tried nursing him for the first time (incidentally, she had a C-section as well….but while it was unplanned, it wasn’t an emergency. My brother simply turned out to be in the wrong position for coming out naturally!), it didn’t go so well.

But when my dad returned to the hospital not long after my brother’s second feeding (he was born in the middle of the night, so as my dad had to work the next day, he’d gone home to grab a few hours’ sleep!), my mother was happy to tell him, “He ate like a trooper this time!”. 🙂

Tina on

WOW way to use your newborn to get votes. Classy!!

Robin on

Beautiful photo, beautiful family! You guys deserve all that life has to offer. Great job Ann and Jesse! Keep up the good work!

Lorraine on

Awwww, so cute! You guys sound like you’re going to be just GREAT parents. I like how you just tell it like it is. Real words from real people. Oh and I voted!! Woot Woot

Rachel on

Soooo cute! Love hearing about you and your wife and new baby. It’s the American Dream. Good luck on PopChips. You’ve got my vote!

linda on

congrats. glad ann is doing well. very cool!!!

Just Saying on

@CelebbabyLover…nobody really cares. I don’t know why people insist on posting their life stories in comments…

Jodi on

These people are totally shameless. Their child was born 15 days ago and they are already making money off of him. Pathetic that people have no class.

Jodi on

“Ann was so tired that when they told her she needed to have a
c-section she was like, “Let’s just do whatever is gonna be best for the baby.””

I wonder what she would of said if she wasn’t so tired? That sentence leads me to believe if she wasn’t so tired so would of be willing to risk her baby’s life for the sack of vanity and not wanting a c-section scar. Like I stated earlier these people are fame w*ores and should be ashamed that their son is 15 days old and they are already making money and using him for pubilicity.

Jill on

I will not vote for him because he asked on a burgh announcement for his kid. I think that is so tacky.

Just saying, I thought the same thing. It isn’t even a story about their child!! But their brother! Ha! Talk about wanted to make things all about you!

FC on

I’m a sucker for photos of sleeping babies, and that is one cute sleeping baby right there.

Holiday on

Jodi the babies heart beat was dropping fast! Of course she would want a csection, if she didnt THAT would be risking the babies life! I bet you think the same thing about me. I was induced at 36 weeks due to severe pre eclampsia and HELLP (google it, its an awful condition) and I had to have a csection after a failed induction because I was so sick. Is that wrong of me too?? Did I put my babies health in danger?

Kaye on

What a sweet photo of daddy and baby. Congrats to Ann and Jesse on their darling little bundle of joy!! He’s a miracle for sure. Thanks to Jesse for sharing this remarkable story of baby Noah’s birth.

Mary on

Jodi, why such a hater? For your information, I had a c-section 30 years ago & there is no scar what so ever & I’m sure surgerys have gotten even better since then. You surely are not a mother or you would know that you’d do anything for your baby (even cut your arm off, if that’s what it takes). Grow up.

Auntie Mame on

Y’now, I don’t see much of a class difference between a publicity hound and the type of person who makes snarky comments about a woman whose kid almost died. Just sayin’

Colene Ruggiero on

For those who made negative comments, shame on you.
Bless the family and their new baby boy. If Jess is qualified for the job with Pop Chips then wish him well with his interview. Some people
on the Bachelor move on to bigger & better lives after being on the show.

abeeotch on

Some of you people are incredible, and I don’t mean that in a good way.
If you don’t like people sharing their stories and some getting paid to do so, why do you people come to these sites? It’s not like you went to
National Geographic.
Obviously we like to look into the lives of “celebrity’s” and when they give us information we complain? Yet, it he didn’t post anything about his child, then he would have gotten ripped for not even mentioning him or people would say “the baby must be ugly”.

W.B on

What a cute baby!!!! LOVE this picture. Wow, what a story…people assume so easy have a baby and all but in reality its a miracle happening and things can easily go wrong. So glad it all went well and what a beautiful baby boy to come from this.

