Pat Monahan’s Blog: Happy Valentine’s Day!

02/14/2011 at 09:00 AM ET

Pat and Amber – Courtesy Pat Monahan

Thanks for welcoming Pat Monahan! The Train frontman is dad to two teens — Patrick, 17, and Emelia, 13 — as well as Autumn, his 2-year-old daughter with wife Amber.

In addition to Train — who have another hit with “Marry Me” and just won the Grammy for Best Pop Performance for “Hey, Soul Sister” — Monahan also voices the lead character on Sprout’s Driver Dan’s Story Train.

In his latest blog, Monahan, 41, pops by to share his Valentine’s plans and wishes with readers.


My most awesome of Valentine moments was while I was on tour. Before I left, I put diamond earrings in a closet drawer with a card and acted as if I forgot all about this one day romance occasion. I called my wife from the road and asked her to find something random for me that I accidentally left behind. “Can you look in my drawer?” Bingo! The con came to an end and I looked way better than a half an hour or hour before.

Man, I really need to get creative again with love and romance on Valentine’s Day. Maybe this is the year. Is it all men who kind of run out of romantic steam along the way? Is it kids? Work? Do we just get comfortable that everything is either fine or easy? It’s not really fair is it? I mean we pour on the charm — for sometimes years! — and then one day we blame our lack of effort on work or whatever seems convenient.

I have really got to step my game up. My wife is so good to me. She is an amazing mom, step-mom, friend and family-keeper-together-er that she deserves me really showing up this year with something special. We plan on being at the Grammys on Sunday, then Monday is Valentine’s Day and on Tuesday I head to Dubai. This all after just returning from three and a half weeks in Australia and New Zealand on tour with Train.

No excuse for being lazy when it comes to the girl of my dreams. Maybe this year I can do something for her like she did for me when we lived in Santa Monica. I came home one Valentine’s to 100 candles burning and a barely-dressed goddess. I suppose it will be easier to find the candles than the goddess. Ha! Bad joke.

Seriously though, maybe just some candles and flowers and a bit of alone time is enough. At times, it’s hard for me to think that simple is good enough, but I really think it is. My wife likes the simple things as well as the over the top. I suppose that as long as I remember and show appreciation for her and all she does to make my life so sweet, it will be a beautiful Valentine’s Day.

I hope that you are all loved and appreciated this Valentine’s Day. Being loved and appreciated is pretty romantic after all, isn’t it?

— Pat Monahan

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T bag on

Is that his 13 year old daughter Emilia with him in the picture?

Katie on

Check out his jeans!!! ROFL

mypiecesandbits on

Thats quite a pair of pants he’s got on! Love em!

Casey NZ on

T Bag – Thats his wife, says in the caption under the photo

Panini on

I would like to make each of them a sandwich.

Jill on

Tbag, not sure why you would think that is his daughter.

Michelle on

They are both so thin! He looks a bit like Harry Hamlin circa LA Law days!

Sara on

Enough about his jeans people! Who cares?! How about the fact that Pat writes one of the most beautiful blogs that has ever been on this site! Well said, Pat. After reading words like that, I have a hard time believing that you have lost any charm over the years. Your wife is a very lucky woman!

Indira on

Sweet blog!

Ciara on

They are the most gorgeous people inside and out- some of you people who post comments must really be insecure and jealous. If you think negative about others it won’t make yourself feel better. Think positive like PAT 🙂

Jillian on

Ciara, jealousy, please.

Pat on

Appreciation is the KEY to a happy life. Plus, your music alone emits romance and sexy!
I would love to read a blog on how you met your wife and are there any songs she inspired?
I meet Train when you guys were doing a tour with Collective Soul. I had your freshman CD in hand and asked you to sign it. It was my daughters, then about 10, first concert! So, I had you guys make it out to her. That is one of her most prized piece! You guys were surprised I even had the CD and even had heard you before! How humble.

Aline Ferreira on

Hi Pat, I think I’m a little late in commenting on this post but I just like to know that maybe somewhere so far have someone listening to me, I do not know why or what I’m looking, I know that has more to do with love I feel when I hear the songs of the band. My boyfriend is also a musician and was away for Valentine’s Day 😦 but I stand firm, because I know he’ll come back to me.

MaryRuth on

Pat, another lovely, beautiful and meaningful blog! Keep em coming!

Summer on

I wonder if she would be with him if he wasn’t a rock star… I highly doubt it. As the song goes… “I ain’t sayin’ she’s a gold digger…”

P.S. Those Pants are so gay… Pat, you need a REAL stylist, not your little wifey there.

suzanne on

I’ve enjoyed following Train since we discovered them on CSINY.
We have their CD and play it a lot.

I was born in San Francisco so I really love the song Save Me San Francisco.

Having said that I enjoy reading online interviews with Pat, funny I’m an artist (visual not music) but I find musicians have inspired me to further my own focus on art. Mr. Monahan is one of these people. He’s intelligent, learns from his past mistakes, and willingly addresses what he needs to do to get his work out to the public. From things I’ve read he’s ended up with a wonderful partner who supports his career yet is obviously a strong woman in her own right. congratulations to the Monahan family and the success of Train!

saman on

Excellent and timely sentiments, Pat, especially since the day of love is coming soon. BTW, those pants are cute!