Tonya Harding Is Pregnant

02/14/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Donald Kravitz/Getty

Tonya Harding‘s life off the ice contains much less drama than on — and soon, the pitter patter of little feet.

The former figure skater, 40, is expecting her first child with husband Joseph Price, her attorney confirms to PEOPLE.

“Tonya is pregnant and very happily married,” Linda Lewis tells PEOPLE. “She wants her privacy, but she is very happy.”

The baby — reportedly a boy — is said to be due “any time,” notes the Portland Tribune.

Harding, who rose to prominence in 1991 after winning the U.S. Figure Skating Championships, became notorious in 1994 after her ex-husband and bodyguard hired another man to injure her competitor Nancy Kerrigan‘s leg, an attack which caused her to withdraw from the national championship that year.

She later pleaded guilty to hindering the prosecution after denying foreknowledge of the plot but admitting that she had not come forward once she found out. Harding, who was banned from amateur skating and completed probation, now lives in southwest Washington.

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Lorenzo Benet

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suzyq on

“She wants privacy?” Huh??? When people want privacy, they don’t get their lawyer to release a statement to People magazine.

Indira on

great picture of her, people. i can’t believe she’s 40! Congrats to her.

Kinereth on

Congrats Tonya! I’m very happy for you. All the best to you and your new family 🙂

Linda on

Best of luck to you Tonya!!! My husband and I watch you on World’s Dumbest all the time and we love you!! Blessings for your little boy!!

Annetria on

Congrats, glad she has her life back on track. Love her on TSG.


I believe this is the very first time me saying this on People, but really, I cannot understand why you would even waste labor wages or “space” to report ANYTHING about his hideous creature?!

onedayatatime on

Really?? Please put something on here worth reading, she is a waste of anyones time after all the crap she has put other people thru and has major issues!!!!


It must be really sad to be famous for being a sore loser!

Tammy on

Indira, have you ever heard of a file photo?

Elecia Stevens-Markulis on


jenna on

Annetria, she looks like she has her life back on track, are you SERIOUS?! she looks like she hasn’t showered in a month and put on 50 pounds. not a good picture, and not a good news story- don’t care!!!!

Terri on

This picture actually looks fairly recent.

Francie Pellizzari on

Who cares!

Shannon on

Now THAT’S a name I haven’t heard in years!

ae on

I am confused she wants her privacy yet she announces she preggers to the media. I don’t mean to be this way but I have not heard anything about this woman in years and I think she was forgotten long ago when she ruined her career.

Kim on

If she wanted her privacy her lawyer would have said “No comment.”

Emmy on

Who cares!

Jgirl on

And still I wonder why people like her are able to convieve..but other truly good human beings are not.

stacey on

Really? Why would CBB put this piece of white trash as a feature? Who cares if she is pregnant, I feel sorry for her unborn child.

Moon on

Congradulations along time coming 🙂

Margie on

Ok I doubt the paparazzi were banging down your door so if you wanted privacy you would not have advertised through your attorney that you are pregnant…I feel sorry for you since all you will be remembered for is the horrible poor judgement you made by having someone hurt on purpose. You could have been remembered as the girl who WON the U.S. Figure Skating Competition instead. Unfortunately if it had not been for this article no one would have remembered that about you today. I hope you really do have your life on track now, atleast for your babys sake.

Beth on

Who the hell cares about Tanya Harding anymore?

Janel on

Are we in the 90’s?? Why is this even being reported?

chandley on


JB on

Who gives a crap about Tonya Harding having a baby? My very first thought when seeing the headline was…..”That poor kid”.

aleigh on

I don’t wish her any ill will, but she doesn’t come off as being good “Mom material”. Just listening to her talk, she still sounds like the rough girl you find at the local bar at closing time every week. I just hope the baby changes her for the positive. Good luck to them all.