Moooooom:) on

For those of you who think everything worked out OK for the baby … not necessarily. Developmental issues caused by the difficult birth could well show up months, even years later. Don’t breathe a sigh of relief because there’s no telling right now. Been there, know that.

Denise on

The first thing he did after his son was born was contact the media. Now he’s using the birth to get votes on a Facebook page – that’s both lame and disgusting.

Jesse if you’re reading this, and I’m quite sure you are, you might want to slow down and have a think about your priorities. Your child shouldn’t be used for a second chance at fame.

Ruby on

Gratulalunk Csincsak!

JungleCat on

Lovely picture. Congratulations to the family/

Lola on

Wow. This guy can’t write so why does People add him to the blog rolls? “She was like” is not proper grammar but then again, we’re talking pseudo celeb here. He was on the Bachelor…is there anything big about that? Not really. AND the popchips garbage. Had to report it to Facebook as spam. I received at least 5 emails a day via Facebook asking me … begging me … to vote. How tacky.

The 20 min of fame are over, dude. The Bachelor is not Law and Order.

Carolyn on

Congratulations to Jesse and Ann on the birth of their Baby boy Noah. What a cutie. He reminds me of my own grandson. I don’t get to see my grandson often, so I am very grateful when Jesse posts these pictures. Keep them coming. Good Luck on PopChips. PS don’t let the haters get you down I think you are doing great.

Lexi on

First of all how do you know he got paid anything?

Second, if he didn’t post the picture (like someone previously stated) he would get ripped for that so either way the guy can’t win. This is called celebrity babies after all so if people don’t enjoy reading about celebrity babies and their parents, why come on here in the first place?

And third, I highly doubt if she hadn’t been tired she would have risked her babies life to avoid a scar. I personally know a few women who really wanted to have vaginal deliveries but wound up needing c-sections due to complications. These women were disappointed about missing out on the experience of bringing their child into the world themselves, and some of these women were even afraid of having a csection because it is major surgery and don’t tell me that doesn’t make everyone a little anxious. But ultimately, every one of these women knew that at the end of the day what was best for the baby was the most important factor.

I think what Jesse was saying was that at that point Ann was just so exhausted and so worried for the health of their baby that she didn’t really care how the baby was coming out anymore as long as he came out healthy. How that was interpreted as being selfish and vain is beyond me, especially when the only thing anyone should be concerned about is the fact that a healthy beautiful baby was brought into this world instead of leaving it far too soon.

Big Fan on

Jesse, I had the same thing with my daughter when she was born. I was so scared but she was just fine! Enjoy every moment, because it all goes by so very quickly. It seems like yesterday I had her and now she’s almost 11! God Bless your family…it really IS the best feeling in the world!

G-Mom on

Judge not lest ye be judged. You don’t know what you would do in the same situation. Congratulations and Good Luck to the family.

marge on

I used to think Deanna was the publicity whore. I never see her on here. Every other month you see Jesse on here, from when he proposed (pics) to them walking to her delivering now. Jesse please stop calling PEOPLE with your story. Get on with your life and let the bachelorette go.

Kim on

Jesse was on the “The Bachelorette” not “The Bachelor.” Great editing, People!

jeannette on

now Jesse areen’t you glad you got rid of that snotty Dianna! Congrats

Ellyn on

That’s pure love! Happy that everyone is doing well.

Dawn on

OK, to the person that made the comment about Ann wanting a c-section! Ahhhh did you read the baby heart beat was dropping rapidly. It is clear the baby was in fetal distress with proof the baby needed resusciated at birth! Really, I happy for you Jesse and Ann, you both are filled with so much life. I enjoy following you Jesse! Hope you become Ashton’s VP for pop chips! Keep livin!!!

Ali on

WHO THE HELL CARES!!!! This guys a douche!!

Laura on

Congrats on your new baby and wife Jesse. I just bid on the velvet blazer that is on ebay but wondering when that was worn???? 1st day out of the limo? I’ve been a huge fan since then and wish you a happy life!