Seanaci on

suzyq: no kidding! That’s exactly what I was thinking. 🙂

s on

usually when someone in public life releases information and asks for privacy it is because most likely some time of privacy has already been breached or misinformation needs to be cleared up.

rhonda on

And why is this news. Actually i can’t believe this is her first! Poor baby.

jeez louise on

Oh for heavens sake, give her a break. She’s more than paid her debt to society. Congrats to her and husband. I always preferred her to Kerrigan anyday.

CB on

Congratulations! Haven’t seen anything from her in ages

Erika on

What exactly does she do nowadays? I mean, she hasn’t skated for years, to my knowledge. And I would be a little worried about her stability after her past- no normal person purposely has another injured just for competition. But nontheless, I wish her family all the best and I hope that she has gotten the help that she needed.

niman on

feel sorry for the poor kid. won;t forget what she did!!

Meghan on

Some of you make her sound like a serial killer. Let it go! Nancy Kerrigan probably doesn’t even talk so harshly about her.

Best of luck to the parents to be!

star on

well i guess now the media will be called to the hospital on del day . would realy love to hear about NANCY KERRIGAN not this one

Julianna on

I used to watch “The Girls Next Door” and never would have believed Kendra would be such a good mom and devoted wife. Not comparing her to Tanya, lol, but people can change, look at Nicole Richie..having a baby can make you look at your life more seriously. Let’s hope for this baby’s sake that Tanya has finally grown up and hopefully got a lot of counseling, too.

Denia on

Good for her…I hope she finally finds happiness in her life and the negative press goes away

NM on


Karen on

Everyone deserves a second chance. I hope this baby brings her much happiness.

soph on

People are congratulating her? Seriously?

tlm on

Jgirl …. that certainly was a nasty and very uncalled for comment.

Sonia on

And we care why? Really disappointed that People would even bother their time and ours with the ink to post.

Lori on

She wants privacy yet this is in People Mag??? Interesting. And Tonya, the 80’s called and wants their hairstyle back.

Mari-Ann on

She appears regularly on World’s Dumbest on Tru TV. I think she qualified to be a commentator since she fits the title so well. I’ve always thought of her as trailer trash on ice skates but even I will admit that’s a little harsh so good luck to mom, dad and the soon to be chip off the old ice block.

Luna on

Geez, i had to go back and google her to see wtf she did for all of you to say so much crap! Get your $hit together, it’s not like she’s a serial killer, rapist or a child molester!!

I’m glad she’s happily married and expecting her first child, congrats and all the best.

Donna on

Who cares?!?!

Cami on

The girl who would stop at nothing to win a medal is going to have a child? She really does belong on AMERICA’S DUMBEST.

soph on

tlm…are you the arbiter of what is considered “appropriate” to post?

suzy diamond on

I highly doubt that she wants her “privacy!” Tonya is ALL about publicity!!

Jennifer Rice on

I agree with suzyq

Cyn on

If she wants “privacy”, then why tell People Magazine?? I sincerely doubt they were camped outside her door waiting for a statement.

Leslee on

Slow news day when this is the top story.

CeeVee on

No worries about privacy, Tonya, I doubt that any of us will be anywhere near your trailor park.

Deb on

How friggin’ touching.

harley on

…Bethany Joy Galeotti is pregnant from everything I can tell, and yet, a crazy chick like Tonya Harding is announced? Odd.

Lacey on

As a native Oregonian, I can say i’ve hear of every news story about her from the Olympics to throwing hub caps and I can easily say Congratulations! It was in the past and every one has gotten over it. I’m sure even Nancy Kerrigan.

Diana on

Way to come to the party late People. This was released on E! and Yahoo last week.

Anonymous on

I am not sure why this is news – who cares?

Paul on

Tanya Harding was always, remains now, and forever will be a classless pig. It is so typical of her to seek media coverage while crying for privacy. She’s an idiot, a hypocrite, and a very selfish person. I feel sorry for her new kid.

americanmom on

congratulations to her and her family.

Selena on

Congrats! I was only 6 years old in 1994 so I don’t know much about Tonya Harding.

jen on

THIS is the top story? yikes.

sandy on

leave her alone. I always thought she was better than Nancy. She should have won the gold metal. She did not know what her husband had planned. She got caught up in something not of her making. She had a rotten husband. She deserves happiness. I wish her and her baby much happiness and good luck.

TK on


TK on

Lacey- You may have gotten over it, but if read the comments herein, you’ll note that everyone WON’T EVER GET OVER WHAT THIS PUKE DID TO Kerrigan!

Maryann on

I think Tonya has met her obligations and responsibilities and worked hard to turn her life around. Didn’t know she was remarried, but that’s great… and I know her baby will bring her much happiness.

Good luck!

jen on

thats touching how you think she had nothing to do with it, but…. we all know she did.

Corrie on

A baby is a blessing regardless of how you feel about the person who is having it. Congratulations to Joseph and Tonya.

Nancy on

To my knowledge, she was only charged with not telling that she knew her husband planned her attack AFTER the attack happened. She did not go to police with that information.

Nancy and her met several years ago and Tonya apologized up and down for her part in it.

It’s funny. The same people that are still persecuting Tonya give Michael Vick a free pass.

Connie on

Who cares, really if she wanted privacy dont go make a statement about it.

Miss Daisy on

For all of you who claim not to care, you look like IDIOTS for commenting.

Unknown on

Tonya is now a commentator on the World’s Dumbest show on True TV. Its a pretty funny show. I don’t know who’s more annoying, Tonya or Nancy. Nancy didn’t deserve that, but her family has their own issues. Nancy’s brother has been accused of killing their father.

Tess on

Nancy – to my knowledge Michael Vick isn’t pregnant. If he were to make an announcement, then I suspect people would say similar things about him on this site.

Lala on

God, you people are stupid. EVERYONE knows the whole thing was set up by Nancy (just look at how wacko her family is). Get over it, it didn’t happen to YOU. Congrats, Tonya. I’ll always support you!

Andrea on

A baby is a blessing. Congrats to Tonya and Joseph. May the have a healthy baby!

kk on

Let me guess… his favorite toy with be the baton…

Guesta on

And this is news worthly. Maybe she will hire bodyguards and her husband to take out the other mother’s who will be up for Mother of the Year award.

Guesta on

And this is news that we should be reading about. Maybe she will hire a bodyguard or her husband to take out the other mother’s who will be up for the Mother of the Year award.

Egads on

What Tanya did IONS ago was wrong, and she deserved the penalty.

However, time showed that Nancy Kerrigan landed up being a nasty little b**ch too.
She had an affair with her agent, Jerry, who ended up leaving his wife and child to be with Nancy (yes they’re still married but it doesn’t justify it) AND remember what a sore loser Nancy was when Oksana won the gold? OMG!

I hope Motherhood grounds Tanya and she is in a happy place now.

miss on

who cares this does not belong on People or on the internet. she is not famous. she is a disgusting person

jan on

Tanya was an amazing skater. She was punished and denied her livlihood for someting someone else did. Michael Vick who committed a heinous and vile crime is still playing ball. He wasn’t denied his livlihood. That is an injustice and gender discrimination. I am truly happy for Tanya and her family. All the best to you girl!

Wasteoftime on

Who cares about her? Let her go away forever already. People have babies all the time, yes that is great. But she is famous because she is a dooshe, so why should we have to hear about her and be extra happy? NOPE.

Karen on

ok, egads, its not Tanya its Tonya, anyway, who cares, she is as dumb acting as the people on the video’s they show on that stupid show she is on. She ranks right up there with the Worlds dumbest Criminal! She was a great skater, she didnt need to stoop to the level she did to win a medal, Nancy won because she deserved it. And for the idiot saying everyone forgives Michael Vick and his crime,,,,i think not… I think he got away with his crime to easy. He should not be aloud to be in the public eye either! he needed treated just like he treated those poor dogs. He is a creep to.

Debbe on

This is a sad sad day…there will be a baby born soon in the world that will have to call that sick woman “Mommy.”

Karen on

Her name is not Tanya you bunch of idiots!

Indira on

Jan let’s not be dense-

Tonya was barred because she was implicated in assaulting a fellow competitor. Michael Vick spent two years in prison for Animal Cruelty. He deserved that time, he paid his time and he’s still doing outreach now. If Michael Vick had Peyton Manning wacked in the leg he’d be banned from professional football as well. What MV did was wrong but, he grew up in a subculture that partook in dog fighting. I find bullfighting just as atrocious as dog fighting but nobody is throwing Enrique Ponce in jail.

Anita on

Congratulations to her! What happened was decades ago. She’s paid her penance (and more looking at these comments, jeez.) I hope motherhood brings her every happiness.

Jill on

I don’t even know what to say…… many people just have no clue what they are saying. It’s actually quite comical.

I think she’s a joke. I don’t care to hear anything about her, but because we all commented, CBB will surely do a follow up story. I hope her baby is healthy, that’s it.

Elizabeth Hendricks on

Ok people, once and for all.. Tanya Harding plead guilty to not volunteering info AFTER the attack happened because she was afraid of her lunatic husband. I would assume she was also afraid of looking guilty by association. Hmm, I can’t understand why she would be afraid of that since everyone on here is so fair minded!?! NOT!! As far as looking in the picture like she hasn’t showered in awhile..I think she looks great and happy! Good for her!! Why are people so hard on Tonya Harding but so willing to give someone like Michael Vick not only a second chance, but a multi-million dollar contract? It’s not like she was banging her married, much-older manager while pretending to be Snow White or sniping about the young girl who tromped her out of the gold medal while unknowingly on camera..oh, wait, that was Nancy Kerrigan! Tonya is married, pregnant, and finally happy. Leave her alone. They’ve already taken everything that ever mattered to her and her only means of supporting herself. Ever hear of beating a dead horse. Congrats Tonya! You have my prayers for a wonderful future being the mom you never had!

Crystal on

Apparently she’s been drinking and smoking like a chimney during her pregnancy. Stupid idiot!

Luna on

What a bunch of bitter and miserable people commenting here!! Stupid bitches, grab your stones and beat her to death if that makes you feel better and not so angry that she’s happily married and expecting her first child.

We all know exactly what happened and it’s not like she doesn’t deserve a second chance in life, redeem herself and be happy. I guess you’re too powerful to decide who deserves happiness and who doesn’t. Have a great day.

camille on

I am so happy for her. I love her on dumbest, and hope she stays well!

Corrie on

MTE, Miss Daisy!

BEA on


Kris on

I wonder if she had IVF-almost anyone can conceive with some money folks. Tanya’s broke butt was able to make some money doing reality TV. You know, I have grown to feel sorry for this woman over the years and maybe she will make a good mother to this baby. She is white trash all of the way, you gotta love her!

Isabel on

Celebrity baby news.. oh wait, now she is a celebrity? She threw it all away, so why waste any space for Tonya Harding? She wants privacy? Oh, I do not want to hear from her again..ever. What she is responsible for was such a sick crime, to hurt a competitor out of envy and greed, this is so low. Yes, let her rot in peace. Maybe we will hear from her again, when her daughter competes for a place in the cheerleading team and some other girl gets hurt.

Kris on

With those horrible bangs, I hope to never see a pic of her again! Tanya-go back to the 80s!

TV on

I hope this isn’t the same husband she was arrested with for domestic abuse a few years back after they both beat the crap out of each other while drunk. If so God help the poor child because it will be raised by some dysfunctional parents. This is one time where I am saddened to hear that a celebrity is pregnant.

ali on

Every time I see a photo of her she just looks dirty and unclean looking. Maybe it’s the hair? Too much gel possibly? She needs to learn how to apply makeup too.

Jenalyn on

I ran into her the other day around town and did a double take, but that would explain the weight gain!

Red Skye on


aw on

Why are people so mean and unforgiving? She clearly made a very bad mistake {and has been paying for it forever}. She lost her dignity, it cost her livelihood. Being banned from skating {what she loved and did best}. What choice did she have but do “shows” to earn a living? She’s got to eat, pay bills like everyone else. Even she deserves a new start, a second chance. I’m happy for her and her husband. I wish her and her baby the best.

Hea on

Wash your hair, woman. Icky!

Me on

Hey Karen, her name is spelled Tonya, not Tanya. Don’t call people idiots if you don’t even know what you’re talking about. Good job!

JMV on

I love how people still harp on what she did to Kerrigan. You know, after all the snobby attitude Kerrigan has dished out, the only thing Tonya should have done differently is hire someone to do a better job.

Anyways, if she’s back on track, then good for her.

steve on

I wonder when she goes to a restaurant if she orders a “club sandwich”?

Donna on

” WHO CARES”!!!!!!

Nancy on

Karen, since you are calling everyone an idiot, I thought I would point out that you didn’t capitalize the beginning of a sentence. You used an apostrophe in videos where it shouldn’t have been. You didn’t use an apostrophe in its and worlds when you should have. Also you used the word “to” instead of “too” twice.

I wouldn’t have even responded but since you like to call everyone else an idiot for mispelling someone’s name, I thought I would remind you to check your written work before sending it.

albert on

looks like a tramp
acts like a tramp
smells like a tramp,

IS a tramp !

Anna on

Wow, catty judgemental shrews. Let’s just retract our claws for a few minutes, shall we?!?

Her incident with horseface was almost 17 years ago, and some of you haven’t managed to move on? Seriously??? Seventeen. Years. Let it go.

Natasha on

KK… Oh my god. I laughed so much at your comment. His favorite toy will be the Baton !

Appalled on

There seem to be a lot of negative comments on here. Yes she wants her privacy the statement was probably released after someone spotted her and privacy was lost. Hence the lawyer statement and not a personal one…did anyone else see that she is due any day. If she wanted media attentions he would have announced it herself at the beginning. What happened was almost 20 years ago people let it go…she did not hurt anyone, associates of hers did. She failed to stop them and report them to police and she already said all those years ago that she didn’t think they would actually do it. Give the woman a break let her enjoy this happy moment in her life without all the negativity.

KristyC on

Wow – never expected to see Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan in the news at the same time again, but wonders never cease! Nancy’s family (brother) is also on the front page of People’s News today!

Karen on

I hope that no one ever tries to hurt her child like she did to somebody else child.

Andrea Ross on

Great for you, Tonya! I am so glad you are finally able to enjoy life! If they haven’t walked in your shoes, they can’t understand! I hope you have a healthy, happy baby. Congratulations!

cris on

Karen- before you start pointing out other people’s mistakes, you should check your own! Aloud? It is spelled allowed! Get over yourself.

kaylee on

Wow bunch of jealous haters on here, Congrats Tonya!

mona on

why are people congratulating her? she is a thug!! that poor child has no chance on living a “normal” life. and if she wants “privacy” she needs to crawl back into that hole she’s been in the last 15 years and stay there.

mona on

@kaylee – yeah we are so jealous of this thug. so jealous of the company she use or probably still hangs around. so jealous she never had talent. yeah, we are jealous of this sleazebag thug.

Colorado Girl on

She looks all used up. NASTY! Have any of you ever read her blog? She had/ has a website (a few friends of mine found it about 3 years ago) and she publishes what she says are letters that men wrote in to her about what they dream of doing to her. SKANK! It was like a train wreck, tho, once we found it, we couldn’t *not* sit back, read and laugh for a bit.

Terri on

Congratulations to Tonya and her husband. Children are such blessings.

Julie on

Don’t listen to these idiots Tonya! Congratulations on the arrival of your new blessing! You were a child once back when you were in the spotlight and you made some poor judgements (haven’t we all!). So happy to hear of your marriage. My son and I watch you on World’s Dumbest on TruTV all the time! You are hilarious!

Kristine on

‘jealous haters’?! lol…ah that’s good 🙂 Why on earth would we be jealous of her, what has she accomplished??

Don’t care for her the least bit, but wish her a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Susan Lewis on

Good luck and God bless! Baby will be the last piece of the puzzle for her. I wish them all happiness. Nancy was never all sweetness and light, she was bopping her married agent behind the scenes, and was pregnant when she got married.

TJ on

Wow, does anyone give a darn? And after all these years, she still has nasty hair! Hope she teaches her child not to a sore loser…

Gaia and Laban's mom on

Nasty nasty nasty! Wow…..

Farquhar on

Best wishes for Tonya. Why is Nancy Kerrigan put on a pedestal? Do y’all forget that she was very spoiled? A whiney, catered to, ‘star’ on the ice? And that she broke up a marriage? I say tsk tsk, Nancy. Go Tonya!

Sasha on

This is why the world is the way it is. I guess Tonya doesn’t deserve forgiveness and a second chance. This happened many years ago and people are attacking her like it happen yesterday. I am more concern about the women commenting on this site raising children than I am about Tonya. I hope that everyone with the nasty and narrow-minded comments are not teaching their children to be so judgmental and intolerant; it’s disgusting. Congratulations to Tonya. I hope she has grown as a person and has learned from her mistake.

M on

I was going to say something snarky and expected to be flamed for it as usual. I’m surprised to see how many people feel the same this time. When Rebecca Gayheart announced her pregnancy I was like “yeah good for her” Everyone went after me telling me to get over it. She’s a junkie and killed a kid and you people forgive her and wish her well. You were all so happy she was having a baby! Hypocrites much?

CamdenRave on

The incident with Nancy Kerrigan happened 16 years ago. I’m not even mad at people in my life over things they did that long ago. If you are angry at Tonya Harding you need to take a look at yourself and what kind of person you are.

Fran on

Who?? She’s famous for cheating via a criminal act. Who cares what becomes of her?

storksgrin on

This poor child will have one wretch of a parent. Some people should not breed…ermmm, Tonya Harding is one of them. Give em a few years, they’ll be divorced and fightingi over this kid. She’ll then wind up on the WA welfare roles as yet another struggling single parent. Years from now, the kid winds up incarcerated. Or the next Ted Bundy.

texas mom on

Everyone here seems to be very angry….why??? May God Bless all of you!!!!!!!!

Fran on

“after her ex-husband and bodyguard hired another man to injure her competitor”

Interestingly phrased… of course Harding herself had NOTHING to do with it, right?

Teri on

wow, I sure hope no one holds me accountable for what I did decades ago! What is that saying “don’t throw rocks if you live in a glass house” If you are reading this YOU live in a glass house. just saying….

mom on

Who cares?

Paul Sacks on

WHO CARES??????? What a total loser and bringing a baby into this world. GET A REAL LIFE Tonya!

Kat on

This really does prove that rumors last longer than the truth. Anyone that actually remember the events knows that she was accused of not turning her slimeball husband in, not for having any knowledge of the crime before it happened. Her ex-husband has been able to move on, let her. She was a wonderful skater, but was always labled as ‘trash’ for not having polish in a very expensive to compete in sport.

Congrats on her family!

Daffykins on

Ask me if I care.

Smoky60 on

I remember the attack well. What a criminal brat. What’s deep inside you never changes, Tonya. What you did is unforgettable, horrendous, and truly the worst behavior ever in a sport. Get humble before your child is born.

Meg on

I hope one day some of you can learn forgivness. This is a LEGIT sorry because this is a pregnancy and baby section, what did some of you expect???? Also for people saying why is this important and how much you don’t care… you do care cause you took the time to comment, along with the 100 plus other people.

Meg on

Smoky60-“What’s deep inside you never changes, Tonya” people can and do change, lets not be ignorant pleaase.

Jillian on

Jealous….What is there to be jealous of…for real?

suzyq on

M – that’s a good point and I don’t see a rebuttal thus far….

confused on

jenna on February 14th, 2011

“looks like she gained 50 pounds”?

If she’s due any miniute, you kind of expect her to have gained weight.

Hi on

Dear Daffykins,
Do you care?

I had no idea who she was before I read this article, but I don’t think she deserves the hatred. Like Appalled said, if she’s about to give birth, then she’s private. If everybody famous or infamous was like Isla Fisher, this website wouldn’t exist, and all the grouchy mothers on this board would have nothing to do all day. Keep that in mind, grouchy mothers.

nonhater on

All of the people who “know” what Harding did and didn’t do should be prosecuted for not coming forward and testifying about their involvement in this 17 year old case. Apparently, some of you have inside knowledge that the courts did not.
In the meantime, how about moving on and directing your hatred and anger toward those who are really hurting others: rapists, murderers, . . . politicians! Get over it and let the woman get on with her life. Kerrigan apparently hasn’t suffered greatly. She skated in the Olympics, won a medal and (unlike Harding) had a loving and supportive family. Try reading about Harding’s childhood; very enlighting.

ross on

Am I the only one amazed by the nuber of people who claim not to care took the time to state they don’t care? Methinks they doth protest too much. congrats to Tonya and hubby!

DL on

I was in the Long Island arena when I saw Tonya competing. Her mother was terrible. I saw her hit her and berate her. She was probably 14 at the time. Glad to hear she is happy.

nonmeister on

Good luck Tanya everyone deserves a second chance… and to be happy…be happy. Teach your son to skate and to be honest.

LisaS on

We all make mistakes. Just be glad ours aren’t out there for the world to see and judge us on them.

Congrats, Tonya. Best wishes to you and your new baby.

Lee on

So many of you don’t care, yet here you are reading and posting. Give the woman a break already. How long does she have to pay? Face it, you and the paparazzi live for this crap. Have none of you ever made a mistake? How many of you are have forgiven Michael Vick, etc.? She didn’t murder anyone and there’s no law against having a child. When she has the baby, you will all be in line reading about it; don’t deny it. You’ll also be right back here posting your disgust about it.

Linc on

Who was the man brave enough…hats off!!!

Niko on

Whatever. Don’t care for this badly aging criminal. Some people shouldn’t procreate, and she’s one of them. I’ll never forget or forgive her for taking part in clubbing Nancy Kerrigan’s ankle. They could’ve maimed the poor woman for life!

elen on

great news…so happy to hear you have turned your life around. you deserve a second chance.

me on

not good w a computer but bear w me, all who support thanks!All Nay sayers who dont know their head from their ass linda lewis is not her attorney she is her god mom, and other people do her hair and make up for tv not her, and the media does look for her so they too like other people can make a buck or two off her she dosent want publicity so u all can bash her. she says who cares thats right who cares shes going on w her life and all of u should do the same and the picture was not resent, thanks

Portlander on

Oh how she has made Portland so proud. Cheating, drug abuse, domestic violence, shear whitetrashery (I do feel this is a real word)…. Thank you People for bringing her back into the news. I feel sorry for this child.

Nettie on

I hope her baby has her cute pug nose she used to have before having it broken in the boxing ring 🙂

Lily on

**Someone mentioned Tonya’s ‘website’. A website was started years ago by people Tonya thought to have good intentions. They did not. She has nothing to do with that website nor it’s contents; they have complete control and yes, have added a ‘cheap sexy section’ on the site (to make a buck).

Despite tormenting by the ‘people who would be God’, she got through the turmoil of years ago. She’s learned, grown and her life is happy. Now that their son has arrived for them to cherish, she and Joe will begin a parenthood journey. She’s come a long way and I wish them all well.

NormofNola on

Well I’ve always been her fan and I wish her the best. I have my fingers cross that she has a boy and name him Norman. If not, then her daugther will be just as beautiful as she.